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FEB 2010 Two and a half to three...the "contrary age" (no it isn't! yes it is!)

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InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 26-Sep-12 14:47:55

Come in, sit down, fresh coffee is brewing, Prosecco's in the fridge for later and there's a bumper box of Lindt chocolates for all....

InmaculadaConcepcion Thu 07-Feb-13 14:35:25

No sooner it is, see you there

InmaculadaConcepcion Thu 07-Feb-13 14:32:56

Don't be daft SR smile Bless you xx

OK, I'm on it CP....

ClimbingPenguin Thu 07-Feb-13 13:59:10

oooh IC new thread time

ClimbingPenguin Thu 07-Feb-13 13:58:18

scones if you get some time to yourself I think that will help. I always feel more centered after a break. Last saturday I was struggling with DD so checked out for the day. After their nap I got DH to take them out while I had a long bath. I think piano sounds great if you get the time by yourself to do. What about lessons to get yourself back into it and give you some structure?

survival what about (in time) finding a little bit of tutoring to pay for gym or other treats? Also reminds you that you have a brain that you are capable of using. Plus the hugs I get from DD when I get in are amazing.

Science In the nicest possible way, stop being silly grin

had a great yesterday with DH (See my fb) and we have vowed to start doing more stuff. Thinking of maybe a london trip once a month, but still working on the sling/buggy/tube logistics. So any ideas from you lot will be great. Once DH gets his wages from his new job then I want to have adventure Wednesdays in place of the nursery. The little bit extra petrol money will let me do things that are a 20 min drive away. Figure alternate local/further afield. Especially once the weather gets warmer.

Bearcrumble Thu 07-Feb-13 13:15:23

I can't tell if cream working or not. They still look red but don't feel as itchy/hot.

Bearcrumble Thu 07-Feb-13 13:14:50

I'm sorry too SB, it sucks. Are you sure he is on board re trying or is he just saying he is? Does he have history of agreeing to things he doesn't actually want to do to avoid argument/discussion?

I'm ok - DS out with mum today and DD asleep for the past hour and a bit so taking the opportunity for guilt-free internet use.

SR - Shush, now! It was just a misunderstanding - no one thinks you were crowing or fishing or moaning too much or anything. It is SO IMPORTANT that we can just say what we feel without judgement and also (as an aside) I think I need to remember that it's ok to moan about small things when other people have big things to moan about. (I always feel a bit guilty for small niggles when someone has a catastrophy going on).

Think I can hear DD stirring. Will have a bath with her I think when she wakes.

Sleep not too bad - had 2 feed in the night (12ish and 4ish) and some whinnying and crying but only in with me for an hour after the 4am feed then she slept until DS woke around 7.

Yesterday DS woke me by singing a made up song to himself in his bed - "I love mummy" over and over. I was very touched.

StoneBaby Thu 07-Feb-13 13:06:32

Yes a bit disapointed as despites knowing he wasn't well, I thought he may be happy to give it a try.

bc how are feeling today? How did your DD sleep last night?

SC still think you should get your hearing checked.

ScienceRocks Thu 07-Feb-13 12:57:58

And now I look as though I was fishing blush. Someone asked down thread whether anyone missed their pre-DC self. My answer is yes, I appear to have forgotten social conventions blushgrin

Hope everyone is ok today?

soc so lovely that your dd2 is enjoying her pre-school. Long may it continue smile But yes, how is the hearing?

IC, hope you DD settles back in. The staff sound very good there, and I'm sure she'll be fine.

CP, I am in awe of your climbing shock Well done on getting your DS to sleep in the cot.

BC, hope you have recovered from your DS's truth telling grin and hope you are feeling better. I was so rubbish at BF that I have nothing but admiration for anyone who sustains it, despite all the issues that come up.

SB, hope you are not too disappointed about date night?

Mous, your girls are quite right to realise the implications of injuring you grin

Scones, taking up the piano again sounds a great idea smile Glad you have your living room useable too. Don't worry about your DD1 describing you as such, it could well have been just the time you asked. Kids often just reflect in the most recent thing.

Survival, how are you doing? Big decisions to be made...

Bearcrumble Thu 07-Feb-13 12:26:37

Some days I feel pretty great and it's good to celebrate that and some days I feel shit. I'm more likely to post here if I feel crappy but I do my best to remember how lucky I am as well.

I think your post was inspiring and I think that survival meant that too.

Bearcrumble Thu 07-Feb-13 12:23:11

No, SR - I don't think that was what was meant at all. Rather the opposite.

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Thu 07-Feb-13 09:58:07

Sorry forgot to say better luck next time SB
And good that your DD is happier SOC <BTW you seem to be avoiding to answer about your EAR!!!!>

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Thu 07-Feb-13 09:56:34

SR I am sure that is not what was said. You didn't offend anyone <I don't think> and it was more that we are in awe at your strength.

IC poor DD.
BC take care.

Scone I am the grumpy monster... <hugs>

ScienceRocks Thu 07-Feb-13 09:06:43

Oh dear, I appear to have offended lots of you on this thread blush I didn't mean for other people to feel that they whinge on this thread, as I certainly don't feel that, but I felt I did and that it wasn't fair on you lot or good for me. And I certainly didn't mean to imply that anyone else is wallowing! We all juggle many many things in our lives and have to find our own ways through it all. Sorry if I made anyone feel bad, it certainly wasn't my intention.

SconesForTea Wed 06-Feb-13 19:34:54

Busy bees!

SB hope your date night went well...

IC good luck with the resettling on Friday. It is very early days yet and the nursery sounds fab, sure it will work out well.

SC crossing fingers and toes that your hearing is returning. But if not, get thee to a GP for that ENT referral!! <wags finger> Great that DD2 loves her new nursery so much.

bc ((hugs)) hope the cream works quickly and the gentle sleep training continues to reap dividends. You're tired and not well, give yourself a break. Had to giggle at DS chatting about your nipples grin

CP yay on the climb. Also on the cot sleeps smile

Survival great that you're feeling more positive.

Mous grin at not wanting to break Mama! Your girls have it sussed.

SR so good to hear from you and sounding so chipper. You put me to shame, instead of wallowing in what-am-I-where-am-I-going I will try to be more positive every day (I have also read that this is a technique that really works). Great that DH is behaving himself (quite a lot of the time having a DH is like having another child unfortunately. My friend always reminds her DH when he is getting too juvenile of the time he yelled "SconesFriend! Where are my PANTS!" because he couldn't find any clean pants hmm).

We have almost finishes working on the living room ignore the face that we paid our neighbour to do most of the working and have kind of moved in. We're so used to spending our evenings at the kitchen table we still are most nights. The good news is we can now repatriate my piano that my friend has been looking after for 5 years. So I will have a hobby after all smile I used to play and I am going to take lessons again, and actually practice the damn thing this time round. Shame it's a solo hobby but the lessons will get me out of the house.

We describe DH as the hairy funny one to the girls (he is very hairy, not so funny) and I asked DD1 how she would describe me. She said the cross one sad I know I shout too much but I feel at the end of my tether most days. Really will try to be calmer.

InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 06-Feb-13 19:04:02

mous had to laugh at your DD1's comment!

Likewise your DS' announcement about your nipples, Bc! Promising signs on the sleep, too....

Ooh, good that your ears seem to be recovering, SC!

DD's been much brighter today - less of a PITA generally, which I take as a sign that she's feeling better. She keeps bringing up nursery and slightly accusingly saying "you went away, Mummy..." (well, I didn't exactly slip away without her realising!!). I'm hoping by chatting about it and saying I'll stay for longer on Friday I can bring her round again.

DS has cut his first tooth!! He's beaten DD by two months. Apart from a more restless night on Monday (which I put down to his cold), it wasn't a big deal for him, it seems. Here's hoping the rest come through with similar lack of trauma....

StoneBaby Wed 06-Feb-13 18:55:12

Oops press post too qucikly

SC great news about your DD2 loving enjoying her new school. DS is now in pre school and even if he is the youngest, he is far much happier than he has been in his previous room (where he was the oldest).

StoneBaby Wed 06-Feb-13 18:53:03

mous your DD1 comment is soo true grin

SocietyClowns Wed 06-Feb-13 18:44:07

BC grin
mous My two also like to stand/climb/hang off/throw themselves on dh but would never do that to me. I'm sure they know the consequences of breaking mama are dire grin

dd2 was fast asleep by 6.20 tonight after another great day at nursery. She was almost asleep when she sat up again to ask if she can please go again tomorrow! (Yes she can, she is doing three days a week and has also been invited on her non nursery day on Friday to come in for a topic themed party). And I got another pretty full account of her day (she never did this at her old nursery, probably because she didn't do very much except wait for me to come back and rescue her sad). Huge weight off my mind.

IC Sorry to hear about the hiccough with nursery. I am sure your dd will get back into it when she feels better smile

My left ear does clicking noises and I have had the odd moment of hearing in it the last few days. Quite odd to hear in stereo again if only for a moment. I am hoping this is a good sign!

StoneBaby Wed 06-Feb-13 17:40:00

bc sorry but I have to laugh at your DS telling this but good you're been treated and fx it also help your DD settling by herself

Bearcrumble Wed 06-Feb-13 16:03:18

So... DS was very interested when we went to the GPs this morning. I said to one of the workers at Nursery when I dropped him off that if he started talking about mummy at the doctors to shut him up. She wasn't quick enough, he told his (male) keyworker all about mummy's nipples and the special cream. blush

Bearcrumble Wed 06-Feb-13 14:30:47

Also Survival - I think you have it tougher than most considering the health issues, lack of sleep and work problems that you've had to deal with. You do seem very cheerful and together and you impress me so much with your ability to stay so calm and level headed. [sucking up emoticon].

Bearcrumble Wed 06-Feb-13 14:23:40

How was last night, SB? Hope it went well.

IC, poor dd. Sounds tricky for both of you. The nursery sounds like a good one and I'm sure they will work with you on settling.

Am using the thrush treatment as an opportunity to help me stop feeding to sleep as I have to apply the cream after every feed and then leave at least 2 hours til next feed. So I fed her at 12 snd managed to get her down for a nap at 2 purely by shush patting! There was only ten mins between putting her down and her snoring. And she had a pram nap this morning which usually means she won't sleep again all day. I hope I am not jinxing myself by talking about it!

InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 06-Feb-13 13:00:40

Yay to the sleep training Bc! Stick with it, it'll get easier if you're consistent. DS actually got himself to sleep at first nap today without me staying with him - then slept for almost 2.5 hrs shock He's sleeping off his cold I think, as he fell asleep in the car only about an hour later and is still asleep now...
Glad you can sort out the sore nips, useful that there is a proper medical reason. Maybe I should get mine checked, my left has been sore for a couple of weeks now - I thought it was just because DS had changed his latch... <muses>

Yay to the successful start at the new nursery, SC!!

Nursery disaster for DD yesterday. I think she's been more knocked for six by her cold than I'd appreciated because she's been very tired. Also, she was on Day Two No Poo, despite LOADS of Movicol. So 40 mins after I dropped her off (we parted company with her pretty chipper) I was summoned back because DD was clearly in discomfort and asking for me. Now she doesn't want to go back. <sigh>
I'm going to suggest I go along with her again on Friday and we sort of re-settle her in so she can build up the positive associations again....

Bearcrumble Wed 06-Feb-13 09:53:42

Well it is thrush but doc has given me the wrong prescription now I have checked what's the best thing to use (he gave canesten hc for me and nystatin for baby). Just going to but Daktarin cream and oral gel over the counter as cannot face another trip.

SurvivalOfTheUnfittest Tue 05-Feb-13 22:33:54

Go SB! Go SB! wink wink

BC I read SR's post about moaning too much on here and went very blush. I love the fact that we all have our doubts and difficulties at different times which means that some of us are usually available to support each other in their time(s!!) of need. I can't tell you all how much I have valued your support in the last three and a half years. I find it really difficult to do anything other than smile and say everything is fine to anyone in real life except DH, so it really means sooo much to me.

SR I am so pleased for you that you are feeling good and particularly that DH is listening more. Long may it last (and long may your fab social life and general joie de vivre last too!)

SC Glad to hear DD2 is in a much better place.

IC it sounds like DD did well too. It's a big shock for them I think if they haven't left much before so it sounds likes she's coping really well.

BC well done on the move towards sleep training. It sounds like a very positive start. I hope the GP can help to sort out the sore nipples. Cold + lack of sleep + sore nipples = tears. Makes perfect sense to me. Be kind to yourself and be a 'good enough mummy' while you recover, rather than the 'best mummy in the world' to which we all aspire.

CP DH actually giggled in awe when I said you had done a 6C. I think he is sending you much respect.

I tested my cat/asthma theory at a colleague's house yesterday and it seemed to confirm it. It won't be much of a problem for me really, until the boys are desperate for cats. I had vertigo when I got up yesterday morning and then splattered black shoe polish all over the floor, all before 8a.m. Luckily, the day improved thereafter! Today has been stressful but I'm not averse to work stress. In fact, I'm feeling quite positive this week. DS2 went to nursery dressed in full firefighter get-up today and that put a smile on my face. Apparently, it made the other children flock round him and he played well with a little boy - a much better report than in recent weeks. Still waiting for info before having our decision-making session.

<sends one more 'Go SB!' to the Channel Islands for the night>

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