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February 2011- the one where life gets better for all of us.

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GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 21:24:03

New thread open for business!!

I am anticipating MUCH weight loss, job improvements, sleeping babies, good health and one very eagerly anticipated BFP. smile

ILovePonyo Wed 02-Jan-13 21:08:05

Hello smile

wiggles I always love your pics, the girls are SO so cute and always look so happy smile I thought that was Mr W! Agree that A looks grown up, is she tall too?!

ledkr have the time off. Otherwise you'll just feel rubbish for weeks until you manage to have time off. Your night out sounded hilarious, love your mate phoning grumpy bar man to complain grin

american poor L, A had the same stuff for her ear infection a while back and it did seem to work quickly thankfully. Hope he's better soon. When do you start the new job??

emski poor Ben, sounds scary, and poor all of you being poorly. Its really been going around hasn't it. How was your day, sounded fab to me, I love Frankie and Bennys!

granny not long til the 11th! Hope N starts sleeping soon, I remember how tired I was in early months weeks hmm

reastie kitchen sounds lovely. your house always looks v nice on fb pics (stalker wink)

Hello everyone else <waves> I worked a half day today then came home and had a nap from 2pm til 4 as A was at nursery, go me!

A is getting so cheeky, definitely pushing bounderies but doing it all with a manic chuckle which is so funny I usually end up laughing too grin blush
Oh and we had pil visit, A loved seeing them, they are really good with her and bought her some great presents. I tried to be more positive towards mil and it worked, the visit was easier despite the odd annoying comment, we are lucky to have them as they do love her and spoil her smile
Am going to try a bit more pma (positive mental attitude) this year I think grin

debka Thu 03-Jan-13 22:46:26

Quickie before bed so you don't fall off TIO

Just back from pils, interesting discussion last night when MiL started defending Jimmy Savile et al, saying that's just how it was 40 years ago and you can't judge people for what they did then by todays standards hmm shock. Honestly. I went to bed in disgust.

Hope ledkr is surviving hers....

Back soon for proper update xx

ledkr Thu 03-Jan-13 23:11:32

Deb lots of old fuckers older people feel like that cod back in the day they kept abuse quiet didn't they? I don't even bother to justify it really.
Well off to pil tomorrow. We did all the clearing up today put tree away etc tidied rooms. We then went to soft play then for Chinese buffet which was lovely. Dh is tired though and was a moody old git when we got home snapping at us all. I had tummy ache again from eating so he sorted kids for bed but was really moody.
I told him to stfu or he'd be off to pil alone tomorrow.
I told him and Ella that my ny resolution is to not have to be the leader of the family merely part if it. Eg not responsible for getting dillys high hair food bib and drink while they are loading their plates at the buffet!

blizy Fri 04-Jan-13 18:53:29

Day 76 and af has finally found me! I never thought I would be so pleased about the arrival of my period!

Debka wow, just wow a your mils comments. I would have had a hard time biting my tounge.

Ledkr, I hope your weekend is ok.

wigglesrock Sat 05-Jan-13 07:11:06

ledkr Hope visit is going ok xx

blizy Glad it has arrived, at least you sort of know where you are if that makes sense.

ponyo A is tall, well she has a very long body and arms - I make her sound sooooo attractive wink She's in 2-3 tops for the length but anything else in 2-3 is too big for her. She wears a lot of leggings and tunics!!

A is now copying everything that she hears/sees as was obvious by her rolling of eyes and muttering of "Jesus" when she dropped her doll yesterday - she sounded just like Mr W grin

Girls are back to school on Monday, for once I'm wishing they had longer off grin This Christmas break seems to have gone really quickly, and they've been great with Mr W working so much, although O had a bit of a meltdown a few nights ago, lots of "where's Daddy?", " I want my Daddy" etc sad, apparently I don't read Harry Potter with as much vigour as him [eyeroll]. She had also watched Coraline with S which had freaked her out a bit.

MizK I finished the book, I really really liked it. Probably more than I'd liked a Marian Keyes book in a long time. Although even a disappointing book of hers is better than a lot of the tosh out there. I took my time reading it, like you I usually rush through them and I don't know if that made a difference.

ledkr Sat 05-Jan-13 11:07:54

wiggs [fed up face] check out my thread in chat. They are being ok but so fecking uptight it's driving me mad and I have a migraine coming.

WeAreBorg Sun 06-Jan-13 00:29:18

Evening chaps

Thanks for your kind words, you're all very sweet.
Sorry to all who had the dreaded norovirus, it sounds horrendous.

Debka you have lost a me in weight grin, that's amazing!
Wiggles lovely photos, your girls are gorgeous.
Reastie I'm very excited about your kitchen, china blue sound fab. I think you asked about my bathroom - we indeed have a new bathroom, it's got a big shower with room for two (unfortunately me and Nate usually), roll top bath, fireplace, and underfloor heating which for some reason concentrates in one tile confused. I hate our kitchen though.
Blizy, glad af is finally here. Sorry you have to go through investigations though. Really hope you have some good news soon. On a slightly different note have you been watching Africa?
American, I do hope you are using words like minging and boak in the US!
Ledkr I have a slight weakness for Irish men <dribbles>
Hello to everyone else, on phone so forgotten everything sorry

Nate very cute at the moment, he looks like a little pixie. His current trick (still, he has made me watch this a billion times, I think we are responsible for all the you tube hits) is dancing surprisingly well to gangnam style. He sings along too, but just makes up random Korean sounding words grin

blizy Sun 06-Jan-13 01:20:27

Borg, yes I have been watching Africa- amazing! I loved the giraffe fight. I've also been glued to Galapagos, I think it's on sky 1.
Nate sounds fab doing the gangham dance.
How are you feeling now? Our friends mc in late sept and are now 12 weeks pg, I hope it will be you soon.

Ledkr, I read your thread- hilarious! Wow at the many replies. Are you in some sort of comp with reastie for the most dotd? grin

Af has been him so far, I'm assign huge clots and feeling dizzy/sick. I suppose that's what happens when it disappears for a bit!
My wee bro is heading back to army training in the morning, he loves it already. That's will be him away u Gil march when his passing out parade will be.

Wiggles, I'm back to work on mondatband I'm looking forward to seeing all my wee mindees again <sap> and getting back into routine. (I won't be saying this come Friday though)

Righto, suppose I better head to bed, night all.

ledkr Sun 06-Jan-13 12:00:39

Ladies <fans self> my thread has been moved to classics! Dotd is for mere commoners. I am in fact royalty grin

blizy Sun 06-Jan-13 12:11:16

<bows down to ledkr> congratulations Mam grin.

ledkr Sun 06-Jan-13 12:19:15

Arise blizy I am immortalised lol

ILovePonyo Sun 06-Jan-13 21:21:56

Classics ledkr! Too right, that thread is very funny grin

blizy hope you aren't suffering too much with stupid af, boo. Wow at your bro, bet you will be so proud at the parade smile

Borg nice to hear from you, how I would love to see pixie N dancing to gangam style! That has made me want to show it to A to see if she dances too, haha.

wigs love the thought of A muttering 'jesus' under her breath, do you take her to church?! Am just hoping she'd say it there wink

deb bleurgh massive hmm at your pil, bet there would have been no point arguing either?

Hi everyone else smile
A has been testing my patience this weekend hmm Though she got in the festive mood earlier when dp's xmas present finally came, it was delivered to my mums address yesterday so she brought it up today, A started flinging her arms about shouting "happy missmas!!" then sang jingle bells randomly in the bath. She never did any of this when it actually was xmas! Bit behind the times bless her grin

Back to work tomorrow, hope it goes well for anyone else too.

ledkr Sun 06-Jan-13 23:01:12

I got so carried away with my thread I neglected to tell you about pil visit.
All very anal and faffy hence the thread but we had the usual small basic food and after breakfast of harvest morn cereal at 8 were expected to wait till 2 for lunch with only decaf coffee and no biscuits.
By 11.30 I had a migraine coming from caffeine withdrawal and me and Ella were hank Marvin. So we went out on the pretence of getting pain killers and went to a wimpy ha ha. We had a nice pot of caffeine tea and a bacon roll. Very nice too. Ella couldn't stop laughing she thought we were very naughty. They really are strange you know. All sort of idealistic and twee. We went to the shops Friday and Ella heard fil muttering "family walk family walk" to himself hmm

WeAreBorg Tue 08-Jan-13 00:21:08

How's celebrity life ledkr? Don't forget us civilians now. I haven't actually seen tumour thread yet, mainly because I only ever seem to go on this thread on mn. I might venture onto style and beauty maybe, nowhere else though. Too scary.
Blizy clots sound nasty, hope you are okay. The giraffes were great weren't they? I love the last minute fight back from the old timer. That's nice to know about your friends mc.
Ponyo oh bless anya, Nate keeps asking where Santa is, it must be so weird for them!

Need to go up bed, don't seem to be able to get to sleep these days confused

WeAreBorg Tue 08-Jan-13 00:22:35

No idea what I meant by tumour thread ledkr, can't imagine that one going into classics ?!

wigglesrock Tue 08-Jan-13 09:34:15

Borg I find Style and Beauty to be one of the scariest topics on Mumsnet grin Anna is having Santa withdrawals as well, "where is ho ho?" is a familiar refrain at the minute as well as "NOOOOOOOO" blush and "Me do it" which applies to everything from eating, changing her nappy, putting a dvd in, oh and driving the car" shock

The lack of sleep - could it be worry, sadness, feckin' unfairness of life after the miscarriage? xxxxxxxxx

Ponyo Mismiss has made me laugh grin

Well I'm now officially fecked off with Mr W and his job. He had had one day a week off from about the 6 December when all the leave was cancelled. This week was supposed to be back to 2 days off but he got a phonecall last night saying "Nope, days off cancelled again". On top of that his shifts are now averaging 12-15 hours instead of 10 angry

reastie how are you doing? Are you still signed off?

Bows and curtseys to ledkr on leaving grin

reastie Tue 08-Jan-13 16:15:43

Hi all,

Well wiggles I'm back to work today, although it seems like everyone at work is convinced I'm pg and that's why I was off at the end of last term. I even had a few 'is there anything you want to tell us' comments in addition to a day of kind smiles from people who look like they want to say congratulations confused .

Alice is missing christmas too - she randomly says 'mismis' (for father christmas) and 'lu-vig' for ludwig who is her elf on the shelf. We keep telling her ludwig and mismis are busy making all her toys ready for next year but don't think she quite gets it. We STILL have to watch the snowman most days though hmm

I quite like lurking on the 'good housekeeping' threads to get some good tips blush

<bows to ledkr > classics eh? Just don't let it go to your head wink

Blizy how are you doing re: brother and AF?

I love how the babies copy stuff we do. Alice when she does cheeky things tuts to herself and says 'oh Alice' in an eye rolling type of tone wonder where she got that from

ledkr Tue 08-Jan-13 19:12:04

Hi all. * borg* don't underestimate what you have been through love. We have a tendency to minimise mc but its a horrible thing to go through.
I swear by herbal nytol if I can't get zoppiclone on the black market lol.
reastie I still feel sick from the noro so of course I must be pregnant again hmm can I never stop?
Well disaster has struck and dh tried to fit new washing machine. Hence water everywhere no tea or water nothing done.
I'm going to have some wine I think.
D cannot stop eating its hilarious. In her new found hunger she has brushed up on her language skills to come up with essential words like more and ninner. She spends most of the day raiding the fruit bowl then looks forlornly at it saying "all gone mummy"
She is scrummy and delicious at the mo, she was ill for so long I'd forgotten what she was like.

ILovePonyo Tue 08-Jan-13 21:35:45

Evening, quicky post,

Borg I found the gangam style video and played it to Anya, I hoped she might do a dance but just watched it very seriously saying "man dancing mummy. Silly man" sadgrin
agree with ledkr re mc. I saw it referred to on mn once as not just the loss of your baby, but also the loss of all of the hopes and plans you have made in your mind, no matter how early days it is. That really made sense to me, hope you're ok x

Ledkr aw D sounds so cute. A was ill for ages before Xmas and waking early, then she got better and suddenly started sleeping and I realised she'd just been poorly, and was a lovely funny toddler again smile so nice isn't it. Not that A is sleeping g well now mind hmm nightmare about washing machine, hope you get it fixed soon.

Wiggles hope MrW is ok. Sounds so difficult.

Am on my phone and have forgotten other stuff, sorry. Just watching Galapagos then an early night for me, A seems to be waking a lot in the night.

Oh, do any babies on the thread have dummies, and when are people thinking about getting rid? We have told A about the dummy fairy which she seems very interested in grin but won't make her give them up til she's over 2. Am dreading it!

WeAreBorg Tue 08-Jan-13 22:33:05


Oh you are lovely you lot. I have cheered myself up by drinking vast amounts of wine, and buying lots of clothes. I have received a complaint at work too to add to my gloom. And, and, and, we also have to pay another £300 for our holiday next week, why is a long and boring story (flights related).

Ponyo N refused a dummy, along with refusing a bottle and pretty much everything else that was a non-boob item, so I have no advice. I need to tell him about the boob fairy then?? Please let that work. Silly man dancing, that's very funny - N saw that video and it was just like someone had shown him what his perfect future could be like, and now all he can do is work towards that dream. He sings Hey ladees, rather than sexy ladies though, so at least he is age-appropriately censoring himself. Me and DH separately had this vision of him age about 20, in hot pants, dancing on a podium. Maybe wearing a bit of glitter.

ledkr wine cures everything, especially washing machine situations. That's so sad about poor D, glad she is back to herself, poor wee scrap.

reastie N copies everything. My dad rather embarrassingly says "archbishops" when he burps (which is a lot). Predictably N now does this but he says ah-be-beeps. We were sat next to a crying baby in cafe today, he said "Aw, he just tired" WTF??? Is he Gina Ford or something?

wiggles oh that is just rubbish. DH work vv similar, although not nearly as risky which just makes it even worse. Can he leave and become a teacher?
I haven't actually looked on S&B I just thought it sounded quite safe? Is nowhere other than this thread safe then? I really need to branch out I think??

Going to catch up on Miranda before beddingtons.

ledkr Wed 09-Jan-13 07:38:16

Ponyo re dummy. D couldn't have on cos of her cleft palate but all the other 3 did. Around two they hid it under pillow until night time then gradually stopped that as they got older. I never stressed about it tbh. But like potty training it all works eventually.

wigglesrock Wed 09-Jan-13 20:48:23

ponyo only Olivia had a dummy but I never stressed about it, just like ledkr, she moved on herself to only having it at night before she fell asleep when she was about 2.5 and then just stopped taking it even then. I can't prise the bottle out of Annas hand before bed, she just won't give it up and I'm happy enough to leave it until she's ready.

WeAreBorg going anywhere nice on holidays? Am going to ignore the shitty time you have had and go with the positive! grin Mr W as a teacher [shudder], he doesn't really like kids shock, well he loves the ones we have and our friends but strangers kids meh!

Ps I quite like the telly addicts topic sometimes.

ILovePonyo Wed 09-Jan-13 20:49:20

Haha Borg your post made me laugh, N having his lifes ambition to dance on a podium grin grin Yes maybe you could tell N about the boob fairy, that she comes and takes the boobs away for the little babies.... oh wait confused maybe not you'll probably scar him for life wink Where are you off to on hols?

ledkr thanks, you're right, I think I'm over worrying about it. A doesn't have it all the time, she talks well too, so maybe I'll just get her to have it bedtime from when she's 2?

All is well here, I feel like ive been sat in front of a computer all day at work (well I have!) so am off to watch stargazing programme dp's watching hmm

ILovePonyo Wed 09-Jan-13 20:52:39

Hi wiggles thanks also for advice re: dummy. I will chill out about it for a bit I think. A has milk in a cup before bed, I but I wish I'd stuck with the bottles a bit longer because she never bloody drinks it now! Just has the tiniest sip and says 'noooo' in a disgusted voice.

ledkr Wed 09-Jan-13 20:59:24

Dilly has her bot bot at bed time and morning and for her afternoon nap hmm I'm a slattern mummy.
Her ongoing food binge shows no sign of stopping. She has even managed to remember and use the sign for food which she's never bothered with beforehmm we re started music class but she was unimpressed and just grumbled when the other kids went near her.

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