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February 2011- the one where life gets better for all of us.

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GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 21:24:03

New thread open for business!!

I am anticipating MUCH weight loss, job improvements, sleeping babies, good health and one very eagerly anticipated BFP. smile

blizy Wed 12-Dec-12 07:33:52

Still nothing ledkr. confused. My next af is due next week, so. Guess I'll wait till then?

Ponyo, sending you my love and thoughts today. X

ledkr Wed 12-Dec-12 07:39:56

HAve you been using crap tests? Did you read up on getting bfn?
Are you ever late?

Emski76 Wed 12-Dec-12 12:43:16

Hi all
Just wanted to pop and say thinking of you Blizy. I had a small amount of bleeding for 10 days with Noah, then did pg test after starting to feel sick and was 5 weeks pregnant. Don't want to get your hopes up but it does happen!

Am now off to look at Stately homes thread and Xmas bargains thread xx

ledkr Wed 12-Dec-12 18:35:21

<Whistles and Lurks past pokes nose in to see if blizy has updated>

ILovePonyo Wed 12-Dec-12 20:25:00

grin ledkr I saw your stately homes posts. You've got some really good advice there, I feel for you you know, hope you don't mind me saying but some shocking treatment from your mum, honestly. I want to give you an un-mumsnetty hug!

american come back and tell us what job you do! Congrats on the job offer and mega bucks grin wink And thanks for the reassuring words re A's sleep, oh god I'd LOVE for her to sleep til 8.30am <dreams>

Hope wiggles is ok.

Blizy thanks for your kind words today. I have just felt generally shite, we had curry for tea and a red wine as that was my dads favourite, he always wanted to go out for/order in curry when he came to visit as his partner doesn't like it! I just miss him sad At least I have got today over and done with (nearly)

blizy Wed 12-Dec-12 21:03:30

I must have Americans post about the ne on, congratulations lady!

Wiggles, hope everything is ok?

grin at ledkr.
I had a look on the stately homes thread, I feel so incredibly sorry and sad for you ledkr. I know a little of how you feel and it is just horrid. I hope you have got some good advice on the other thread. Like Ponyo I want to give you a hug.

I have a little more spotting today, again when I wiped after going to the loo (it is only happening when I have a number 2). Very strange?

ledkr Wed 12-Dec-12 21:18:06

Thanks girls
blizy I know you have odd family stuff too the bastards. What would really help me now is to be a virtual auntie to be grin I am actually more excited than you. Obviously the pooh thing mean a little straining so unsurprising.
Well Ella is puking up and so I'm on bed with her whilst d is downstairs refusing to sleep. We are meant to be away tomorrow so hope it doesn't go through us all

Emski76 Wed 12-Dec-12 21:26:10

Ledkr, hope Ellafeels better, enjoy your trip to EuroDisney, it's gonna befab there at Xmas time!

Ponyo, hope your day has been ok, your dad will always be with you. Xx

Blizy, i had almost the exact same thing when I was pregnant with Noah! Oh how we all hope it's your time!

American,congrats on the job offer.

ILovePonyo Wed 12-Dec-12 21:29:23

Ugh ledkr bad timing hope E is ok and the rest of you are ok <fingers crossed>

blizy hmmmm.... you can only wait and see I suppose, how annoying, stupid bodies being confusing!!

Off to bed soon in preperation for the 5.30am start hmm ledkr enjoy your mini hol am jealous smile

ILovePonyo Wed 12-Dec-12 21:30:03

Ah thanks emski smile lovely thing to say

blizy Wed 12-Dec-12 22:10:38

Ponyo, huge hugs to you, remember tomorrow is another day. X

Ledkr hope you have a fab holiday, I'm a bit jealous. Poor Ella, sending get well vibes down to,you.

Oh reastie, I meant to say dh is working in your town this week!

WeAreBorg Wed 12-Dec-12 23:03:43

Ponying, oh it all must be so hard for you, missing your lovely dad, hope you are okay. Glad anya is making you laugh.
Haven't seen the thread ledkr, hope you are all well for your holiday.
Blizy, you Are very sensible and calm about all this, I would be a mess. I think you are handling things brilliantly.
Reasties, didn't realise you had been referred to a psychiatrist, how was that? Hope all okay
Agree, dying to know what Americans job is!
Really tired, so going to bed now, night all

WeAreBorg Wed 12-Dec-12 23:04:18

Ponying? Pronto! Stupid phone

WeAreBorg Wed 12-Dec-12 23:05:02

Wtf, ponyo not pronto, please ignore all my posts

tadjennyp Thu 13-Dec-12 05:38:52

Hope Els gets better really soon and you have a wonderful time in Disney, ledkr . I read the stately homes thread and there are some great ladies on there with some amazing advice. I hate favouritism with a vengeance. angry

Ponyo I hope today is a better day for you. Having his favourite meal is a lovely way to remember him!

Congrats on the job American . So excited for you!

reastie I hope the appointments are working and you get on an even keel again soon. [hugs]

Borg hope you get out of the tired phase soon.

Emski - how's it going for you?

blizy still fingers x'd!

Nothing going on here - dh still not home from work at nearly 10pm. confused

Hope the babies are still asleep!

reastie Thu 13-Dec-12 07:28:14

oh ledkr how rubbish - hope she's feeling better and you don't get it.

Blizy big waves to your DH! Shame you didn't accompany him this time - we couldn't had a meet up wink . I am massively crossing my fingers for you but with no pressure. It would be the best christmas present ever. For all of us here. I really mean that.

Borg not suprised you're tired - you're posting at 11pm - that's way past my bed time!! Oh, I meant to ask you - did you ever get a bathroom done in your house you were talking about ages ago?

Ponyo how are you feeling today? SOunds like a lovely way to remember your Dad

reastie Thu 13-Dec-12 09:03:19

Oh yes, and wiggles where are you??? Hope mr w is OK

Emski76 Thu 13-Dec-12 13:13:04

Hi all
Tad, thanks for asking. Been off the ad's for a week now, took one every other day and took my last one Tuesday. Feeling very raw and on the edge but am hoping this s just withdrawal. Cried in front of the boys this morning because I lost my temper with them, then cried again because Ben is so sweet to me when I'm upset and it made me feel guilty. Everything seems too much at the moment, but I don't feel depressed or anything, just overwhelmed. Fingers crossed it will improve soon.

Wiggles, did think about you this week when i saw the news, hope all is ok.

Ledkr, how is Ella today? Has she stopped up chucking?

Hi Borg, yes agree with Reastie, I am in bed well before 11pm!

americanexpat Thu 13-Dec-12 19:12:31

Ems - hopefully it's just a rough patch from coming off the ADs. Give it some time but don't be afraid to start them again if you need to.

ledkr - Hope Ella is feeling better and not spread her illness around. Can't remember where you live - are you flying to Paris? Couldn't pay me enough to fly with a toddler again. grin Your family sounds so horrible - can't believe they didn't invite you to family Christmas, not to mention siding with your abusive ex. You deserve so much better.

reastie - I knew I would reel you in. grin I hope things are improving MH-wise. Is it going to be ongoing treatment or just a one-off?

I'm going to be a software developer at a healthcare software company. They're massive already and rapidly expanding, so clearly business is booming for them. I'm going to be making twice as much as DH. shock Fortunately he's not insecure about it, he asked if I'd buy him a helicopter. grin

wigglesrock Thu 13-Dec-12 19:39:34

Sorry, sorry just sticking my head up above the parapet grin

Reastie Are you still off work? Hope you are taking care of yourself xx

ponyo I thought about you and your Dad yesterday xx

ledkr Have a fantastic time. Are all very envy here about your trip

americanexpat Congratulations, well done. I'll take a helicopter if you're offering wink

Emski I remember that feeling - its different from that horrible sinking blackness everythings just a bit too much - don't underestimate a good cry [hug]

blizy big wave xx

I have no idea how Mr W is angry, I haven't really seen him since last Friday. He's on 15/16 hour shifts with no days off so am getting a few texts here and there and think he came to bed for a few hours last night. The girls Nativity plays have been on this week so have had to do a whole heap of rearranging as he was supposed to be covering 2 of them. Saw Olivias last night, it was lovely grin but Sofias is fantastic, its more of a traditional one and I will be honest and I wept the whole way through it yesterday afternoon blush My Mum is away to tonights final performance - she will cry more grin

Somehow watching 7 and 8 year olds singing etc was even more sob inducing than the 4 and 5 year olds grin

ledkr Sat 15-Dec-12 13:32:59

Hi all. Of course it's lovely here but don't be too jel it's freezing but we are wrapped up well.
Wiggs I wept last night at the girls faces watching the fireworks. Dilly was clapping and cheering despite the cold and rain.
She runs away in horror at the characters which gives us all a laugh.
Donald Duck was too persistent at breakfast so she threw her glass of oj at him shouting "go away quack quack" whol restaurant in fits'
Hope all good.
blizy any news?

americanexpat Sat 15-Dec-12 17:23:52

ledkr - I literally LOL'd at D and Donald, can't imagine where she gets it from. grin

wiggles - that's rubbish. angry Don't they have health & safety rules limiting the hours they can work?

blizy Sat 15-Dec-12 19:21:04

Ledkr, dilly is very funny! I'm glad you are all having a lovely time.
No news, still nothing.

Wiggles, hope you and mr w are able to spend time together soon.

Emski, how are you feeling?

I had a fab in town today with my wee sis, we done some shopping and had a wander around the Christmas market and George square for some ice skating.

Came home and dh and I put the Xmas tree up, the first since Zoe died. We have a bauble with hr name on and a pink butterfly for her on the tree. God, I miss my Zoe bear.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

ILovePonyo Sat 15-Dec-12 19:58:07

Hello all,

ledkr I did a big grin at D and "go away quck quack" that is bloody hilarious, I told dp and he laughed too smile Glad youre having a nice time. Aw at girls and fireworks.

blizy your day sounds lovely, I keep trying but can't think what to write for you to say how how sorry I am and how much I know you love and miss Zoe. The bauble is lovely, it must be so hard but you are doing the right thing. I will be thinking of you and Z often over the next few weeks x x

wiggles I am always amazed at amount of crap MrW has to put up with work wise angry You always seem so chipper (?!) about it. Aaaahh at nativities, so cute!

american wow at the job, well done you! grin at the helicopter.

emski I missed that you were stopping your ad's, how are you feeling now? Ben sounds like such a sweetie smile

Borg grin at the many typos, you're even funny when spelling things wrong!

We had a v busy day today, park in the morning with A;s little friend, then town, then crafty fair with friends then shopping. Ridiculous! We had lunch at bella italia where A stuffed her face with pasta and then pudding, she was really good bless her (possibly b'cos there was a boy there a bit older than her having a massive tantrum for ages, she was fascinated grin)

wigglesrock Sat 15-Dec-12 21:07:38

ledkr grin at D - thats so funny

blizy your day sounds lovely, I'm glad you put the tree up xxxxxx

ponyo A sounds so good, I doubt Anna would have lasted five minutes at any of the activities without destroying something grin

Well again its a bit of be careful what you wish for grin The Wiggles household have been struck by a vomiting bug. Mr W was sent home sick from work last night at about 11pm and was sick a few times. Anna vomited from 7pm last night until about 4am, although both of them are now grand hmm. Olivia is already on antibiotics for another bad throat sad. And I've been boking from about 4pm, am now finally starting to feel slightly more alive grin

americanexpat there are supposed to follow EU working time directives but operational needs can override that. If I don't get a sneaky trip to Paris in the New Year I'm throwing all my toys out of the pram and going on my own grin

Right am away before I infect you all, I'm as weak as a kitten me grin

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