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February 2011- the one where life gets better for all of us.

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GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 21:24:03

New thread open for business!!

I am anticipating MUCH weight loss, job improvements, sleeping babies, good health and one very eagerly anticipated BFP. smile

40Weeks Tue 27-Nov-12 14:14:15

Yikes reastie I saw her again in Mothercare!! Ha ha, did she say anything to you?

Congrats blizy on your sisters bubba, how is she feeling?

I am starving today, literally nothing with full me up. On te flip side Miney is throwing everything on the floor except fruit. Gahhhhhhh, tell me the others do this too hmm

ILovePonyo Tue 27-Nov-12 16:45:06


Auntie blizy massive congrats smile how lovely for your sis, tho I did wince at 9lb10 shock did she know she was having a boy? Your holiday pics are fab, you look very relaxed and well. Hope the jet lag is better today!

wiggles I can't believe that about the leave, why on earth can't they take in the school holidays shock

ledkr job is good thanks, I am doing 2 roles really, 2 days in social care as a link worker seeing women who have been referred by the police if theres been an incident of dv, I do short term work and refer them to services if they want it, and 2 and a half days working with children one to one in schools doing 6 weeks of support. Its good b'cos its all quite short term work, unlike before when I've had the same service users for over a year!
Working in the social care office is funny, I'm sure you won't mind me saying this but some social workers are just a bit odd grin no social skills whatsoever. I mentioned this to a friend (also a sw) and she agreed grin

reastie sorry meant to say the other day, I am loving the sound of that unit you are building. Bet it will look ace. grin and shock at 40 seeing your
mil again, hope you are feeling ok about her having A again eventually.

40 I think A would throw fruit on the floor and demand a biscuit! A few times she's chucked a whole bowl of cereal on the floor (with milk) and I have to take a deep breath, then she says "funny hahahaha" and I have to try not to laugh blush

I am feeling guilty about working (nearly) full time, A keeps asking for 'painting' and saying her 2 friends names we saw at messy play every Friday morning, I feel a bit shitty that she can't go sad
Being a softy I bought her an easel (sp?) from ikea and paints, but its not the same is it? We'll still see her little friends on weekends but like I say, I just feel a bit of a let down.
(one of her friends who is nearly 2 has chicken pox! eek!)

ledkr Tue 27-Nov-12 19:46:10

Sounds good ponyo and yes some are very odd I agree. Can't understand why they became sw as some seem to have no idea about life! Short term would be good yes. Are the women away from the dc at the point you see them? What do you do apart from signposting to services? I need a change tbh I'm sick of stuck up adopters I miss my roughys ha ha
I'm having some dilly catch up time we had a bath together and now snuggled by the fire in pjs it's nice. Only fly in the ointment is her constant forced out farts! Dh informed me she had beans on toast for lunch which explains it.

ILovePonyo Tue 27-Nov-12 20:18:58

Glad I've not offended you ledkr! Yes work with children is away from mums, but mum is aware of it and we encourage them to do activities with dc at home. Its usually when mum is away from dv or the perp is in prison. Apart from sign posting for mums its just a chance for them to offload and refer their dc to the one2one service if that makes sense. I could imagine you working for WA, there are a few ex sw's and they are all lovely!

A just took ages to go to sleep grr, her sleep has been awful since she was poorly. grin at D trumping grin

ledkr Tue 27-Nov-12 20:59:29

I'd love to ponyo buy not too much call for it in chelt I don't think. Tends to be big cities for wa doesn't it? Or am I wrong.
I want to try and get onto the new multi agency team supporting substance misuse clients to try and keep their kids. It's been piloted in London and looks really interesting.
D was hard to settle tonight too I had to bring her down once then she fe asleep on me stretched out like a starfish.

blizy Tue 27-Nov-12 21:08:47

I am grin at star fishing farting Dilly! Hope she and Anya sleep through.

I am just back from visiting my sis and nephew, he is adorable. His name is Max William Joseph surname. I could have snuggled him all night, he had a massive sneeze and splattered mucousy snot on my face! I just can't wait until I have another.

ILovePonyo Tue 27-Nov-12 21:35:46

Hm I'm not sure led I work in the county and whilst we know dv can affect anyone it tends to be the more deprived areas that we get the most referrals from. That new role sounds really interesting, its funny b'cos most student sw's I've met want to work in adoption and fostering but I bet you want a challenge!

Naughty Dilly and A, hope they both sleep well hmm

blizy aww what a lovely name smile Massive grin at snotty sneeze on you, hope you are feeling ok and I'm sure you will be holding your own sneezing baby soon x x

ledkr Tue 27-Nov-12 21:41:52

Ponyo they think its easy work but it so isn't! I do support so nitty gritty breakdowns I think recruitment is nice work but loads of paperwork.
Blizy I nearly cried for you when I read your post it must be so bitter sweet for you to hold him when you miss Zoe and so long for your next baby.
You deserve a million babies after what you have suffered.
Zoe would be so proud of her brave mummy x

ILovePonyo Tue 27-Nov-12 22:11:54

Aah ledkr what you said to blizy is very sweet and very true smile

blizy Wed 28-Nov-12 07:50:54

Thanks ledkr, it was bittersweet but I have been blessed with a new nephew, for which I am very grateful. Dh Found it very difficult to see me holding him though.

wigglesrock Wed 28-Nov-12 08:47:04

blizy Morning grin xxxxxxx

Freezing here, off to the granny baby group with Emma and Anna, well at least the foods nice grin

Hope everyone has a nice day. Am off to buy O new school shoes, I'm not sure what exactly happened to her old ones but it looks like a crocodile has chewed them blush

ledkr Wed 28-Nov-12 11:25:52

I think that croc is doing the rounds then cos Ella's were falling off her feet! D can't stop farting still

debka Wed 28-Nov-12 13:18:22

Hey there all,

Fell off the edge of MN again blush.

Have skimmed through and sort of caught up. grannyapple mahoosive congrats on #2, about time we had another one on here! I was 7mo pg when Imy was Sabine's age! shock at the close encounter with reastie's MiL! blizy glad you had such a good time in Vegas, must have been horrid coming home. Welcome back 40weeks!!

My 2 have been poorly and tired for weeks it seems. Last nigh Imy stayed at my mum's. She woke up at 8. S stayed here and slept in till 10 shock. She seems a little unwilling to go for her nap now, can't think why!

Off to a funeral this afternoon sad close friend of mine's mum died of cancer last week. Feels close to the bone for me.

Me and DH are doing a bit better now, thanks for whoever it was who thought of me. We both found it ever so hard with him being away so much. He's back now and things are easier.

debka Wed 28-Nov-12 13:33:49


My daughter rocks. Now, how long should I let her sleep for?....

ILovePonyo Wed 28-Nov-12 20:01:46

Hey all,

deb hope you are feeling ok, so sorry for your friend. Glad to hear you and dh are back on track. How long did S sleep for?!

grin at croc eating shoes, I think A's are too small blush will get her some nice warm boots for winter soon.

A woke up at 4am. And was AWAKE FOR THE DAY shock angry Dp got up with her at half 4, I was so grateful, honestly I don't know how he did it. I have been googling 21 month sleep regression and it might be a 'thing', apparently their speech is developing a lot and A's certainly is, lets hope its over and done with soon!

Off to watch masterchef now... hope everyone is well smile

ILovePonyo Wed 28-Nov-12 21:14:23

Oh I meant to say, dp has stopped smoking for one whole week now! Am super proud, he was on 20+ a day so he's done so well. All the money he's saving he is putting in a little box, we might actually be able to afford to go on hols next year if he keeps this up! <proud> grin

wigglesrock Wed 28-Nov-12 21:37:36

ponyo we've had some early starts this week with Anna, about 4.30ish. A is nattering away too. She calls Santa - Ho Ho - only 2 hos grin. We we're in a shopping centre yesterday up at my Nanas and she kept shouting "Ho Ho" as there were Santas everywhere - we were lucky to escape with our lives - am afraid the local talent thought she was commenting on their outfits blush

Well done to your dp when Mr W stopped - he just stopped, no sneakies or anything.

debka Missed you xx Really glad you and dh are good.

Well talk about from my lips to Gods ears! Have just got text from Mr W to say that he may have wangled Christmas Eve night shift off - he has to work about 3 shifts of overtime just before Christmas but he may just swing it. I tell you his work are afraid of me grin After all I have a daughter who isn't afraid to shout Ho, Ho at the top of her voice in the middle of west Belfast grin

ILovePonyo Wed 28-Nov-12 21:52:17

wiggles that is hilarious, is it wrong that I want to teach A to say "ho ho" too!? So funny grin i like how I moan about the early start but you're dead casual, oh yeah anna woke up at half 4 too wink you're a pro for sure.

Well done Mr W, to be honest I really though dp would have sneaked one by now but hes done really well.

Fingers crossed for xmas ve off for MrW! Good news I should bloody well think so too

debka Wed 28-Nov-12 22:06:22

You poor women, 4am, it's not light for fecking hours at 4am. I couldn't do it. <frantically searches for something wooden>

ponyo massive well done to DP, a week is brilliant. DH cut down a lot but it's creeping back up again. He is just so incredibly vile when he gives up it's generally me begging him to have one after a few days grin. Hope your DP isn't like that.

wiggles ho ho, love it! S comes out with random words all the time now, that I didn't know she knew, latest was WHALE. WTF???? hmm

wigglesrock Wed 28-Nov-12 22:12:49

ponyo I'm ridiculously excited about him having Christmas Eve off - I don't mind having the girls on my own on Christmas morning but because he was doing 10pm - 7am he would have to sleep for a bit during the day and his brother and sil are arriving here on Christmas Eve and all the girls, a jet-lagged couple and Mr W trying to grab a few hours sleep was just adding up to a big hoo ha.

I'm not that bad with the early starts tbh its the endless watching of Baby Jake (bloody catch up tv) and Mr Tumbles that pushes me over the edge grin All I hear from her is "hello" in very cheery tones and a demand for Spotty Bag!

ILovePonyo Thu 29-Nov-12 07:18:07

Yay A woke up up at 6.30 with a couple of wakings in the night, phew!

Deb grin at whale confused I laughed when you said you were persuading dh to smoke, I have been very close to suggesting dp should have a sneaky one as he was so snappy! We ignored each other quite a lot for a few days grin being tired and wanting nicotine not a good combo...

Wiggles your Xmas sounds hectic!

Hope everyone has a good day smile

ledkr Thu 29-Nov-12 09:12:03

Wiggs that reminded me of when I took ds,s on a anti nazi league march and he heard us mention skin heads so started to shout it at the top of his voice risking certain death! We were shitting ourselves.
Ds1 once went up to a disabled car and asked for 10 p for a go on this!
I went grey very early.
Off swimming with the lunatic today I always fel sorry for the life guards tbh hmm

reastie Thu 29-Nov-12 14:16:30

Wiggles that's excellent news grin and love the ho ho story. Alice says father christmas but it comes out 'mis mis'

Ledkr you make me grin with your stories of your DC. Hope you enjoy the swimming

Ponyo well done your DH re: smoking. Alice has been up at night recently too, not so much early starts as up for a few hours during the night <yawn>

Deb so glad things are going a bit better with you and DH. Hope the funeral went OK

40 that's so funny you saw MIL again!

tadjennyp Thu 29-Nov-12 21:58:40

Hello, hope you are all having nice evenings. Hope the funeral went ok and Dilly didn't terrorise the lifeguards too much! Glad things are going better with dh Deb and MrW has Christmas eve off! Hello to 40 again! Congrats to MrPonyo with giving up. Sending sleepy vibes to A and A.

S is currently stalking around the house in his sister's beanie and his brother's sandals singing 'scooby doo, where are you?' grin Think we've watched too many DVDs lately! Nothing else exciting going on here though!

reastie Mon 03-Dec-12 16:33:46

Hi all

Have you heard wills and Kate are expecting? Grannyapple you're in good company wink . Pleased for them but poor Kate going to hospital for extreme MS sad

Tad love the scooby doo story grin

Took Alice to see father 'mis mis' today and also yesterday . She enjoyed it more than I thought she would and keeps saying 'mis mis knee' as she's v proud to have sat on his knee! I tried attaching piccies to my profile but it wouldn't let me so will let you know when I succeed.

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