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February 2011- the one where life gets better for all of us.

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GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 21:24:03

New thread open for business!!

I am anticipating MUCH weight loss, job improvements, sleeping babies, good health and one very eagerly anticipated BFP. smile

40Weeks Fri 23-Nov-12 09:25:16

Wow 4 stone!! Brilliant well done. I have lost 2 stone and am at target but still go to SW to keep weight off. I am so sorry but I did say to your mother in law that I recognised you although we hadn't actually met (she must have thought I was a weirdo stalker) but I don't think I mentioned Mumsnet - if she mentions it to you say it was Netmums!! I just said our bubbas were the same age and we chatted online. What a small world.

Congrats to blitzy hope you're having an amazing time in Vegas!

Hope everyone else is well :-)

ledkr Fri 23-Nov-12 20:58:15

Blimey how weird about sw/mil you won't meet mine there she only eats when at my house and is a skinny old fart.
Having a grand old time planning g a day at the races for New Year's Day so many of us have given up on babysitters so lots of abandoned dh,s n y day lol

MizK Sat 24-Nov-12 15:56:31

Hi all. just come to have a catch up, am shamefully in bed with a dreadful hangover! Went Christmas shopping this morning hoping to shake it off and threw up in a car park....klassy bird hey? So am relaxing, listening to Jessie Ware to soothe my head and catching up with you lovely lot.
ledkr that sounds so fun, do you all glam up for the races on NY day, can imagine its pretty cold!
40 how funny to meet reastie's MIL, its a bit awkward explaining to people you have friends you've never met isn't it!
ponyo so sorry poor A has been ill, lucky you have a supermum who comes to help smile glad you seem to be liking your new job smile
blizy if you read this when you're back from Vegas, I just want to officially express my deep envy of your holiday! Jel is not the word!
big hellos to everybody else, my wine addled brain is incapable of remembering what I've just read, forgive me!
Are all the babies completely edible at the min or is it just mine? Cassia is so naughty and cheeky now i just want to squeeze her. I kind of love what a diva she is! She has always walked around dangerously in my heels, but she's gone one step further and now emerges from various rooms draped in stolen teatowels, pants, scarves etc saying Wooooow! and Ooooooh! in delight at her own stylishness. And fully expects us all to swoon over her too, she's too funny.

wigglesrock Sat 24-Nov-12 19:34:40

40Weeks Hello, lovely to see you, don't stay away so long next time grin

MizK Anna does a nice line in trying on everyones shoes and waving her foot around in a new shoes style grin

I was out last night too grin, a group of us (Mums from Sofias class) went out for dinner and then lots and lots and lots of dancing blush I drove so I was the designated driver, it was really good fun. I'm knackered, arrived home at 1am and A was up for 6am, am watching the clock, until I can arrive at a more respectable bedtime.

ILovePonyo Sun 25-Nov-12 08:35:48

Hello all, A has been wide awake at 5am the last 2 mornings hmm she's now yawning hmmhmm I am not impressed!

Hello 40 smile good to hear from you and nice to hear things are going well.

Wiggles and Mizk I am impressed at you both going out late, I'm ready for bed at 10 at the mo, I have Xmas do's coming up and I really can't be bothered blush I'm very exciting aren't I.

Mizk love cass the diva, I can imagine her trotting about draped in all sorts! How's she getting on at nursery?

I'm on phone so have forgotten what people have said, hope everyone is ok weather wise, it's very windy here a bit of our fence has blown off confused

ILovePonyo Sun 25-Nov-12 08:36:37

Oh reastie I did grin a bit at your mil panic, I'd be terrified if anyone met mine!

reastie Sun 25-Nov-12 08:54:59

40 you're going to have to tell me (or pm me) your RL first name please so I don't look like a mug when MIL tells me she met you and I call you 40weeks wink <taps nose in agreement to the netmums idea>

Mizk I take it it was a good night out then?!

All this night out talk and I'm living dangerously if I'm not yet in my pjs until after 8:30pm blush

V windy here too - I've been up since v early as the wind kept blustering on the bedroom windows <sigh>

Ponyo how did the first week at work go? Was it all boring policies or did you get to do anything interesting?

Just writing my christmas cards [organised] . We are trying to design a huge built in unit to hide all our junk very important things for our new kitchen diner we're hoping to get done next spring so looking online for lots of inspiration. I'm not very good at this type of thing!

ILovePonyo Sun 25-Nov-12 09:10:57

Wow reastie you are organised doing your Christmas cards, I'm impressed!

First week went well thanks, yes there were boring policies but I also got to go on some visits and start ringing round the referrals that were waiting for me, I have a feeling I'm going to be very busy very soon as there were a lot of referrals! The nice is that everyone is lovely and doesn't mind me asking questions.

Looking for a unit sounds interesting to me blush does it mean you can go to ikea or is that not what you're after? grin I love an excuse for an ikea trip

reastie Sun 25-Nov-12 10:38:41

No we're having it custom made especially to take over up the whole of a wall, floor to ceiling. We're putting a Victorian range in the middle of it as a feature (we're moving it from the wall we;re taking out) and have just found in my Dads garage a big antique wooden fireplace surround we're thinking of incorporating around the Victorian range to give it some extra character. It's all a but daunting though as I'm not a designer and have no idea if this will end out looking good or terrible! A trip around Ikea would be much easier I tell you!

blizy Mon 26-Nov-12 13:21:46

40 weeks, welcome back! Glad to hear you and M are well, hope the rest of the clan are good too.

Ponyo, I'm glad your first week at work went well. Poor Anya with being poorly, is she ok now?

Reastie, yikes to 40 meeting your mil! How is she btw? Have you managed to arrange alternative care for Alice?

Debka, hope you and the girls are well, Howard things with dh now?

Missk and wiggles, check you with the big nights out! Hope you both had a ball.

Granny, how are you feeling?

Dh and I had the most amazing time ever in Vegas! The place is awesome and very weird! grin. We went to see Guns n Roses, it was fab. We were about4 rows from the front! Wee also seen a show called "peepshow" it was a showgirl show where the got their boobies out [perv] blush. I thought we had to do It since we were in Vegas! I have lots of brownie points from dh!
We got home yesterday afternoon and I'm suffering terribly from the dreaded jet lag, we are just chilling as I'm not back to work until Wednesday. Dh has another date with a cup in the morning, should get the results in about 2 weeks.

Anyhow, I'm off to watch some mindless tv. I shall catch up later, hope you are all good. grin

reastie Mon 26-Nov-12 14:06:28

Blizy your holiday sounds fab. I love the piccies on fb - you look v happy and relaxed. So glad you had such a good time. We have been gradually reintegrating ALice having MIL look after her ( blush ) by having her collected from DMs not with me around (she seems to get more upset when I leave her with MIL than with other people) and for short times building up. That sounds really PFB I know but it seems to be working.

Well, have been signed off work this week with physical exhaustion which is dr speak for anxiety apparently . Have been struggling alot lately and won't go into details, but hoping the medication will kick in in the next week and I will start feeling more able to cope.

Yes Deb I've been wondering how you are too

Also Ledkr how are you getting on with DH at the min? Hope he's been pulling his weight and not having to many sleep ins!

blizy Mon 26-Nov-12 14:16:25

Reastie, I hope you are ok, my hand is here for you to hold if you need it. X

ledkr Mon 26-Nov-12 14:20:45

Well reastie he's been better but re annoyed me this am by sitting dozily on the couch in his robe like bloody Hugh Hefner with a half naked baby running about no heating on hadn't called Ella or started breakfast etc so I had to rush after daring to spend a few minutes getting ready for work. I told him not to bother taking time off in future and I will employ a nanny and he can pay her grin

Grannyapple Mon 26-Nov-12 20:29:29

Hi ladies..

blizy sounds like you has a fab time in Vegas! I'm fine, thx for asking tho I think the nausea is beginning to hit now. I'm off to docs tomorrow to get things moving. Have done something like 7 tests in past 2 wks...think it's defo about time I visited the docs me thinks!

reastie tis funny 40 bumping into your MIL. Has she mentioned it to you yet?

wiggs I was out with the nct lot on sat night...we were all home for 10.30pm shock living the dream or what grin

ledkr I'd have well lost my rag before now with your dh.. But does make me grateful for my dh (he get N up & ready when I'm working]...

Had chat with my boss today about doing extra day/week..all good & start in January.. With a review of it in July...I'm hoping it'll be fine when I tell him my news as in theory it shouldn't change anything (due date us 24th July).

Hope everyone is well...have MIL down at the end if this week for a few days...hoping N will be on his best behaviour as we'll be in his room for the sleeping arrangements hmm

ledkr Mon 26-Nov-12 20:38:19

Aw granny he's a gem really just not so quick as me! Had to take Ella to go straight from work so literally saw d for seconds I'm craving a cuddle now.
Dh is great with dds goes to toddlers does buns for ballet etc. he's even offered ds2 a kidney. He's just infuriatingly slow at times.
I'd hate anyone to think he was horrible sad
I've been asked to do another day but I seriously can't be arsed.
ponyo how's job? Are you seeing them at home or in refuges

blizy Mon 26-Nov-12 21:42:24

Uh oh granny, I hope the sickness is not too bad when it hits.

Ledkr, you dh sounds like a star, mine is he same, needs a rocket up his arse sometimes!

My ds is finally in labour, I am very nervous for her. No sleep for me tonight.....

wigglesrock Mon 26-Nov-12 21:55:03

blizy yay you're back grin xxx Hope all goes well for your sis.

grannyapple grin Apparently the night out was not to everyones taste shock The dancing with abandon was a bit too much - there may be bitching in the playground!

Reastie take care and as much time off as you need xxx

Am not best pleased with Mr W at the minute - he is working all over Christmas on night shifts which I'm not that annoyed over (he's had Christmas off for the past few years) but they've now been told there's no leave being granted next year from mid June until end of August. Cue lots of muttering under my breath - he's also been on overtime for the past week - can't think why since I'm being such a joy at home grin

blizy Tue 27-Nov-12 00:22:17

Yay, my sis has had her baby! 4 hour labour with a little boy 9lb 10 oz no name yet. Such a relief they are both well. grin

ledkr Tue 27-Nov-12 07:35:19

Big congrats blizy must be hard for you though my sweet. Brave girl xx
wiggs how annoying. I sometimes wonder how we can deal with dh job/shifts for? They keep banning leave here too. Badger cull Olympics any fecking excuse at all. Also keep changing shift times which is hell for childcare. I think all that is fine if they got paid more but not for the wages they get and don't even talk to me about pensions! Between us we should have been retiring early but will now be really late hmm
I think he police show no respect for their families and partners jobs.

reastie Tue 27-Nov-12 07:36:28

Blizy yay yay yay for your DS. 9lb 10 - that sounds painful! But at least the labour wasn't too long. You're so sweet re: your comment for me x

wiggles how annoying re: MrWs, his job sounds v hard in so many ways

Ledkr grin to your DH being a bit slower than you - I think this might be the case in many men!

Grannyapple Tue 27-Nov-12 07:47:57

Aw ledkr he does sound fab. Ha ha to them being slower than us...I now leave dh to it with N as I apparently 'upset his sequence of events' when he's getting N ready grin

wiggs ha ha to 'dancing with abandonment". There's been a bit of bitching with our lot about joint b'day parties etc...I bowed out cos we're heading home to Glasgow for then..good excuse for me to avoid all the political correctness of keeping everyone happy...)

Yay huge congrats blizy & huge well done to your sis...good weight (ouch!)..impressed with the 4hr labour!

Ah reastie take it easy x

Grannyapple Tue 27-Nov-12 07:51:53

Ps N is still asleep shock shock shock

We have swimming at 9.30 so need to get him up soon....but he's snoring away...

wigglesrock Tue 27-Nov-12 08:41:05

blizy lovely, lovely news, let us know the name, I have a fascination with boys names as I never got to use mine xxxxxxxxxxx

ledkr I can't even discuss pensions - Mr W has to pay so much into it and he can't not - its like £300 a month which we really don't have. Leave here is limited in July anyway because of the 12th, and bloody G8 coming and the World feckin' Police Olympics (I kid thee not) is here as well. Apparently they will give first preference for the 2 weeks allowed in August to those with school age children but its bloody dear then (we usually sneak away at the end of June).

I am already having a little bit of a snigger at the fact that he will have to ask them for the day off for Sofias First Communion - that will set the cat amongst the pigeons - it'll be klaxon time at HQ grin

grannyapple envy I thought I was having a good morning Anna only being up from 6.30am [grrr]

reastie Tue 27-Nov-12 08:49:49

Come on then wiggles - you'll have to tell me now - what was your boys name choices? We would have called Alice 'Rowan' if she were a boy grin . Btw police olympics??!! That sounds so ridiculous it has to be a joke!

wigglesrock Tue 27-Nov-12 08:55:19

Reastie I think its the World Police Firearms games or something but its much more fun to distainfully sneer at the Police Olympics and make some disparaging doughnut eating competition jibes grin

Anna would have been Noah or Leo or Dominic or Joseph or Sam

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