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February 2011- the one where life gets better for all of us.

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GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 21:24:03

New thread open for business!!

I am anticipating MUCH weight loss, job improvements, sleeping babies, good health and one very eagerly anticipated BFP. smile

ILovePonyo Tue 25-Sep-12 21:29:01

Woop! Marking my place. Loving the positive title debs smile

Emski76 Tue 25-Sep-12 21:48:11

Hi all
Just popping in to say hi, hope your all ok, altho it seems we're all going thru it at the moment. I've had a kidney infection for the last week or so but m getting back on my feet, and Tinkerbell went missing 9 days ago. A neighbour found her under a bush today, she must have been hit by a car d crawled under the bush to die. Dh has brought her home in a box wrapped in a blanket. I sat on the patio door step with her ad sobbed like a baby. I'm taking her to the vets tomorrow to see if they'll cremate her for us. I'm so bloody heartbroken! It's ridiculous.

I'm sorry a few of us are having a hard time at the moment. I will be back to post more when I've wallowed in my sorrow for a few more days xx

blizy Tue 25-Sep-12 21:48:18

Yay, happy new thread! Love the title and your opening post. x

blizy Tue 25-Sep-12 21:54:24

Oh no emski Poor Tinkerbell, how awful sad. It's not ridiculous you are heart broken, pets are part of the family. Have some hugs from me to you. x

ILovePonyo Tue 25-Sep-12 22:09:07

Oh emski sad that's so sad. I would have cried my eyes out if it was one of my cats, I'm so sorry sad Hope tomorrow goes ok, really feel for you x x

ILovePonyo Tue 25-Sep-12 22:09:31

Not ridiculous at all x

wigglesrock Tue 25-Sep-12 22:14:16

GOLDdebka many thanks for the new thread and fab title xxxx

emski no, no, you're not being ridiculous at all. I was heartbroken when our cat died, we've had our dog 10 years now but our cat will always be special to me. Take care xxx

blizy I have a feeling the girls were fishing for info, if they've heard any playground info I'd rather they got the truth from me grin. To be honest I'm still scarlet with mortification blush I was considering just talking to S but it felt silly to get O to leave the room and then know S would repeat everything back to her probably incorrectly!

ponyo glad you're feeling a bit better - shout at you - surely you don't mean moi? grin xxxx

blizy Tue 25-Sep-12 22:25:32

Wiggles- I would have done the same, better they hear the truth than silly stories. I remember in primary I found a used condom in the playground, thinking I was bring helpful I picked it up and handed into the office lady, she may have freaked out a little grin shock.

reastie Wed 26-Sep-12 07:30:05

Marking my place

deb love the title

ems how sad - a cat is part of the family so it must be heartbreaking. Is Ben OK about it? Poor Tinkerbell sad - I guess at least you know now so you're not constantly wondering where she is... Hope you feel better soon from the nasty infection. How is Ben doing at school?

blizy shock shock to that story. Bless you being so helpful!!! shock

wiggles at least you got 'the talk' over with for 2 out of 3 in one hit

Off to GP this afternoon - for a few years I've been drinking an inordinately high amount of water every day as I get really thirsty (around 5 litres a day or so no wonder I always need the loo ). Finally realised this isn't exactly normal so off to check what's going on with me. I don't usually make appointments for such little things so hope she doesn't think I'm wasting her time hmm .

In other news, Alice wouldn't go to sleep until after 11pm last night <massive yawns> and DH says he doesn't think we can live on just his income, so I either have to suck it up and work hmm or get another job. Am currently looking into our finances and looking at tightening how much we spend on food every week. I wouldn't be suprised if we spend £150 a week on food blush blush blush - no more fresh berries and naice treats for us!

Grannyapple Wed 26-Sep-12 09:53:22

Thx for the new thread debka. Sorry to hear your worries re:dh. Can't really give any advice, but ((hugs)) anyway..

emski aw sorry to hear of your news...i think we've all been there re:pets. I remember our family dog passed away the night before we were going to take her to the vets to be put to sleep (she had cancer)...was like she knew. Me & sis were sobbing for days...

Ha ha blizy with playground helpfulness.

Well done wiggs sounds like you handled that brilliantly.

reastie not got any real advice but sis says same re holidays in state schools too..seems to be happening everywhere (there were lots of teachers at SIL's wedding so heard them all being outraged at losing some holidays by shortening summer hols etc).

ledkr Wed 26-Sep-12 13:25:17

Hi all.

ems I break my heart everytime a hamster or rats dies I hate to think of an animal suffering. Hopefully she died quickly they do hide when they know its time dont they? So sad.
wiggs You didnt get the "that is disgusting never talk about it to me again" Ella reaction then?? I remember when she was 5 she sussed out about gay people as we stayed at my friends who just happen to be a gay couple. I told dh i was worried she would tell her friends and the posh parents would be pissed off.He reminded me that is was the 21st century and they would look like biggots if they did. Ella just wanted to know who has the babies and wears the wedding dress hmm
blizy lets hope you are getting there now with a drs app. My ex had alow count too I think they say that a lot tbh.
deb How are things. Its hard for me to be objective because ending my marriage was very sad but unltimately the best thing I ever did.Not because i met dh after 5 yrs but because I was wasting my life with him. Unemotional,thick,going nowhere idiot. I never even got cards from the kids when they were little.
I have done and acheived more in the last 10 yrs than I have in my whole entire life. I have traveled,re trained,laughed like a drain,gained many good friends and just lived my life.Money isnt a problem theses days thanks to tax credits and its a great time to be a single girl.
I also believe the children need to see what a good relationship looks like.
After all that weight you have lost and your plans for your career he probably feels resentful and insecure but thats his problem really.
I also think it takes great courage and deternination to keep going at a marriage too.
Nobody can tell you what to do but I do know that you can see a relate counsellor alone if that would help. Lots of love to you xx
ponyo8 what did Dr say?
D is still adding to her aggressive vocab. Get away,get down,what doing? are all said regularly with a big scowl.

ledkr Wed 26-Sep-12 13:27:15

reastie Had to say we are there with the food too. How do you reduce it though unless you eat crap.

wigglesrock Wed 26-Sep-12 15:57:21

Well, looks like its been a day of firsts - after my mortifying sex ed class, I went to a Mother and Child/Toddler etc group this morning. This is the first group I've ever been to blush, I don't do other people grin

The things you do for your niece grin, I took A as well and met my Mum there - it was her Granny and Grandchild cronies. A had a brilliant time and Emma just watched everyone waiting for the snacks blush.

ledkr Olivia told me "she didn't want to hear about it if it was going to be gross" grin. Funny enough we have gay relationships sorted without a blink of an eye, a few of Ss school friends have been to civil partnerships and I found any questions about that much easier to deal with. Sofia just asked can you marry a girl/boy and just seemed to accept the you can marry anyone you want as long as you love them and they love you back. I have a funny feeling this might all come back to bite me on the bum at the first of Sofias First Communion meetings that start next week grin. Mr W is already giggling.

debka just sending much love - don't forget that if you just want to blow off steam or moan, cry, bitch, shout (in capitals of course) that you can just type away on here.

emski hope vet was helpful today xxx

blizy xxxxxx

GOLDdebka Wed 26-Sep-12 16:32:37

Oh you are a lovely bunch, thank you for all the support thanks

Things are ok really, I suppose I was just mulling things over a bit. I must admit I feel jealous when wiggs you talk with such love about MrW and ledkr the passion (ooer) you have for DH. There's just not much of that about. ledkr I may look into Relate, I can't imagine for a moment DH would come (although you never know), but I would welcome some advice.

My poor sis is having a bad time, her DD is 2 weeks old now and she's basically shut herself away from the world- unwilling to see me or our sister. My mum's been on holiday and went straight to see her when she came back- turns out she isn't sleeping or eating much at all, detests bfing (but is scared everyone will judge her if she formula feeds), and feels no bond or love for her daughter. sad Poor poor thing. She's spoken to the HV (my mum was there) and we're keeping a Close Family Eye on her. She just hates being a mum, wishes L wasn't here sad There's not much I can do, since she's not keen to see me (and my entourage, can't blame her!), so I am supporting and helping my mum as much as poss so she can look after my sis.

MORE bad news, put on a gigantic 2.5lb yesterday, the shame of it grin. Am now ultra determined to lose a stone in 4 weeks shock, my lovely coat arrived and is too fecking small, I neeeeed to wear it at the end of October when we go away to the show. So, 4lb a week for 4 weeks, reckon I can do it? no

emski that is so so sad about your poor cat, I'm so sorry.

wiggles right, can you come round here and do The Talk in a few years? Or at least give us some pointers?

reastie there are other jobs you know smile Could you do primary teaching instead? Or private tuition? Yy to the food btw, so flipping expensive. I spent £20 on meat this week- 2 packs of chicken breasts, a gammon, pack of mince, 4 salmon fillets. Hmm, just realised, that won't be your problem will it grin.

ledkr S is the same, NAUGHTY, ME, GO WAY, MINE, NO are a selection of her favourite words grin All said at top volume of course. How's work going btw? How is annoying pregnant (not pg any more obv) colleague?

americanexpat Thu 27-Sep-12 04:06:01

Ems - can't blame you for being upset, I'd be beside myself if anything happened to our cats. They are part of our family and we have spent a fortune flying them around the world. I hope the vet will cremate her for you. Xx

Deb - I don't much talk about my marriage on here but DH and I have been rocky from the beginning. I've been ready to leave a few times, gave him an ultimatum on his drinking 6 months ago. He made some really positive changes, quit drinking and we've been trying to improve our relationship. He's been sliding back in to old habits recently and I'm considering separating once I start working. My litmus test has always been "Do I want L to think this is a normal relationship?" and I'm starting to think no. Obv don't mention this on FB, but I want to commiserate. Your poor sis, are they thinking pnd?

Wiggles - I joined a "moms" group here too. shock It's no Netmums but it'll do. grin We went to the zoo yesterday with them and are off to a park playdate tomorrow. They seem to be mostly older mums too thank god.

reastie Thu 27-Sep-12 09:24:43

Hi all

Has anyone else read the thread about fb showing up pms for everyone to see? It's a DOTD. I'm in a bit of a state about it but I can't 100% tell if the messages I wrote that are on others' timelines (which are definitely pms) are visable to other people or just me as I wrote them. Am trying to get someone to look on my timeline to see if they can see them - so if you get a fb message from me today it's as I'm trying to get on chat and get someone to find out for me only no one is blinking on chat when you need it!

deb alot of what you say I feel the same way FWIW - I don't know if we are in the norm or not though. I sometimes even in RL when I meet up with friends and their DHs and I see how their DH treats them (as in affection/thoughtfulness etc) I feel a bit envious and sad about my relationship. american that's really honest of you. It sometimes helps I think to hear everyone isn't all loved up all the time IYKWIM. I hope things improve for you though. FWIW I have a very similar litmus test too.

Btw deb don't worry about the very slight weight gain - it's probably less than 2% of what you've lost already and just a blip - it sounds like you're back on it. Btw what size coat did you go for in the end? I find H&M can be really random in sizing - I can be a completely different (bigger usually) size in there compared to other stores, but sometimes I come up my normal size too - it's really irregular IME.

granny glad it's not just me re: hols

ANyone who gets this soon - are you on fb and can you get on fb to look something up for me to see if what I can see on my timeline (ie pms!) are visible to you or not please <nervous twitch>

ledkr Thu 27-Sep-12 10:27:01

deb work is ok atm thanks. Preggers is still tres annoying and acts like the only woman to have a child. There are 5 of us who have babies/childcare probs but she always has to leave early/come in late and will do absolutely nothing outside of her working hours eg meetings or training days. She said she couldn't do something the other day and I snapped at her that at least she has a dh who is at home every night unlike me grrrr.
Sorry for all you girls with unfulfilled marriages. Sorry if me and wiggs make you a bit uneasy but dont forget wiggs has been through it with Mr W and I kissed quite a few frogs before dh (who is far from perfect)
My marriage was unhappy for years but I didnt have the courage to leave and convinced myself It was best for the dc. Luckily he had an affair so it forced the issue but Im glad it did. Unfortunately I know how fragile life can be so Im all for leaving a bad situation if you cannot improve it.
D has a cold,she is ok but sad and snotty. Dil is having then for the afternoon whilst dh and I go to the cinema to see a horror. I have then got to take Ella for a look at her senior school. Everyone else is making choices about schools but our comp is right opposite and It is the best in the county so we are soooo lucky.
Ells has been better at night with the help of druggin piriton at Drs recommendation. shock

reastie Thu 27-Sep-12 13:21:02

<knees wobble> I sent a message on the off chance to a local lady who runs childrens fun cooking classes to ask if she was looking to expand or offer more classes as I was looking at pursuing new avenues work wise. She's only gone and responded saying she might be looking to expand and will ring me next week for a chat confused smile

ledkr the GP said to drug Ella with piraton shock grin . I'm glad it's helping. Is it all hormone related stuff do you think?

Btw wiggles and ledkr I don't want you to stop talking about your lovely DHs so don't feel guilty at how loved up you are .

Alice sleeping. I'm off to do some cleaning hmm

blizy Thu 27-Sep-12 14:04:29

Oh reastie, that sounds very hopeful! I excited for you. Btw I had a loom at you fb timeline, I couldn't see anything. Do you think you could have a look at mine please?

Ledkr- enjoy the film. I'm glad E is settling down now.

Baby sleeping here, I manage to have lunch in peace --except for the bloody cat--grin

reastie Thu 27-Sep-12 14:24:37

blizy had a quick look - can't see anything looking vaguely like a pm at all on yours. I'm really confused by it all. It looks like my pms to other people show up on their timeline but only visible to me and them (??) and vice versa. I've seen a couple of messages from friends' timelines that looks to me like pms though (although could just be wall posts) including a love poem for a friend written by their DP grin . I am now assuming he was sharing it with the whole world wink . Mn thread says loads of people have seen others' pms though so I'm all a bit hmm

reastie Thu 27-Sep-12 18:16:53

Oh, forgot to say earlier - to make you all grin - I saw a 'teacher top trumps' display on a wall display in school the other day (some kind of IT project or something vaguely education based hmm ) and I was up there with a rating of 5 for strictness and looks (which seems about average compared to others - I have no idea what it's out of probably 100 ) and 3 for 'amount of hair' grin [random]

ILovePonyo Thu 27-Sep-12 20:26:25

Hiyaaaa, had a lovely day with A today including going on the tram into town to buy new shoes (thirty quid?!! shock) and going to the park. We have also watched monsters inc about 50 times since it was on the other day, she loves it and points at the tv saying "bear. bear." intently until I put it on hmm

deb oh your poor sis. I really felt for her reading that, hope your mum can help her out. Sorry about the weight gain, this is the first time ever though isn't it? Think relate cpuld be worth a go, even if dh doesn't go. How are you feeling today?

reastie grin at teacher top trumps and EEK! at cooking classes! It might all be happening for a reason! <excited>

ledkr I didn't go to the docs blush am feling better now. Glad E is sleeping better, piriton - who would have thought it?

american hope you're ok. Sorry to hear about your realtionships probs too. Feel free to talk about it here if it helps, although don't feel that you have to!

wigs grin thanks for not telling me off wink Ooh a first "group"!! exciting! How was it? I have decided not to go to singing group anymore at the moment as A just screams when it starts then whinges b'cos shes tired, it was quite nice having a day to do anything we liked today!

Right better go, am off to my mums tomo for the weekend, she;s bought A her own cot bed whihc is nice, it means A won't be rolling out of her pop up travel cot anymore and bashing into furniture/sleeping on the carpet all night like she does usually when we're there smile

ledkr Fri 28-Sep-12 07:50:56

D woke at 3 with a cough and remains awake. I just thiught id share. I am hoping to grab a nap whn she does but its ruined my day,i had lovely plans.

blizy Fri 28-Sep-12 08:24:04

Thanks for that reastie I am grin at your top trumps results!

ponyo wow at the price of shoes! Enjoy your weekend with your mum.

american Sounds like you are settling into your new home.

ledkr that is grim, I was up too, I slept worse than usual last night.

I have the Doctors in an hour (yikes) then I'm going shopping for a dress to wear to our friends wedding next Sunday. Have a good day all.

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