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December 2011- <Haddocks> are in the deep freeze as we won't be needing them, no, siree! Grab a <cuppa>.......

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Aethelfleda Thu 20-Sep-12 18:53:02

Shiny new thread: we forgot to discuss the title this time!

<pulls up a chair and offers coffee and tea around>

GeeandTee Sun 23-Sep-12 16:01:58

oi that brings back memories of when DS was little and had reflux. I would get covered in vomit like that a few times a week, or on a bad day, several times I day. I perfected the art of the instantly stripping before the vomit got through to my skin grin

We had a lovely day yesterday, did some winter clothes shopping for the DCs in the morning then FIL came over with nearly 2yo DNephew in the afternoon, as he was babysitting him. DNephew very well-behaved but we had to closely supervise FIL who has no sense of safety, thought pushing the pushchair into traffic and bouncing it over cobbles was funny, and left DN to toddle around in a big, busy playground without keeping a proper eye on him. It was fine as DH and I took over and made sure DN was safe, and he had great fun and we didn't mind at all (he is mega cute and lovely) but was a bit hmm at what could have happened if FIL had gone on his own! DS was also mega cute and gave him lots of cuddles and kisses and kept bending over him solicitously and saying "is DN happy?" "Is DN OK?" was very proud!

Then we had the night from hell as DD kept me up from midnight to 5am. Aaarrrggghhh! I thought we were finally getting somewhere but she's worse than ever now.

Aethelfleda Sun 23-Sep-12 18:53:13

Have discovered Tesco Finest green pesto (£2.50 a jar: ouch!) is nut free (has pine nuts which are actually seeds) so we all had pasta pesto for tea and DS loved it! Some leftovers to freeze (which will let the rest of us have cheapo Aldi stuff that tastes almost identical)....

Spent an hour getting drenched this afternoon as I wrestled the raspberry canes into submission and manuref the veg patch. At least it's a bit tidier now for house viewings...

Argg, where did the weekend go? I want another one....

Figgygal Sun 23-Sep-12 19:16:46

I need to get me some pesto!! Tonight we had chicken in a tomato sauce with jacket potatoes and peas must start experimenting with my AK book am waiting for DS to go on his week long bird watching trip next week as if it all goes to hell DS can't moan and ive yet to find something he won't eat so would have to be really bad for him to not eat whatever concoction I burn.

Cripes it been wet all day except for run to shop we've been in all day cue a very grumpy figgyboy. The positive result is have gone thru a bag of clothes donated by dh cousin to find 3 pairs of next trousers, 3 t shirts and 3 shirts all 12-18mo that's him kitted out for a whilegrin also dh has baby proofed 8 cupboard doors his bum shuffling as gone into turbo last few days.

Northern That ref was def a utd fan angry how could he give a red card for Liverpool in first half but only a yellow for similar challenge in 2nd half to utd! Humpf

Been raining, raining, more raining here down south sad I miss the Carribean sun!

LittleMissFlustered Sun 23-Sep-12 20:58:57

<runs through trailing long sleeved tops, tracksuit bottoms and carrier bags>

Who said that residential trips were a good idea? Eh?


<breaks for tea>

BJR Sun 23-Sep-12 22:36:37

Lots and lots of rain! The boys built a camp in the living room today, then DSS watched a film from his tent while DS bounced around inside smile

Been a fun but long day, bed is calling I think.

CherryBlossom27 Mon 24-Sep-12 09:33:13

Urgh! Horrible am I supposed to get all my washing dry?! One day I will have a tumble dryer smile

DS has got a yucky cold and seems to be coughing in the night and morning. I'll just keep a close eye on him as I don't want him getting a chest infection (scared!).

Figgy lol at turbo bum shuffling! DH has finally attached his bookcase to the wall in our first baby proofing step! I've only been nagging him since we moved in over a year ago...hmm I'm going to start nagging him to sort out the kitchen cupboards and bathroom cupboards as I don't really have space to store the cleaning products anywhere else.

Air that's cool, I'd much rather chat to another mum than a HV!

I can't wait until payday! We need to get DS some new vests and babygrows, his toes are stretching the ends of his 9-12 month babygrows grin I really want to go food shopping and batch cook some meals as I'm not being too organised at the moment with DS!

Xiaoxiong Mon 24-Sep-12 09:52:00

Ugh sizing - it's so frustrating how it's all over the place. The only store that's true to size for DS is Polarn o Pyret, where he's in 9-12 month clothes - everything else he's in 12-18 or even 2T sizes confused

I honestly don't know how people buy kid's clothes in the sales for a year ahead! How do you know how big they'll be in a year's time??

It's my last Monday!!! grin This time next week I'll be part-time, baby...can't freakin' wait.

We had a lovely weekend - great charity fair on Saturday (raised almost £29,000 and another £6,000 on the jumble sale!) and then Sunday we had a long lazy day in the house as DH was in for the day. Pork, mash, applesauce and crumble with the boys (DH needs to get a better Latin grace under his belt, he says he keeps it short because the boys are hungry but I think he just can't be bothered to memorize a long one) and then a long afternoon of DS walking 5-6 steps back and forth between us and crowing happily, until he fell face first into a chair leg (bad parents...) Now he has a big bruise and a bump, I feel terrible!

seven77 Mon 24-Sep-12 11:31:46

xiao raising 29k is fantastic! Kids generally slow down growing a lot after the first year, and sizes last a year after 2, ie 2-3 instead of 12-18 months. I always buy next years stuff in the sales, which works out pretty well. I got DD a 12-18 coat in the next sale in January, glad I did as she needed it last week, I probably wouldn't have otherwise gotten around to buying a coat for this year yet.

cherry I try to stay a size ahead in what I buy, so when Eva goes into 12-18 month things, I start buying the odd 18-24 month things here and there. I can't afford to have to buy all of her clothes at the same time!

Still wet and cold here, I think Eva will need a winter sleeping bag tonight. Did I miss summer?!

seven77 Mon 24-Sep-12 11:34:19

Oh, and I think my AF should have been due yesterday, which is good as I nearly cried when I saw the March 2013 ante-natal thread in active conversations yesterday sad

LittleMissFlustered Mon 24-Sep-12 11:36:13

House of the Random Rash. Looks like it could be any one if a million viral things. Pharmacist didn't like to say anything other than to get hold of the GP for advice. Why are given year old boys such pains?! Waiting on the lunch rush at the surgery to be over then I'll ring. For a change, Octoboy is well! The elder minion is away on her school residential so it's just me and the boys for a couple of dayssmile

LittleMissFlustered Mon 24-Sep-12 11:39:55

That was a hell of a fundraiser Xiao! Superb effort from everyonesmile We had a Macmillan coffee morning a few weeks back, and we only raised £150! smile

OiMissus Mon 24-Sep-12 12:40:49

£6000 at a jumble sale??!!! my word, you must've had some great donations and buyers! And £29000 in all - incredible!!!
The weather is absolutely atrocious. bleurgh. Horrid.
I'm working from home today as we didn't have childcare to bridge an hour in between mum finishing her college course and DH going to work.
It's very difficult working from home when there are a million things I could be doing in the house... sad
Copenhagen tomorrow for 2 nights. Really really CBA. sad

Figgygal Mon 24-Sep-12 13:09:40

Another person who almost drowned on the commute into work today it was terrifying the roads were so flooded I couldnt believe they were still open.

DS woke at 5am and then 6.30 this morning was moaning big time before i went to work felt sorry for DH having to manage for an hour with him before the CM picked him up though he did send me a pic of him in his new shoes and his waterproof Hatley coat which is already snug on him DAMN SIZING!!!!

Xiaoxiong Mon 24-Sep-12 13:37:18

Yes it was a good haul - the jumble sale all went to the NSPCC and the rest was divided up between 5 different charities chosen by the boys. It's nice to be at a vair rich school sometimes when you see how much you can raise for good causes smile

I personally contributed £50 to the jumble total: bought a pair of these for £20, worn once - the comfiest heels I have ever tried - and what is clearly an older version of this dress for £30, still with tags on, which will be perfect for work. (The one I got has 3/4 length sleeves, a v-neck and then these sort of tails in the front that I think are meant to tie over and across and behind to make it appear like a wrap dress.) Also got a maroon cotton scarf with a daschund print, a pair of coral earrings, some charity Christmas cards of the chapel in the snow, a string of bunting spelling out DS's name, a cherrywood fruit bowl, knitted fingerless gloves, I won a mystery tin in the tombola (filled with PG tips) and three bottles of flavoured olive oil. Oh and two potted herbs (basil and tarragon), a ham & cheese crepe, and a bacon butty, cupcake and coffee at the bake sale.

Wow, written down I'm shocked how much I came home with blush It was all for a good cause though I guess...we cooked with the herbs and oils last night and I'm wearing the scarf and earrings today though so it wasn't all pointless impulse buys.

Aethelfleda Mon 24-Sep-12 13:58:41

It's reet soggy at this end.... I spent some yesterday at the OOH docs with DD2 who I think has a wee infection...except her wee stick dip was ok. But she's wet the bed every night for 10 days, keeps rushing to the loo (and wets if she doesn't get there NOW) and her wee is stinky. The sticks are very good at picking up infections, but we'll see if it gets better or not over the next few days (in the meantime my washing machine is on overtime). Thank heavens for waterproof sheets...

And DS's latest trick is to try to climb the stairs and then lurch down them headfirst giggling like a loon. Close supervision required!!

Aethelfleda Mon 24-Sep-12 14:01:32

And well done xiao, that's a fabtastic total. As a sometime PTA bod, I've found most families bring an amoUnt tp such an event expecting to spend it. Eg most of our school families will probably bring £10 or £20. I guess with the naicer places they are bringing in larger wallets! Love the idea of designer jumble!!....

Xiaoxiong Mon 24-Sep-12 14:05:40

Oh poor old DD2 - hope she feels better soon and your waterproof sheets don't let you down. How were the house viewings this weekend? See anything nice?

Aethelfleda Mon 24-Sep-12 14:12:37

Nope, we were the viewees, not the viewers (no feedback yet).
Buying wise, I'm In a grump to be honest, fantasy house still unavailable, have two viewings for thurs but one's a re-view where I'm worried about the area, and the other is off cachent for the schools we want. Grump

<puts the kettle on for a grumpy cup of tea>.

Wow! Xiao That is a fantastic total. Our school is lucky if we get to £900.

Seven I hope you get the result you want regarding AF.

Aethel Hope DD2 gets better soon.

We got soaked on the school run this morning.

I've brought some more xmas presents this morning, on target I am grin

Really fancy Beef Stroganoff for tea. However, got no beef, no mushrooms or cream so that's not happening sad

LittleMissFlustered Mon 24-Sep-12 15:37:14

<breaks out the grumpy hobnobs>

The remaining minion has been deemed 'viral' by our fab doctor. He has prescribed 'pink stuff', water and 'whatever crap he'll eat while he feels naff'.

Love my doctorgrin

<Grabs a hobnob and a large mug of tea>

LittleMissFlustered Mon 24-Sep-12 15:39:36

We're having a poorlybroken staple chez Flustered, beans on toast with a sneaky slice of bacongrin

LittleMissFlustered Mon 24-Sep-12 15:40:32

As an aside, Nanny Plum is a jelly fetishist, I'm positive!

OiMissus Mon 24-Sep-12 16:18:22

Just got a phone call from the GPs, BOi walked 4 steps on his own before falling over. Hurrah!
Hope he'll do it for me later. Hate missing these things!
Sorry to hear about baby and sibling lurgies. Not fun. sad

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