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April 2012 - little people who actually DO stuff now!!

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Ta da grin

HugAndRoll Thu 31-Jan-13 19:16:42

copps our problems with finger food are all A won't feed himself hmm not sure how to get him doing it.

I got called to nursery early today as A came out in a top to toe rash. I got him a Dr appointment and he has a viral rash so nothing to worry about.

I told my manager about my medication and I now have to be assessed by occupational health to see if I'm fit for work. Wish I'd kept it to myself.

newmummyvicky Sat 02-Feb-13 15:25:30

Hugs, sorry about his rash, hopefully it will go soon?

Copps, I brought net thing and tried it about 6ms, but dd couldn't get the hang of it, was a bit young I think? Its at the back of the knife draw now!

I have a problem with spoon feeding, well not really a problem!!!!
its just L prefers finger food lol. Also trying to think of things to give her!
But she does eat well, likes most things. Tea always seems hardest, try to give say pasta or rice and she expects me to sing for her to open her mouth! Lol
Is at happiest with a sandwich!

8 weeks till I return to work, sending my letter of tomorrow eeek, I'm tad bit scared.... Its been nice hearing your return to work story. This year has bloody gone quick! sad

HugAndRoll Sat 02-Feb-13 19:20:40

Thanks new he was fine just rashy smile. We got his haircut today (pics on my Facebook for those who've "friended" me) I miss his curls but it had to be done as it was getting knotty and sweaty with his helmet.

NancyinCali Sat 02-Feb-13 20:46:13

He looks very smart with his new haircut hug. When is your work assessment? Hope it's ok.

Vicky Em loves feeding herself with her spoon (see below!). But isn't a big eater at all and still has 4 BFs a day. She loved pasta cooked in chicken stock the other day though so might have to do that again.

Two new "milestones" hit today. E pulled herself up in her cot for the first time and was standing up waiting for DH this morning (she's pulled up elsewhere but never in her cot). And she dipped her spoon in her bowl and scooped up yoghurt and then put it in her mouth herself (DH taught her this so he's very proud). Our babies are all growing up.

I've printed photos for her first 6 months for her scrapbook and I can't believe how fast it's gone. Lots more to print still!

Trying to decide what to do about work. I'm having loads of fun with her but I miss earning my own money. I need to apply for a work permit which costs $400 though so I need to be sure before doing it.

Re car seats: we're going to keep her in her infant seat as long as possible and then move to a RF convertible seat. It's recommended here to stay RF until 2.

Re birth: even though I had a good one, I do have some questions about ours like how to prevent another 3rd degree tear and the almost-hemorrhage next time. Hopefully, if we stay in the US, I'll have the same midwife for number 2.

What else have I missed? Hello * Thaleia*, Coops, Fliss, notso, buns,
nordic, holly and anyone I've missed x.

Here endeth my essay!

HugAndRoll Sat 02-Feb-13 22:11:09

Hi nancy ill be taking my consent form in next week and will have to wait for an appointment. I just hope they don't use this to get rid of me (law firm so they'd have to be very careful and lawful but they also care about the firm and the firm only).

newmummyvicky Sun 03-Feb-13 05:26:24

L was up at 330 for a bf, now I can't get back to sleep and its 530am- nightmare.....
She is sleeping a little better, now its just me that needs to learn how to sleep for longer!

Hugs seen the haircut pics, super cute! smile

HugAndRoll Sun 03-Feb-13 22:38:20

A has just been properly sick (food not milk and loads of it). Starting to panic, heart rate increased, palms sweating. Help!

Flisspaps Sun 03-Feb-13 23:22:11

Nancy there's nothing you can do to reduce chance of another tear. You either tear again, or you don't It's basically pot luck, but if you do tear again, it's more likely to be as bad or worse.

Intervention increases the chance of PPH, so less intervention = reduced risk of PPH. If you have had a previous PPH, you're more likely to have another, also if baby is big.

(I had 3a with DD, none with DS, episiotomy both times for forceps, PPH both times too)

Flisspaps Sun 03-Feb-13 23:22:38

Hug you're doing a grand job. Poor A.

HugAndRoll Sun 03-Feb-13 23:31:20

Thanks fliss.

HugAndRoll Mon 04-Feb-13 17:11:30

Soo, A may have meningitis. Prob doesn't but still worried. He's been admitted for a min of 2 days sad.

HollyPockett Mon 04-Feb-13 17:38:10

Oh hug I hope he's ok. How terrifying for you.

NancyinCali Mon 04-Feb-13 18:22:05

Thinking of you and A hug xxx

HenriettaChicken Mon 04-Feb-13 19:32:52

Big hugs xx

Flisspaps Mon 04-Feb-13 20:33:41

Hug just seen your FB so popped in here. Fingers crossed that it is just a bug that A has when the test results come back xxx

newmummyvicky Mon 04-Feb-13 20:42:18

Hugs poor thing, hope he ok? I'm sure its just a sick virus/bug. Hopefully be good in 24/48hrs. Sending love x

marshmallowpies Mon 04-Feb-13 21:47:40

I haven't been on here in ages, feel I am very behind on things, but wanted to send love to Hug & A. Have just seen your latest FB post that he's perked up but still going to be in hospital to be observed.

Hope you manage to get some rest there (or at least he gets some if you are too frazzled to sleep) & all is better soon xx

HugAndRoll Mon 04-Feb-13 22:05:22

We have a wonderful room where I have my own bathroom and double bed. He's sleeping now and I'm lying on the bed.

If its a tummy bug he's had a very bad reaction to it so ill be asking if it would happen next time. That option is best (likely) case scenario. Because his rash failed the glass test and his heart rate has been very high they are worried.

Nordicmom Tue 05-Feb-13 02:18:01

Hug , I hope A will be ok! Sending our love!

Bunsouttheoven Tue 05-Feb-13 07:04:15

Hope your night was ok hug, did you & A get done sleep. How is he doing this morn?

HugAndRoll Tue 05-Feb-13 09:38:20

We did get some sleep, albeit broken.

He pulled his own ng tube out yesterday and is trying to pull out his IV so he's certainly perked up. They won't have many answers today as it takes time for the samples they've taken to be cultured but he looks like he's on the mend.

Nordicmom Tue 05-Feb-13 12:13:48

Hug, Glad to hear A seems better ! Keep us posted ...

Jellybellyrbest Tue 05-Feb-13 19:35:06

Oh Hug!!! Hope you & poor A are ok. Being in hospital is particularly horrible with a small baby. Fingers crossed A is ok.

newmummyvicky Wed 06-Feb-13 13:23:45

Any news on baby A- hugs? I keep thinking about him, fingers crossed he is getting better?

Nights are worst again, you probally sick of me complaining by now??? Lol
Gone back to wake up at 2am WTF?
maybe a growth spurt, she is eating lots more!!!

I'm having real problems with sleeping too, I think its months of broken sleep!
Her sleep seem to be now 8pm-6am just 10hrs from 11/12. What everyone doing? sad

HenriettaChicken Wed 06-Feb-13 18:27:43

DS is actually doing pretty well at sleeping: last night was 7.15-7.30. He did wake for 10 mins at about 11pm but DH quickly settled him. (I've clearly jinxed it now!) DH deals with all the nights now as I am back to work Monday and DH will be SAHD! Not sure how I'll cope with being out of house from 6.30-5.30 each day (or sometimes 7.30-6.30) Thank heaven for teacher holidays! Reckon I'll treasure the twice a day bf.

Btw, for those of you who do a final bf before long does it last? DS's morning feed is about 10 mins but his evening one can be an hour. Still!

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