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April 2012 - little people who actually DO stuff now!!

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Ta da grin

Nordicmom Thu 24-Jan-13 19:28:47

I've heard about the suggestions of keeping them rear facing for longer up to 2 y or so but with DS (8y) back in the day we put him into forward facing one by the time he was 1y I seem to remember. I'll have to look into it again now with DD9m . She's still in her first seat and seems to fit fine being quite average size...

Nordicmom Fri 25-Jan-13 01:29:45

Had our final high court date today and it was vey straight forward and quickly over . Went to celebrate with a champagne afternoon tea afterwards with my inlaws smile! Fittingly there were roses everywhere in the hotel ! Hard to believe the process is finally over after 3 y!
My 8 y said he worried a little that we wouldn't get to keep her eventhough I had tried to explain the situation to him the best I could . He was with us as we're my for the big day . Took some pictures with the judge afterwards .

HollyPockett Fri 25-Jan-13 09:14:02

Congrats nordic must be such a relief!!

Re car seats. Think we're going to go for maxi Cosi prioriFix. We don't have isofix but this car seat can be clicked in with that or seatbelt. We're going for forward facing simply because most of the rear facing ones won't fit comfortably in my car!

A friend of mine bought the Which list and this was in the top 20. Most of the top 20 were 2-3 which is no good for us smile

HugAndRoll Sun 27-Jan-13 20:02:37

Congrats nordic and sorry to hear your sad news jelly.

A is getting too big for his seat but isn't stable enough really for forward facing. Will keep him in his infant carrier as long as possible but he's the right weight for the next one up. Will have to look and see what's around and make a descision from that.

newmummyvicky Sun 27-Jan-13 22:15:24

We have a britax forward facing isofix. L was far too big for my maxi cosi one. And she was around the 20lb mark, So changed her at 7ms I think?

Nordic I remember your case for the start! smile I bet its a weight lifted of your shoulders now everything is final with Rose! I'm so happy for you, and that's funny about the Roses in the hotel! X x

Real good news about L too, she slept 11hrs straight, NO wakes up! From 8pm-7am. I was in shock, and I woke up quite a few. It will probally take me a while to adapt???? praying for the same tonight!

Her eating is better too, she seem to have passed the fuzzy stage? But off course she has her favorite meals, trying new things a couple of time a week. she's not a great fan of meat, I must say! And it doesn't help me being a veggie, I only cook it for dh. Tried her on fish which she likes. Not really chicken or mince. And seems fine with ham.

HugAndRoll Sun 27-Jan-13 23:15:03

A is 21lbs, I'd better check he's not too heavy for his infant one!

HugAndRoll Sun 27-Jan-13 23:40:09

He's still ok for a bit but thought maybe I should get him a 0-4 seat, they only rear face to his weight now, there is no way I could get an extended rear facing seat as a) can't afford one and b) I wouldn't get one in my car so front facing it is. Will have to keep him in the infant carrier as long as possible.

newmummyvicky Mon 28-Jan-13 15:05:01

I think our first car seat was to 24lb! but L is pretty large and the straps were tight. We got given our car seat by my sister, saved us a little bit.

hugs could U maybe get a second hand one? Or someone you know getting rid of one, they should fit in most cars. I think our rear facing one took up more room!!!!

We had a 8-530am last night, which is when dh has work, so I really don't mind. Seem like she is on the right track? X

Thaleia Mon 28-Jan-13 19:18:18

It's been tooooo long but we are still out there, too!

I've been reading on & off to see what everyone is up to and gosh, our babies have grown so much - not far off from being toddlers now. And needing bigger car seats!

I am a bit worried, I got a letter to do DS 8 - 10 months check up with the HV. As per my "history" with them and the PND still creeping up on me when I'm stressed, I'd rather not go. R can't do quite a few things on the list yet although 9 months old, like saying mama and dada, banging to objects together, never found his feed, clapping .... . They said to another girl I know - who's DC also couldn't say mama and dada at close to 8 months old - that she might be retarded or possibly deaf. Of course that's all BS and I read in here a few threads about when babies did what and especially with the talking, it seems really late for some and they all turned out to be ok.

On the plus side: he's a super eater, he pulled himself up at 8 months and is since than cruising around furniture. He comando crawls (although can't get into a sitting position). And got his first tooth - prob. the last one out of all the babes here smilesmile.

I always want to post but I am so bad with my smart phone and typing and on most eves, I'm just to exhausted by all of it.

We've discussed No 2 but I don't think we'll make move before May. I wonder how long it'll take this time.

HugAndRoll Mon 28-Jan-13 19:28:35

How long did it take first time? Took us 1yr first time, about 4 months second time!

Thaleia Mon 28-Jan-13 20:09:00

4 months for the 1st one ... but who knows: my mum fell pregnant by accident and it took 15 years of trying til I came along.

Bunsouttheoven Tue 29-Jan-13 22:09:52

thaleia I have politely declined the nine month check for ds. He is fine, I dont need him weighed or measured or to be quizzed on his sleeping & the like. In my experience they are a fairly pointless process for most parents. Babies develop at different rates, I think for most parents, if there really is a problem you will see it & ask for advice. Largely these assessments seem to make people worry unnecessarily. Try not to let it worry you. All 3 of my dcs have done different things at different ages. All perfectly normal, it all evens out in the end generally.
Re car seats- think it is advised that if you can to keep them for as long as possible in each seat. I was looking at this the other day

HugAndRoll Tue 29-Jan-13 22:42:42

I read that site too. I'm crossing my fingers A's weight gain and growth slows down so we can get another few months out of his infant carrier.

Thaleia Wed 30-Jan-13 10:47:17

Hi Buns ... yes, the closer the app. comes, the more I'd like to cancel it. I should just do it. I know that he's ok and I spoke to a few other mums who either dimissed the whole thing or felt awful for it.

My LO is a bit younger than yours, only hitting 9 months on Friday - so please: hope! Will he stop being so clingy, always wanting mommy but actually just to be carried aroung but no, cuddly mommy but no, so someting at the other end of the room, no wanting mommy, and being sooo needy stop soon again? When we're at playdates he spends most of the time on my lap or right next to me. He's the happiest little boy at home, cruising the room and laughing but I (always me) want to go out again. Sigh.

Someone aksed me if motherhood what I was expecting. My answer was that I thought it's more: you fix a problem (nappy, bored, pain ....) and you're fine not like ongoing and without a break. And the guilt, I didn't expect that at all. I always thought there would be nothing to feel bad about being a parent as long as you don't kill them. And now I am wondering if mine isn't saying mama oder dada because I'm not talking to him enough.

newmummyvicky Wed 30-Jan-13 10:50:13

thaleia it sounds like R is doing loads, and I don't think the mama dada thing is a big deal. They are all so different, I've notice with friends and on here!
My dd is walking not still has no teeth, I think she is probally the last??? Oh well, I'm sure they will come at some point.

I'll probally be having the 1yr check, just to see what she weighs!

Oh and it taking nearly 10months of never having more than 4-5hrs sleep.......
But I think she has cracked it, the last 4nights we have 8-430/5. At least 8hrs, I'm so pleased and proud of her. And U know its been a rough ride!!! smile smile smile smile

Flisspaps Wed 30-Jan-13 11:32:17

Hadn't even thought to check the weight limit on DS's first car seat! We're trying to keep him in it as long as we can, simply because until 12 months the back and neck muscles aren't supposed to be strong enough to withstand the impact of a crash very well. I know that on the continent there is widespread use of rear facing seats until about age 4.

However, when it is time to move him up he'll go into DD's Britax 123 Evolva seat (which goes up to age 11!) and then she's got a new Britax seat without a 5 point harness - he turns 1 just after she has turned 3, and she's right on the bottom weight limit to go into that seat now.

Bloody hell, the maximum weight for his car seat now is 13kg - he was just shy of 6 when he was born. Am going to plonk him on the scales now if he sits still long enough!

Flisspaps Wed 30-Jan-13 11:41:49

11kg, so 24lbs. At least he's finally doubled his birthweight.

Thaleia, it sounds like R is doing just fine. DS doesn't say a word (9.5 months) but is a champion at growling. I've not taken DS to any developmental checks, and I've not taken DD since she was 6 months when the HV spouted a load of crap at me about being able to try DD on finger foods now, even though I had told her we were doing BLW - she asked me who I was doing 'that with' and looked at me like I was stupid when I said DD!

DB wasn't an early talker. He was referred to the SALT. The SALT took a few minutes to observe and then said to my mum that if me and her (I was 2yo) stopped talking for a moment, then actually he might be able to get a word in blush

As for the clinginess, DS has suddenly stopped being quite so mummymummymummymummymummy in the last week or so. Fingers crossed it'll be soon for you too grin

I posted this link on the FB group. It's the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters guide. It's just that - a guide - and none of these children seem to want to read it, but it's what all nurseries, childminders, reception classes and early years professionals should use to help them to encourage the learning and development of under 5s. The age groups overlap, so you may find that your baby does some of the things for the right age group, some of the things of a higher age group, and perhaps not do one or two of the things that a younger child might do but it also has suggestions of activities or things you can do that help smile

EYFS Development Matters

notso Wed 30-Jan-13 12:05:07

Hello all long time no see smile but it's so hectic here with four DC! Am housebound at the moment after spraining my knee in a sledging accident so catching up on mning.

S is so lovely he makes me cry! He always seem so grateful for attention, he cups my face in his lovely fat hands and gives me big sloppy kisses.
Not a great deal going on developmentally, he sits finally, says dadadadadadada but only when he's tired and he claps.
He has the oddest way of getting around I've ever seen, it's like commando crawling but not as efficient, he has to roll his head right over from side to side while reaching out then he lifts his bum up and down to move the rest of him!
He adores DS2 (2.1 yo) who is mercifully gentle with him (he isn't with anyone else)
He sleeps really well from about 7.30 until 6.30 with two good daytime naps, ideally I would like to move him out of our room but DS2 still wakes up loads so I don't think we could yet.

Is anyone else having problems getting over the birth mentally?
I can't get it out of my head. Don't know if anyone remembers but DH delivered S after I was told not to go into hospital as my contractions were only 10mins apart, the whole thing was over in about 45-50 mins. Everytime I go into the room where he was born I get shivers and feel sick and sometimes I lie awake replaying it. I did chat to a midwife but she said they can't really do a debrief as there are no notes and no-one was there at the birth.

Flisspaps Wed 30-Jan-13 12:11:46

notso I really struggled to get over DD's birth. The mess afterwards was the reason why I was so militant in wanting DS's birth on my own terms as much as possible.

However, I found that getting the notes helped (which you can't do), but the thing that really got me over it was DS's birth. So I suppose I have no helpful suggestions. What about counselling rather than a debrief?

notso Wed 30-Jan-13 12:31:28

Thanks Flisspaps I might have a chat with my HV about it. She's really lovely (a rarity it seems in her profession) and pops round once every 6 weeks or so to see how I am getting on as I was on the brink of depression after DS2 was born and have been a couple of times since S was born.
I haven't mentioned it to her before as I feel a bit stupid to be honest, if someone told me when I was pregnant I could have a birth that was waters breaking and a bit of backache, a take away followed by a four hour nap then six contractions and two pushes I would have snapped their hand off.

Thaleia Thu 31-Jan-13 12:53:10

I think about my c-section quite often. I am still sad I had it - although there wasn't an optin - and I am even more sad, that the next one is going to be one too. It's just one of those things I guess.

So, I had his 9 months check down, I just braced myself and went for it. It was ok actually. The HV commented on how chunky he is but after meassure and weight check, he's on the 25th for length and on the 50th for weight, so not totally out of proportion.

Still a bit down because he's such a shorty, DH is just under 6f and I'm 5,6 and I just hope, he'll be 5,11 just as daddy. I know it's shallow but even so ... .

It's our anniversary today, 10 years! We are going out for dinner tonight. Looking forward to but also tired already because my usual bedtime is 9.30pm.

notso Thu 31-Jan-13 13:07:57

Thaleia sorry you are sad about your c-section. I have a couple of friends who have had a several (one has had 5!) and they have all said that subsequent ones have been more positive than the first ones.
Glad the nine month check was better than you thought, and Happy Anniversary, could you grab a little disco nap to liven up before dinner?

Fliss just read your post and saw it was DS's birth that helped you get over DD's (I misread the first time) I am wondering if that is my problem as I am not going to have another chance at it, DH has had the snip and 4 is plenty! I thought after DS2's birth which was brilliant, I would end on another really positive experience.

newmummyvicky Thu 31-Jan-13 16:28:58

Notso, sorry your having problems getting over the birth. Id love my notes back, I don't think we can get them can we? My contractions were 10-15mins apart too, right up till the end. Luckily the birth wasn't too bad. But they did last 3days.

Thaleia happy anniversary! Enjoy your dinner!

I think we have a growth spurt??? Anyone else!!!
did 4 bf yesterday instead of 2. And she seem extra hungry? Aldo one wake up last night at 12pm-1am. Just when I spoke to soon about her sleeping through!!! Lol
Hope it doesn't last too long, as slowly weaning off boob, gonna try to drop one the next fews weeks. Then hoping for 1per day before 1yr. That's the plan, but may change....
Oh also U may of seen on fb, one tooth popping up. The bottom one. wink

Copps Thu 31-Jan-13 18:21:15

newmummyvicky E is doing the same thing.. lots of bfs, some within an hour of each other!
my sis-in-law warned me about the mat (green) notes disappearing, so i photocopied them, but obv dont have the labour ones sad

Flisspaps E just growls as well! funny monkeys smile

thanks for the car seat input - we are going to keep him rfacing in his little seat for longer by keeping his coat off so he isnt quite so squished, esp as he isnt to tall in it yet..

has anyone else really struggled with finger foods? i have given E a couple of things, but after a toast choking episode i have built it up to a huge thing in my head and am terrified!! stopped giving him any at all for a few weeks. gave him a couple of baby crisp things today and he was fine, but i was having a quiet panic in the corner! sad

Copps Thu 31-Jan-13 18:23:10

oh, and i have bought one of those baby fresh food feeder things that is the mesh pocket they can chew on - has anyone else got one??

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