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April 2012 - little people who actually DO stuff now!!

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Ta da grin

hugandroll Sun 23-Sep-12 11:32:51

Will have a look in the sales, thanks everyone.

newmummyvicky Sun 23-Sep-12 13:30:29

hug I found George as asda pretty good for babies clothes, I don't spend alot they grow out of them to quickly. Oh also brought 3 sleep suit for £10 in m%s, I just brought a load of 6-9m and a Couple of 9-12 it seems way to big! Oh well

Sorry to hear about your ds, fliss but these thing happen our dd frightened us when she fell in the bath a while back, and a friends little boy as a nasty black eye from The tabble poor thing! sad

I've seem to be b feeding alot less! I counted only 5x times yesterday! Should I be worried? Do u think she is getting enough milk?
I tend to do feeds at the night at 2am and 5am then maybe 11am or 1pm then one at 4-5ish then a bedtime one at 730-8pm.
I've stared giving her breakfast lunch and tea now too? so its probally that, just want to make sure she is getting the right amount!
What's everyone else doing who breast feeds???

newmummyvicky Sun 23-Sep-12 13:31:54

3 sleep suits from m&s in mean! X

newmummyvicky Sun 23-Sep-12 13:33:55

I mean lol- sorry about bad grammer, half asleep! X

Flisspaps Sun 23-Sep-12 14:09:45

hug Primark and ASDA. Good quality and cheap! Will go and read thread now grin

Flisspaps Sun 23-Sep-12 14:18:34

vicky DD will take what she needs - feeds will reduce over time but as the babies get bigger they feed more efficiently and take more in one go so instead of lots of little feeds they can take fewer big feeds. That's the theory anyway.

DS gets fed when he shouts (frequently) but he's a bit of a snacker - he's become really bloody nosy at the moment so I'm spending lots of time with my boob out for no apparent reason as he's off watching something else hmm He's being offered food at every meal just to keep him occupied really, he is happy to examine a piece of toast or beany spoon for a few minutes!

He is fine following his adventure this morning smile DD fell off twice before she was 1 and she slipped down 5 stairs yesterday but DH caught her. Ho hum, they'll be falling out of trees and off bikes before we know it!

HenriettaChicken Sun 23-Sep-12 15:24:10

I know what you mean about being nosy! If someone walks in the room or moves around, or if I pick up a drink that's DS off my boob and having a good old gander at everything. Little monkey grin

Bearcrumble Sun 23-Sep-12 20:57:42

hug Do they have any NCT nearly new sales near you? I've heard they are great value for second hand baby clothes. I buy most of Marianne's secondhand on ebay - search through the Gap, Zara, PO.P and Petit Bateau stuff. I bought M a barely used winter Petit Bateau velour sleepsuit for 99p the other day and they go for £25 new.

Fliss Sounds like DS got over his tumble with no ill effects. It's horrible when it happens though, you dread the worst. My DS fell off the bed at around the same age and I was sure he'd hit his head on the corner of the fireplace as well but after a bit of screaming he was fine.

My inlaws went home today - DH knows I don't really like his dad doing odd jobs but DH is so useless at DIY and his father enjoys it. We got a catflap put on the wrong way round with screws facing into our kitchen and a hall stand fixed to the wall with bolts sticking through the other side - so sticking out of the playroom wall. CHEERS DH'S DAD, CHEERS. He also sat in the garden and smoked while everyone else took turns washing up in the evenings.

No teeth or solid food here yet. She seems ok on just my milk - in fact has gone up from the 9th to the 25th centile.

I felt weepy and emotional and have a few spots on my chin today - feels like my period is coming back. I'd be surprised though as it took about 15 months after DS. Maybe it is just my body thinking about getting back into cycles or maybe I will start again sooner this time round. Hope not. I hate periods.

DD has been being a bit high maintenance today and yesterday - shouting whenever put down and doing her hang-onto-nipple-with-jaws-and-flail-head-around thing. And possetting about every 20 mins. She is still lovely though. And she sleeps pretty well at night. I think we had 2 feeds last night but I dozed while she was feeding and she went off again quickly afterwards.

Bearcrumble Sun 23-Sep-12 21:04:02

Oh and the garden behind ours had a gazebo. There was a bit of a rainstorm this afternoon. The gazebo is now upside down in front of my back door.

hugandroll Sun 23-Sep-12 22:26:39

Thanks for all of your suggestions, I'm going to have to go out and look <sigh> I love baby shopping but not on a budget.

digitalgirl Sun 23-Sep-12 22:38:29

I got my first period back 15 weeks after ds2 was born. And now I have them every 9-13 days sad. Along with bone crushing tiredness with pmt. Sucks. GP has said I should wait till ds2 is taking more solids and see if my hormones sort themselves out. Till then I'm basically one week on one week off.

Ds2 merrily chewed on some toast this morning and then a green bean this evening. It's a slow process though. Tried giving him some baby porridge made with expressed bm and after one taste he turned his nose up. At least he tried it though.

justhayley Sun 23-Sep-12 23:20:04

Hi all,
Woo a new thread, I got a bit lost with the last one towards the end. Need to keep up on this one.
I wrote a long old post this afternoon only to have my Internet cut out an the whole thing vanish!

Iv had some great little bargains from Sainsbury's. Noahs only just going into 3-6, so iv had lots of wear out of his newborn & 0-3 stuff, but a lot of his 3-6 clothes are summer bits which will be wasted, so I'm going to have to find some autumn winter clothes now. Iv got a decent amount in next, gap, & M&S vouchers (presents from birth) so am going to try buy all his 3-6 & 6-9 stuff in the sales using them grin. If I'm spending my money it will be H&M, primark & supermarkets grin.

Everyone's doing really well with the weaning. N's had a few tastes but not starting properly till he's 6 months - which I can't believe is only 3 weeks away!! Time is going way to fast!
Worried about my breast milk though. I don't seem to be filling up as much this week. Can it just dry up even if Noahs still feeding? Didn't plan to swap to formula when weaning starts. sad

Need to start thinking about getting Noah into his crib, we are co sleeping most nights. He wakes up so much more when he's not next to me so it's just been easier to have him in my bed so I get a bit more sleep, he still wakes up 2/3 times a night and I can't function with much more than that. Don't plan to put him in his own room till he starts sleeping through, but as much as I love cuddling up I don't want a 10 year old in my bed lol. Any tips on making this change?

marshmallowpies Mon 24-Sep-12 10:29:08

digitalgirl every 9-13 days?? sad sad I hope it settles down to a slightly less frequent pattern soon...or is that what your periods were like before being pregnant?

DD is 5 months old today and mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes plus some 0-3 outfits which she still fits...don't have any 6 months plus clothes at all yet.

I am worrying about not having enough warm layers for going outside...I have two cardigans knitted by my mum and a couple of other zip-up tops, but that's pretty much it in terms of top layers. I guess a winter coat would be a good place to start!

digitalgirl Mon 24-Sep-12 11:16:38

marshmallow quite the opposite - they were every 5-6 weeks. Didn't conceive ds2 till day 31 of my cycle. So god knows what's going on now.

Ds2 is in 9-12 month clothes, he has a fat bottom but can squeeze into a 6-9 top grin.

Doing the school run in the rain is not fun. Need a proper winter rain coat for me, and a second pair of wellies for ds1 I think. Any ideas on where to get a nice raincoat?

newmummyvicky Mon 24-Sep-12 11:44:49

Hi im pretty lucky dd still fits in some 3-6, but slowly growing out. And she still fits a couple of her 0-3 cardigans and coats which i seem to have a lot of!

My boobs are filling up all the time now, she only wants just 3 feeds a day and they haven't adapted yet, and then just 2 at night. last night she woke at 12 and 3am then she when it 7ish, pretty early for her! Normally 8-830. She didn't want a feed just porridge at 830. Dh woke me up at 530am when he goes to work because he was having problems with the floods here!
Couldn't get back to sleep, so im slightly knackered.

Not going to my breast feeding group today.
L is tired, had a bit of a cold and teething pain what a lovely combo! sad

Flisspaps Mon 24-Sep-12 12:03:06

hayley My boobs never seem to be full - I don't worry about it.

Has anyone else reached the stage of fucking awful sleep? DS seems to have given up sleeping at night and prefers to just howl until 2am and then doze on and off until I get him up.

I am fed up to the back teeth atm. I am knackered and my patience with both of them is wearing thin, and quite frankly DS, DD and I are absolutely bloody miserable.

DS is not as independent as DD was and just sobs if he's not being held when he's awake, which I am finding difficult, and I already have him in the sling when I do the school run which takes up to 3 hours each day in total. He won't sit in his entertainer toy yet and the door bouncers are no good in our house because of the way the doors open into the rooms.

DS won't settle for DH either, which means that DH is getting his hair off with me because DS just wails when DH has him, so the only way he is quiet is if I am holding him - constantly.

I am utterly fed up today. I just need one night's sleep, and then it will all seem manageable again! <gin>

digitalgirl Mon 24-Sep-12 12:57:04

fliss yep, shite sleep here too. Ds2 waking every 1-2 hours and DH still co-sleeping with DS1 so am on my own just feeding back to sleep. We had a mini breakthrough last night where ds2 just wouldn't stop crying with me at bedtime so I gave him to dh and he settled him for the very first time in all his 5.5 months. Ds2 then slept 8pm till 2:45am. Bloody miracle. Probably never to be repeated.
I'm lucky though that if he falls asleep in the sling I can put him in his cot for 30 mins before he wakes up.

newmummyvicky Mon 24-Sep-12 13:07:11

fliss I love a good nights sleep if U know where to get one? Sorry U feeling down.
dd is not a good sleeper at night, but a good napper in the day. Having a 2hr+ one now. smile
she does play in a nest/ ring for a while, but always happier when someone is holding her.
5-6m they are supposed to have a clingy stage! Not good.

Dh is good with her, but doesn't get up at all in the night, and she won't take a bottle so there isn't much point!

Flisspaps Mon 24-Sep-12 13:51:51

DS has become a crap napper too hmm DD was never clingy - even at this age - so this is new to me. She'd happily lie on her mat for hours and just roll about. She didn't sleep through until 14m though, and was also a crappy napper!

Bah. Feeding DS, DD is up to no good behind the other sofa where I can't see her...this could be fun. Back out to start the school run again in 30 minutes sad

Bearcrumble Mon 24-Sep-12 16:08:48

Fliss We had an awful night last night. She wouldn't go down to sleep - DH took her and her moses basket downstairs for a bit to give me some sleep - bought her back to me about 1.30am then she was up and down about 3 or 4 times til 5 so pretty much hourly then DS woke with a wet bed just before 6. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it was a one-off or at least that it's connected to wonder week 26 and will be over soon.

She is not keen on the jumperoo (it was baby crack for DS - he would do jumperoo legs even when not in it) but likes the baby gym for a bit and prefers the door bouncer to the jumperoo.

I was hoping to have a bit of a rest this afternoon whilst DS was at nursery but the cleaner arrived just as I was taking him (midday) - she was supposed to come at 9 so she was here the whole time he was at nursery and I couldn't wash my hair/go for a lie down as planned. It was pissing down and I hate being mean so I just felt I couldn't send her away. Really gutted though, becuase he only does three short afternoons at nursery and that time alone is so precious. Also I'd got out of the house when I thought she'd be arriving/cleaning so I got utterly soaked in the park in the morning for no reason. I guess DS enjoyed being out in his wellies and jumping in puddles...

DD sat up in a high chair on her own for the first time in the park cafe this morning. They have a load of antilops - she was still a bit small for it but I made the strap tight and padded behind her with her bear suit. She was very pleased with herself. I was too scared to keep her on my lap while I had a coffee becuase she grabs at everything.

She is still in 3-6m stuff and some 3m cardigans/jackets. She is long and fairly slim so some of the 3-6 playsuits are a bit tight round the crotch.

She's started crying so have to go.

hugandroll Mon 24-Sep-12 21:00:51

Oh I feel for all you ladies having rubbish sleep, I'm so grateful both my boys are great sleepers.

I'm trying buggy fit tomorrow because I can go for free as a taster with my friend who is booked on a course of classes. I won't sign up but will be a fun morning.

I had to resubmit my change of hours on a form which I did this evening. I'm not holding my breath though because my manager is very jaded about not working "normal" hours because of someone else who basically ruined it for everyone else by bring a world class slacker when she was working non normal hours. I really hope I get them though, will save me so much money.

Well everyones asleep in the beyond bed household. Except me, I am wide a-bloody-wake?!

DS2 is in his 6-9m clothes btw, at 5m. It seriously wont be long until hes the same size as his brother! He has a jumperoo type thing which he loves, and also jumps about like a loon! when he isnt in it.

Hes just starting to spread his BFs out a bit now, so most of the time I have boobs like rocks hmm hope they sort that out soon as its rather uncomfy!

Digital, I have three coats coming from littlewoods to try, two duffley type ones (with hoods - very important grin) for under £50, and a regatta one thats quite a bit more, but definitely waterproof. Got a bit wet walking home the other day myself...

Hayley, DS1 coslept til he was about 16m, then went straight into a bed, although he is in my bed right now, but hes poorly which I have no probs with DS2 doing too. So I would say dont woory, you wont be cosleeping til hes 10. Except that my cousin did! My uncle was relegated to another room literally until he started high school! Cousin is 18 now and still hates sleeping on his own, and scared of the dark grin

Oh and my periods returned 6w pp. Both times. angry
On mini pill now though, so none at all! smile

Flisspaps Tue 25-Sep-12 07:52:08

5 hours sleep in a row! He must have seen my messages yesterday grin Woke up at 5am, fed and went off again until 7. A.MA.ZING!

Of course I know he'll be up all night tonight.

DS is just going into 6-9 month clothes. He's got long arms and legs like DH and DD and a skinny waist like DD too, so anything big enough in the length is generally loose in the middle (who'd have thought that when he was born, I was half expecting him to be in 2-3 stuff by nowwink)

HollyPockett Tue 25-Sep-12 08:05:20

My periods are just weird. I'm on Cerazette so I'm having v light bleeds that are lasting 8 days. Not like me at all, I'm usually 5 days and regular as clockwork.

DD is still in some 3-6 months but won't be for much longer I don't think!!

Flisspaps Tue 25-Sep-12 09:32:30

No periods at all here. Long may that continue, I'm absolutely horrid in the 48 hours before. Even I don't want to be around me because I'm so snappy.

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