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April 2012 - little people who actually DO stuff now!!

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Ta da grin

laughingGnomette Tue 15-Jan-13 15:56:43

Congratulations auntie beyond!!

Happy aniversary Nordic!

newmummy - sorry to hear the sleep is a bit hit and miss :-(. It sound like you are doung everything right though, hopefully tonight will be a good one for you. If its any consolation N's body has decided to do poos at 4am and the nappy change inevitably wakes him fully. We've found that playing a gentle melody to him (e.g. Twinkle twinkle little star) really helps him to drift back off to sleep.

We finally have an allergy appointment for N in Feb!! Only 4 months after our GP sent off the referral(!).

N is doing really well at his nursery settling in sessions. He has had naps, meals and lots of play times there and seems to really enjoy it. I thought he'd miss me a little bit but apparently not!! shock

Nordicmom Tue 15-Jan-13 20:14:28

Thanks, Newmummy and Gnomette!
Unfortunately having a bit of deflated anniversary here since had to cancel our lunch due to me and R being too sick to go sad . Add it to the long list of cancelled meals etc in my years of horrible nausea pregnancies and miscarriages and after that my illness. Can't even have drink since I've taken my meds.
At least I got some very nice flowers that i ordered for myself and a nice meal that I went to buy with the kids that DH is now making for us...

newmummyvicky Wed 16-Jan-13 03:23:25

Many congrats beyond and sorry about your meal Nordic, hopefully you can re-arrange sometime soon?

I'm an auntie again!!!!!! And I can't sleep! This time not due to dd lol. wink
You may remember me posting ages ago? Well its a little earlier she was due till 7/2/ and she had to have a c section- poor thing. But baby and mother are doing well. They have called her Lacey May and was 6.2lb. Nearly the same weight as L at 6.5lb.
Can't wait to see them, and be lovely for L to have a little cousin less than 1yr apart. smile smile

Flisspaps Wed 16-Jan-13 21:21:19

You dropped off active my list weeks ago - oops! I think I've kept up with most goings-on via FB though, will have a read through.

Was prompted to seek you out again by someone asking to join the FB group. Will see if I can find who then add grin

Flisspaps Wed 16-Jan-13 21:26:19

DS is now on 1bf a day (early morning) and ff the rest now.

Bottles for now, then when he's down to 2 feeds a day I'll do a cup in the am and wean the bedtime bottle completely, hopefully it'll work as well as it did for DD.

Cows milk shouldn't be the main drink until 1yo - bf or ff until then, but it's fine in food etc. smile

newmummyvicky Thu 17-Jan-13 15:23:29

Nice to see U on here again Fliss,

That's my plan too, for weaning off b feeding. But dd won't touch bottles or formula so holding out to close to a year, she has two bf a day. So waiting for her to drop the bedtime one and the then morning one. Then just offer cup of cows milk. Will check with health visor I need to give her any vitamins. But I'll see when when we stop b feeding.

Flisspaps Thu 17-Jan-13 16:23:56

I still give DD vitamins, she's nearly 3! Can't remember if it was 5 they're recommended until, or 3 - mainly vitamin D as so many children are deficient now but she's going through a picky eating stage so I'm making up for that too. Quick splash in her morning drink so she doesn't know wink

Nordicmom Thu 17-Jan-13 19:05:10

I actually still give a kid's multivitamin to DS even though he's quite a good eater to be on the safe side. Can't be sure how many veg and fruit he's had at school and his appetite varies. He was a problematic eater as toddler for a few years so that's when we started . I'll have to see how DD does when I'll move on from formula around 1Y. At the moment she's been having about 500-600ml a day . 3bottles in the day and sometimes one at night. Right now she's not really eating due to the horrid cold she's got so having a bit more...

HugAndRoll Thu 17-Jan-13 21:57:56

I've never given vitamins to my boys, should I be? <guilty emoticon>

HenriettaChicken Thu 17-Jan-13 23:07:06

We give drops - vitamins A, C & D ins drop. Were recommended this by HV at 6 months and got cheap vitamins from the children's centre.

HollyPockett Fri 18-Jan-13 08:22:38

DD is still on 4 bottles a day (each is 200ml) and three meals a day too. Was thinking that it was beginning to be too much and was thinking it's time to move to three bottles a day (600ml).

HenriettaChicken Fri 18-Jan-13 08:54:22

And yet in the last day or 2 his feeds have upped dramatically! Is there such a thing as a 9 month growth spurt?

newmummyvicky Fri 18-Jan-13 15:53:53

I don't give dd any vits yet here either, but I di take bit D myself to pass through my milk.
Maybe will do when I give up bfeeding.

Henrietta there is a separation anxiety at 8/9 months which makes them feed alittle more. sometimeS give L an afternoon one, If she is really asking for it. But if she is kept busy on most day just am and pm.

how's everyone coping with the snow?

Jellybellyrbest Mon 21-Jan-13 00:15:01

Not caught up Ladies, but I will. DMIL passed away peacefully last Sunday. She was buried on Wednesday in her home county 3 hours from here & we came home on Friday after 5 days away....

We're all feeling sad & fragile. DFIL now needs looked after so my DH & his sister are sharing the load. He may have to go into care as this isn't a long-term solution but for now it's ok. It's tough on us all though....

Dd3 slept really badly in her travel cot: for the first time EVER was up for 2 hours a night..thk goodness back to waking at 1 & 6. I Was due back to work Tom but now going back Fri (eek!). Still'll evolve I keep telling myself...

Reading with interest as ever....have lots of questions but no energy ATM

Nordicmom Mon 21-Jan-13 01:47:18

so sorry about your DMIL Jelly

laughingGnomette Mon 21-Jan-13 16:01:54

So sorry for you loss Jelly xx

HenriettaChicken Mon 21-Jan-13 16:59:30

So sorry to hear that. Thinking of you...

NancyinCali Tue 22-Jan-13 08:07:46

So sorry Jelly, thinking of you and your family x

newmummyvicky Tue 22-Jan-13 09:48:15

Sorry to hear the news Jelly, thought are with you and your family x.

HollyPockett Tue 22-Jan-13 18:32:14

Sorry for your loss jelly x

Jellybellyrbest Wed 23-Jan-13 07:38:22

Thanks so much for all your kind wishes Ladies. We're sad, but ok.

Returning to work day after Tom & feel totally unprepared....spent Monday looking at DD & crying. Cannot believe I'm leaving this all behind and bringing work into all our lives. The stress/headaches that go along with it all, never mind trusting someone else to look after DD3.

Still feeding & plan to continue as we just didn't get time to stop. Wondering how you all go about your morning routines? Do you feed milk first & then breakfast!? Not sure I'll get time for both as I have DD1 & 2 to get ready for & bring to school enroute to work. I'll start at 08.45...realistically I'll leave the house at 08.20 I think.

I currently do breakfast first cos DD wasn't too interested in it after milk. I'm trying to gradually change things round to 3 BF after main meals...DD has been difficult to BF for ages anyway & she seems ok about it. I've been having to take her upstairs to a quiet room to get her to feed at all, so think she's losing interest anyway. She eats LOTS some days & some days her food intake not great. She loves all dairy though doesn't get cows milk at all: prefers muesli & yoghurt at breakfast time. She's ready for her milk about an hour and a half afterward generally & wakes in the night once or twice when her feeds are very concentrated & longer. Was 01.00 until last night when it was 23.45 & 03.30 & she's stirring now.

She pulled herself up to stand yesterday for the first time, she's saying 'Mama' to me since Monday & is bum shuffling a little & moving forward onto all fours too to grab things.

HollyPockett Wed 23-Jan-13 09:15:52

We wake up at about 6-6.30, I change and dress DD (if she's at nursery, if mum and dad are round she just has a bin change and clean baby grow) then she has a bottle (formula)

I whack her in her bouncy chair while I shower and dress and to let her bottle go down then she gets out to play/crawl/cause havoc while i sit in living room to do make up and hair. 

I pack her bag etc te night before and we're out of the door at 7.50. She eats breakfast at nursery or my mum does it at about 8.15 once I've left for work. 

On a weekend it's pretty much the same, bottle after waking and breakfast at 8ish. Then a loooong sleep of about 1.5 hours. DD loves routine, much like her Mama, although to be fair she hasn't had much choice blush

I'm now getting mmmmmmMum! MmmmmmMum! Followed by arms being held out for cuddles smile

She's also learnt to stand up in her cot now so at 6am this morning I could see her little face poking over the cot smile

She's still in our room. We've been using her bedroom as storage while we've been doing the kitchen etc. Not ideal and I know she should go I her own room now, but I'm dreading it. I love being able see/hear her sad

newmummyvicky Wed 23-Jan-13 15:35:31

Your making me thinking ahead, for our new routine when I return to work. Normally we don't get up till 8ish. So will have to get my head in gear I maybe starting at 830/9am eeeekkk. But will leave dd with my mum. She may have to get changed do breakfast!
luckily I still have 10weeks left.

Jelly I tend to fed before breakfast this can be any time from 330am (last night) or 5/6am. Then just offer water with porridge at 8am.
Evening tea at 5pm with cows milk then at bf at 730pm. So if I need to work now I could or leave her in the day. The odd time like today I do an afternoon bf! But she got fuzzy too at 6/7months and will only feed in a quite room. I find it rare when she asks for it out and about. But of course feed her!

Nordicmom Thu 24-Jan-13 02:22:27

R isn't saying words yet but is very loud and babbles a lot.Same as DS I think her speaking will be later since she's hearing two languages. She's now cruising all the time using just one hand at times and has stood for a few secs without support. I'm waiting for her to take the few steps between furniture or to me by herself smile.
I give food first with water from a cup and then later after an hour or two she has a bottle 3 times during the day and sometimes one at night. She hasn't been eating much solids while we've been sick just spitting all savoury lumpy stuff out but had some fish with veg today happily which is a first this week ! Maybe she's getting a bit better...

Copps Thu 24-Jan-13 15:50:45

Hi mummies smile could i trouble u for some car seat advice? E is ready to move onto a bigger seat, he is so cramped and mis in his baby one. The question is, do i keep him rear facing still in a combi (group 0+ -1) seat (looking at the britax first class plus) or just go forward cos he is big and sturdy enough (looking at the maxi cosi axiss)??
i dont like the idea that the combi seats arent quite as safe overall (trying to do the job of both types of seat), but have heard lots about keeping them rf... ah!!
any suggestions/comments very welcome!

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