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September 2012 babies - warmest welcome!

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Macaroons Fri 14-Sep-12 21:50:28

Here's the new thread for September babies fresh from the oven!

I'm a first time mum and I'm struggling with breast feeding at the moment, my 6-day old DS always seems to be hungry (a feed every 2-3 hours, each lasting roughly an hour), and when he's hungry he's very aggressive towards my nipple sad it really hurts! Any tips out there? And how often do you feed your baby and for how long?  how do you teach your baby to be gentle on the nipples? envy

Good luck to those still waiting for their babies to come out! Will be watching out for more baby news!

Rachel130690 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:36:25

leelteloo not sure if this applies to you but my mw told me that sometimes the bleeding can stop and start up again in a few days. And to make sure I kept pads on me for a good while so i dont get caught out. Not sure if that's the same for vb and csections. But just thought I'd pass the info on. smile

shoeprincess2 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:39:00

Hi Leelteloo- I'm in the same boat as you. 16 days post cs and the bleeding had just started up again. Not too heavy, but still there all the same. The same thing happened last time- I haven't had a proper night's sleep in the last 17 days and am very run down. Plus, I think I over exerted myself yesterday (thinking that I'm superwoman). I have consulted my "what to expect when you're expecting" book, and it said that the bleeding can be on and off for up to 6 weeks postpartum. I wouldn't be unduly worried, though if you feel that you are losing an excessive amount of blood, it may be worth contacting the midwife or GP. Apart from the bleeding, are you feeling ok after the op? xx

leelteloo Sat 22-Sep-12 14:43:58

Thanks, feel ok just tired and was worried as thought bleeding had stopped. Good to know it can stop and start.

Smallgreenone Sat 22-Sep-12 17:39:49

I'm 4 weeks post CS leetleloo and thought mine had stopped only to find red blood the other day. Think it's fine unless really heavy.
Well done flipflopper your birth sounds v quick and nice.
My little man sleeps 7 to 11 then 11 to 3 then annoyingly up at 5 and back to bed until 8. I can't get him to take enough milk at the 3am feed so he sleeps until morning- any tips?

MissCoffeeNWine Sat 22-Sep-12 21:32:29

I have returns of fresh bleeding just as I think it's stopped too, think it's normal but I did feel a bit wobbly a few days ago after losing quite a lot suddenly. I'm 2 weeks out from a vb.

This baby doesn't have a schedule. We just feed from early evening to early morning and occasionally she will fall asleep for an hour or take a break to look around for 15 mins. If you try to seperate her from a boob or put her down somewhere, even for a nappy change, she'll scream. She's never slept longer than an hour and a half and that was with a nipple in her mouth.

WhereAreMyShoes Sat 22-Sep-12 22:54:03

Argh, I'm trying to catch up, and I've been in my own little pink baby world since having her!
Congrats on the newest babies, I hope you're all enjoying them.
Our first night was hourly feeding, then yesterday we had to go to hospital for our check ups and had three lots of visitors.
Last night was hour and a half feeds and community midwife came to check her latch because I am toe curlingly sore. It's fine, but just the frequent feeding has taken its toll.
DS loves her, and thinks her name is baby. We've not yet decided but are leaning towards Matilda too flipflopper.
Madmonkeys Eleanor is a beautiful name, it's my sister's.

With DS I bled for about 8 weeks with it coming back heavy after lifting cat seat etc. But that may have been due to the haemorrhage I had. I'm well stocked up to keep me protected for ever so don't mind!

Helsbels I understand you must be feeling a bit cheated of your planned birth, but whatever your story is of your labour, you still managed to get through it and the result being a precious baby.
After a traumatic time with DS I struggled to get over the flashbacks and sheer terror of what I went through. I cried over it, a lot. But, I think the tough time I had made me feel as if I'd accomplished even more. I hope you can make peace with it and maybe get a good de-brief later on if you still feel like there are things you need to discuss.

ballroomblitz Sat 22-Sep-12 23:53:25

Congratulations flipflopper

I bleed about 5/6 weeks after my cs. Remember getting caught out thinking it had stopped at one stage too but came back. Afair was told just to watch out for clots bigger than a 50p or the lochia smelling.

Did anyone have a vbac? Do the hospital let you eat/drink when in labour incase you need to go to theater for cs? I'm not so bothered about not eating but I drink a lot of liquids - more so when I'm nervous or anxious.

Getting a bit antsy about being overdue now as my placenta was done for pretty early with ds and worried incase it's not holding up this time now I'm over.

Thali34 Sun 23-Sep-12 05:09:43

Our little girl was born on Monday after an exhausting 57 hours! Had a really long first stage with contractions but no regular pattern. Lingest weekend of my life! Only got admitted to hospital when there was meconium very late on Sunday night! Anyway, she is here and is gorgeous.

I'm still desperately short of sleep, barely slept during labour and still struggling with breastfeeding. She seems constantly hungry and feeds can drag on for 2-3 hours as she gets sleepy and doses off. I have to do all I can to wake finding it really hard work. Nights, she never seems satisfied - and feeds just blur into each other. we've just been up all night - it's now 5am. And she keeps demanding more! Will get around to pics soon I hope. Either on Facebook or otherwise ;) still waiting to be allowed home and fed up with being in hospital! In the meantime here is a pic for you, auntie. XThe midwife/ health visitor yesterday seemed pleased with her latch and her feeding - I can't understand it.
How is everyone else finding it?

Am I just unrealistic to hope to put her down and get sleep at night? Is it still too early? She doesn't seem as clingy during the day! Starting to feel a bit desperate!

Thali34 Sun 23-Sep-12 05:12:56

Whoops something v odd happened in the middle of my post, sorry, I think some text got pasted in by mistake blush
I'm too tired to even be doing this!!!

moogs1000 Sun 23-Sep-12 09:21:21

Congratulations no all new babies!

ballroom I had vbac and I wouldn't have physically been able to eat in labour! Noone said I couldn't though.But had some Lucozade just before pushing stage (after epidural) and it had to be whisked to get all bubbles out in case I needed a section?? I did drink water throughout too.

Bf still painful cos of my nipples but does seem to be easing slightly (fingers crossed!) resorted to cabbage down my bra now, willing to give anythin a go. Motherhood is soooo attractive!

cjbk1 Sun 23-Sep-12 09:36:57


yesterday I was 12 days post ELCS and blood loss had stopped and I wasn't barely needing painkillers anymore except I had a few tiny twinges then (while I was standing up making fudge) I had a big gush of fresh blood, it slowed down overnight though, is this normal?

Thali34 Sun 23-Sep-12 14:16:24

misscoffee it looks like you and I are in the same boat with wakeful nighttime boob dependent babies! Have you received any useful advice or are you just going with it? X

Macaroons Sun 23-Sep-12 14:55:44

Hello all congrats to more baby arrival!

Re night time boob dependent baby issue, what I find quite useful is to express some milk during the day, save it for the early hours to make sure he can last longer in the evening; my LO needs a feed at 11-ish (before we go to bed), then 3-ish, then 7-ish (our usual wake-up time) so we really only get up once in the early hours! Makes life so much easier! (he usually can't last that long during the day)

I have a question re clothing - what do you dress your baby in during the day and in the evening? We are not quite sure what's right as his hands are cold, but sometimes he gets heat rash on his body...

Smallgreenone Sun 23-Sep-12 15:22:17

I do expressing too macaroons and he's fine 11 to 3 but then so sleepy at 3 that he never drinks enough and wakes up at 5 not 7. Think I might try a bottle at 3 as well and see if that's any better.
We usually have him in a vest and then sleepsuits with feet at night and he seems warm enough in that under blankets and today he's wearing a long sleeve body suit and denim dungarees- he's fine temperature wise. Their hands and feet will sometimes feel colder than the rest of their bodies because their circulation isn't great- if his body feels warm then he's fine even if he's feet and hands are cool. That's what our health visitor said.
cjbk I'm not sure- was it a lot of blood? How are you now? If its still going I'd ring your hospital ward and just speak to someone medical.

MadMonkeys Sun 23-Sep-12 15:51:17

thali my DD is the same at night - we've had 6 hour feeding frenzies all three nights so far. I think it is normal. My mw reassured me that it is nothing to worry about, the babies are just suckling lots to let your body know it needs to increase supply. My milk came in last night so I'm wondering if we'll have the same experience tonight. We gave Eleanor a bottle of formula at the end of the 6 hours as she was latching on then screaming straight away so we figured she'd drunk everyting there was to drink. Then she settled straight after the formula. Might not be what you want to do, but it has worked for us and she is showing no signs of nipple confusion or rejecting the breast. My general philosophy is if the baby cries stuff a boob in her mouth. Exhausting but necessary.

Congrats to those who've just popped!

Macaroons Sun 23-Sep-12 16:38:08

Madmonkey - Agree with your philosophy that whenever a baby cries stuff a boob in his/her mouth. 99% of the time DS sucks aggressively which shows he really is hungry (and I feel sorry for starving him!) we did do a bottle of formula before the milk comes in too... Some people want to breast feed exclusively, we are more concerned whether the baby is fed or not. Our DS doesnt have nipple / teat confusion so don't worry. (he's so hungry that he will suck at anything lol)

Smallgreenone - we only dress him in a sleep suit, maybe he needs another layer then!

Those of you worried about bleeding, my MW said so long as there's no clots then don't worry. The bleeding stops and starts and would get a little heavier if you've been going out / standing up loads (gravity?)

leelteloo Sun 23-Sep-12 22:31:36

Hi*Cjbk*, I started bleeding again heavily 14 days after my c-section, before that it had all stopped and I hadn't had pain killers for ages. Been bleeding on and off heavily for 3 days now but it seems have stopped tonight. I was reassured by the lovely mums on this thread it's quite normal and I checked with hv when she came yesterday. TMI ( she said not to worry unless there are big clots or it smells very strong). My pain has come back a bit too, so I'm back on the pain killers. I think I have been over doing things with my dd and should try and rest more; chance would be a fine thing wink.
Welcome to all the new bundles of joy and its helping me at night to know so many of us are awake in the wee small hours. Here's hoping for more than 3 hours of sleep tonight.

WhereAreMyShoes Mon 24-Sep-12 06:24:57

Wow, I just had 3 1/2 hours sleep and it was wonderful!
My milk has come in and now all the feeding frenzies have paid off.
Although I feel like I have rocks in my boobs.

She hasn't actually slept in her cot yet. All 4 nights she's slept either on her side next to me or on my chest.
I put her in there last night and she finally brought up her first bit of wind and was sick with a little blood in it so brought her back into bed with me!
There's plenty of time for rules!

I hope all the pregnant ladies are enjoying the cooler weather. I actually enjoyed the rain yesterday as we were snuggled on the sofa with an excuse to not go anywhere.

Thali34 Mon 24-Sep-12 07:04:19

Morning mummies and mummies to be. I'm assuming my milk has come in... Milk is there, and it's the white stuff but I was expecting it to be a bit more dramatic somehow?! The 'let down' hasn't felt like anything. My breasts feel harder before a feed and got quite warm a couple of days ago so I'm hoping this is good. Except it wasnt obvious in day 4 or 5 as i would have expected. Its now day 7!!! Anyone else not feel much? I think she's feeding better tho not completely convinced. Night was better but only because DH or DS have taken her away to settle her and I've got a bit more sleep.

Would love to express to stimulate things a bit more but can never get more than a teaspoon full!

MrsNPattz Mon 24-Sep-12 07:04:48

Hi ladies,

I am new to the site but reading this thread has kept me sane during a night with little sleep!! And hurray - I am not alone!

My little man was born on 16/09/12 and it sure is a learning curve! Loving it though, he is perfect, apart from the lack of sleep of course!

So good to read all of your stories, I can relate to so many and am looking forward to being a part of this community smile

NightmareWalking Mon 24-Sep-12 07:29:14

Thali - I'm like you - I don't feel much by way of 'let down' either, apparently some ladies just don't! I also don't leak which is a blessing I feel

I had a moment of madness yesterday and drank a can okcoke - so DD was awake from 9.30 until 3.15. Yawn. And today we have the HV coming for the first time - anyone know what I should expect at this visit?

cjbk1 Mon 24-Sep-12 09:48:34

nightmare the HV will ask how you and baby are just like MW then want to weigh baby even if she was weighed yesterday and measure her head and length and reminds u where 'clinic' and bf'ing support is, checks where baby sleeps so tidy up gives u some leaflets and fills in red book.
my blood loss has slowed again btw thanks to all for concern x

Rachel130690 Mon 24-Sep-12 10:09:48

Hey glad to hear everyone's doing okay.

My Oh is back to work today sad not quite the same as everyone else as he works from his parents house which is at bottom of garden but I'm feeling quite alone and like I can't leave baby alone. sad

We are waiting in for mw. Should be my last day with her. Can't believe he's 10 days old sad and he's getting so big. He eats and sleeps great. Was up at 3 and 7 last night. He's getting weighed today and I can't wait to find out as he eats so much he's bound to have put on quite a bit.

Welcome MrsNPattz and congrats on your baby boy. Have you a name yet?

meXem Mon 24-Sep-12 11:08:34


Hi all, I'm now 39+5 and not been able to poo for almost a week blush
I am in agony sad and can't get a Doctors appointment and my MW's phone has been off past couple of days angry
Does anyone have any recommendations? My diet is to the book, LOADS of fruit, veg and water etc. Are there any medicines that are safe to take during pregnancy?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions xx

MadMonkeys Mon 24-Sep-12 13:08:11

Hi meXem - you poor thing, it's horrid isn't it. I find kiwi fruit and dried apricots quite effective. If you need advice on medication I'd call the antenatal ward at your hospital/community midwife office or whoever you can. Don't suffer in silence, you could do with a good clear out before labour, although if you don't nature will probably sort it out for you. Best to eliminate any extra source of discomfort if you can though. Maybe you can take lactulose? I really don't know if you can in pregnancy, so see if you can get hold of someone to ask. Failing that, pop into a pharmacy - any pharmacist should be able to advise you. Hope you get sorted soon.

Oh, and pack some dried apricots or something in your hospital bag for after the birth - makes that first bowel movement so much easier. All the best.

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