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September 2012 babies - warmest welcome!

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Macaroons Fri 14-Sep-12 21:50:28

Here's the new thread for September babies fresh from the oven!

I'm a first time mum and I'm struggling with breast feeding at the moment, my 6-day old DS always seems to be hungry (a feed every 2-3 hours, each lasting roughly an hour), and when he's hungry he's very aggressive towards my nipple sad it really hurts! Any tips out there? And how often do you feed your baby and for how long?  how do you teach your baby to be gentle on the nipples? envy

Good luck to those still waiting for their babies to come out! Will be watching out for more baby news!

WhereAreMyShoes Thu 20-Sep-12 06:56:33

Oh good luck madmonkeys
I think my sweep has done some good too.
Been up since half 4 with contractions averaging about every 10 mins.
Gradually losing mucus plug but no waters yet.
I changed the bed as I had no duvet in the sheet and now its getting cold, so if I go in at some point today I've got a nice clean bed to come home to.

Attempted the tens machine but the bastard sticky things wouldn't stay on, so that's one less thing to drag to hospital!

Checked hospital bag and trying to mentally plan the morning so poor DS gets some breakfast when he surfaces!

moogs stick with it, I'm sure you don't need telling but just think how carrying on feeding will help the mastitis.
And it's the best weight loss tool on the world.
Also, I've convinced myself I can't afford to formula feed. So have no choice. (Even though I'll spend more than the equivalent of the price of formula on cake and biscuits because it 'for the baby')

cjbk1 Thu 20-Sep-12 08:11:22

Thanks for replies all, my other moan is I can't seem to express this time and I'd like to, tried avent pump on electric and manual mode when boobs very full and nothing comes out feel very stupid, had great success with it last time! any help? X

Mikyahrose Thu 20-Sep-12 10:10:07

No baby for me yet. Only 40+2 though. According to the midwife he's back to back and not engaged at all, so have been bouncing on the ball the last 2 days to get him in the right place. Went for a long walk yesterday too - although not very briskly, which is what i was told to do. Also gonna go swimming a bit later, maybe me lying on my tummy in the pool will encourage him to turn round a bit.
Got a stinking cold too - Boo!
Congratulations to everyone who's had thier babies, hopefully the rest of us wont be too far behind.

ballroomblitz Thu 20-Sep-12 11:42:05

Good luck for your induction today flipflopper . Hope the contractions turned out to be something madmonkeys and wherearemyshoes and we have more congratulations soon.

I also had a sweep yesterday but it doesn't seem to have done anything (again) except make me bleed a bit this time. Not sure - am a little bit crampy every now and again and feel a bit heavier today so going to keep active and upright walking and on the gym ball today. Was 1cm which she could stretch to 2 and about 50% effaced but said to expect me to be like a first time mother and go overdue as I had no labour with ds. My due date today. Feeling a bit emotional and have already cried twice over stupid stuff. Have my section date for the 1st October so if this lo doesn't make a move herself she won't even be a September baby.

Have you tried expressing by hand cjbk ? I expressed for ds as he was too small to latch and always got far more doing it by hand than machine. Sorry to hear you feel a bit lonely. I expect it's like everyone else had said and your friends are giving you space to get into a routine and that. I know I don't like to visit people too soon after having a baby and I'd be the opposite to you and need time to myself (bar immediate family) soon after birth.

Macaroons Thu 20-Sep-12 13:08:26

Mikya - my baby wasn't back to back before I got induced, it became back to back at one point because I had to lie there for hours, the midwife told me to lie on my left as baby usually turn clockwise (or anticlockwise? Cant remember) and the baby turned back to the right position by the time I had to push! Worth trying!

Good luck to those still waiting!

funchum8am Thu 20-Sep-12 17:51:05

Hi ladies, my due date today but zero action, unsurprisingly really as it is my first. Induction is booked for 2nd Oct and a sweep for a week tomorrow. That was going to be this Monday coming but they have randomly cancelled Monday's MW clinic without giving a reason. So I am really hoping baby gets a move on and appears naturally asap as I am bloody uncomfortable. I am trying to walk every day but get terrible backache when I do. Hey Ho, at least I know it can't go on longer than 2nd Oct - my plan to refuse induction is unlikely now I am so grumpy and uncomfortable!

Much sympathy to all of you who are suffering! Not long now...

WhereAreMyShoes Fri 21-Sep-12 01:15:58

I went into hospital at 3 this afternoon, had her at 6:22pm and was home by 9:30pm!
There and back in less than 7 hours. After the drama of last time, I'm so pleased with myself.

Stood through most of my labour, then delivered her on my knees over the back of the bed. Just gas and air.
No birth partner but midwife stayed with me throughout and was absolutely amazing.

We all think she's pretty gorgeous and so relieved it went so smoothly.

Suddenly remembering how painful your nipples get after Marathon first feeds. Won't be long and they'll toughen up.

Enjoyed the best egg sandwich and then toast when I got home.

Oh, she's 7lb8oz and is yet to have a name.
DS said when he went to bed 'night night daddy and baby'
Love him!

She's just gone to sleep so hopefully this is my chance for some sleep too!

MakeTeaNotWar Fri 21-Sep-12 08:07:56

Yay congratulations - wow speedy and straightforward! Fingers crossed I get such a nice birth! Enjoy the snuggles!

Rachel130690 Fri 21-Sep-12 09:27:53

Wow wherearemyshoes that was a very quick one, congrats to you.

Things here aren't too bad, was a bit unsettled last night but my Oh did all the feeds and I got some sleep smile we are now lying having a wee cuddle in bed waiting for house to warm up.. Gotta love baby cuddles I think I prefer them to my Oh. smile

To all those still waiting it won't be long.. Can't believe my LO was born last Friday night where has the time went..

MrsHelsBels74 Fri 21-Sep-12 10:51:11

Albert Henry arrived yesterday at 2:02 am. Was a bit of a blur as I'd planned a home water birth but baby's heart rate kept dropping so ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance & eventually had a crash C-section with me under GA so I missed it. Feeling a bit wobbly & weepy at times, but he is gorgeous & had a cuddle with his big brother today. It just wasn't how I planned things but I guess lots of things don't turn out that way & at least I have a gorgeous baby. They're a bit worried his head is a bit small but he had a cranial ultrasound last night & there was nothing obviously wrong, they just want to check for infection too.
Just wish we could go home now.

Mikyahrose Fri 21-Sep-12 10:59:53

Congratulations to wherearemyshoes and mrshelsbels74

It never ceases to amaze me how differnt births can be.

I'm still waiting for mine - now 3 days over.

stelleyespan Fri 21-Sep-12 11:31:38

Nicola was born at 01:07AM on Wednesday 5th September 2012. Nicola weighs 8lbs 2oz. I got told off today by a friend because Nicola sleeps in the nursery opposite our bedroom. Not in our room. She says "everybody knows in the parents room is right!". I don't remember being told this and midwife never says anything is wrong. I'm a bit fed up now .

Smallgreenone Fri 21-Sep-12 12:04:32

Ooh lots of lovely new babies! Congratulations all!
Health visitor has just been and Rafe is a whopping 9lbs 4oz which is 2lbs over his birth weight! What a fatty!

Mikyahrose Fri 21-Sep-12 12:13:56

Oh stelley dont let it get to you. i dont think there is any right or wrong. You do whatever is comfortable for you. smile
I do plan to have ours in with us, but mainly coz i'm too lazy to be getting up to see to him throughout the night. ;)

ballroomblitz Fri 21-Sep-12 14:43:07

Congrats wherearemy shoes , stelley and mrshelsbels . I'm not surprised you feel weepy and wobbly - probably the shock kicking in. I hope Albert's tests come back all clear.

I think the sleeping in parent's room comes from SIDS risk stelley. Apparently the baby listening to your breathing can regulate theirs. Personally I didn't keep my ds in until the recommended 6 months. I lasted about 2-3 months before putting him into his own room as I'm such a light sleeper and every snuffle and squeak he made woke me up. So he went to the room next door, paper thin walls and monitor. This one will be in my room because I don't have another room smile You find you own way imo and what works for you.

Started losing my mucus plug today so I'm hoping this is it, although I also know it could mean nothing at all.

MadMonkeys Fri 21-Sep-12 16:55:34

Well things hotted up very fast after my last post and baby Eleanor was born yesterday morning after an 11 hour labour. Was much faster and more intense than my first labour, but the mw's were amazing and that made all the difference. I went from 6cm dilated to pushing in literally 1 minute! Managed with just G&A, didn't get the water birth I'd hoped for as there just wasn't time, but with the support from the mw's I feel very positive about it. I couldn't recommend Good Hope highly enough, no complaints at all (except that they were full the first time I went in so I was transferred to Heartlands instead, and the motorway was shut so it took ages to get there with DH fretting about how close together the contractions were getting...!), all the staff were wonderful, and the mw who actually delivered Eleanor was so lovely it's making me cry just to think about it!

Got sore nipples now, but everyone assures me our technique is fine so we'll plough on and see how we get on. Thinking about all you mommy's with lovely newborns and those who are still waiting.

Rachel130690 Fri 21-Sep-12 17:56:07

Oh congrats to all the 'newer' mummies.

I can't believe this time last week I was in labour, it was about this time we had a wee scare and baby's heart rate dropped but was all good as I was out of it on gas and air. I'm quite upset its been a whole week seems like its going so fast. Just want time to stop.

How's everyone else getting on? And everyone still waiting hope things start soon for you.

stelley just do what you want. It's your child and everyone does things differently.

Had my first person go 'eugh why'd you call your child that? It's horrible.' Only for the fact she was very good friends with the people I was with I was for telling her to fuck off. But I bit my tongue, next person won't be so lucky.

funchum8am Fri 21-Sep-12 18:33:16

Congratulations to all the proud New parents! No news here but hearing all your stories is do exciting....40+1 and for a curry with DH!

MrsHelsBels74 Fri 21-Sep-12 19:32:59

Is it normal to turn into a complete watering pot, I just seem to be in tears over every little thing, it's driving me nuts. I know my other son will be here soon to see me & I know I'm going to burst into tears again. Part of me is desperate to get home the other part is terrified (had terrible PND with number 1) & I am worried that all these tears signify that starting again sad

MrsHelsBels74 Fri 21-Sep-12 19:33:47

Don't want to bring a downer onto this thread but I just seem unable to prevent the tears falling.

Rachel130690 Fri 21-Sep-12 20:43:36

mrshels after I gave birth I was a bit teary, kept welling up loads everyday but it passed until today and now I'm feeling a bit emotional about the fact he's a week old sad

Hope things get better for you and you stop crying.

ballroomblitz Fri 21-Sep-12 20:48:57

Aww I'm so sorry you're feeling down mrshelsbels . Give yourself some time to get over things as it sounds like you had a hard birth. I think although you know that things might not go to plan, you always hope that they will and when they don't it can be a bit of a shock. It doesn't help that your hormones are all over the place. When I had ds by 'elective' (but emergency had to be done right away) section I cried solid for three days after. A lot of it was worry too about ds.

Is there anyone you can talk to in the hospital? Can you get your dh by himself to have a good old sob? Depression before doesn't automatically mean you will suffer from PND again. One upshot is if you do, you will recognise the signs earlier and be able to seek help. I've suffered from depression on and off for years (and antenatal depression both times) and know now how to read when I start to feel down. I have coping mechanisms and can talk to people about it - something I couldn't have done years ago. It really helps being able to be open with my feelings to those closest to me.

Hugs to you and hope you feel better soon x

leelteloo Sat 22-Sep-12 10:27:53

Morning, this is a question for anyone who had a c section. I stopped bleeding about 5 days after the op but in the last two days heavy bleeding has returned. I am very tired and run down as LO is a night owl but don't remember bleeding 2 weeks post op last time. Anyone else stopped and then started again?

flipflopper Sat 22-Sep-12 11:09:55

hi everyone,
I've had my baby! Matilda Rose, born on 21st Sept, weighing 8lb 2oz.
I went into hosp to be induced on thursday, they broke my waters at 7pm, took a couple of hours for things to get going, only had about 3-4hrs labour, and she was born at 2.27am on friday!
Only had gas& air, i wanted more pain relief but had no time!
It was lovely because she was delivered straight onto my front and she stayed there for half an hour and i fed her straight away.
Came home later on in the morning. Good experience!

Hope everyone is well and congrats to others whove given birth recently xxx

Rachel130690 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:32:58

flipflopper congrats. Very quick delivery and a lovely name. Bet your over the moon and loving the cuddles.

My wee man is getting big, and is sleeping great went down at 11.40 last night and was up at 4, then again after 8. And he's such a wee eater, non stop at times. Sometimes he drinks 3oz every 2 hours, then he sleeps for ages smile

How's everyone else getting on with their babies?

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