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September 2012 babies - warmest welcome!

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Macaroons Fri 14-Sep-12 21:50:28

Here's the new thread for September babies fresh from the oven!

I'm a first time mum and I'm struggling with breast feeding at the moment, my 6-day old DS always seems to be hungry (a feed every 2-3 hours, each lasting roughly an hour), and when he's hungry he's very aggressive towards my nipple sad it really hurts! Any tips out there? And how often do you feed your baby and for how long?  how do you teach your baby to be gentle on the nipples? envy

Good luck to those still waiting for their babies to come out! Will be watching out for more baby news!

MakeTeaNotWar Mon 17-Sep-12 14:07:47

Hola here you all are! Not much longer now flip hang in there! Congratulations to all the new Mamas and breast feeders hang in there - these first few weeks are brutal, it took us 6 weeks to crack it - then it was the easiest thing in the world.

9 days til due date - I'm going to be the last one to pop aren't I?

funchum8am Mon 17-Sep-12 14:46:47

Flipping heck thali 43 hours is indeed a marathon as someone else said! Best of luck that your little one arrives soon! I am 39+4 and just wishing the time away now, I can't wait to join you all with the epic night feeds and cracked nipples newborn snuggliness.

I had no idea your cervix could be dilated and yet it all take so long - off to MW now but I won't get excited no matter what she says - I'm convinced that I am going to end up with NOTHING DOING until they offer me induction, which would be 2nd OCTOBER!

Good luck maketea I know exactly how you feel - fingers crossed we both deliver somewhere closer to due dates than is normal for first babies (if it's your first that is!)

ballroomblitz Mon 17-Sep-12 15:38:18

Oh my goodness thali I hope that you have baby in your arms now. My friend had her lo last week and also had a slow latent labour. Her dd was born on the third night. I thought what a way to start off life with a newborn totally exhausted?

I'm 39+4 too funchum . Looking at the calender I've realised that term plus 10 days is a Sunday so can't see me getting my section (if I don't go naturally) date for then. More than likely 1st October. Will find out for definate on Wednesday anyway. I'm a bit like yourself. I have no hope of this baby moving any time soon.

Getting a bit fed up of her kicking and punching the living daylights out of me every night. Really painful and doesn't help that I haven't slept properly in more than a week due to a wisdom tooth problem. Worn out. Was at the dentist today and he said I'm able to take ibuprofen now (paracetamol doesn't touch it) as I'm so close to delivery. Reading up on ibuprofen it apparently can delay or prolong labour so I don't want to even though I know it will be the first thing to help.

Moan over..

For whoever it was trying infacol I used it for ds and it seemed to work. Remember thinking it wasn't doing anything and took him off it for a couple of days and he def got worse. I've heard those bath tubs are great for getting wind out of them too as they keep them in such an upright position.

MadMonkeys Mon 17-Sep-12 18:31:55

40 weeks today, and getting a bit fed up with all the texts asking if I've had the baby yet - as if I wouldn't tell them if I had! Sweep tomorrow if nothing happens before then.

Shoeprincess - it's not that there's one type of milk called foremilk and another called hindmilk - the milk starts off thin and gradually becomes more fatty as the baby feeds, so there's not a switch to 'hindmilk' that your baby is missing. But it could be that he isn't getting to the very fattiest milk at the end of the feed. Don't dread the mw visit - they are there to help you, not slap your wrists if you need advice.

Macaroons Mon 17-Sep-12 19:39:34

Thali I hope you have a baby in your arms soon. I too had a very long latent phrase of being 3cm dilated for over 30 hours! My contractions did get stronger but didn't get frequent enough so they wouldn't say im in active labour! But because baby heart rate got high, and ive been in prolonged latent phrase for so long, they broke my water - and it's slightly green which shows baby had started to poo. So they induced me. Even with water broken and the oxytocin it took a while to get dilated to 6cm then to fully dilated, so glad I had the epidural. Hope you are seeing more progress now! will be thinking of you!

Congrats to other new arrivals smile

Re breast feeding how often do you guys feed? Mine sometimes cry for food only an hour after the last feed, put him to breast he'd suck for 15 mins then fall asleep. Does he see me as a dummy?

Also does your new born scream when you change the nappy? Any tips of how to calm him down much appreciated. He's crying so much he's losing his voice! Poor little thing!

leelteloo Mon 17-Sep-12 21:17:31

Macaroons, my mum was a nurse, a midwife and a hv. She has been invaluable in helping me with feeding. often my LO really looks like he is starving and it's not been that long since a feed, my mum encouraged not me feed him. She explained that the rooting/crying reflex is the only way newborns can express all their feelings. So LO may just have wind or tummy ache or even be too full but still look like they are starving. So I wrap him, sing, pat and sooth and mostly that settles him. He is going 3 to 4 hours between feeds now. I'm also giving infacol before and gripe water after each feed.
Not sure how to stop babies screaming at change time; the hate to be cold, so could you try wrapping top half of baby in a blanket?

Smallgreenone Tue 18-Sep-12 02:24:51

leetleloo I looked at gripe water but it said to give only after 1 month and DS is 3 weeks. First time mum here so doing everything by the book- can I give it to him already?
Not sure if the infacol is working or not.

leelteloo Tue 18-Sep-12 04:51:25

Hi, yes re gripe water that's what it says so you shouldn't: I do because I trust that it's not going to do any harm and can really help with gripy wind pain: but please don't go against manufacture recommendations on my account.

MakeTeaNotWar Tue 18-Sep-12 08:16:37

macaroons I fed and fed and fed in the early weeks with DD and sometimes it was every hour. It was v gruelling but soon things fell into a natural pattern and she spread her feeds - apart from when going through a growth spurt. Their tummies are so so tiny and breast milk is digested very quickly so they really can need feeding that much. And also it is not solely about nutrition but about ensuring you have a good milk supply, about intimate contact with Mummy, about him feeling reassured that you are always there.

I remember feeling broken by this but a bfing cousellor told me that in those early weeks that if baby squeaks, feed it and if it feels that you are feeding too much, then you are doing it right. I know this contrasts with leetleloo but this worked for me rather than fighting baby so we just have to find our own way. Good luck!

leelteloo Tue 18-Sep-12 16:58:41

That sounds like really good advice MakeTeaNotWar, didn't mean to imply you should ignore or fight baby; just helped me to recognise that my baby was not always hungry when he looked like he was.

Macaroons Tue 18-Sep-12 18:03:27

Maketeanotwar and leetleloo thanks both for your advice! I guess every baby is different!

I had a medical appointment this morning and my mum kindly babysat for us so we didn't need to bring the LO with us. But that meant I hadn't breastfed him for a good few hours (asked mum to give him expressed milk / formula while we were out) I've breast fed him all afternoon, expressed twice, put warm flannel on the breasts but one of them is still very engorged. (the other side was fine) any tips as to how to sort this out, apart from feed him more on this breast? Thanks!!

MakeTeaNotWar Tue 18-Sep-12 18:17:07

Indeed every baby is different and i guess things may work out for me whenever this LO decides to show up.

Ouch on the engorgement - apart from feeding, maybe hand expressing a little in a hot bath?

WhereAreMyShoes Tue 18-Sep-12 23:24:25

Oh, it's so lovley to see you all talking about your babies.
I'm 40+6 today and feeling it.
The texts and Facebook comments have started, and my mum phoned me this morning worried about me. Bless!
I tell people of course I'll let them know what's happening and secretly think 'Yeah, when I'm good and ready.'
Last time I was really open about it and everyone knew I was in hospital waiting to be induced.
This time I want it to be a bit more private. As it's the last time I'm ever going to do it (she says!)

I have an appt for a sweep tomorrow with Reflexology massage chucked in. Hopefully it'll get me going.

The evenings are the worst, once DS has gone to sleep we're just sat there feeling like spare parts listening to a ticking time bomb!

Have a good sleep everyone, and wish me luck!

Smallgreenone Wed 19-Sep-12 08:51:02

Good luck today shoes! x

flipflopper Wed 19-Sep-12 09:00:44

Good luck for today WhereAreMyShoes, hope it works.

I had my 2nd sweep yesterday, and still nothing. I'm now term+10, and I am going in to hospital tomorrow morning to be induced. It is my birthday tomorrow, so I may have to share my birthday!

Im feeling ok about being induced. I was a bit down that my body hasnt done what it is supposed to do, but Im ready just to get it over with now. The midwife thought that baby has turned back to back, after being in an ideal position for weeks, and she worried me a bit by stressing how if I get reduced movement to go straight to labour ward. I'm a bit worried about the placenta giving up, etc, so I will be glad to be in hospital tbh.

She also said they would probably just go straight to breaking my waters as I am dilated enough, anyone had this? Last time I was induced I had to have a pessary, which worked straight away.

Sorry for the whinging!

Hope everyone is ok xx

Rachel130690 Wed 19-Sep-12 11:33:25

My goodness so much is going on here, I have been all caught up with newbornness smile can't believe he's here..

I got out of hospital on Sunday evening. Was climbing the walls trying to get out, was there from Thursday 6AM so felt strange on drive home.

I've had quite a tough few days trying to get baby's days and nights around the right way. First night home we were up all night but its getting better smile slept from 1 ish to near 6 this morning but has now been stuffing himself all morning.

Oh I never realised how much your body goes through during and after labour and I'm starting to feel a bit more normal now smile bleeding has settled down, I decided not to breast fed so I've been dealing with breast engorgement and my god is it sore, I've cabbage down my bra which really helps but whether its there or not all I can smell is hot cabbage. Will never be able to look at it the same again.

I'm really glad that I was induced, and to think I was dreading it. But I felt like everything was more in control and I felt more in control than if I went naturally.

Good luck to everyone still waiting, can't wait to hear about some more baby's smile

Macaroons Wed 19-Sep-12 15:31:24

Congrats Rachel! Have you picked names for you little one yet? Yes it's very tiring with the little one, hope this will get better when they gradually sleep longer during the night!

Shoe, flipflopper and anyone else still waiting - good luck!

WhereAreMyShoes Wed 19-Sep-12 20:11:13

Thank you ladies. And good luck for the morning flip
I was induced last time and my waters never broke, that I can remember. But if they do yours, at least you'll know they wont be going all over your carpet, sofa or car interior!!

The birth centre was lovely. Such a shame I'm not allowed to have her there. The rooms are huge and all have pools and no bed, just a sofa type thing.
Also a big scarf/curtain attached to the ceiling, which I suppose is to hang off. Looked kinky!

The sweep was fine, I'm just 2cms, probably because this is my 2nd pregnancy and never closed after last time.
Acupressure was weird and the clary sage and lavender foot massage was lovely.
Doing it all again on Saturday! Then they'll book my induction if needed.

I hope the hospital is as nice as the birth centre, that's quite new too so hopefully it is.

Getting pains in my back and tightenings but not holding out hope. Feeling quite fragile and emotional but think it's anxiety and all that.
Looking forward to foot massage no 2 now anyway!

Rachel sounds like you had a good night last night. Hope your boobs settle down soon. Engorgement is sore and I imagine it's much worse when they're not being drained off by baby.
I was never convinced with the whole cabbage leaf thing. You might find a very hot or cold flannel relieves the pain if you're sick of smelling of cooked veg!

Look after yourselves you lot.

cjbk1 Wed 19-Sep-12 20:21:53

I'd just like a little rant/AIBU/is this normal?
I have no family round here my choice fair enuf, PILs have been great, I do however have lots of friends in my town and surrounding areas but no-one except PIL's have visited or expressed any desire to do so, yes shes my 3rd but I want to show her off and I want company (dh is in 2nd wk of paternity leave but no-one's coming to visit next wk either...) I try to be a good friend I visit my friends and their babies, iv told everyone who I told about baby to please visit, i don't know what iv done wrong?sadsadsadsadsad

MakeTeaNotWar Wed 19-Sep-12 21:10:58

Aw cjbk1 sorry you're feeling low, I'm sure you have done nothing wrong, maybe you just have to ask them in case people wrongly feel they are giving you space? I have to say that this is my second baby and yes, there is def less interest and excitement from friends. Reach out - they'll be only too happy to spring into action! thanks thanks

WhereAreMyShoes Wed 19-Sep-12 21:23:22

Oh cjbk1 I can see what you mean.
Maybe your friends have thought as she's your 3rd you're going to be rushed off your feet trying keep on top of everyone that they don't want to intrude.
I've always been one for wanting to visit new mums and take some freezable lunches or cheese scones etc, but after a family member had her baby she totally made me feel as if I was wrong to want to see her!
After all the fiasco of her wanting to plan the order of who sees her baby first (all her family must have visited before her partner's were allowed anywhere near, almost two weeks after she was born!) I now feel awkward with anyone else and the etiquette that's expected.

I totally understand you wanting to show her off, especially as you have no family near by.
I'm not sure how best to let them know you want them to come see you.
I would text and say DH is back at work next week and would be nice for them to come for a cup of tea if they have a spare hour.

But saying that, since I've been on mat leave, about 6 weeks now, my boss has been round once and other than that the only visitors I've had were for DS's birthday!
All other arrangements have been cancelled last minute, by the visitor due to something coming up.
Still, it forces me to get the hoover out, even if no one ever sees my nice tidy living room...

Macaroons Wed 19-Sep-12 21:51:35

Cjbk1 I think everyone is different. I dont think its because they dont see you as friends and dont want to visit you, they probably think you want more space. I for one don't want visitors yet... Baby is sleeping / feeding at erratic hours and it'd be hard to breast feed when visitors are around! So don't take that personally!

MadMonkeys Thu 20-Sep-12 03:48:57

Anyone awake? I had a sweep yesterday and it looks like it worked... contracting every 6 - 10 mins and waters have gone. Just been sent home from the hospital, so I'm putting my natal hypnotherapy music on in the hopes it will help. Contractions are getting quite painful now.

moogs1000 Thu 20-Sep-12 04:01:06

Yes I'm awake! good luck madmonkeys, try to rest if you can, hopefully won't be long now.

cjbk1 hope u r feeling bit better. I like having no visitors...but maybe I'm just grumpy! Lol. I prefer to be in my pyjamas with no make up on and hair a mess! And my boobs r constantly out at minute too as nipples too tender to cover, not an ideal visitor look!
I've been ill with flulike symptoms and it is mastitis so I'm on antibiotIcs. Wish bf was easier, did it with dd and don't remember it being so bad, really losing heart with it and wishing I just chose bottles...someone remind me why I'm doing this! Keep getting upset as feel like I'm failin!
Hope everyone else is well. X

Smallgreenone Thu 20-Sep-12 04:17:13

I'm up too! Good luck madmonkeys!!
moogs don't feel like you're failing. Breast feeding is hard and if you decide to go for bottles then it's not the end of the world. Do what's best for you and your baby. Have you tried contacting the Breastmates helpline? Think they are in most areas, your midwife passes on your number and someone called me the day after we got home! I've not used them but hae heard they are a great support network if you need it.
I'm struggling a bit too, not because it hurts but just because he feeds so often and if he were bottle fed dh could do some of them. Saying that dh is away tonight so I'm on my own- such hard work! Already decided tomorrow is a pyjama day and we aren't getting dressed or going out!

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