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impatienttobemummy Thu 30-Aug-12 21:04:25

Hi, looking for reassurance/advice...
DS is very nearly 11 months old and he will not eat lumps!!! Friends babies of similar age are eating fish fingers strawberries etc! I have tried and continue to try BLW but he bites the food (with his 5 teeth haha!) and then spits it out!
I do keep trying to leave some lumps in his pureed food and he finds them and spits them out... if I make the meal too thick he refuses to eat it.

Is this normal for some?
Is there something else I should be doing?
Ive heard it can impact on his speech??

I eat in front of him and give him food from my plate... (which he bites and spits out haha!)

Any advice or re-assurance appreciated. He starts nursery soon as im going back to work and im worried they'll think ive not done a good job!!

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StormGlass Thu 30-Aug-12 23:12:20

Have you tried posting on the weaning section ? Some people on there might have experience with this.

As DS had the opposite problem (he would never eat puree), I can't offer any other advice.

Bartusmaeus Mon 03-Sep-12 16:11:52

DS is 11.5 months and still on purees. He'll eat rice cakes and bread but no other lumps. He has 6 teeth.

I do try to give him other things and lumpy puree but he just pulls it out of his mouth with a look of digust smile

We half-thought about being worried about it but as he's very lively and progressing well we decided he seems to be fine. We're more focused on his sleep which is terrible.

To be honest, his bad sleeping means I don't have the energy to worry about his food, as he is actually eating.

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