May 2005 babies:Our babies are nearly toddlers [sad]

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SHHHH Tue 14-Mar-06 14:40:36

Thought I would start a new thread as the old one was getting long..!!!

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Uwila Tue 14-Mar-06 14:56:58

Hi everyone. Haven't checked in for a while. I gave away our baby stuff last night to a friend at work. It was a bit sad, but I'm not going to have another so better that my stuff go to someone who can use it. I loved my M&P ladybird playpen.

Oh well. It's gone now. And I can see the floor of my garage.

We still don't crawl. But he does goet down on the floor and do this comando thing where he plants his arm down and puls himself along. Just hasn't worked out the legs yet.

Maddison Tue 14-Mar-06 21:22:38

Hi Shhh, thanks for the link, I'll order one from the website soon. Last night when DS2 woke before we went to bed I just left him for a few mins and voila!! He went back to sleep and it also didn't disturb DS1!! Have done the same tonight and it has worked a treat!! Should've done it sooner

Well I've never done a link before but here goes \link{} for YM. I agree it may help her settle in

Logic I can't believe how insensitive people can be, airbrushing a mark out Like you said, it's part of your dd, it doesn't bother you and it shouldn't bother them either.

LittleB, We use Huggies super flex nappies on DS2 and we very rarely have a problem with them. We have also tried Pampers but I had the same problem as you describe. My SIL swears by Asda's nappies but I haven't tried them so I can't comment. HTH

Glad the sickness is ebbing away Booge and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is plain sailing and ailment free

Maddison Tue 14-Mar-06 21:23:07

Oh bugger, link didn't work! Sorry!

Maddison Tue 14-Mar-06 21:25:50

I'll try one last time:


donaldduck Tue 14-Mar-06 22:41:35

Logic, I had a birthmark that was removed just over a year ago - I miss it it was part of me I had got used to it but everyone else hated it so when my GP suggested that we get rid I agreed. dd has a strawberry birthmark on her head and a brown one on her leg.

Missblossom Wed 15-Mar-06 07:19:09

Just looking at the stats I know a few have changed names but whats happened to the rest? I dont think ive seen them on mn at all.

Missblossom Wed 15-Mar-06 07:22:34

ps, meant to say Luca has a strawberry birth mark right in the middle of his back, been told it will go by the time he is 6. Also he has a stalk mark on his neck but you cant see it now, he has too much hair.
Logic did you say something too your family airbrushing out the birthmark, I think I would.

logic Wed 15-Mar-06 12:55:31

About the airbrushing, I think they meant well so I just told them that was no need to remove it because we don't mind. I was a bit upset though. These birthmarks seem incredibly common. We've agreed that if it hasn't gone by the time she is due to start school then it can be removed. Should have gone by then anyway.

A lot of people have disappeared haven't they? I don't get time to post that often and I only visit this thread but I do wonder where people like Fisil have got to...

Uwila Wed 15-Mar-06 14:07:46

I think we are probably due for a meet-up. Anyone game? We could get together in May for a 1st year birthday party.

logic Wed 15-Mar-06 15:58:38

A meet-up sounds lovely, Uwila.
May is a busy month for us, my birthday, dd's and dh's within 2 weeks! We are going up to london to see Chicago for my birthday. Can't wait :-)
I assume it would need to be a Saturday?

fisil Wed 15-Mar-06 19:38:06

Helloooo! I'm here. I don't know what happened. I think I started the first May 2005 antenatal thread - and then I went off. But I'm here on the site every day!

I can't believe they are nearly 1! ds2 is getting to be such good fun - I love the "ta" game when they hold something out for you to look at (and sometimes even let you hold, so long as you give it back straight away).

I have been busy busy busy as you expect, but soon life is goig to change dramatically - as I am planning on becoming a SAHM (well, with tutoring inthe evenings and the odd day of consultancy!)

How's things for everyone else?

SHHHH Thu 16-Mar-06 12:15:58

hhaaa Fisil is back!!! Its nice to know you are still around. You know mb, before I read you comments I thought exactly the same thing..Its a shame that so many dropped out BUT looking at other threads a year on etc there only seems to be a few that still chat to each other. Like logic said, maybe everyone is busy. I wonder how brighteyes is..I did bump an old thread so just going to check if there has been a response. Last I heard her dp was giving her problems .

I would be up for a meet up but only thing is they are usually down south.A bit of a struggle for us as we are oopp north!!

I hate to moan but dd is driving me maaaaaaad!! (suppose in a loving way ) Her thing at the moment is teeth grinding..arrrgghhh and also when eating she pushes EVERYTHING out with her tongue grabs hold of it and either puts back into her mouth or squeezes through her fingers.. I mean EVERYTHING. Breakfast is worse esp weetabix because its like cement.I don't know whether to laugh or cry.!!!! Anyone else..?

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Uwila Thu 16-Mar-06 12:31:35

SHHHH, how far up north are you? Could we meet somewhere in the middle?

My night was crap. Two sick kids. DS has a fever and DD puked twice. My husband works away so I have to do it all and then get up for work. Why do men get to run away and take care of their careers while we have to take care of the children and our careers? I'm tired and crabby today. Can you tell?

Nice to see you FISIL!

SHHHH Thu 16-Mar-06 16:47:30

I know how you feel uwila..Although I am a sahm I still find it hard managing life with dd.!!! Even housework now is a MAJOR task!

BTW I live Northwest but not too good with travelling alone unless its somewhere easy(ish) to get to.. Sorry to be a nightmare!!
Where is everyone else located.?

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logic Thu 16-Mar-06 16:54:54

Sympathies Uwila hug
It's the constant 24 hour a day whining that is getting to me. The other day, I waited until dh came home and then went and locked myself in the car for 10 minutes. It was bliss! I feel like I do nothing most days except change pooey nappies. It's not much of an existence. I am seriously thinking of going back to work even though it will mean horrendous rushing about in the morning...

LittleB Thu 16-Mar-06 19:30:17

We all have days like this don't we. DD is teething and had me up loads of times last night, I'm knackered, and I only work part time. My free times are in the shower, just blast myself with hot water and relax for a few minutes while dd is with dp. Have tried the huggies nappies and they were ok last night so fingers crossed. (I did try reuseablse first - MEOS with two boosters all soaked through - have just got a hemp bumhugger to try too though). Would love to have a meet up too, but again May is tricky, how about June? I'm in Somerset but wouldn't want to travel too far as dd gets whiney on long journeys.

fisil Thu 16-Mar-06 19:47:36

Hello all. Oh dear, I am in the process of giving up work to be a SAHM - so I don't want to hear about how tough it is! I know what you mean about the pooey nappies - have you had the tummy bug? We gave up counting after we'd had it 3 times!

yummimummy Fri 17-Mar-06 05:08:38

Thanks for the Stats link, Maddison.
And thanks for the lovely welcome.
I hope you don't mind that I've sort of barged in.
Here is my "profile":
Age: 37
Job: SAHM, GP usually ( please don't ask me anything as I don't remember a thing. Due to go back in June - Aaaaaaah!)
Birthdate 18/5/05 ( was hoping for a 5/5/5, never mind)
Children: 1 DD
Location: Queensland, Australia ( but British!)
Time Zone: GMT+10

Fraid I won't be able to make the meet up - unless you make it midway - like Singapore????
DD is also teething. She had no problem with 1st 4 teeth, but has been awfully whingy over the past 2 days. I'm assuming it's teeth.
Is anyone thinking of a 1st birthday party for their little one?
We thought of something low key with a few family and godparents perhaps at the zoo or something.
The common thing to do here is to invite everyone you know and have a big bash. But we're not doing that ( even though DH would like to!).
Guess who would be doing all the work?

Uwila Fri 17-Mar-06 08:41:44

I dare say I wouldn't survive as a SAHM. Or is the kids who wouldn't survive? If DD doesn't stop crying over everything I'm going to have her voice box removed. Just kidding. But seriously, where is the laryngitis fairy when you need her?

DS is getting better. We have now discovered that nurofen keeps the fever down for longer than paracetemol. Where have I been? I have a 3 year old and I've only just discovered this.

I'm outside of London, but coud travel a bit. My kids are quite happy to go on long journeys. Anywhere withing say a 3 or 4 hour drive of London would be okay.

SHHHH Fri 17-Mar-06 08:55:58

I like ym's meetup place..!!! Now singapore I could defo do!!!!!!!

About 1st birthday parties, our friends had a huge one as well , but dh & I would rather a quiet one with close friends and family. TBH it's me who couldn't cope with a bigger one..too much hassel and cleaning etc and that would just be before the party lol!!!!!

Fisil and uwila being a sahm is hard work but is so rewarding. I personally couldn't work knowing someone else had my dd but thats me..I am quite a clingy mum. In fact dh & I are off ALONE for a meal tonight. My parents are looking after dd for the 1st time ever!!! I think I am going mad..........Noone other than dh or I have looked after her alone.BUT given all the bugs etc dd has had recently dh & I so need a break as a couple. But wonder how we get on as we have been in bed by about 8.30pm all this week!!

Now where was i.? Ahhh... a sahm,there are days when I could gladly go back to work but then I love the fact that I can shop at 11am or 2pm or I could have a little nap when dd does or we can go for a walk. I love the fact that my only boss is...ME!! . But on the otherhand being a wm has it's benefits as you get the chance to have lunch alone or shop alone and time alone!!!

Oh well off to dress dd.Hope everyone is well.??xx

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logic Fri 17-Mar-06 10:12:03

We've solved the 1st birthday party problem by having it in my mum's house in Wales. She's delighted and we won't have to do much work

myermay Fri 17-Mar-06 14:04:28

Message withdrawn

Maddison Fri 17-Mar-06 17:34:03

YM, don't mind you 'barging in' one bit, the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned

TBH the only thing I've thought of for DS2's birthday is to make it a big bash and invite DS1's friends from school since we just had a little tea party for his 5th birthday in January, trouble is I'd feel awful inviting some kids and leaving others out I'd have to invite the whole class, probably his teachers too lol! So if we do this, needless to say I won't have it at home

Myermay, I'm glad the cranial helmet has worked well, it must be lovely for you to be able to snuggle up to his lovely soft head

Uwila you have my sympathy for the crappy night you had. I know how bad it is with one sick child and work full time, but to have 2 sick kids.. and lol about the voicebox removal

I'd love to come to the meetup but I'm in the north east and unless its on a weekend I'd have babysitting problems for ds1

yummimummy Sat 18-Mar-06 01:16:40

Maddison, some friends of ours go to a kids' party *every weekend* as there are 35 kids in the class ( 5-6 yolds) and each and every kid invites the whole class to their party. Taking out holidays and such that's a lovely party every week!
I've been a SAHM since DD was born and have loved it.
Not really looking forward to going back to work and also, Shhh, not really looking forward to 'handing her over' and missing out on her wide awake, happy time during the day.
But looking after 1 10 month old I'm sure is an entirely different kettle of fish to looking after several kids at home all day.
When friends come over with their older kids who proceed to go through the place like a hurricane, I can see the advantages to getting away for a bit
Shhh, are you worried that your mum might not look after your DD as well as you do?
My MIL looks after DD each week for a couple of hours and I have to say she is quite old and frail but is almost obsessively careful with her. She never lets her out of her sight and is always one step behind her ( literally speaking, not figuratively). I was a little worried at first, but it's fine and is great to get out for a bit by myself.
DH works very long hours and that's the only help I get ( having said that they are out swimming together just now hence the internet fix )

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