November members weekly weigh-in!

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Busyalexsmummy Mon 13-Mar-06 13:08:59

here we go!

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Busyalexsmummy Mon 13-Mar-06 13:14:32

Current weight: 11st 4lb

Goal weight: would love to get back to 9st but would be happy with 9st 7lb

Weekly goal: not having one, what i lose i do, what i dont, i dont=no dissapointment then!

Diet: cutting out the crap+increasing exercise+step aerobics

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beartime Mon 13-Mar-06 13:18:18

Ok here's a copy of what I wrote earlier:

here goes: [gulp]
current weight: 10st 8lb
goal weight: 8st 10lb
weekly weight loss goal: 1.5lb (as bfing)
diet: weightwatchers
am on 30pts a day which is loads but still seem to get hungry and keep binging and breaking the diet! Also am hoping my ovulation comes back and can conceive so am in a race against time as I can't really diet while pregnant.

milward Mon 13-Mar-06 13:22:23

Can I join - I'm from the sept 05 thread!!

I'm 65 kilos - & want to be 58 kilos (to fit my summer clothes I couldn't wear last year!) - I think about 10 stone & should be 9 stone. Have lost about 25 kilos since giving birth with bf & general run around!

I don't want to diet just take more exercise & not eat biscuits!!! I'm bf & this helps use up the flab!!

Diege Mon 13-Mar-06 13:23:45

Right, here's mine:
current weight: 9 stone
target weight: just under 8 (sorry, forgotten how many pounds in stone: 15?)
diet: Slimming world
loss per week: between 1 and 2 pounds a week, and the Davinia video when I can be ar*ed .

beartime Mon 13-Mar-06 13:26:39

Milward - speaking for the others I'd say of course! - after all they are always saying we're the nicest thread on MN

beartime Mon 13-Mar-06 13:27:16

Not meaning to insult the sept 05 thread

Diege Mon 13-Mar-06 13:38:54

Hi Milward! I may be wrong, but seem to remember you from TTC thread I was on? (still have sponge baby brain, so apologies if wrong!)

goldenoldie Mon 13-Mar-06 14:25:42

Repeat of mine.

Weight - 11st 7lbs (huge fat cow)
Goal - 10st (fat cow)
dream weight - 9st (Bootylicous!), yeah - dream on..................

weekly weight loss goal - 1lb
on SW, but the weight, after the first stone, has not shifted. Might have to go to something more drastic - any suggestions???

tex111 Mon 13-Mar-06 14:58:24

Here's mine again:

Current weight: 11st 11lbs (kills me every time I see that!!)

Goal weight: 9st 7lbs but would be happy with 10st

Weekly goal: 2lbs a week

Diet: Weight Watchers No Count and pilates plus lots of trudging around with the double stroller

tex111 Mon 13-Mar-06 15:44:08

How about some inspiration you guys? Whose figure do you really admire? I like the curvy girls like Kate Winslet and Kelly Brook but would love to be long and lean like Uma Thurman.

beartime Mon 13-Mar-06 16:04:57

I can't think of anybody's I really admire! But I know in the past when I was slim I looked better!

beartime Mon 13-Mar-06 16:05:17

Oh actually take that back - Julia Roberts

beartime Mon 13-Mar-06 16:06:12

Just in general though - sense of humour and everything including the looks! Plus she's DH's fav actress so I might be a little bit jealous

yorkshirepuddling Mon 13-Mar-06 16:07:26

You'll get this twice now as I've only just noticed it. You lot are cruel for making me admit to the horrible truth twice.

Weight 12st 10
Target a size 14 dress (no idea what size i'd be but would love to get to 10 stone)
current diet - weightwatchers no count

milward Mon 13-Mar-06 16:46:44

Thanks for letting me join!

So - so far no biscuits since I got back home after collecting kids from school. I will be strong.....

diege - as was on a thread about conceiving - would love another little one but have to cut down on bf to get cycle back but ds is happy with bf - once he starts on solids will see what happens!

LilJ Tue 14-Mar-06 11:24:19

Here are my stats:

Current weight: 10 st 4 lbs
Goal weight: 9 st
Diet: None, but am tryijng to cut down on chocolate & pastries and do a lot of walking.

Aim to lose 2 lbs a week...

J xx

beartime Tue 14-Mar-06 21:44:14

Anyone know how much bfing norks weigh so I can add that to my pre-preg weight to get a more healthy goal weight?

Diege Tue 14-Mar-06 22:19:37

Approx.4 pounds each I think!

beartime Wed 15-Mar-06 13:36:45

Are you having me on?

Diege Wed 15-Mar-06 13:43:18

No, honestly you'd be surprised! . Way to do it is to kneel down and (ahemm) flop them on to scales. I am going on estimate for 'full', rather than empty

beartime Wed 15-Mar-06 16:01:20

mine don't flop what do I do now?!

Diege Wed 15-Mar-06 17:48:36

Hmmm, 'place' on scales?? Am very envious

mamman Wed 15-Mar-06 21:19:23

Can I join a bit late??
current weight 11st 7lb
Goal - alot less - 10 would be amazing
weekly goal - 2lb ( but only 1 this week as half way through )
diet - stop cakes, and chocolate and biscuits (currently serious addiction) - tried for lent but lasted only 2 days also do more walking.

ChaCha Wed 15-Mar-06 21:37:26

Weighing scales read just under 12lbs [shame]
(I'm sure they are dodgy, will check on another - )

Want to lose 2-3 stone, but 2 would be great.
Weight gain all round the middle.

Endeavour to cut out junk food/quick fix food.

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