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June mummies '05 thread 9 - The one where small beginnings become great things

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katzg Tue 07-Mar-06 11:13:02

one brand new thread!

what will our babies do this month?

katzg Tue 07-Mar-06 11:14:38

hope you like the title!

tribpot Tue 07-Mar-06 11:18:39

Lovely title Katz

eastyorksmum Tue 07-Mar-06 11:20:41

hello mums hugsssss

wow ive just scanned through the thread so much going on sorry i havnt osted been a bit stresed out here although i am feeling a lot better.

First of all hubby went away with work to africa grrr for a week nearly killed me, but middle son came to my rescue, came and stayed with me, really missed hubby.

Then my lovely neice Georgia had her heart opperation another biggy, my heart was in my mouth, but all went well and our baby girl is home and mummy is very proud, she hopefully comming to see us this weekend how brilliant.

eastyorksmum Tue 07-Mar-06 11:21:37

Anyway i will catch up with you all later

love to you all xxxxx

welcome newbies hugsssss

katzg Tue 07-Mar-06 11:22:30

Glad you've come out the other side of a hectic week EYM. How are you feeling now? are up for a northern meet-up? we're planning on getting together in York one weekend.

giddy1 Tue 07-Mar-06 11:22:51

Message deleted

katzg Tue 07-Mar-06 11:24:08

Giddy - how lovely! my DD has a mamamamamama sound which melts my heart!

giddy1 Tue 07-Mar-06 11:34:53

Message deleted

katzg Tue 07-Mar-06 11:39:07

Just to reassure you Giddy DD2 doesn't sleep well and DD1 didn't sleep well until she was nearly 2, not sure how thats reassuring but just so you know your not alone being awake in the middle of the night!

muma3 Tue 07-Mar-06 11:43:08

i think defintily that this month LO'S speech is going to be coming along great. dd3 is also saying lots now.
dad (not dada but dad!!!!!!)
ook (look )
tat (that)
god (dog)
also shakes head when we say no
and throws arms up when we cheer (football mad dad )

arent they all just adorable??????????

giddy1 Tue 07-Mar-06 11:44:05

Message deleted

JonahB Tue 07-Mar-06 12:04:21

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to mmmeeeeee, haaapy birthday to me!!!!

Hi all, sorry, i'm the worst mner in the world. Just dont have the time to keep up, but it's my birthday (could you tell from my subtle hints), so b*gger work, i'm going to eat and surf mn ALL day....

katzg Tue 07-Mar-06 12:07:24

Happy Birthday Jonah, have a nice day!

teabelly Tue 07-Mar-06 14:24:32

Afternoon ladies

Tried to catch up, but life is too busy busy busy these days...


Trib - yeah fab news for your friend

Katz - great thread title

Muma - - new house woohoo!

Mumatuks - welcome to the junies

Well new tricks this week are walking, walking, walking! not by ourselves, we have to hold a hand or two but sitting still is a very definite thing or the past. Bought her first pair of shoes at the weekend and she walked out of the shop and up half one side of MK shopping centre!! only stopped then coz my back hurt and I picked her up! Arrhhh help what have we unleashed

muma3 Tue 07-Mar-06 14:25:20

happy birthday jonahB
have a great day or whats left of it and spoil yourself xxxxx

eastyorksmum Tue 07-Mar-06 15:38:06

Happy Birthday jonah have a geat day and spoil yourself hugsssss

Trib hunny congrats on the friend

Muma3 wow new house yayyyyy well done hugs

Tea your little one is doing well william is walking every where as well with support, hes in his walker most the time.

Giddy hunny hugssss

william is a bit noisy too like his mum lol
baba for dad
mama me
ta thank you

o yes he shouts a lot when hes in his pram lol

hes not interested at all in crawling he just wants to walk, hubby measured him and hes 2 foot 2 inch very long legs bright as a button, o and did i mention not sleeping agian grrrrr.

eastyorksmum Tue 07-Mar-06 15:39:58

wow katz york sounds nice when?

hello katz hugssss

tribpot Tue 07-Mar-06 15:43:33

Please tell me there are some Junies not yet walking or talking - ds can't quite crawl yet, can stand if supported against something (can't pull up) and certainly can't talk ....

me23 Tue 07-Mar-06 15:46:41

hi i'm a june mum joined mumsnet end of jan, do you mummies mind me joining the thread dd was born 9th june.

Tribpot my dd can't sayanything has started to ramdomly say dada though not in any context. She isn't even sitting unsupported let alone crawling, and her 1st tooth is just beginning to cut through.

katzg Tue 07-Mar-06 15:52:48

my DD2 might eb able to take a few steps but i have to say a non moving baby would be preferrable!!

EYM - northern meet thread for the York meet up, dates being discussed at the mo

Welcome Me23

teabelly Tue 07-Mar-06 15:56:35

Me23 - welcome aboard so is your junie your first?

Trib - don't worry sweetie, dd isn't talking yet, thank god I remember with ds trying desperately to get him to talk...and you know you can't shut him up now! enjoy it while they can't speak or move - it'll never be this calm again!

JonahB Tue 07-Mar-06 16:05:37

Trib, my ds isn't crawling or talking yet. He can commando style tummy-crawl and we are v. proud of him .

me23 Tue 07-Mar-06 16:07:02

hi katzg thaqnks for the welcome, and teabelly yes dd is my first, bit of a bio- I'm 24 contrary to my name! I live in london on my own have a dp bit having major problems with him at the mo.

wondering out of interest if any june mums are pregnant again? or if not are you broody again? I have my moments of broodiness even though the timing is compleatly wrong.

Bubbaloo Tue 07-Mar-06 20:48:54

Evening all,
Just a quick flying visit to the new thread-thanks Katz,greta title.
Haven't got time to read anything yet-having a nightmare here.Ds has Gastroentiritus(sp)and we've been backwards and forwards to the doc's and hospital.It's absolutely horrendous and he hasn't eaten anything since Friday and can't keep any milk down either.He's also not drinking enough fluids and was told that if he doesn't start drinking large amounts he'll have to go to hospital to be drip fed.By the way...I resigned on my first day back(yesterday) and leave on the 28th-woohoo!

Hope you're all well and hello EYM-nice to "see"

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