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August 2012 - sunny (ha!) summer babies

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ImissMiniPop Tue 24-Jul-12 05:24:01

they're starting to arrive, so here's our 'Due in August' post natal thread. To talk poo, pee, burping and everything else, too...

Here's link to antd-natal thread for those we'll be waiting for

Have borrowed Needles list, which I'll start here, please feel free to add your details to it. I'm rubbish at list keeping, and hopefully Needles will be along to keep it updated grin

tigger8 (?) DC? due 27/7/12, GIRL born 11/7/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12, born 10/7/12
PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12, born 28/5/12

Loupee Sat 04-Aug-12 05:01:56

Thanks ishop was a combination of things, I had to have a catheter for 48 hours due to the large amounts of urine I passed during labour. Also Aaron is jaundiced and spent a day under the photo therapy lights. Both were things I was totally unprepared for, had never even heard of the happening before, so learnt a lot!
He is still jaundiced, looks like we will have to go to the jaundice clinic next week. It's most likely a result of bruising and swelling from the forceps, but the midwife was slightly concerned it hasn't subsided yet. He does seem perfectly well otherwise, so should just be a precautionary thing. Also he's been referred for further hearing tests after his right ear failed the hearing test in hospital. Again it will most likely be fine, but I guess now the worrying has started.
My tummy is still feeling a bit tender/odd get some pains on the right side as well. Midwife reckoned it was a bit of muscle strain, and that area just trying to sort itself out.
Can't help with the stretch marks I'm afraid.

hamncheese Sun 05-Aug-12 09:16:52

Hello new thread! Well new for me anyway as I have my wee beach boy now. Still in hospital. Alexander is the the jaundice hot box, was yours in too loupee? I got very emotional when he went in and worse he was in five mins and I was on my bed bawling and then visiting started and these randomn people who were visiting someone else walked by my room and he is in the box next to the window I hadn't a chance to close the curtain and they are all staring in my room at my little boy while I'm there crying and I just felt like screaming get away from my boy, like he was too special for anyone to look at and I know they were thinking there was something sad and wrong cause he was in the box. I know there isn't and they weren't meaning anything bad by looking it just so got to me... Hormone city! Feeling better today though, luckily for me sandy feeds so so well already, hungry chap! Fingers crossed we will get home this evening which would be 4 days including the second of my 2 days in labour.

Anyone else got stitches? I had an episiotomy so feeling a bit ouchy

ishopthereforeiam Sun 05-Aug-12 11:47:05

Hope you and Aaron are doing well Loupee?

Welcome over Ham - hope you and Sandy are both recovering well. I would have felt teh same as you with people looking in on my baby. Jaundice seems to be quite common, ds had it when he got home for a few days (so did dd when she was born) and Loupee's ds Aaron had light treatment so there's plenty of support. Did they repair the episiotomy where you were or did you have to go to surgery? I had one with dd (quite bad!) and my only advice would be for you to take it easy and don't try and be a hero and take on too much too soon! Hope you're getting some rest and enjoying lots of cuddles.

All ok here, still taking it easy (8 days since c/s) getting a bit of cabin fever so going to try and get out this week just for a little walk. Can't get out and about too far in any event as we are surrounded by Olympics so PIL and SiL have all been contending with the crowds on the tube etc to come and visit... Have also managed to pick up a nasty sore throat and cough from dd which is tough as i was scared to cough for a few days (!)

Loupee Sun 05-Aug-12 13:43:17

Hello ham congratulations on Sandy, I'm sure he'll bring you lots of joy as well as sleepless nights!
Aaron had the lights, but the were on wheels and just sat over his plastic crib, not sure if that's the same as what you've had. He also had a wee blindfold thing to wear, I found that quite hard, I know they can't see much at that stage anyway, but was still heartbreaking. I was in a ward with 3 others as well, did feel uncomfortable after a meltdown one night, Ho hum. That's goos he's feeding well, I was told the more they feed the quicker the jaundice goes as well.
I'll keep my fingers crossed you both get home tonight as well.
I had an episiotomy and a tear that was stitched up, I found it very painful and uncomfortable. Less than 2 weeks on now and I'm feeling so much better down there. I ordered the feme pads that were recommended on the other thread, they were great at home! Also taking painkillers regularly and dabbing instead of wiping down there really helped me through the past couple of weeks. It is ouchy tho, no doubt about it, still have plucked up the courage to have a look down there!

Loupee Sun 05-Aug-12 13:44:29

That should be have not looked down there

ishopthereforeiam Sun 05-Aug-12 23:06:33

Oh Loupee you poor thing, sounds like you're recovering well tho? After dd I didn't look down there for ages and when I did it was all swollen and lopsided blush but if did get back to normal!

In other news, after a week and two days the pain of bf seems to be subsiding a bit... my poor nipples!

hamncheese Mon 06-Aug-12 00:38:39

Ah the light thing goes over a heat box for my guy which is at 37degrees cause he is naked under the light. You are right though it's the blindfold that's so hard to bear as not only does it mean he can't look at you it keeps falling off worrying about eye damage eek. I just started feeding him after I woke to him rousing and it was off sad

Thanks for the advice down there. I don't think I can bear to look either. It's ok if I keep up the painkillers at the moment. I know exactly which way they cut btw... This happened :

Registrar: ooh I think I'd go for 9 o'clock
Mw: you know, I was just thinking that
Registrar: yep
Mw: 9 o'clock it is <chop>

They did the stitches where I was as I cuddled sandy ishop smile how were your in laws during this delivery, no chance if mil barging in I assume?!

tigger8 Mon 06-Aug-12 01:41:10

Morning mums! Blooming insomnia is shadowing me into this thread, thanks to a colicky baby! Infracol is working wonders though. Nearly 4wks pp now and quite shocked at how aftermath of CS has been. Painkillers were a God-send but now feeling very sore with occasional stabbing pains along incision site. Felt really panicky at the extent of the numbness - from the naval down, I can not feel my tummy! Anyone else having similar experiences? Also, any of your babies having eye contact yet? Mine keeps looking away!! Early days though!

Tigg x

hamncheese Mon 06-Aug-12 03:05:56

Hey tigger I'm up too. Baby has been on a feed... Look sleepy... Move to put down... Crazy wind attack... Screaming... Back to feeding cycle since half 12. I can't stand when he gets all windy and upset he arches his back and screams and looks so sad poor mite! He does look into my eyes occasionally when feeding. Fingers crossed once he drops off this time he will settle. As soon as he drops I'm going to get him right down... Wish us luck for some zzzz

Loupee Mon 06-Aug-12 04:08:26

Thanks ishop yeah recovering well now, less than 2 weeks on and I'm feeling almost human again. Your right about not trying to be hero, my DH has been fab, I would get myself comfy and he would bring me what I needed, couldn't have asked for better.
Yeah ham Aaron was naked too, and the blindfold was a pain, we actually brought it home with us, not sure we need a reminder tho!
I know where the episiotomy was as when the midwife was checking my stitches she said it was 'gaping' and that's why it was stinging when I pee, but again that's all back to normal now. Just grateful I didn't end up with a section, I understand the recovery time is a fair bit longer.
Hi tigger this thread is a godsend during the night feeds smile feels like having some one to talk to to keep me awake. We've been so lucky, Aaron has no colic and little wind, the only time he full on cries is when I'm not quick enough to feed him. I realise that's not helpful, sorry.
I do sometimes get a bit of eye contact when feeding, but wonder what he actually sees, I don't think they can focus much this early, and their eyes don't work together.
The wee man has fallen asleep on the boob, away back to bed for us I think.

ImissMiniPop Mon 06-Aug-12 06:22:27

Morning tigget and welcome to the PN thread grin

We also use Infacol as MiniPop is a wind machine, trapped wind that is! smile My scar is still numb, 10 weeks on, although it has gone down loads.

MiniPop sometimes graces us with some eye contact, but usually he prefers looking at lights, the wall, the sofa, my top. I guess we're just not as interesting... hopefully soon we'll get a smile, too grin

ham how's Sandy doing? Have they said when he can come off his little sunbed?

loupee My friend recommended cooled witch hazel on sterile gauze for her stitches down below, she held it over them when she needed to pee and said it was fab.

ImissMiniPop Mon 06-Aug-12 06:24:51

Oh, and I posted this up thread, but there is also a how to stay awake while breastfeeding thread in the breast and bottle feeding forum - - which has turned into a bit of a support thread, which you might like to have a read through

hamncheese Mon 06-Aug-12 08:06:48

At what point did you decide you needed infacol guys? Sandy was really windy last night but I can't tell if it was just circumstantial as he was on and off feeding for 4 hours straight. He really hates it though it breaks my heart.

He had his bloods taken at 6am so waiting on results which should be a few hours. I'm worried now as some midwife told me the blue light was the only one that needed on the hot box thing for him but then another came in this morning after bloods and said both needed to be on and I've had it off for ages argh! Plus each day older he is the more the jaundice needs to recede so even if he goes down it could technically not be enough. I think if it is borderline I will beg and plead, I'm so fed up I'm here I need my life back and DH to help at night.

I'm also thinking this thread will be a godsend smile

ishopthereforeiam Mon 06-Aug-12 09:26:40

Ouch ham can't believe the mw and registrar said that! Here's to a speedy recovery! EVeryone told me after dd to have lots of salt baths to help with the stitches (I rarely did as sitting was not comfortable but they're meant to be q good!). We're not on infacol yet (ds farts lots to get his gas out!) but with dd I think we used it from about 4 weeks as that was when she developed colic. I don't think it does any harm so if it helps it may be worth a try for Sandy? Luckily PiL were busy looking after dd so couldn't come to hospital and as it was a c/s I would have loved to have seen her just barge in like last time(!)... i other news she has decided she wants to buy dd a toy kitchen (ok), washing machine (?), dishwasher (?) and hoover (?)... Not sure I want dd growing up thinking that's her role in life!

Tigger - the bottom half of my tummy is numb but also feels a bit sensitive / bruised if that makes sense. And also post c/s and spinal tap my left bum cheek is still v numb blush. I then proceeded to self diagnose via google and some people still have this after 5 months!

Poppy I'll be using that support thread grin

Loupee Mon 06-Aug-12 10:30:19

Hoping for the best with the results ham Aaron was borderline, and they said they were going to check him again before we left, but no one got round to it. His jaundice is caused by bruising and swelling from the forceps, don't know if sandy is the same. I was desperate to get home, I found DH more useful than some of the midwives.
Fingers crossed for you both.

hamncheese Mon 06-Aug-12 17:27:17

This is getting ridiculous. His results came back weird from lab and needed redone. They were and came back at 2 as in the normal range. Can we go home? No, they want to take away the light and retest. Fair enough but it takes 6 hours and then wait on the lab. So they wont be taken til 8. And then even if the lab is speedy won't be back before 10 and apparently they won't discharge at that time. And that's if the lab doesn't lose or f up the results which has happened a lot to me and sandy so far. So basically the woman left and I had a mini breakdown because he was really fussy all night and I've spent so much time feeding my nipples are agony and my stitches are so sore and DH is only allowed to stay til 9 tonight. Then she came back and saw me all like this. Told her I cant be here alone tonight. Now they are saying some things about being discharged at night and I suggested that DH will not be leaving before results. They keep going on about how the results and it's like I understand that, and if the results aren't good it's ok I have to stay whatever but they don't get that it's more about being on my own, all night, again with a windy baby who just wants to feed constantly on and off for hours and hours with no support. Most annoying thing is they said that after DH goes I will have the support of the staff which is a pile of crap as I called in help last night and the midwife on told me that I would just have to get on with it as she had left another patient to see me and she was the only one on. So supportive. Argh. Sorry had to get it out I'm just do fed up of this DH paternity time is wearing away while I'm in here and they kept forgetting to check results and the lab messes up all the time.

Just want to get home and enjoy my baby at his newest as a family sad

Loupee Mon 06-Aug-12 19:07:15

Aww ham your having such a rough time of it. I forget, is it the royal in Glasgow your in? I understand the frustration with the midwives, once it was half an hour before one responded to me buzzing.
I'm sorry, I dont know what else to say. It's ok to gt upset and have a cry, your a new mum going through a tough time.
Thinking of you

ishopthereforeiam Mon 06-Aug-12 21:22:04

OMG ham it sounds awful there. I know it's really tough but try and stay strong and with some luck you'll be home tomorrow at least? The midwives sound horrendous! Can your DH just hide (pull the curtains around?!) or do they have private rooms available?

Massive hugs - feel free to rant away at us too thanks and large wine awaits you! xxx

ImissMiniPop Mon 06-Aug-12 22:45:33

Ham that's really crap, I hope they pull their finger out and you can get home with your bundle of joy soon smile

I haven't got any stretch marks, I don't think MiniPop was in long enough to make them sad

Thanks Ishop we've got a towel on the changing mat, he just really really hates it. As soon as you pick him up he stops. You should see him after a bath :O poor mite! think he gets cold quickly.

hamncheese Tue 07-Aug-12 08:41:34

Thanks guys means a lot. We are home now though I think my tears worked as they let DH stay after visiting and then the results came at 11 and we went home. Sandy had a great night really settled. I had another minor bawling moment of 'what if something happens to him in his sleep?' and practically slept in the Moses basket with him but he was perfect and now all is well. Really couldn't be happier.

Milk has come in. One boob is soft the other is solid... Any advice. I've just got him on the hard one for a good feed but still hard hmm... Nipples sore but ok I think.

Hope you are all having a good day smile

ishopthereforeiam Tue 07-Aug-12 10:42:08

Pleased you're home ham grin

sounds like an over supply of milk? Have you tried expressing from the hard boob, not too much as that would encourage more supply but just enough to soften it up if that makes sense?

Gnomi Tue 07-Aug-12 11:48:53

Hello ladies, hoping to join you following the birth of Benjamin on Saturday evening. I've skimmed through the thread and it seems there are several of us in the tear/cut/stitches group. Mine aren't too bad so far (day 3 now), but I think the tear is quite bad - 3rd degree? The midwives kept coming in and saying, "You've had a rough time of it, haven't you?"

We got home last night. Ben has had a fairly good night - had to feed pretty constantly from 1.30am until 3.30am ish when he finally fell asleep in the rocking chair. We discovered the power of white noise, and I have a phone app that I'm very attached to. He's jaundiced, probably as a result of ventouse delivery, so similar to Sandy, Ham, but hasn't needed the heat lamp. He's just sleeping next to the window with the blinds open.

We haven't made it easy for ourselves, but are having a quiet day. The builders are still working on the kitchen - if we're lucky we might have an oven tonight, and cold water to the taps - woo hoo. DH has had to do 2 trips to the laundrette already as he had run out of pants while I was in hospital!

My mum recommended salt baths, ishop, although the midwife said it was an "old wives tale" when she came this morning. I have had one, and found it relieved that slightly itchy sensation. I'm happy to try anything that helps!

Wonder who'll be next to join us?

MiniPopsMum2012 Tue 07-Aug-12 11:52:02

Glad you're home ham, it makes such a difference.

I spent the first two weeks at home to scared to do anything just in case something happened. Crazy I know, but I think it was just the fact we'd been in NICU/SCBU for so long and he'd had 24 hour supervision (and the fact he'd stopped breathing on me twice while in there) that I developed this irrational fear of something going wrong...

He's still here thought so I must be doing something right.. Hope everyone else is recovering well from the c sections.

MiniPop slept for 5 hours last night, I was so worried I had to wake him up to feed and take his temp (which was fine), he then slept for 4 hours.

It's madness that I spend most my time trying to get him to sleep, then when he is asleep, I worry that something is wrong confused.

Weigh in day today at the baby clinic grin

Loupee Tue 07-Aug-12 12:24:55

Good to see your home ham they don't make it easy in hospital. Hope you are having a great day as new family.
Welcome gnomi there does seem to have been a lot of assisted births so far. 2 weeks on and my stitches feel fine, still a bit achy down there, but have stopped taking the strong painkillers. Also rather excitingly I've moved from maternity pads to sanitary towels, less padding, but don't feel Like i'm walking with a pillow between my legs smile admire you having the builders in with a newborn, not sure how I would cope with that.
Took Aaron out by myself this morning for the first time, just to the docs and tesco, he was very good, and I managed to work the car seat ang buggy correctly! I just love it when people stop you to look at him, and tell you how gorgeous he is!

hamncheese Tue 07-Aug-12 19:45:15

Thanks ishop I was about to try expressing but sandy did it for me wink they seem better now but nipples are cracked. Midwife didn't think the issue was to do with positioning or anything though as he does take a really good mouthful. Thinking maybe it's just cause he has been feeding a lot recently? Has anyone else had this?

My stitches/haemorrhoids are agony this afternoon. Found out i had a bit of a tear too today. Wondering if I've spent too much time on my feet. Got an ice pack down there which helps. Painkillers are paracetamol 4 times a day and ibuprofen 3 times and currently on the only paracetamol leg. Can't wait til 9 for the big guns to take some of this ache and nip away! loupee when did you find was worse/better for yours? Midwife suggested it was healing just now hence the extra sting.

Congratulations gnomi and I feel for you on the hours of constant feeding. Sandy was like that on nights 3 and 4 but since has been a bit better, probably with milk coming in, he was feeding for an hour solid but now it's more 20 mins to half an hour.

Aw minipop I imagine it would be so much more scary with him being so early!

Anyway going to try and catch some sleep. Been too excited all day to sleep as home but it's taking it's toll now

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