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Dec 08 Mums - still biffing on

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LadyThompson Wed 11-Jul-12 22:49:17

Yes, yes, it's a bit lame. I wanted to say: "Still fucking on!" but wary of causing offence....

I know 'biffing' is a bit PG Wodehouse, as well. You'll just have to humour me grin

VagolaJahooli Fri 13-Jul-12 21:26:04

Oops should have added 20something males. Looked like I was wanting some young ladies to look after my kids then lather me up in oil.

Did my run. Flipping heck after last night current and waves, tonight they had epic wind on the run back up the beach. The first three kms was all sandy dune hills which I did ok on and was on target for a decent time then the last 2 km was a run up the beach then a slight hill up to the finish on the esplanade. Bugger me but the last 2km took longer than the first 3km. I ended up finishing in 29.30secs when I am sure I was going to do it in under 27. Oh well it was good for building strength I will def go back and train on that circuit. DH said he thinks a lot of people cheated as he saw a lot of people coming in looking as though they had not been for a run and were on the largish size, then he saw quite fit looking people who were tres sweaty come in well after them. Bit stupid really to cheat unless they really didn't fancy the run in the wind. So placing might not he worth checking but otherwise I'm happy. Having a well earned home made cocktail now. A kumquat & strawberry caprinhia I bought some kumquats to make marmalade again but they didn't deliver enough so this was the alternative. Yummers.

SummerLightning Fri 13-Jul-12 23:03:58

beans hurrah for good news on your dad, that is great.
spot sorry about the holiday, sounds like something out of a sit com. An un-funny sit com. This weather is the pits, isn't it? I am so pissed off with it!! kiwi I think I remember you moaning about the Budapest trip before as well. Sounds pretty grim too, hence why I must have remembered it!

vag surely 29:30 is good across dunes? Isn't that really hard going? (in addition to the wind and the uphill) Your swim sounded scary!

trace nice to hear from you. Oh god, so sorry to hear about the house, hope those bloody buyers can get it together, it is so stressful isn't it?

My BMI is a "normal" 24 at the mo too, I don't know about my vag, as haven't measured that. I could do to lose a few lbs though I reckon, especially if I want to get faster at running.

Phonics, I don't really know what it is to be honest. I did buy some cards that indith recommended, as DH is always trying to teach DS to read, and so I thought I would get something "official". he is so uninterested though. I don't think he's going to be very academic, or at least he's going to be a late starter!

rubes dd is the same with the toilet. "I need wee-wee. Take my nappy off". proudly "I finished!" (no wee). Then pees all over the carpet as I haven't put nappy back on in time. GREAT! But hopefully will be easier than DS who incidentally after FINALLY seeming potty trained for a couple of months is now peeing himself nearly every day. I think it's just laziness, and he doesn't seem to care or take it seriously. "It is ok, I didn't mean to do it, we can just change my pants". Great. Any tips?

kayz such good news about DD's weight gain - hope the BF settles down soon re let down, etc. It did for me both times. Oh and I was always dropping food on their head, and eating one handed. I got very good at it in the end (the eating one handed that is, to be honest I never stopped dropping food on them)

lady I like "biffing on". It's very you as well!

kiwi i did some intervals (running) as I thought I should do them more often. They were 400m ones (x8) and my hamstrings have only really stopped hurting today and I did it on Monday? Is that normal or should I warm up better? (or even at all, ahem).
I never did that 5k park run last week, am meant to be going tomorrow. Am never going to beat my pb though as it's due to piss it down all night and the park gets quite puddly and waterlogged and will def slow the course down. Bugger! Should probably still go though.

McKayz Sat 14-Jul-12 07:04:37

Dd slept all night. She fed from about 4 til 11 yesterday evening. Then woke up at 5 for a feed. Apart from looking like I snuck off and had a boob job I feel great!!

Now going to King's Lynn for the weekend to see family. All 5 of us are in 1 hotel room tonight. Gonna be fun!!

Have good weekends everyone!

Indith Sat 14-Jul-12 08:39:25

Oh sod off with your sleep talk Kayz angry



That's fab. I bet you feel so refreshed smile

Ds2 is doing nicely at the moment too apart from a cough still which keeps him up a bit. He self settles in the day and at bedtime shock which he just started doing a couple of weeks ago and is starting to nice little stretches rather than insisting on having a nipple in his mouth at all times.

I still feel knackered but tis probably just a bit of a low ppoint compounded by builders, house being a mess, lack of exercise etc making me feel shit.

Anyway. FIL coming up today and I am meeting StealthPolarBear in an hour to go down to the stream with some flowers for Aillidh so I had better go do a little bit of cleaning!

KiwiPanda Sat 14-Jul-12 08:54:14

Kayz envy and also grin to you!

Summer Yeah it does sound like maybe you didn't warm up the muscles enough, though also stepping up a gear in terms of speed can just use muscles that aren't used to it! The main thing I think people forget is that warming up means a bit of running, ideally, not just stretching. At my running club, for instance, we do 4 laps of the track (a mile) to warm up - really slowly, chatting pace - then loads of stretching, then drills, then another lap - before we start the main bit. I'd suggest next time just doing a proper jog warm up. It's much easier to remember when someone is telling you what to do though!

Right talking of which have running club in half an hour, better get ready. The 3am start DD2 blessed me with will really help hmm

Rubena Sat 14-Jul-12 09:19:27

Urgh sore throat headache and achy all over. Dh the same. Both in bed at 9pm last night. Feel like death but can push thru with ibuprofen.
Dh at work again today. Kids fighting and driving cars on me. Thank god for team umizoomi. It has just now stopped them in their tracks.
Well done Vag I'd say that's brilliant! Crikey Spot. Makes my round the world trip with two sick kids sound easy. Urgh gotta find energy to take ds to swimming. Need more drugs.

SummerLightning Sat 14-Jul-12 11:21:17

Kayz that is great news on the sleep. May there be many more nights like that.

Kiwi I hope it was just using muscles I hadn't for a while. It felt like I had taken longer strides and thus pulled muscles. I did run a bit to warm up as the nice long walking/cycle path that we do intervals on is about half a mile away. No stretches though.

KiwiPanda Sat 14-Jul-12 17:18:25

SL if it's both legs and just general achiness then yeah, must be just muscles getting used to it. When I started running again a few months ago I was pretty much permanently achy!

Running club this morning was so cold I came back with blue lips. Unbelievable for July. Was fine while running but once we stopped and did all the press ups etc at the end it was basically 30 minutes in soggy clothes getting colder and colder. I had to hug a hot water bottle when I got back! Hell of a session too (4 x 1500m with only 100m recovery followed by 4x150m sprints)

Almost as exhausting was trip to the park with both DDs in horrible rain to meet friends and get them out of DH's hair so he could do some work. Am so knackered now! DD2 is at that awkward age where she just wants to crawl but you obviously can't put her down in soaking wet grass so spends all the time in sling

Hey ho. Summer eh? sad

VagolaJahooli Sat 14-Jul-12 19:34:52

Wow Kayz that's fantastic on the sleep. Well done little R, a few more nights like that please. I love the boob job comment.

Kiwi DH & I used to do 1600meter sets (we did it on treadmills & the machines were in miles so easier to just set a mile) and I was always on a mission so get further below 7mins. I think the fastest I ever did was 6.52 or something which is probably what you do on at a normal pace. Anyhoo, one day I was feeling quite strong and after 2 sets I was almost up to my fastest 1 mile, I tended to do my best time of the session on the 3rd set so I was really pumped and excited thinking I was going to do it. I was pushing so hard and in the end just missed out by a couple of seconds. I was so pissed off I 'said' "F'ing C!" (You'll need to add the words in your imagination). Unfortunately, I had my headphones up quite loud and what I thought was said just above audible, was actually loud enough for the people in the swimming pool to hear. oops.

Anyway last nights run was pretty good in the end, I came 25th out of 80 women and 80th out of 160 overall. I'm pretty happy with that as a lot of the competitors looked pretty fit. I went for a nice slow run with the girls this morning in the rain, which was nice but wet. Then we had a coffee & croissant afterwards, we realised that in the year or so that we had known each other this was the first child free coffee we had together!

Summer, starting sprint training does cause a lot of achiness, but its nice to know its muscles growing, plus could your calves be a little tighter than most due to cycling? Make sure you do calf stretches as well as other sketching before & after, but be careful not to over stretch in the first couple of weeks.

Indith, you sound like you need a cuddle, or a cocktail. Can I make you one? I am currently experimenting with the variations on the theme of Caprinhia.

KiwiPanda Sat 14-Jul-12 19:42:03

Ha Vag that's funny but not as funny as the time DH fell off the treadmill and did even louder, more sweary swearing grin
Did my 1500ms in about 6'15 so not very different!

Hey so tomorrow marks a momentous night in the Panda household. We are going to see Paul Simon in Hyde Park so DHs parents are coming and are going to put the girls to bed. This is the first time in 3.5 years that someone other than me or DH has put DD1 to bed. And obviously A first for DD2 too.

Am a bit nervous

McKayz Sat 14-Jul-12 20:44:52

So far so good. The boys are in their pjs and lying in bed watching tv. It's been very nice seeing my Dad and Sister. Plus I'm going to be an Auntie again!!!! It's quite strange as my niece is 11, nearly 12 and starting high school in September. But there's almost 13 years between DH and his older brother.

spotofcheerfulness Sat 14-Jul-12 22:39:41

Lovely news about being an auntie again and great work on the boob job, Kayz. I am very pleased for you re-DD's sleep, and v envy too, naturellement...

Vag that is amazing, you are clearly superwoman. Top hole, old girl.

Kiwi, I do try to have sympathy for you on your poor weather-related running experiences, but as it is completely self-inflicted and you could be sitting at home eating cake instead, I struggle, I must confess. Maybe one day I will have a strong enough pelvic floor to withstand running and then I will Get It.

Home tomorrow. Thank the lord - have avoided some mega rows today, tension ridiculously high. We have all turned mega passive aggressive, and then have to drink through it to get through the day. I feel like I'm in a Mike Leigh film. I have also put on about a stone this week thanks to epic consumption of cheese, wine and gateaux. sad.

spotofcheerfulness Sat 14-Jul-12 22:41:36

Sorry, Kiwi, missed your post about gig tomorrow night. PLease don't worry - they'll have an ace time, and will probably enjoy the novelty. PLus it's their grandparents looking after them, so even if they're a bit unsettled, they're being cared for by people who love them and not randoms off the street. Enjoy Paul Simon, am envy.

VagolaJahooli Sun 15-Jul-12 09:42:25

Kiwi, I understand your nerves but they will be fine. We had a similar thing a few years ago when ds1 was 2.5 and we were in Oz for a wedding. The wedding started at 3 and obviously went all night so we had to leave him with my mum, who he barely knew due to us living in the UK, anyway he was fine, he was a little teary at bedtime but mum just snuggled up to him and he fell asleep in her arms. He actually really loved it as he had her complete attention until bedtime and got all the usual grandmother treats. We recently had to leave ds2 with the babysitter to put him to bed for the first time and he was quite nervous but having a his brother with him made all the difference and now if we are going out even if we don't need to leave until after his bedtime he refuses to go to bed until she has arrived. Both boys love the sitter so we usually get her to come early now. Go out and enjoy, they will be fine.

traceface Sun 15-Jul-12 22:48:05

Hello. This will be brief and full of errors because I'm on my phone. Kiwi, how was it leaving the nippers?
spot your holiday sounds painful. Hope you can recover once you're back.
Kayz the Amazing, well done it sounds like dd is doing fabulously!
I went for a run today while Lu was at a party and did 15k. It took me 1hr and 43 mins so still rather slow, but my aim is to run the whole GNR, and I'm not really bothered how slowly I do it.
Right must sleep. Will try to post properly tomorrow from lap top. Night night xx

Indith Mon 16-Jul-12 07:52:39

Kiwi how did it go?

I'll hand the dcs over to anyone half competent these days grin.

Trace we should arrange a mini meet up when you do the GNR smile

VagolaJahooli Mon 16-Jul-12 08:02:22

Wow Trace 15km is alright. How are you finding the running, do you enjoy it? Are you feeling any benefit? I have to say I am loving feeling a bit stronger and healthier. I feel more awake and back to be able to resists sugary things. But at the same time nice to know I can have a little treat and can work it off. Also we went to a big pool play thing yesterday and i wore my bikini and for the first time in ages I didn't feel wobbly and self conscious. Dutch women are surprisingly lean so it is difficult to not feel lardy around them but yesterday I felt not too big.

Northern Ladies, I have a friend in a town called Caistor and was thinking of sailing over to Hull on the overnight to see her, is that near anyone or is it miles away? Was thinking of having a northern meet up.

McKayz Mon 16-Jul-12 08:17:40

Ooooh Vag, it's probably 1.5/2 hours from me. So not too far. ZJ is close by too.

I was looking at taking up running, but I doubt my knees could take it. Let alone my ankle which still isn't right since I twisted in it March. I should go back to the doctor really.

I need to sort out the bike too. Poor thing has just sat in the garage since just before I got pregnant.

Kiwi, I hope you had a great time and the girls were ok. My boys always sleep better for other people.

KiwiPanda Mon 16-Jul-12 08:29:40

Trace I did 15km yesterday too! It was clearly the in distance ..

Had such a wonderful time last night grin
But poor DD1 howled from the second we left to when she went to sleep but having been up in the night and then up for the day at 5.30 she was seriously knackered ... Apparently when actually in bed she went to sleep in about 10 seconds. DD2 was a bit trickier but that's because my father in law totally ignored all our advice smile still only took 15 minutes though

Ow my head this morning!!

Indith Mon 16-Jul-12 09:29:02

My parents are in Hull so that's a possibility for me smile

McKayz Mon 16-Jul-12 09:42:58

Hopefully it's not too far for Trace either.

Is it normal for babies to get hiccups all the time? I don't remember the boys having them do much.

McKayz Mon 16-Jul-12 09:43:43

Why do iPhones change so to do? So is a perfectly normal and commonly used word.

Indith Mon 16-Jul-12 10:58:54

Yeah they grow out of it though Kayz.

Vag can you help here?

Indith Mon 16-Jul-12 10:59:34

It is piddling it down, I have 2 loads of washing out but the baby is asleep on me <<sigh>>

Nolda Mon 16-Jul-12 11:50:50

Well here I am with a proper catch up, sorry it's taken me so long.

LadyT - Well done on the BMI. Have you looked at the Global Fat Scale Thread? I'm from Latvia.

Kayz - So glad to hear that DD is putting on weight and the struggle with BF has been worth it. I agree with Vag that it's such a shame that your MW has not been more supportive. Hope you had a lovely weekend in Kings Lynn. Oh, and exciting news on being an auntie again!

Beans - Hope your dad's radiotherapy goes well.

Jam - I'm a mean mummy and discourage all wall walking but in weak moments may allow it as long as not belonging to a private house, sorry.

Kiwi - So glad that you enjoyed the concert. Sounds like the gps did OK. Would you be prepared to repeat it?

Spot - What a ghastly holiday. I bet you were glad to get home.

Vag - I hope DS1 is feeling better. Well done on your races in such adverse conditions. And bet you looked fab in your bikini!

Indith - Thanks for recommending the read write cards. I bought them for DS as he is very keen on letters and words which is very different from DD when she was the same age. DD likes teaching DS the jolly phonics actions. I was very hmm about phonics when DD started school but it seems to have served her well.

Rubes - Hope your house situation works out. How about a Fisher Price house for DD? Or a playhouse for the garden. Is your sore throat better today?

I too am worrying about what friends will be going to school with DS. It seems that DS has been friends with older boys at pre-school and they will all be starting school this September. Oh well, I'm sure both our boys will cope.

Trace - I'm a slower runner too. Keep it up! It is so difficult to fit the training in isn't it? I would have to add f) likelihood of needing a poo half way round (sorry about TMI. Having children has somehow badly affected my innards). So sorry to hear about your house buyers going wobbly, it really is a bit outrageous at this late stage. But good news about being semi-discharged by CPN. Hope you're pleased.

Urbane - Much sympathy on bed and car dying. I love Ikea though grin.

Summer - Well done to DS for learning to ride his bike. Such a clever little chap. We still haven't managed to get our Eddie on his balance bike. He likes it a lot and will pat it but looks horrified if we suggest that he might like to sit on it! Also on the weeing, Ed has taken to leaving it too late and weeing all over the bathroom floor. Just a stage I'm hoping hmm.

Life is generally good with us. DH and I have been getting on much better and we are due to go away this weekend while MIL takes care of the DCs. However, I am having major problems with DD. She is an angel at school but a monster when she is at home so it must be something I'm doing. I have to confess that, although I know I shouldn't, I have always loved DS more. I think we just bonded better at the beginning. DD was in intensive care after she was born etc. I try not to show how I feel but DD has twigged it and it's as if she wants to prove her theory. Am dreading the school holidays sad.

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