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June 2009 - Threenagers and the world of 'I WANT...'

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Skillbo Mon 02-Jul-12 23:25:45

Thought would start our new one with a typical J threenager moment:

Trying to tidy up playroom which doubles up as our dining room -

Grabbing everything and trying to shove it to the side of the room, J declares 'my want my horses' which is this random stable thing she chose with her birthday money which houses 4 horses and is massive. Obviously she can't have it at the table but she grabs it and storms off saying 'you can't tell me'

Favourite phrases:
- My want it, obviously
- No, tried and tested favourite
- why? What you doing? Who's that? What's that?
- I want daddy to do it, and vice versa as long as it's the opposite to what you've got planned

and i won't get into her wardrobe choices grin

snowwombat Sat 18-Aug-12 20:23:30

Hi girls, I have been on holidays and without internet for days. Highly recommend it smile. Now on a long drive home, well DH driving.
We continue on the house search. Were out bid on the one we offered on. Amazing the difference from o x f o r d, we can buy a house for the same price as a two bed flat there.
I will sit and join the stressed out bench. DH just speaks to me so rudely or with disdain most of the time, it is horrid. Doesn't seem to care if I pull him up on it. I just keeping hoping it will get better once we live together again+have a home. I really don't mind living apart, which is probably not a good thing, but he can't nbe an arse+I am really enjoying the kids, especially as they are playing together+adore each other.
gauchita have you started the new job?is it the social media /promotions side of things?
june you sound down my dear, what are you up to this weekend?when is your next date night with DH?
Hi to evrryone else. zhen will you let us know if you are ok?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sun 19-Aug-12 11:39:38

snow, you weren't wrong about propery porn, some of the houses are lovely I may have to move to a house with a view sigh but then look at this view can you imagine that on a glorious summers day! Hope things improve when you get settled.

snowwombat Sun 19-Aug-12 20:01:20

ninja I love your short list of properties, they were some of mine too. Would love to take you with me to view them when I win the lottery gringrin
Crappy weather this morning but gorgeous now. Air has been thick with dust from the combine harvesters. Plenty of entertainment for the kids though
Hope everyone has had a nice weekend

Gauchita Tue 21-Aug-12 09:07:08

Hello all!

Ninja, that's just cruel. But I live in one just like the second one lie grin

Snow, oh pity the house you had seen didn't come through... any others that you like? I hope things with DH start to improve ::joins the stressed-DH bench:: Not a fun bench, is it? hmm

June, how are things? Is work v busy atm that you're lurking? Hope it eases a bit.

Zhen, I think I saw you on another thread, can't remember now. How are sweet Ns?

Hope everyone is well.

Over here quite a bit of work but I'm determined to organise myself as much as possible so as to make things easier grin Might be deluded, though grin M starts school in two weeks, eek!! Uniform ready, only blouses left, thanks to DH buying boys packs <sigh> Off to M&S to change them. I found the marvel of non-iron blouses and I'm as happy as a child with an ice-cream grin

Leeds meet-up tonight, looking forward to it. I'm taking D, though, as it's after his bedtime and there's no chance he'll go down without milk... Hopefully he'll fall asleep in the buggy.

D calling now, back later.

Skillbo Tue 21-Aug-12 21:36:27

Hello all - just a quick peek in to say howdy!

Gauchita - hope you're having a blast this evening,, is this a meet up of MNers?

Snow - bummed for you that you didn't get the house but you get to shop around still.. and sounds like it'll be great to get out of the flat. Sorry to hear your DH is being an arse - mine is just glued to his 360 most nights at the moment as he got a couple of games from his brother! Means I can MN I guess...

Anyone watching the Great British Bake Off - I love it but tonight O was unsettled so I missed the second half sad so I don't know who was master baker (always makes me think rudey!) and who went home! Its repeated on Sunday so am sure to catch up then but was really into it tonight!! Kids, huh

Right - pretty pooped so big brew, (that's hot chocolate by the way) and g'night!

snowwombat Sat 25-Aug-12 15:16:16

skillbo thanks for reminding me about great British bakeoff. Love it. Will go and find it on the iplayer.
gauchita how was the meetup?
ninja thought about a career in finding houses for people?you do a great job
june you ok?things settled down at all

I've got about 5more minutes childfree. Just back from a work trip. Better go and have a shower in peace, very sticky after long flight+long drive.

Anyone got anything nice planned for the long weekend?

Gauchita Mon 27-Aug-12 20:09:22

Marking place.

ZhenThereWereTwo Tue 28-Aug-12 00:56:39

Hello everyone,

Sorry to have been away for so long, lost thread off my watch list confused, but have found you again grin

House of flu here, big N just recovered, little N still suffering. Seems to be cycling through the family and mutating and coming back again as had similar two weeks ago sad

On a brighter note little N is 6 months and crawling!

Big N is fab and so loving towards her little sister. Poor thing is teething too so is a bit miserable at the mo, but still manages to bounce about, how do they do it?

I am ok, been through the mill a bit with DH, who has been depressed and quite horrible to be around at times, but he has sorted out bereavement counselling, quit smoking and has been much less stressed out and nicer to me since I had a heart to heart with him recently.

June - hope you are less stressed now and enjoying holiday.

Snow - have you found somewhere, how exciting about DH's job, bet A is so pleased he will have more time with his dad. Hopefully when he spends more time around you guys he will stop being such an arse. Maybe if you two had some personal time together to reconnect it would help, is there anyone who could have the kids for a night whilst you went on a date together?

Gauchita - glad you are enjoying new job, how grown up is M starting school?! grin

Ninja - hope you guys are all ok and that BIL and family are coping ok, must be so hard for them x

Skillbo - Sorry to hear about your possible redundancy sad Crossing fingers that you will be ok, not what you need in the current economic climate.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 28-Aug-12 10:55:39

morning all smile

snow, how are things going with the house hunt? E would have loved all the combine harvesters, he's heavily into vehicles right now!

gauchita, how was the meetup? Not long till school starts, what does M think of it all? The new job seems to be going well smile

skillbo, hope all's going well with work

zhen, hope you're all feeling better soon. Are you back to work soon or still on mat leave? Good to hear things are better with dh, that's a lot to cope with in one go smile

one more week until my lot start back to school, ds1 goes tuesday, dd2 and dd3 on wednesday and E on thursday for 5 mornings a week!! Hopefully that'll give me time to get the house straight again, it looks completely trashed after the holidays.

saw bil last week, he started his radiotherapy and all seemed to be going well, he was on full form, he's put weight on with the steroids and all of a sudden looks like dh when I never felt he did before, even when dh was skinny grin But, he was rushed into hospital in the middle of the night over the weekend as he was fitting for over 40 mins, it was all a bit touch and go for a while, he couldn't speak for a long time. We knew he was a bit better when he managed to tell mil to fuck off when she was fussing over him. So we're just on a wait and see right now, they're moving him to his usual hospital sometime today so he'll be back under his own team and for a scan to see what's going on. Sil, understandably is finding it all very hard, especially with dnephew to look after, it's a shame we're not nearer to them.

Gauchita Wed 29-Aug-12 10:21:54

Ninja! Your FB cover and pic are fantastic!!! grin

Gauchita Thu 30-Aug-12 13:12:56

Afternoon all!

Ninja, thinking of your BIL and SIL. I can't begin to imagine what they're going through. Glad to hear he's putting on weight smile Woo hoo, roll on 5 mornings a week for E!!

Zhen, aw well done little N for crawling already! <late crawers here> Hope the cough/cold combo passes soon, it can be exhausting for all the family. Sorry to hear DH hasn't been well, but good on him looking for help and tackling the issue.

Skillbo, no GBBO here. But manage to catch up quite a bit following Twitter grin

Snow, how's the house-hunting doing?

Work's busy but loving it smile

Today's D's first birthday. The end of an era for me as well <soppy> He's not a tiny baby anymore! Celebrating at Fz this evening, staff singing happy birthday to him with us grin

Gauchita Thu 30-Aug-12 13:48:22

Gah, forgot to say! Meet-up was v nice. It was Leeds mntters yes! We had dinner at PizzaE. D came with me, slept on the way there and for about 30 mins, then woke up and had second dinner grin

snowwombat Thu 30-Aug-12 14:02:21

Hello dear girls,
Sounds like everyone is busy busy and plenty on your plates. The kids are having a let's test mummies patience 48 hrs. This has included drawing on windows with crayon, thanks god it wasn't the walls, painting my newly washed outside windows with mud, z having an unhealthy obsession with putting the toilet brush in her mouth and waking 4 times a night before her brother comes in to wake me at 445am. Marvellous. Only 10 days till dh home grin

gauchita happy birthday to gorgeous d. What a sweetie he is. How is work going? M all sorted for school now?

zhen glad to see you are back. Sorry you have had such a continuous run of the flu in your house. Must be exhausting. Really pleased things with dh better, must have been really tough on you all. The n,'s sound in great form and yay to the crawling for little n. what a star

ninja bet your are looking forward to a hot cup of tea once you get the kids back to school next week. Are they all looking forward to it? Pleased that treatment underway for your BIL, must be a relief for them to actually have a plan now

skillbo you surviving work? Must be difficult to keep motivated when you aren't sure what is going to happen

june are you ok? How things. On the home and work front?

Thanks all for asking about the house search. I'm afraid it is completely shite. House we had application in for the owners turned around yesterday and said they changed their minds and wouldn't be renting it out afterwards. angryangry this is with dh telling them we needed to be in within a month etc.why they ever put it on the market I do not know. I give up on getting a into school until we get back from big trip home in nov. there is a house coming onto the market in two weeks that is just being recarpeted and painted. and it should be ready to move into immediately, I have my fingers crossed we can get that one.

Waves to all

snowwombat Mon 03-Sep-12 22:44:33

I killed the thread sad

Gauchita Tue 04-Sep-12 08:21:55

Nooooo snow! Just manic here (busier than usual).
How are things? Any news on the house (the second one)?
D here still teary when being dropped off. I might be soppy and silly but it breaks my heart. Must get a grip.

Back later, must work.

snowwombat Tue 04-Sep-12 21:08:38

Oh nat, big hugs to you. How did d's first day go? I hope you are both ok tonight and having a nice catch up . Dh looking at a house tomorrow, fingers crossed this might be the one. Home office tomorrow, after my initial excitement at LTR I am still having to get another indefinite leave visa first, cause of the time spent out of the uk. Fact I was with my British dh,while he was training, makes no difference. I fucking hate the home office.angry so much money spent on visas and all the bloody rule changes that have meant instead of becoming British 4 years ago, it will still be another 2 at least. angry
Rant over, best go and look at the route planner. Brum in peak hour, what fun that will be.

Gauchita Tue 04-Sep-12 21:30:58

Oh snow!!! shock No way!!! shock So sorry to hear that. As you know, I know how frustrating these processes can be angry (still waiting 9 months after the big fiasco for our complaint to have some sort of conclusion sad) Big hug to you ((()))
D was teary, but ok when I picked him up (having lunch). It's actually breaking my heart a bit. M's first day tomorrow. Have convinced DH to leave a work-wine thing he has all day and help me as I dread to think of having to stay for the hour they've asked us to stay and manage D at the same time. Uniform ready, it's the flipping end of an era sad My baby is going to school. Ignore me, I'm just a can full of emotions right now grin

Gauchita Tue 04-Sep-12 21:31:19

Sorry, overdid it there with the smileys.

snowwombat Tue 04-Sep-12 22:46:15

gauchita hands over wine andbear . You sound miserable my dear, how many days is d going to do in child care? I'm sure he will love it and in time you will be ok. I know I still remember dropping a for his first day and crying on the nursery doorstep blush. Hell, I even cried when it was his last day at that nursery too. It will get easier and maybe even one of the times he you have time to yourself you might enjoy reading a trashy magazine or getting a pedicure or working without being interrupted. Big big hugs to you. And thank you for visa support, your experience is never far from my thoughts when I tink about the next step of paperwork. I'm hoping I get someone sensible tomorrow. Chances are slim to none though. I always seem to get some muppet. I will practise your count to 50 method of keeping calm.
We are off at 645am better get to bed

June2009 Wed 05-Sep-12 11:37:15

Hey just back from 10 days in france, will try and catch up.
I saw some pics of Gauchita's M (and another juner's C) in school uniform, is this for pre-school? I'm confused, C is in preschool but they don't have a uniform there.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 05-Sep-12 13:01:21

afternoon all smile

snow, what a pain, hope you get someone sensible after all this. The govt says we need people from overseas yet makes it so bloody difficult confused Good luck with the house hunting too!

gauchita, M looks so grown up, I'm sure she'll be fine, just take your tissues for when you leave her smile can't wait to hear how she's got on.

june, loved your photos from your trip, looks like a good time was had by all smile This school business is all rather confusing. Now, all our kids are entitled to 15 hours a week free education so if C's nursery haven't given you the form yet, ask. You can use that funding how it suits you, so for you (I'm guessing) the best way will be for C to stay in daycare and use that funding for part payment. E goes to a preschool doing 5 mornings of 3 hours each so I'll use it there, he doesn't wear uniform and not many preschools do, round here anyway. If you decide to use a nursery attached to a primary school (they take from term after 3 only, unless it's private school) they will usually wear uniform but will still only usually do 3 hours a day, either morning or afternoon and will use their 15 hours that way. I hope that makes sense! Do remember that this is the time to be looking at primary schools, in my area I have to apply before december for a place for E to start school next september, this will be when he does a full day of approx 9-3 and for him to start wearing school uniform. Some areas stagger the intake so do check on your council website for when you need to apply.

dd2 and ds1 are back at school now grin this has been a long 6 weeks but they are happily back and it's so much quieter today. E back tomorrow but dd3 will be monday now after some building delays at school, so not long now until a hot cuppa in peace and quiet grin

snowwombat Fri 07-Sep-12 22:11:05

Hi girls, thanks again for your support . Visa approved just waiting for the biometric card thingo to arrive. gauchita you will love this for typical border efficiency. Got there, first thing the lady said was why aren't you applying for settlement confusedconfusedconfused ummm, cause your colleagues on the phone told me I couldn't hmm. So I could have applied for ILR after all.feckers.

ninja I'll get the kettle on for you for next week and bring a nice slice of g erman cake. Work trip early next week.

june where have you been in France <nosy> did you have a good break? Did you get any quality time with DH?

Well we might have a crappy but double glazed and centrally heated semi detached place to rent . Hurrah. Will be, good to be together but I am a totally spoilt brat after the joy, space, detached, old loveliness of our current house. looking to move in two weeks. Paying someone to pack, I cannot do it again, without dh here and I am going to be doing enough disconnection of washing machines, dismantling of wendy houses etc by myself to be arsed to pack too <lazy> was pleasantly surprised to see it odidnt add much to the total move.
Aarrgghh how do I turn. Off the decking auto correct on this iPad. I too technologically challenged to cope with this. A has it sorted though, can get his apps up without any adult assisrance

Must go to bed.hope you are all ok . Here's to a sunshine filled weekend and lots of lovely outdoor time

Gauchita Mon 10-Sep-12 10:45:31

Marking place!

June2009 Mon 10-Sep-12 15:05:53

Go to settings> general > keyboard it should be under there

So sorry Ive not ot time to catch up properly, must make time...
Going dubai on wed. Where hopefully we'll get quality time with dh <sigh>. he was talking about how he'd like us to retire in france so obviously everything is rosy from hia point of view which confuses me. i saw other people here had heart to hearts, quite comforting in a way to know it's not just me.

June2009 Mon 10-Sep-12 23:02:56

snow good news on the visa, it sounds stressful, glad for you that it's done, is it the same for the childen? Good luck with the move, can't believe how much you've moved this past couple of years, it'll be nice to settle, wherever that it. Hey double glazing sounds good if this winter is as cold as last one you'll be thankful for it on your gas bill ;) Hope things improve with dh once you've moved in and settled in some kind of routine!
I don't blame you for getting someone to pack for you, it is all very tiresome (been there done that!)

Thanks goose We signed up for the 15 hours but our nursery is doing it based on what the council will give them them in money rather than giving us 15 hours so they give us 15x £3 worth of their hours (which is around a tenner an hour or something) so it's not very much at all, still, better than a kick in the teeth! There is no nursery attached to the local closest primary shcool. We've called them and we can apply from october this year.
enjoy the calm of having everybody at nursery/school/uni smile what are you doing when you're on your own in the house? :D

Our trip to France was lovely, caught up with family and friends, some of them I hadn't seen in YEARS, it was brilliant, albeit quite tiring what with being up early, no child care, C having naps while we were driving (so no naps for us), quite a lot of driving and going to bed late a night.

gauchita hope pre-school is going well, how is M taking to it? It is hard letting go, harder for us than for them I think x

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