June 2009 - Threenagers and the world of 'I WANT...'

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Skillbo Mon 02-Jul-12 23:25:45

Thought would start our new one with a typical J threenager moment:

Trying to tidy up playroom which doubles up as our dining room -

Grabbing everything and trying to shove it to the side of the room, J declares 'my want my horses' which is this random stable thing she chose with her birthday money which houses 4 horses and is massive. Obviously she can't have it at the table but she grabs it and storms off saying 'you can't tell me'

Favourite phrases:
- My want it, obviously
- No, tried and tested favourite
- why? What you doing? Who's that? What's that?
- I want daddy to do it, and vice versa as long as it's the opposite to what you've got planned

and i won't get into her wardrobe choices grin

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TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 03-Jul-12 07:19:43

I want it all and I want it now <stamps foot and looks moody> and that's just me grin back later!!

Gauchita Tue 03-Jul-12 07:39:43

Oh fabulous! <polishes new thread title>

I could write an --endless- extensive list, but I have to go to the dentist to get a cavity fixed, boohoo.

Back later.

June2009 Wed 04-Jul-12 16:53:59

Thanks skillbo smile brilliant title smile
C. also does the 'mummy do it' 'daddy do it' for outting her to sleep, pushin the trolley in the supermarket etc...
She says things like 'if you tell me this again i will <insert inadequate threat>' (kick you, put you in the naughty corner, etc)
What else at the moment... Still in transition with naps bleh .... Not fun!
The tumble dried is broken i think i might cry...
zhen how awful sad I really hope the bank refunds you xx do you have any kind if insurance that might cover it otherwise?

My old trainer (the one who got me started on the whole fitness thing 2 years ago) is coming to visit on friday and i can't wait to see him again. We're training together in the afternoon, i'm the one who designed the workout this time though, it is revenge! :D
We're all going out for drinks in the evening which will be lovely, sil is looking after C. for us.
gauchita I love the pics of M and D on facebook, so cute smile Do you think D will be tall as well?
goose are all the children on summer break now? How is that working out for you?

Hope everyone else is well xx

Skillbo Wed 04-Jul-12 19:47:07

Just a quick flyby - jazzy's horses mentioned in my 1st post are now confiscated on top of the bookcase! Seven One whinging fit too many!

Anyone watching the tennis? Good to see Andy and Roger moving through - love Roger Federer... Genuinely the nicest man in sport!

O still feeling his snuffles a bit but J seems her normal self thank goodness... Week away next week and then my maternity is over! Gone so quick and big restructure announced today so not really looking forward to it! At least got quite a bit of time stashed in case of redundancy but obviously need to stay employed really!

June - sounds like sweet revenge, hope you get him all worked up.

zhen - any news on getting your money back? Got lots crossed for you

Right, washing and washing up calling (much smaller kitchen in our new house so it really builds up quick!).. Got everything crossed for a good night for O and J

night all

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Skillbo Wed 04-Jul-12 20:35:20

And for those of you with more than one little one, do you post on lots of other post-natal threads [has visions of ninja feverishly trying to keep track of multiple threads grin]

Feel like its a nice way to keep a record as i keep all of these ones but don't know if i have the time - struggle to keep up with this one to be honest. Have met some lovely juners though so might be nice to chat to these women... ?

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snowwombat Thu 05-Jul-12 22:13:46

Dammit, i wrote an essay to let me back in the club and MN has bloody eaten it.
Girls, I hope you are all ok and surviving the threenagers. Mine is trouble. Articulate meltdowns oover completely irrational things. There was a muddy clothes/sister's escaping poo/bath incident tonight, but I have lost the will to write it all out again now
skillbo back to work already? Where are you going next week <nosey>. How is little O now? J sounds very funny with her horses smile
gauchita I hope your day got better my dear, did you get your translation done?
ninja how are things are your place? any big family adventures over the summer? How is BIL/ new baby?
june I am very angry at the way you were treated in the lounge. I have seen far too many pigs of businessmen left to be drunk and rude. I would complain. I hope you have a lovely day with your old trainer tomorrow
zhen oh dear, what an absolute bugger about the card. Are you ok for food/nappies etc? When my card was cloned in the states recently, the telephone 'customer support' were useless but the branch had a new card to me in 3 days and sorted all the fradulant transactions.

Hi everyone else. I had better post this before I lose it.

snowwombat Fri 06-Jul-12 10:11:51

Oh my god, please let this day get easier.
So far, Angus woke 4.45am (fairly typical), played nicely in my room for a while, then after I had gone back to sleep (bad mother) he slid under the stair gate, went downstairs, did a poo, took it out of his nappy and has rubbed poo in most of the his cars/trucks/garage set/my phone charger/smears on walls/carpet you get the idea. I'm afraid I saw red and have screamed at him sad sad. I have now been cleaning shit for the best part of 4 hours. He then refused his breakfast and threw the entire bowl of weetbix on the floor. Absolutely fucking marvellous.

And it is pissing rain here, and we didn't go to playgroup cause we are waiting in for my passport, and our friend's dippy daughter who was staying in the flat has posted our only key through the fucking letterbox despite being asked 3 times to send it, you get the idea.

Coffee and calm down time. I predict a duvet day here

Gauchita Fri 06-Jul-12 10:20:38

Oh my God Snow... what a start of the day! sad

Have a hug from me, woman ((())) Accidents of the "deliberate" type make me count to 50 angry

I take it DH is not with you.

Don't know what to say except I wish you lived nearer so as to offer a hand.

Put a DVD on, take laptop and tea with you and don't let him out of your sight for a few hours in case he's tempted to do it again <sends patience>

Skillbo Sat 07-Jul-12 22:04:10

Holy shit Snow, that is dreadful.. Really hoping you had a much much MUCH better day today! And don't beat yourself up about the yelling - i'm not sure how i would react to that but strong words would most definitely have been had - blimey!

And don'twe're just off to a holiday park outside poole for a few nights but am very much looking forward to it! Mind you, there's 4 adults & 3 kids (one of which is flaky O) in a caravan - interesting times methinks!

Anyone else watching tennis? Will be glued to the tv tomorrow - c'mon Andy!

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ZhenThereWereTwo Sat 07-Jul-12 22:55:00

Oh Snow sad

You were remarkably restrained just yelling. When N was training I once refused to give her a nappy to do a poo and told her she had to go on the potty. She in protest went inside her tent (which we had set up in the front room) and pooed all over our rug, then stood in it so that it got trampled over the rug inside the tent and was smeared on the tent, some of her toys and all over her wellies which she was wearing.

Along with yelling I also threw her favourite Upsy Daisy wellies and some of her toys. I refused to clean them. She never did it again.

Have fun Skillbo, hope the weather holds for you.

Still waiting to hear from bank about getting money back. The Police have viewed the footage and can see fraudsters accessing machine at that time so I am hoping they will have the money back to me soon.

snowwombat Sat 07-Jul-12 23:43:14

THANKYOU so much girls thanks wine
Today was a bit better, still poo involved though- pooed his pants whilst we played in the garden (the only 30mins it didn't rain here today). I don't really understand it, he has been doing so well with TT.

Have a lovely break skillbo 4 adults in a caravan should be interesting hope you have a lovely time and get some sunshine and beach days
zhen oh don;t worry, there was toy throwing out. I scrubbed some but several cars went in the bin, along with the phone charger. Joy.
gauchita you made me laugh. I have become such a shouty mum of late, I barely make it to 3. I will endeavour to make it to 10 at least grin.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 10-Jul-12 10:01:31

morning all smile

skillbo, the internet wasn't around 21 years ago grin so I only have this pn thread because we weren't properly online at home when I had the older dcs, I certainly couldn't keep up with the who's who of multiple pn threads grin Hope the week away is going well with no horse confiscations!

gauchita, ouch, hope the dentist went ok.

snow, glad you're feeling a little better wine sounds much needed, I'd certainly have shouted. Hope this week is proving less stressful!!

june, how did the workout with your old trainer go? I'm still puzzled as to how you ended up with a hangover though grin Ds1 finishes school on friday and the others finish at the end of next week, so a few more days of relative peace grin No plans yet, depends on the weather really!

zhen, any news on getting your money back, that's awful?!!

bil is doing ok, baby is gorgeous! He's got his op scheduled for next week, we were all expecting some kind of chemo or radiotherapy first as that was what they originally said but they've scanned him again and changed the plan.

E has a farm trip on thursday with his preschool, a whole day without him! But they have him down for his 5 mornings from september which he is quite happy with, he asks to go most days as he likes playing football with the boys, so he tells me!

waves to all smile

Gauchita Tue 10-Jul-12 11:59:04

Meaning to catch up since the weekend grin I'll be back later today!

Gauchita Wed 11-Jul-12 09:43:29

Taking advantage of the fact that D is asleep and M is playing. Right, I've got 5 minutes! grin

Snow, how are things? Any more accidents? We had two on Sunday after M came back from a Bday party... she just stood and looked at us hmm Is work still quiet? giving you a break, I hope smile

Zhen, hope you managed to get your money back. Glad to hear they had CCTV.

Skillbo, are you on your break already? Caravaning sounds fun smile We've had some patches of sunshine with horrid black clouds behind so I hope you've had the same and stayed dry smile I'm not on other PN threads. I don't think I'd be able to keep up grin

June, hope you had a great time with your old trainer. Are you away atm? I saw a pic on FB and a post talking about Vienna. If so, hope you're having a nice time.

Ninja, glad to hear BIL is doing ok. Everything crossed for him for the surgery. How's your SIL doing?

I was following the thread on expat's dd sad Such sad news, we were all thinking of them and praying for her to pull through. Such a bastard of a disease sad

I'm having one of those weeks hmm D caught an ear infection this weekend (after we were in hosp last week as he was wheezy and working hard to breathe). ABs for him, I've had a sore throat since Thursday (and apparently it can take up to 10 days to clear, besides not being able to take anything as I'm BFing), a blocked duct on the same boob again, AND work with a deadline... joy!

I've just delivered the job so that's one down. D is better but came up in a rash last night, all over his body, so docs today.

Struggling to be able to work and entertain toddler and baby at the same time. Really wondering how to proceed best re. work. I don't want my career to die a sudden death grin but I don't seem to have enough time (besides not being able to train further or be "in" iykwim). I'll see if I can start a thread on the freelance section asking for some advice/tips.

So, will we have another meet-up then?


snowwombat Wed 11-Jul-12 23:34:19

just a quick one as it has been long long days here and spent 4hrs on the car today popping to our old place and for A to have his eye appt at the hospital
I hope to write a decent post tomorrow- which brings me to answer gauchitas question about work-
the only was I get things done is to do them at stupid o clock at night, or if possible, bribe the kids with a DVD (aussie play school is great, better than beebies), or I neglect Z when A is at nursery and let her run riot for half an hour while I churn out something. Or, the simplest option- nanny- ours is coming tomorrow as I have acheived fuck all very little since DH has been away. We are very fortunate that this nanny likes doing temp work, and so we can just book her a week or two in advance for a day or two. Would this be an option for you?

Hello everyone, looking forward to a catch up soon.
Oh and yes to a meet up. By the end of next week I might know where we will or won't be living in 6 weeks time. Can't go back to our flat-we got tenants in v quickly and they've signed for 12 months. What a relief.

Gauchita Thu 12-Jul-12 21:53:10

Hi Snow.
How did the appt go? I'm sorry I can't remember an eye appt for A blush Hope everything went well.
Thanks for replying. What you mention is so similar to what I have to do sometimes. I guess I feel guilty, besides tired and frustrated with how much (or little) I can do. I feel horrible for being "with" them but not actually or actively with them for hours sometimes while I do some work. I'm not a night person, and I'm so tired after, say, 11pm I just feel comatose grin I really need my brain to make sense of texts, I really can't risk working when I can't make much sense as then it just means I have an even longer revision stage.

I so so so wish I could afford a nanny. But the thing is, as work comes up as and when, and they're usually short projects (esp as I've only recently come back from ML, so PMs might have changed in the agencies I was working with so they don't know me and hence don't call me, etc) so if I were to hire a temp nanny like you, I'd end up either paying her the total amount of what I'd make or maybe more? sad

Then I think of other people who are worse off and I feel like a soppy moaner.

How have you all been?

Skillbo Fri 13-Jul-12 21:33:46

Evening all!

Thanks for all your nice weat vibes - they worked for the first half of the week... Shame about the rain towards the end but J got a tummy bug then so we would've been in anyway (she was sick in the swimming pool so they had to close it for the rest of the day - a really horrible, wet day too blush). Was a fun holiday overall but my friends ds is quite hard work and LOUD (soooo loud!) and a bit spoiled and so excites to be on holiday - phew!

gauchita - working is hard, don't know how you ladies do it with little ones around too! I go back to work on Monday (it has come round so quick!) and although i will miss my family so much, i think it will be nice to get a hot cup of tea! Good luck - i hope something lucky comes up to sort out your dilemma!

It would be crazy to meet up so, obviously depending on when & where, i would love to come!

zhen - any money news?

ninja - Lovely to hear the new lo is doing so well. Hoping for a speedy recovery for your bil smile how was E's farm trip?

snow - i seemed to spend a large portion of my holiday crouched in toilets willing J to poo... Endless! Still managed an accident on the toilet floor - blooming poo angry but then she got quite ill and has been adorable ever since.. I was proud of her this week grin and O had fun too, I think.

Right, need to mindlessly stare at the telly for an hour then bed... Hope all fabulous with you all x

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June2009 Tue 17-Jul-12 21:01:46

gosh snow what a nightmare with poo sad I hope you find out within the next 6 weeks where you will be living, that must be stressfull. How's things with dh? Mine's just distant, on the phone all day, on the internet all evening, doesn't hear me when I talk to him, not massively interested in sex which sadly makes me think I just don't turn him on anymore (and that is affecting my self esteem even though I've never looked or felt better) I'm really confused and try not to think about it or it depresses me.

Do you guys ever get to go out with friends?
I'm craving some proper "me" time with friends where I'm not a mum or a wife, just me. I went to the cinema with a couple of friends the other day, first time in 3 years and it was so liberating. Isn't that sad?... really need to plan another night out soon!

Yes Yes to a meet up, in London? Hopefully C will not have the runs this time! or whatever it was she had last time that prevented us from going!
Somewhere indoors would be good seeing this miserable and moody weather how about a softplay area somewhere so the kids can run around together?

To snow and gauchita and anyone else working from home, I have pretty much given up trying to do any kind of work while C is here, unless I stick the tv on (even then, it's the never the right program or film and she wants it changed 5 times every half hour).
gauchita what a nightmare of a week for you, so much on! yes work is hard but you need to keep in the loop, argh <pulls hair>
She's going to nursery full time from end of september, I'm thinking of qualifying as a personal trainer, need to do more research, the money is shit I know that much...and I love working out...
goose skillbo and gauchita meeting up with my old trainer was fabulous, I missed him so much! I killed him on the gym floor, revenge is sweet :D:D He texted me yesterday saying he might be getting some occasional work in London and will let me know so we can train together again wich is just lovely. Would you believe it he is still a personal trainer but as a side job he is now a stripper!!
goose the hangover ...we met up with my old trainer in the evening, dh and a few friends from the gym he used to know, went to the pub and had a few drinks. I just can't drink anymore, 2 glasses and I get a hangover!!

gauchita how is your sore throat? I've just come down with one (doing too much!!) going to GP tomorrow morning to see if he can give me some magic pills.
I did go to Vienna for 3 days, city break with dh and C, it was great although not many things to do specifically for children so that was quite hardwork. We took the pram with us, didn't take it out the first evening when we got there and quickly decided there was no way we would not take it with us the next day LOL. C either didnt want to walk or wanted to run around. :D
Then when we did have the pram C didn't want to go in, or wanted to push it herself (bumping into unimpressed people in the street), or put her toys in it (then we had to make sure we hadn't lost the toys every 10 minutes etc etc etc etc you get the picture :D:D) <sigh> it was great though :D

C is much better in restaurants now (apart from "needing" the loo the minute the food hits our plates!!) so it wasn't a complete nightmare ;) the flights were only 2 hours and C was absolutely fine. Vienna is a lovely city, I would definitely go back.

zhen what happened in the end with the bank and the money? how awful sad
skillbo that has happened to C also, puke incident in the pool which they subsequently had to close, eek. Hope she's better now!!! how old is your friend's ds?

Gauchita Wed 18-Jul-12 08:59:56

Morning ladies,

June, sore throat gone, thankfully. Nurse over the phone said it could take 10 days for it to go, and she was right hmm Oh, Vienna looked great, I saw a couple of pictures on FB.
M is going to school part-time in September, D will be the same days at nursery, but the thing is, my work (the linguistic type) comes up whenever, without much notice and something I have to do at night, after they've gone to bed. I so wish I were a night owl grrr
Glad to hear the meet-up with your old trainer went great. Vengeance is sweet grin
Sorry to hear things are not too great with DH. I wouldn't attribute it to you, if I'm honest, June. It sounds as if this has to do with him: too much into work, stressed out, etc etc. We've been in those cycles too sad and once you're in the loop of not listening to each other, not having proper conversations, not enjoying a meal (even at home!) together, etc it's a hard one to break. How was he during your break in Vienna? Did he manage to not think about work and relax a bit?

Skillbo, how was the return to work? Hope you enjoyed your hot cuppa smile Glad to hear the holidays were nice. Is J all better now?

Still in the house of baby wheeze here sad Hosp on Monday, they gave him some o2 and observed him for a few hours. Still wheezy but using inhaler every 4hs to control it, we'll see.

Work is busy, had to catch up yesterday with things I hadn't been able to do on Mon (due to going to hosp) but I was with both DC in tow, man is this hard grin

Hope everyone is well.

Gauchita Fri 20-Jul-12 20:36:53

<opens door>

It's quiet here grin

Hope everyone is bracing themselves for the summer that is supposed to be arriving tomorrow! <excited>

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Gauchita Sat 21-Jul-12 07:31:05

Yay! We have sunshine! smile smile smile long may it last ha! grin

June2009 Sun 22-Jul-12 20:50:31

Hey sunshine here too ;) enjoying it!

I had antibiotics for my sore throat, it's gone now thankfully all I have is a bit of a stuffy nose.

Hows everybody?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sun 22-Jul-12 21:49:33

evening all smile

gauchita, hope D is better now, that photo of M and dh was lovely.

snow, hope you've found out whether you're coming or going by now!

skillbo, hope the return to work went well.

zhen, any news on the bank yet?

june, hope you're feeling better now. Very envy of your trips away, sounds lovely!

it's been a manic couple of weeks in the lead up to the end of term, I'm so pleased it's all over! E had fun on his farm trip, he saw a bus (the one he went on) and some bikes . . . I'm pretty sure there were some animals, they obviously didn't rate a mention grin Dd3 is going into a brand new centre at her school in september, it sounds really exciting, but on the other hand, a little nerve wracking being one of the ginea pigs!

bil has had his op!! I'm so angry for him. He had his op on weds afternoon, dosed up to the ceiling on morphine and was hallucinating that evening. Thursday they refused to give him so much as a paracetamol because the doctor forgot to write up any pain relief for him, when he asked for the duty doctor because of the pain he was in they said to him, and I quote, 'you're not the only patient in this hospital'. Sil is still livid, she was home with the baby and couldn't get in and he didn't think to ring her, he finds it hard to think about doing things like that, it's one of his side effects. So he's sat there with a huge scar running from the top of his ear in a big semi circle round to the back of his head, two black eyes and a horrendous amount of swelling on his face becasue they had to dislocate his jaw and they wouldn't give him any pain relief. Friday morning he saw the doctor who didn't seem that bothered, offered to prescribe something but I think sil may have told him where to stick it, and then discharged him. Sil took him straight to the gp who sorted him out. Looks like it went ok though, just got to wait for more results again.

hope you've all had some of the lovely sunshine we've had today, so lovely to get the washing out on the line again!! Waves to all smile

Gauchita Sun 22-Jul-12 22:05:40

Oh Ninja, that is just disgraceful, what an absolute lack of everything angry angry angry Shame on them. Glad to hear it went ok, though. Fingers super crossed for results to come back clear for him. I have your SIL in my thoughts, I can't help but think what she's going through with a tiny baby in tow and the worry for her DH sad

Glad to hear E enjoyed his trip. It's amazing how anything with wheels takes their full attention, isn't it? M wouldn't stop talking about the tractors in the farm grin Any plans for the summer holidays?

June, glad to hear throat is sorted now smile We had some great sunshine this afternoon (morning not so much). It was warm as well! Hope this week the sunshine continues.

Quiet weekend here. Finally taking up that "job" at work in August, as the person that was in charge of it decided to leave. Doing some research and preparing things now!

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