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Fab Feb 2009 - come rain, wind or shine, we're here for each other with copious amounts of wine

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New thread for us to quaff and chat away on... though as the sun is out today suspect I'll be pootling around here on my todd for a bit

<starts arranging the deckchairs in best position to catch the sun>

swampster Fri 01-Feb-13 20:48:37

Awww, missed that about Danny being picked up late. sensitive wee souls, aren't they?

dinkystinky Fri 01-Feb-13 20:59:20

They are indeed sensitive little souls. Danny was double checking I would stay in the house after I put him to bed tonight, bless him.

sensitive wee souls is right

I found A crying in the loo at toddler group today because 'they won't let me be on in hide and seek' hmmsadgrin

Although I wasn't to pleased with ds1 on that one. He was there with us as he was off school. I'd noticed A was missing but assumed he was playing in the loos (all the kids had been running in and out during a fairly convoluted and loud game of hide and seek) so sent ds1 to check on him. Ds1 comes back out and goes back to playing with the other kids. After a few minutes A still hasn't appeared so I ask ds1 what he was up to. Ds1 says 'i don't know whats wrong with him, he wont tell me'.

It hadn't occurred to the daft child to tell me A was crying!

SilveryMoon Sat 02-Feb-13 08:47:28

Poor Danny! Hope he's ok dinky
About to start the housework, get the place in better shape for tomorrow, just so I can do it all again tomorrow after party!
Happy birthday to all the Fab Feb babies. Can't believe they are growing up so fast!
dinky I was huge with both ds's, but with Luke was in maternity trousers before 12 weeks blush

dinkystinky Sat 02-Feb-13 14:55:15

Thanks SM - he seemed absolutely fine today, woke up and started playing quietly in his room with his toy animals. SummerRain - DS1 is like that too: wouldnt occur to him to tell me if Danny was upset or doing something he wasnt meant to.

Glad to hear others have been huge at different stages - makes me feel slightly less like a ginormous freak.

It was your ds1 who was being assessed dinky wasn't it? How's he getting on now?

Ds1 is finally under full assessment with child guidance, meeting the consultant psyche on the 14th.... Apparently his presentation is 'complex' so no easy answers yet [rolls eyes]

LittleMissNorty Sat 02-Feb-13 15:51:42

Just wanted to say hello an happy birthday to everyone's 4 year olds. Congrats to the new babies as well.....none of that here.....2 are keeping me on my toes. Am getting emotional about my baby starting school already......what am I going to be like in September. Great to see you all still chatting. Must try and get on MN more.....couldn't have managed without itduring my pg.

MarkStretch Sat 02-Feb-13 16:00:37

Hello everyone. Happy birthday to the fab feb babies who turn 4 this month. Wow, 4, I can't believe it. And some of us have had more since and are still cooking sone new ones! (Congrats dinky x ) Frank is 4 tomorrow and we are going to Pizza Hut for lunch (big junk food treat) and then bowling. We had p,Anne's a day out at the Dinosaur Park as requested by his nibs but it's still toooooo cooooold!

Aside from all that I hope everyone is well, I still think about you all and love seeing what is going on on fb when you all post things. No more babies for me but I'm so glad my little Ivy joined our family when she did, 3 is the magic number... However I've had to go back to work (part time shifts with the Ambulance Service working my shifts around Jason) so we can sell our house and buy a bigger one to fit everyone in which will be brilliant but we will be skint forever more!

Lots of un-mnetty hugs to you all x

elkiedee Sat 02-Feb-13 16:01:20

Happy birthday Stanley and Jacob.

Great to see our thread at the top of postnatal after 4 years.

MarkStretch Sat 02-Feb-13 16:01:30

I meant planned a day out, bloody auto correct is mental!

elkiedee Sat 02-Feb-13 16:03:43

Congratulations Dinky on going for a third.

dinkystinky Sat 02-Feb-13 16:11:30

Lovely to see you guys on. Happy advance birthday to Frank stretch for tomorrow - bet he'll love his outing even if no dinos involved.

dinkystinky Sat 02-Feb-13 17:35:35

SummerRain - yes DS1 is being monitored by the school senco. We took him to be assessed as school was doing nothing much. Ds1 has difficulties reading and writing - misses small words, reverses letter etc. He has problems focussing in and tracking. We have started him on omega supplements and others and doing balance coordination and tracking exercises with him daily. It seems to be helping - he has gone up several book bands since the start of the year and is getting better at writing and maths too. His concentration is variable so we are trying cooked breakfasts too to see if that helps.

oooggs Sat 02-Feb-13 18:32:00

Luke is concerned that I am going to be lonely in September when he goes to school.

Not more toddlers!!!! Have been going for 9 years!!!

Hope all having lovely birthdays, 4 is too old!!

dinkystinky Sat 02-Feb-13 18:47:39

Ah bless Luke - that is so sweet!

9 years of toddler tantrums - you deserve a medal!

SilveryMoon Sat 02-Feb-13 19:55:32

dinky How old is J? We've been told that ds1 is a full year behind. I saw his teacher the other day and she said that he has only just come off the EYFS. He is in year 1.
He gets letters the wrong way round, his reading is below average as is his writing, maths (although out of everything, this is what he is best at).
Dp is starting to think there is something 'wrong' with him because of his lack of focus, his inability to listen to and remember instruction and that he continuously makes these silly noises.
I think it;s just him being a 5 year old boy, but dp is concerned. Well, I say 'concerned', but I don't know really, when I ask him (he's said things in gest) how he actually means it, he shrugs and says he doesn't know.

dinkystinky Sat 02-Feb-13 20:49:34

SilveryMoon - DS1 is 6, in year 2. It was half way through year one his teacher said she was worried about his concentration levels and got the senco involved. DS1 was barely reading or writing when he started year 1 - he progressed lots in year 1 (ended up at level 2c at end of the year). He has progressed much better this year - personally I just think he is a late starter (my sister was too) but will do well when he hits his stride. He is young in his year - turns 7 at end of April. If I remember right your J is v young for his year so probably more to do with his young age - no 5 year old boys I know are any good at listening, focussing or doing as asked first time!

SilveryMoon Sat 02-Feb-13 21:18:05

Thanks dinky. Yes, Jacob is an August born child so is very young.
I'm sure with a bit of maturity will come focus.
Glad the school is keeping an eye on your
J and are looking into things.
Thanks for your reassurance

elkiedee Sun 03-Feb-13 13:09:13

Happy birthday Frank.

dinkystinky Mon 04-Feb-13 09:22:17

Hope all the parties/celebrations over the weekend went well.

SilveryMoon - when school were talking to me about DS1, I got a book out by Robin Pauc which has some of the exercises I was talking about in, and has lots of diet etc recommendations. Pregnancy brain has hit with a vengeance so cant remember the name but will try and dig it out if you'd like the details.

MOSagain Mon 04-Feb-13 13:56:44

Happy birthday to those that have already turned 4.

If anyone is interested, charity night went really well and we raised just over £1,000 for NDCS and SANDS in memory of MrsY's Benedict. Huge thanks to catstar/STW? for generously donating a raffle prize and buying tickets
It was lovely to catch up with MrsY too x

dinkystinky Mon 04-Feb-13 14:32:43

That's brilliant MOS - so glad it went really well!

Calico1 Mon 04-Feb-13 15:27:45

Dinky poor Danny, he must have been upset. Similar thing happened to DS last year when he was supposed to be going home from school with another child and his mum but she forgot! Poor DS was distraught, even more so when his teacher brought him to our door (we live next to the school) and no-one was in!

Swampy that cake sounds fab - I'm going to transform the pile of blackened bananas in my fruit bowl.

Lilian has asked for a cake that looks like a strawberry for her birthday hmm. Lilian is having 4 of her friends for a party lunch at home....I'm hoping that they'll all be well behaved little girls and it won't be too traumatic!

dinkystinky Mon 04-Feb-13 18:50:51

Its a good thing you're artistic Calico grin

Lilian and her 4 ladies who lunch sounds positively civilised.

Danny was v upset at the time but seems to be bouncing back thank god.

dinkystinky Tue 05-Feb-13 10:21:45

Happy birthday for tomorrow to Rosey's M!

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