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Fab Feb 2011: Walking, talking and still not sleeping.

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blizy Thu 07-Jun-12 07:38:13

I hope you don't mind me starting a new thread? Lets hope it's a lucky one for me.

<passes round some [tea].

GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 21:26:47

New thread here


blizy Tue 25-Sep-12 21:19:17

reastie I say do whatever makes you feel happy, there is no point being miserable when there is no need to.

debka I'm sorry things are crap with dh just now, have you told him how you are feeling? Maybe he needs a shock (or a slap).

wiggles yikes to the birds and bees talk, how did they react?

DH had his test today, we will get the results back in about 2 weeks.

Hope you are all ok.

wigglesrock Tue 25-Sep-12 20:55:51

reastie I've been having the best time since July but I only ever worked for the money grin I did my time working for job satisfaction in my early 20s and that almost done me in grin. I have no desire to meet friends through work, I can plenty amuse myself, so work for me was always just a means to an end so I have no bother if I need to just picking up a few cleaning shifts in a few months. Oh and I have Emma about 4 days a week grin, so I have less time sort of then when I was working but its more enjoyable and I hated working weekends.

debka I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time at the minute, I know how much your marriage means to you xx

I've just had to explain to the girls exactly how babies are made - I think I handled it ok, but if anyone spies a thread tomorrow on AIBU "shocked and offended" that an almost 5 year old knows the facts of life and is sharing it around the playground - its Olivia blush

reastie Tue 25-Sep-12 17:15:19

OK, so I'm all ready to literally hand my notice in and struggle to get through one more day of work and then I have a good day blush . Nuts. Think I will just think about it till half term - that gives me 3 weeks. ponyo the jobs in my specialism are very few and far between and jobs rarely come up in my area - the only job that came up in over a year whilst/after I did my teacher training was the job I'm in now!

deb but you always seem so together and accepting of your relationship with your DH. When I've had sort of similar issues you've always just accepted that's how it is. Was he always like this? Do you think now you've got more confident you're realising you need more (I don't mean 'need' in a needy or bad way)? Do you think he would try couples counselling? Just think before you post on relationships if you want a second opinion - although they are all lovely and well meaning and I ahve had some good advice and insight, they will pretty much all say 'leave the bugger' [bitter experience] . I hope you can work through it. What's he like with the girls? Btw do you fancy a half term meet up with me again? grin

ILovePonyo Tue 25-Sep-12 16:44:55

deb sad Sorry to hear that. You can only try to talk to someone about how you are feeling for so long, after a while it just gets you down if they aren't interested in trying as well. I know you've said your dh is/is probably depressed, he needs to deal with that himself soon because it is starting to impact on you as well. That may sound unsympathetic but he has you and the girls to think about, not just himself, easier said than done though. Hope you are ok, I don't have any advice just a ((hug)) and we are here to listen when you need us xx

reastie yikes. Do you definitely want A to go to private school then? How does the prospect of being at home all day every day appeal to you? This will sound flippant but if you want to give up work and can do financially, do it, long term/in the future there will always be teaching posts (I imagine?) and working in a job you don't like sucks, frankly.

I've not been to the docs becuase I feel much better and am not bleeding anymore blush Don't tell me off. Off to get A from nursery now, back later...

GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 12:47:18

Just reread my post and realised how hypocritical I sound- in one breath telling reastie I wouldn't be able to stick at something that made me unhappy, then in the next talking about how I won't leave my (currently) unhappy marriage.

Food for thought....

GOLDdebka Tue 25-Sep-12 12:45:48

Morning all,

reastie you never know what's round the corner, I wouldn't be able to continue doing something that made me so unhappy.

wiggles thanks smile I'll do you a swap for a few days, ok? wink

I'm ok, just been feeling a bit sad about our marriage. It's just not what I expected/wanted of a relationship tbh, and I am tired of trying to talk about it or do something about it. We have dtd ONCE since S was born, in fact since she was conceived, and that one time was pretty unsatisfactory. He just doesn't seem interested in that side of things, or even particularly interested in me. Sigh. I don't want to leave him (although as my friend who's a therapist said, there are degrees of leaving people, and although we live together I do find my emotional support elsewhere). I just feel sad that it is how it is.

reastie Tue 25-Sep-12 07:51:50

Morning everyone

ledkr hope you're doing OK

ponyo sounds nasty - let us know how it goes with the doc.

deb yuck yuck yuck to the poo carpet! How are you today? Hope things with 'D' H are OK - is it related to the anniversary night discussion?

granny yes I see your logic re: the whole window, I just hadn't thought of it before. It would defnintely mean redecorating here though as we have odd curtain pole things which are attached on the window frame and come up over the wall a bit too, plus, our house is all pretty much wall paper or ancient painted walls that retouching would mean a big difference in colours hmm great excuse to redecorate though

blizy thinking of you and MrB today

I'm not sure if I've ever been in a dodgy pub blush - I remember as a teenager going to a 'working mans club' in a questionable part of London to use their loo and pretend I was a customer and then later that evening they had a wedding do on there and it was like something straight out of eastenders grin

I am now perilously close to handing my notice in to work. wiggles are you enjoying your work free time? Mentioned it to DH last night. He never asks how things are going, I think he hopes if he doesn't ask he can't find out and if he doesn't know he doesn't have to think about it hmm . The only thing keeping me there and thinking I should stay there is a) if I give up work I give up the potential of Alice going to private school, and, b) if I give up work now will this be bad for my career in the long term and what will I do ni the future hmm . I found out yesterday through going through the old school calendar and new one that in the past 2 years they've taken away 2 weeks of our holiday a year but we get paid the same hmm - this tipped me over the edge grin

wigglesrock Mon 24-Sep-12 22:25:03

ponyo glad you're heading to Dr xx

I love a good rough pub, especially if it has a suitably 80s themed jukebox. We used to live near one that didn't open the ladies toilet during the day shock, think women were supposed to take a hint and let their menfolk drink in peace until 5pm grin

granny Mr W used to work in furniture retail before his current job - he's a bloody whizz at putting together furniture [whispers he actually enjoys it shock ] Ikea self assembly is like catnip to him grin

blizy hope all goes well for dh tomorrow and glad you have GP appt for yourself. Weird dream btw grin I will glare at some squid on your behalf!

GOLDdebka would you like me to come over and kick your not so dh's arse - because I'd do that for you sweetheart grin, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ledkr Mon 24-Sep-12 21:10:46

Hi all. Just making sure im on the thread so it comes up on my threads. Catch up soon busy at work till wed x

ILovePonyo Mon 24-Sep-12 21:09:57

Hello all, just thought I'd post to say I am fine (well I'm still in a lot of pain and feel sick) but am feeling fine about the mc. Don't mean to sound blase but I just feel a but stupid that Ive not been taking my pill properly, I really don't want to be up-duffed tbh! Going to make a docs appt in the morning just because I feel so ill. Bleurgh. Thanks for asking everyone smile

deb hope you and 'd'h are ok. Well hope you're ok more wink you know what I mean. I'm up for an early night too.

Can't believe how organised you lot are re: xmas, I am ignoring it and hoping that will mean I don't need to panic buy - twisted logic there grin

Love the dodgy pub talk, I havn't been to the pub with dp for ages but once in our 'local' someone hit someone over the head with a chair grin and some women had a scrap and one took off her shoe to hit the other one with it grin grin I loved it but not because I'm rough (honest deb!)

Off to sit in bed and read for a bit, love to all x

blizy Mon 24-Sep-12 21:08:57

Debka- I may be Scottish but I'm a wee softie, the dodgy pubs scared the hell out of me, think the jockey in shameless and double the shock factor!wink
Yikes to the puppy poop! I hope things are ok with you and Dh.

Oh yes 15 degrees here is shorts and t- shirt weather!grin

Granny- I keep well clear of Dh when he is building up furniture! I hope it wasn't too traumatic.

Reastie- get you finished your Christmas shopping!

Grannyapple Mon 24-Sep-12 20:53:04

Grr...sent before I finished...our walls are magnolia (except from feature walls) so not too noticeable for us. If you're going to get them replaced, I preferred to get it all done in one go...should see you through the next 10yrs then?

Here,we set up our new coffee table last night....heated discussions btwn me & dh....note to self to never buy self assembly furniture, especially from next!! Tho dh said in the end that it wasn't half as bad as Ikea self assembly..but v close!!

Waiting on online grocery shop arriving then off to bed me thinks...bloody cold & need to heat up!!

Grannyapple Mon 24-Sep-12 20:46:51

Ha ha debka I'm a bit of a southern softie now (well, except the accent grin)...don't like the rain, wind & finding it cold down here despite it apparently being 15 degrees down here (in the rain) blizy will tell you, that's positively tropical weather for Scottish folk wink

reastie yeah our windows were replaced as complete units so both inside & out were done...we've only had just a tiny tear in the wall in the underside of the window on the inside, but our walls are magn

GOLDdebka Mon 24-Sep-12 20:33:43

OMG you all talking about Christmas presents, so grown up. I have a cupboard full of marmalade and jam, 2 bottles of blackberry vodka (this year's) and 2 of sloe gin (last year's) and that's it. Bloody hate shopping, especially for other people. Wish I could just make everyone a nice cake. (except you reastie, I'd make you a gluten and everything free cake grin)

reastie erm yes the dog may possibly have his own page. Do friend him, he'd be delighted.

ponyo you sound ever so blase, hope you're ok smile

blizy excellent news on gp appointment. Tell DH not to panic too much, my sister's DH had his tested and it was Not Good News but they have their LO now (Clomid baby, but he had no <ahem> assistance).

You Scots sound frightfully rough to my MC southern softie ears, pubs, tartan carpets, drunk people? My goodness, the frightful company I am keeping on this thread! wink

We've been dog sitting my parent's puppy for the last few nights, bloody hellfire I've never cleaned up so much bloody dog wee and poo (sorry, MC remember grin) in my life. Today she pooed in the kitchen when my back was turned, Sabine stood in it then ran it all around the house. There must have been 30 little smudges of brown round the living room. Spray, scrub, spray, scrub, spray, scrub. I think our Christmas present to ourselves will be to get the carpet cleaned.

Feeling tired, a bit sad (DH not so D) and under the weather this evening, will turn in soon I think.

Love to all xxx

reastie Mon 24-Sep-12 18:34:42

deb has your dog got a fb profile page hmm - I think he just came up in my 'people you may know' grin

blizy best of luck for Mr Blizy tomorrow. Do you have to wait long for the results? Fingers crossed for you both. Glad you enjoyed the football. Tis freezing here too btw - I had the great idea hmm of popping into town with no coat earlier - got drenched!

Oh, on a completely different note I've had a little convo on another board with geekygirafee if anyone remembers her from antenatal - she is well grin

granny re: windows - did you get your inside frame changed as well as the actual windows? FIL has told DH we should get the whole frame changed too including all the wooden surrounds inside - but I think that will mean every room will need redecorating <faints>

wiggles S doing an acting club eh - hope she has fun btw how is Anna now after the tonsilitis?

Only just starting christmas presents? I've pretty much finished mine grin

ponyo how are you?

blizy Mon 24-Sep-12 16:57:22

Granny- grin at your dodgy pub! I love going to the football, it was the first i have been since before I was pregnant with Zoe. It's the first 3rd division I have been to though!

It's so bloody cold here, I just had bath to heat me up, me, Dh and the cat have been snuggled in the couch under blankets all afternoon!
Dh has his date with a cup semen analysis tomorrow, poor thing is so scared about the resultssad. I have finally managed to get a dr appointment too, I'm seeing her on Friday. I'm defo going to try AD's. Right I'm off to cook dinner, we are having honey glazed ham- yummy!

Grannyapple Mon 24-Sep-12 12:08:47

Ha ha...good thinking wiggs. Ah we don't seem to have any Home Bargain shops down here sad

blizy ha ha had to laugh at your dodgy pubs comment. I've been in a few dodgy pubs round there in my youth (old fart now). Can't ever forget the weird pub with a well dodgy tartan carpet...& lots of mirrored Ally McCoist pics on the walls, with some dodgy country & western singer on. DH was well scared to breath in there, even tho it was one if his pals who picked the pub. Quite jealous you got to go to a football match..never been to one in ma puff!

blizy Mon 24-Sep-12 11:38:16

Ah wise thinking wiggles! You and Mr W were in my dream last night, we were escaping a giant squid thing, it was trying to eat my baby- weird!confused

Ledkr- how is Ella?

Ponyo- hope you are ok?

Hope you all had a fab weekend.

Bank hol here and it's pissing down, so having a pj day with Dh. We had a great day yesterday(even if he did take me to some dodgy pubs in Ibroxhmm).

wigglesrock Mon 24-Sep-12 10:31:04

ponyo take care, how are you feeling today xx

blizy ah but the drama is an hour after school, in the school and its free grin, not so much putting S first as putting my sanity first wink Hope you enjoyed the football grin

Horrible, horrible day here - ps was in Home Bargains and they have fab Charley Bear jigsaws for 99p.

blizy Sun 23-Sep-12 10:05:58

His all,

Ponyo- hope you are feeling ok?

Wiggles- you must been keen, enrolling S for drama lessons!grin

I have bought a couple of
Christmas presents too, I want to get the shopping done before the build up starts, I can't face it again this year.
I'm off to the football today with Dh, quite looking forward to it.

Hope you all have a good day.

ILovePonyo Sun 23-Sep-12 07:10:15

Morning all,

Wiggles no not been to docs blush I'm pretty certain it's a mc, it's similar to when I had them before (and painful,ow). I really need to start taking my pill properly shock Love that S goes to drama grin

Granny good luck with the clearing out today, I had a big clear out of all of A's clothes yesterday and feel better for it. Am going to nosy at your pics in a bit!

A was a right whinger yesterday so I'm hoping today is better. She was also wide awake at 3am not last night, the night before, and I think it's becaus she was cold?! So am thinking about getting her a duvet for her cot, does anyone else use one?

Happy Sunday all!

Grannyapple Sat 22-Sep-12 21:02:32

Ah cheers wiggs too kind. Loving the sounds of your girls....they sound absolutely hilarious!

I bought N's 1st crimbo pressie 2 weeks ago....done feck all since tho grin.

Had a bit of a clear out today (living room only). Have upstairs to sort out next but weather is supposed to be pants tomorrow so perfect job for stating indoors me thinks!

wigglesrock Sat 22-Sep-12 20:17:15

reastie hope you felt better yesterday xx

Grannyapple - fab pictures - N is scrummy grin

ponyo did you get to see Dr?

All good here, Sofia has started drama classes after school - as if she needs any help grin and Olivia is rolling her eyes at the eejits on X Factor - she's not a fan of real people on tv - a bit like her Ma grin

I bought my first proper Christmas present today blush as opposed to the bits of pieces of stuff I've bought and hidden in a drawer grin

reastie Fri 21-Sep-12 18:32:29

Thanks granny love the piccies of windows Nate grin . We were originally thinking of refurbishing our windows but DH wants double glazed so we've waited to just get them redone. Glad we didn't bother now!

I saw my old teenage crush (as in RL person I knew not celeb) on TV last night shock - would not have recognised him at all - he hasn't aged very well also may I add confused - took me a bit aback. I was so shocked I didn't tell DH blush .

ledkr there was a fly in my car this morning which kept buzzing around my head - it wouldn't go out of the window. I think it was there to spite me after giggling at your spider story!

Just sitting with a rubbish stomach ache sad . I've had a lousy week with really bad sleep and I think it's catching up - had a massive headache all afternoon and counting the minutes for DH coming home to help with Alice. Then I had an early dinner and why oh why did I decide to have a choc ice for pud confused - I knew I should have stuck to good stuff. My IBS is now playing up and I'm feeling very sorry for myself [self pity]

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