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Fab Feb 2011: Walking, talking and still not sleeping.

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blizy Thu 07-Jun-12 07:38:13

I hope you don't mind me starting a new thread? Lets hope it's a lucky one for me.

<passes round some [tea].

RobinSparkles Fri 08-Jun-12 16:34:27

Had a nosy. Lovely house! I really like the kitchen and bathroom smile why did I think that you were down south?

Deliaskis Fri 08-Jun-12 17:23:04

Don't know Robin, I am and always have been in leafy Cheshire, where all the posh northerners live, but I'm in the non-posh bit. I just drive past lots of posh houses on my way to work and think...hmmm....very posh house, huge, and luxurious, but actually [whispers] quite ugly.


RobinSparkles Fri 08-Jun-12 18:08:41

We were at Cheshire Oaks on Sunday - we could have nipped in for a brew! grin

reastie Fri 08-Jun-12 18:15:17

Hi all

d your house is so lovely and pristine envy - tell me, where on earth did you put all Claudia's toys/plastic tat for the piccies? We have loads junking up our house!

Feeling a bit better today (thank goodness) as is DH, but still pretty rough. It's really not helping that Alice still isn't well and has been up more than half the night for over a week confused . DM has been great taking Alice on and off over the past few days, she's also been bathing her for me in the evenings as DH and I haven't been well enough to - this afternoon apparently Alice kept baby signing 'more' and 'bath' all the time so DM gave her another bath grin - she must like their bath more than ours hmm

borg I recognise loads of those places from when I went on holiday there a few years back - got talked into a boat ride to the farne islands being assured the sea would be dead still (I'm a bad sailor and feel boat sick very easily) and it was really really rough envy (green face of illness)

ems how was the picnic?

ledkr looks like I may be doing a trip to cheltenham soon as my grandma is apparently not going to make it much longer shock - that's potentially 3 grandparents in less than a year for me sad . I'm not sure if it will be a fleeting trip just for a funeral or a more leisurely one but will let you know incase of potential meet up (if you want to of course wink ).

deb 2 hour nap did you say envy envy

needto might look up that chavs book, although I always associate you with reading very educational books although I'm not sure why which are too complicated for me blush . Hope you get the results from Bens tests soon. I'm now half way through watching 'the bridge' - it's great grin

Speaking of babies putting things away - I got alice to put her beakers away from the dishwasher yesterday grin and she also now holds her hand over her face when she coughs/sneezes most of the time [proud]

Emski76 Fri 08-Jun-12 19:16:22

Reastie, id be up for meeting in Cheltenham too! Wish it was under better circumstances tho.
Hope all in the Reastie house feel better soon.

The picnic didn't happen, it's been soooooo windy here I was too scared to drive there. It's half hour away, I know I'm a wimp but it really does frighten me, we ended up having our first day at home for ages, apart from popping to Tesco. It was ok, we're all exhausted now tho,boys both in bed, hooray!

blizy Fri 08-Jun-12 19:24:26

Glad you are feeling better reastie. Sorry to hear about your grandma. sad

granny if you are about, I'm still waiting to hear if my trip to London will go ahead (dh is waiting on his work schedule, probs won't know for sure until Monday morning.)

tadjennyp Fri 08-Jun-12 19:24:35

Delia, what a lovely house! Very similar to the house we sold in Tadcaster to come here. Hope you get some offers soon.

Hugs reastie about your grandma. Hope she is not suffering. Glad you are feeling a bit better today.

Shame about the picnic Emski. Who would want to eat out in the wind anyway?

Glad you have the teacher you want wiggles. That makes such a difference.

It is really pretty Borg, not too far from the beach fortunately. Real fresh air! Thanks for the tips.

I went to pick up my prescription for the pill this morning. I had to pay $30 out of $89 for one month's worth! shock No wonder there are such large families here. wink Going to pick up our car shortly too. Only been 3 weeks. Yay!

Hope you are all having a fun Friday evening. wine

wigglesrock Fri 08-Jun-12 21:07:18

D hope house goes your way, have posted on your thread - Mr W has a few ideas [eyeroll], I may have created a monster showing him the Property Section grin.

reastie glad you are all on the mend. S and O love having baths at my Mums - don't really know why. Thinking of your grandmother. My best friends granny died this morning sad

emski weather awful here too - its like November shock

Having lovely day here its my birthday lots of spoiling and we have all weekend off together grin And to top it all off Mr W arranged Euro 2012 to start on my birthday - he's beyond excited hmm PS If anyone fancies a tip all my work colleagues (I work in a betting environment) have put money on France surprisingly.

Olivia went to primary school this morning for her induction - all good. We left her into her class and we could stay as long as we wanted. Lets just say me and Mr W were in the canteen before they had even started setting up the coffee blush Was a lovely hour or so - we sat with some Mums that have children in Sofias class and had a good bitch natter about lots of people. Mr W was very popular - he's like a gay best friend shock, all my school mum friends loved him - apparently their husbands don't like a good gossip grin

Hope weather improves and we all have a lovely weekend!

tadjennyp Fri 08-Jun-12 21:15:10

Hope you have a wonderful birthday wiggles with lots of spoiling!

ILovePonyo Fri 08-Jun-12 21:22:43

Evening all, just sat having a vino watching Uncle Buck shock grin

wiggles HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You kept that quiet wink Glad O's induction went well, grin at MrW as a gay best friend, that doesn't surprise me if that makes sense (no offense meant!)

reastie funnily enough A loves baths at my mums house too, weird. I'm intrigued what the baby sign is for 'more' and 'bath'? Please tell... smile Sorry about your grandma, thats tough especially with your other 2 grandparents passing so recently sad

delia I thought you were south too! I had to google where cheshire is blush

tadj shock at the price of contraceptives, makes me appreciate getting the pill for free here. Hope the pill helps anyway.

emski a picnic in the wind sounds like a 'mare to me.

dp came with me and A to messy play this morning for the first time ever... and it was CANCELLED! Such a shame. Then this afternoon we hung about waiting for the 2nd estate agent who showed up 2 hours late. Poor old A has had a bit of a boring day but been v funny again, not much whinging today which is always nice. She woke up at 7 this morning, also nice, I think the 'lie-in' puts her in a better mood for the day.

Grannyapple Fri 08-Jun-12 21:41:42

Hello lovely ladies...found you grin.

Well, finally recovered from the w/e in Santa ponsa...absolutely shattered & only started feeling normal today. Was good tho to get a bit of sun & feel like 'me' again..

blizy yeah no worries, just let me know when you know. N has his mmr booster on Tuesday morning but he should be fine.

Mother in law is down....spent the last w/e with her so feel like I've done my DIL duty so have a hair appt & 2 hrs massage booked for tomorrow....DH can have some quality time with his mum then wink

blizy Fri 08-Jun-12 21:41:51

Wiggles/ happy birthday old yin!grin glad you had a good day. grin at Mr W the sweetie wife! Enjoy your weekend together.

Ponyo- how annoying the class being cancelled an the lateness! I hate bad timekeeping.

Tad- shock at the price of contraceptives!

Delia- your house is lovely!

<wonders where 44me and k2tm1 (knitta) have got to, waves to all the lurkers<

reastie Fri 08-Jun-12 21:42:24

wiggs happy bday grin . I've never bet on football in my life but have just put a bet on France grin

ems yes yes to potential meet up

off to bed so no time to reply properly blush

blizy Fri 08-Jun-12 22:26:31

Wiggles- have you seen the pilgrims choice cheese advert? Mr wiggles is on it- he is famous! grin

NeedToSleepZZZ Fri 08-Jun-12 22:35:40

Just popping on to say a massive Happy Euro 2012 Birthday to Wiggles grin

Will write more soon but need to find a flippin charger for my ipad and new lead for the mac as B has been at both of them <mutters some very choice words under breath>

americanexpat Sat 09-Jun-12 11:13:22

wiggles - happy birthday you old bird! grin at Mr wiggles the gay best friend. DH just rolls his eyes when my mum and I are having a good gossip catch-up.

tad - shock at $89 for one month, that's unbelievable! All of my family is shock when I tell them I've not paid a penny out of pocket for health care since we've been here.

reastie - sorry to hear about your granny. You've had a rough time of it lately. sad

L slept until 8:45 this morning with a bit of whinging around 7. He's now having a nap. shock I hope it's a growth spurt and not some virus incubating.

Good luck to all selling houses.

debka Sat 09-Jun-12 19:35:46

Hey everyone, think that nap on Thursday wiped me out grin haven't managed to post since then!

Hope all well, happy birthday wigglywiggs, hope you're far too busy having a gorgeous weekend to come on here and talk to us. smile

reastie missed you on Friday sad glad you are all on the mend now though. Poor you with another grandparent poorly sad

My sister's baby shower today, was brilliant, loads of people and a very happy sister. Imogen ate her own weight in sweets and Bean had a cheeky lolly or two.

WeAreBorg Sat 09-Jun-12 19:55:30

delia ooh lovely house, yes where do you shove all the plastic tat? We have a chest in the sitting room now but still can't fit it all in.

reastie yes the sea is rather choppy about here!

wiggs happy birthday! thought of you once again whilst watching prometheus last night. Idris had some bizarre accent in it, but the Fass was superb. MrBorg is good pretending to engage in gossip but never has any recollection of the conversation when we get home hmm

expat N woke at 10am today shock. No idea what's going on here.

tad wow, maybe stock up when you're here? I'll get DH to write you a prescription wink

Had a nice day, took the parents to a hall and gardens near us, the weather held out...just.

WeAreBorg Sat 09-Jun-12 20:01:54

reastie sorry meant to write I am sorry about your granny, you have really been through it of late sad

debka i am against baby showers in principle <stamps foot>

granny glad you have recovered!

Hope you all have a nice Saturday night - I'm off into toon to get lashed in my see-through slapper dress. Just kidding, am going to watch a bit of Poirot, or perhaps the footie blush

wigglesrock Sat 09-Jun-12 20:28:54

Many thanks for all your birthday wishes, my birthday now is officially over grin I milked it long enough to get Mr W to go to KFC for me grin.

Mr W got me some new photo albums as part of my present Anna has destroyed my old ones Anna has accidentally ripped some pages of my old one. I am in the middle of being very ruthless and pruning down some older ones but I am shocked at how much A looks like Sofia at the same age shock. Apart from the fact that S had so much hair they are like twins.

I am also shock at how much I've aged from 31 to 38. I look so young in Sofias first year - bloody Olivia and her nocturnal habits - has ruined me grin

blizy grin at Mr Ws cheese buddy.

debka how is your sister doing?

WeAreBorg what did you think of Prometheus? Mr W went during the week and was a bit underwhelmed, but said husband No2 the Fassbender was fab.

blizy Sat 09-Jun-12 20:33:44

debka glad you had a good day!

borg I think you should model said dress for us wink.

wiggles I was thinking about some photo albums today. I am thinking about making up a scrapbook for Zoe, but don't have a clue where to start.

american Hope S is ok?

Dh is out watching football and I'm in painting stones! grin

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 20:41:33

Grr, wrote a big, long post before and lost it! Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Reastie sorry to read about your Gran sad. You really have had a crappy time lately, I'm so sorry.

Tad how much?!! Surely it'd just be cheaper with another mouth to feed wink

debka are both your sisters pg? How far along are they? I've only ever been to one baby shower. Sounds like the girls had a good time smile.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday wiggles. Hope you got spoilt!

Ponyo how annoying at the Messy Play. Was it a Sure Start one? I haven't been to ours for ages. I've been roped into doing the toast at school on the day - I hate it, it right pees me off doing it as it means doing 8 trips to and from school on that day! angry but I couldn't say an outright no and every excuse I made was knocked down so in the end, me being the people pleaser that I am, I said yes. Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent there...

Borg, I really thought you were off out then and I was envy but really you're just as sad as me sad grin

Thank fuck god it's bedtime! For the kids, not me!

wigglesrock Sat 09-Jun-12 21:15:53

blizy I was in Paperchase today and they had some lovely scrapbooks/ albums. You could use a baby record book as a guide to get you started, stick in scan photos, names you had thought of etc, Zoes birthstone/ star sign info. You always speak so lovingly and eloquently of Zoe so you could just buy a nice journal and write down all your feelings, memories of being pregnant.

RobinSparkles ah have you been roped into breakfast club duties? grin

blizy Sat 09-Jun-12 21:24:33

wiggles Thanks for that, some fab ideas! I want to do an album, covering pregnancy, birth and beyond. I have so many photos, poems and info, it will be nice to have it all in one place in a special book fro Zoe. Oh and it gives me something to do which is a bonus!

robin enjoy your peace!

RobinSparkles Sat 09-Jun-12 21:30:16

No, it's their mid morning snack Wiggles. I have to be there for 9.45, which means I drop DD off at 8.50, go home for 30 mins, go back, an hour of toast making, go home for an hour, back to get the picture! grin

Blizy that's a lovely idea about scrapbooking. The mum of the little boy that I used to mind has done lovely scrapbooks about the birth of both her DCs (and other things as well, like a sky dive that she did).

You could stick in scan photos and photos of Zoe. My friend has done captions on her photographs embossed in fancy gold writing. I second what Wiggles said about writing things down. Pictures of Zoe's bear and things that you've bought could go in it, perhaps?

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