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Fab Feb 2011: Walking, talking and still not sleeping.

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blizy Thu 07-Jun-12 07:38:13

I hope you don't mind me starting a new thread? Lets hope it's a lucky one for me.

<passes round some [tea].

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 07:39:25

Hey Blizy! How are things? smile

blizy Thu 07-Jun-12 07:48:15

Hey robin, all good in this hood thanks grin. How are things in the sparkley household?

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 08:52:22

We're all good. Having a relaxing half term, NOT! Isabel has lost her favourite cuddly toy - one that she won't sleep without. She's had it since she was 7 months old and I can't find it anywhere. It can't have gone far, it hasn't left the house but I'm turning the place upside down to try and find it. It's just like the story "Dogger" except that it's a pink cat sad

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 09:05:06

Hi blizy, yay new thread! Indeed hope it's a lucky one for smile good news about the doctor btw, that other one sounds a bit, Erm, dim?!

Hi robin sad to the lost toy, hope it magically reappears soon. Fingers crossed.

Hi everyone else, ledkr grin at knickers on head, A was very carefully fitting my bra onto her head the other day hmm

We have someone coming to do a house valuation today, woo exciting!

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 09:05:38

Blizy for you is what I meant blush

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 09:27:05

Exciting Ponyo! Hope it's worth lots! smile

Now who has been wearing knickers on their head? grin DD1 always used to take them off the clothes airer and put them on hers! So funny!

reastie Thu 07-Jun-12 09:47:46

Hello all, found you grin

ledkr Alice does that but with my bras - she sticks them on her arm and walks around looking all pleased with herself grin

blizy so glad the results were OK and angry at you having to wait nearly 2 weeks with worry for that.

ponyo hope the valuation is gazillions grin - are you still thinking of moving then?

robin hope you find that toy soon.

wiggles I googled that dirty book you spoke of and read the first few pages on the amazon have a look bit - didn't think it was especially well written tbh but obv that may not be why people read it wink but didn't get to see any filthy bits [disappointed] . Speaking of books - I've just finished one and am on the look out for a new one - any recommendations for a can't put it down read?

Well, DH and I have come down with Alice's bug sad - had to get DM to take Alice yesterday evening as we couldn't cope with her confused - at least before one of us has been healthy while the other one was ill [sigh] . DH is crazy and has gone to work this morning despite having a terrible fever and can barely walk or keep his eyes open - and he does a hard manual job too so it's not like he can sit in front of a computer [sigh] .

WeAreBorg Thu 07-Jun-12 10:21:36

blizy helllooo thanks for the new thread, good luck with the next set of tests.

reastie sorry all of you are poorly, I am dreading the day that happens to us.

tad when is your big trip? Whereabouts (ish) are your PILs? So many lovely places to visit round here, the kids will love it - lovely castles, beaches, castles by the beaches, Roman things, loads.....

ponyo good luck with the house valuation. Why don't you move up here? see above!

wiggles yes I have heard those books are terrible. reastie am reading we need to talk about kevin at the moment, but I think a load on this thread recommended that.

robin oh no! Hope the toy is found.

I like the bra and knicker wearing babies! N is just sticking to wearing tights round his neck like a scarf. See you all laters, have to go to work.

americanexpat Thu 07-Jun-12 10:27:34

What is it with babies putting things on their heads? L wraps clothes around his neck like a scarf too. grin

Robin - I hope the toy reappears soon. Is there any chance you could find a replacement?

blizy - angry at the previous doc. When are you due to get bloods done again?

wiggles - LOL at your depraved mind not being bothered by 50 Shades of Grey. I've heard (on MN) that it's really poorly written, not sure why it's so popular. Well, I DO know why it's so popular but you know what I mean. grin

reastie - I hope you're all feeling better soon. sad At least your mum was able to step in - I know I can't cope with L when I'm poorly, tried to when I had norovirus and only lasted an hour. I hope you're posting from bed! Were you supposed to meet debka today?

NeedToSleepZZZ Thu 07-Jun-12 11:29:30

Hello everyone,

reastie OH NO!! I second american in that I hope you're posting from your bed. Why does this happen in half term as well sad

blizy I have fingers and toes crossed for you with this thread, you never know wink Very true about the no sleeping thing hmm now get alfie out of the washing machine wink

robin do you have a pic of the pink cat toy? we could all go on a internet hunt for a replacement if you can't find it.

good luck to ponyo and the valuation! tres exciting! let us know how it goes!

wiggles I saw the author of that book being interviewed and she seemed okay, quite normal in fact iykwim. Don't think I'll bother with the book though as I tend to read gory thrillers when I actually have time to read. Am reading very slowly a book called Chavs at the moment, it's fantastic and about the demonisation of the working classes.

Haven't been on for a bit and out of the loop. B is back to not sleeping but have decided to change my expectations and go with the easiest solution so when he wakes, he comes into bed with us. I figure it won't last forever and he still naps in his cot so not too bad. Still waiting for his blood test results, still a nightmare with pooing. Oh well, at least he's learnt how to tidy up his blocks at last and seems to love putting things away grin

Big waves to everyone!

debka Thu 07-Jun-12 12:04:02

I have just woken up from a two hour nap grin blush

NeedToSleepZZZ Thu 07-Jun-12 12:20:47

wowsers deb, that's impressive, not envy at all.... wink

blizy Thu 07-Jun-12 12:55:25

grin at the babies with various items of clothing around necks on heads!

american I will be going back around the 20th/21st.

needto he went in there on his own, followed me to the loo, (it's just off utility room) I came back out and there he was quite the thing!

When should B's results be back? It really is not fair to keep him and you waiting.

debka shock

robin I hope you find the toy, I agree with ponyo if you can't find it post a pic and we will all do our best in locating one.

ponyo good luck with the valuation, hope it's valued well. Ours was valued £5000 less than what we paid!

I spent the morning cleaning, now waiting on a friend coming for lunch.

Have a good day y'all!

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 13:20:50

That's a shame blizy, I know ours will be worth less than what we paid for it but there's nothing we can do about it so <shrug> I'm reading life of pi at the moment, my mum lent it to me. I've not got into it yet but it's meant to be good.

Anya is lifting up my top and drawing on me with a biscuit hmm

We went to singing where she had a massive strop as soon as the singing started and just at it the whole session, I blame it on the fact that she stacked it onto the floor before we left and had a red mark on her head blush

Borg I'd love to move near you, you could keep me entertained with funny stories about N all the time! Bit far to travel for work tho wink

Am on phone and have forgotten things sorryblush

Back later

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 13:22:26

Oh needto poor B hope he gets better soon. Must be horrible for him (and you)

tadjennyp Thu 07-Jun-12 17:07:46

Shiny new thread, blizy, thank you! Hope you had a lovely lunch with your friend.

I've heard about Fifty Shades of Grey haven't seen it in the shops. wink

Love the bra stories! Sammy likes to wrap things round his neck too. shock

Hope you get better soon reastie. S had the vomiting thing over the weekend and was a right Klingon, but we managed to escape it, thank goodness.

Borg, the PILs live just 5 miles south of Coldstream on the A697. Remote, beautiful but such a bloody long drive from anywhere! We were thinking of Alnwick Castle again, but something low-cost would be great. We're flying over in 3 weeks' time.

Hope the valuation has gone well Ponyo. Much sympathy about the strop at singing.

Seriously hope you get some answers about B soon Needto. Poor little mite.

Hope you find the cuddly toy soon Robin.

Haven't found out any answers about my gynae problems. May have to go on the pill for a month to regulate my hormones again. Feel like a bloody teenager with none of the energy! grin

Waves to everyone else. Hope tea time is going well.

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 20:26:48

Reastie hope you get better soon! Your crazy DH going off to work shock. My DH is the same - never has time off when ill. It's his own business so he worries that things will go wrong if he's not there but I'm forever telling him that "being ill is your bodys way of telling you that you need a rest."

Needto I like the fact that Ben is tidying things away! He can come here to play anytime - teach the DDs a thing or two! L just likes emptying things and getting things out. The dVDs are always being emptied out of the cabinet into a heap on the floor, crayons everywhere, building blocks tipped name it... <<sigh>> I'm like a whirlwind, forever putting things back around her!

Debka hope you enjoyed your nap!

Tad hope you find some answers soon.

<<waves to American and Borg>>

Panic over, we found the cuddly cat! Phew. DD found it at tea time - God knows where hmm. Typical after I had had every single toy box out and all under every bed. She said that it was on the conservatory floor but I know for a fact that it wasn't because I checked there several times! She was laughing when she told me, which makes me think that she is fibbing and it was somewhere that DD shouldn't have been. Weird! Anyway, at least there'll be no tears at bedtime.

I have tried to buy a spare before but it has been discontinued. She had already had it a couple of years before she became attached to it. She just started playing with it one day and played and slept with it constantly ever since!

ILovePonyo Thu 07-Jun-12 21:37:34

Grr mn just lost my post angry

I'll just do a quick one - the valuation went well, the estate agent valued it at less than we paid (whihc was not a surprise) but more than we expected (which was nice). I was researching on the Property board on mn and saw delias thread about her house and rightmove link, I'll link to mine when we get it on the market so you can all nosy!

A has been v cute today, saying 'uh oh' when she drops something and spinning round in circles then laughing grin

Robin glad you found the cat, what a relief!

Night all, hope this post doesn't get lost too hmm

wigglesrock Thu 07-Jun-12 21:47:52

blizy thanks for the new thread xx

RobinSparkles yay for the lost cat grin, O had a cuddly dog from Tescos for years, then one day she just put it down shock

NeedToSleepzz "Chavs" has been recommended lots on MN, have found a thread in the book bit grin where we are all laughing at the shiteness of the dirty book. I take A into our bed when she wakes at night - it works grin

Had Olivias info evening at her primary school tonight - was not faced with any reminders of my debauched teenage years grin - mainly because I was about 10 years older than the majority of parents! Olivia has Sofias P1 teacher so am over the moon, we loved her. PS She's the only Olivia in the whole year shock grin

RobinSparkles Thu 07-Jun-12 22:01:53

Do you know Wiggles? I don't know one single Olivia considering it's a popular name!

I used to work with a woman who had a DD named Olivia but I never met her DD and I don't see her anymore so it doesn't count grin
I haven't noticed any Olivias in DD's school since I started working there but I don't know all of their names yet. There are definitely none in DD's class and no other Isabels surprisingly, as they seem to be everywhere ATM, but there are a couple higher up in school plus an Isabella in Preschool, who will be in reception in september when DD goes into yr 1. She's known as Belle though.

Glad the info evening went well!

Emski76 Fri 08-Jun-12 07:08:34

Wiggles, glad your info evening went well. We have Bens in a few weeks, is it sad that I'm excited?!

Robin, phew for finding the lost cat. We have two of both boys 'babies'. They both love them so much altho I think Ben is slowly starting to grow out of needing his.

Ponyo, glad the valuation went well. Please do link to your house on right move when you can, it was fun seeing Delias!

Needto, Noah is quite good at tidying too. He was out in our street the other day picking up stones from the path and putting them away in someone's garden, very cute!

Tad, hope you get your 'hormones' sorted out!

Hi to everyone else.

Wow the weather is here is awful today,very wet and windy! Off to a friends this morning for a picnic, am expecting chaos at there will be 6 children and 3 adults. Glad their not coming to my house!

WeAreBorg Fri 08-Jun-12 10:01:08

too excited at the prospect of nebbing at delias house! [saddo]. ponyo yes do link to your house, glad the valuation went well.

needto yes do hope the bowel problem gets sorted, poor Ben. N sleeps in our bed too, I really like it now and look forward to getting into bed and snuggling up then him kicking me all night. N is not so much a tidier, more of a putter of things away in inappropriate places like the dishwasher or the freezer.

deb 2 hour nap!?!

tad oh what a lovely place to live, yes it's out of the way though! We went Alnwick gardens a few weeks ago, N walked the woodland walk (don't have to pay) and enjoyed bouncing around in the treehouse (also free to visit) but it's quite expensive to see the whole gardens, with castle as well would be £££, although you can then go as often as you like without paying any more. That doesn't really help you much though! We like Lindisfarne, Bamburgh, beaches e.g. druridge bay up there. You can see Dunstanburgh castle quite well without actually paying to go in there, and can play in the rock pools etc. Kielder for bike rides/walks would be free? Housesteads/hadrians wall etc are not too dear as far as I recall. Corbridge is nice to visit for nice pubs, little shops. Will have a think for more free/cheap things.

robin glad the cat found its way back

Off to neb at Ds house...

RobinSparkles Fri 08-Jun-12 10:03:39

Where is the link to Delia's house [nosy bitch]. I love a bit of property porn!!!

Deliaskis Fri 08-Jun-12 16:10:08

My thread is called 'Help me sell my house!' and is in property and DIY. I can't link as am at work and being v discreet, and can't spend too much time online (but couldn't resist typing this, natch, as you're all so excited to see).


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