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June 2012 - Jubilant mums of Jubilee babies

(571 Posts)
TeaandHobnobs Sat 02-Jun-12 16:32:16

It is Jubilee weekend crown - awaiting those babies!

ceeej Fri 15-Jun-12 06:24:31

Finally checking in to post natal, excited to find I'm already on the stats.

ffnorm loving that we stayed due date buddies, the 10th was a busy day for these June babies.

Will post more details of our bf saga when I'm on a laptop rather than phone but it's been an incredibly challenging first couple of days. blue I've also found that despite fantastically suportive DH and mum heping out I've ended up a weeping mess on the sofa several times, hopefully the hormones will sort themselves out a bit soon!

ffnorm Fri 15-Jun-12 09:02:37

Morning all and welcome Alligatorpie

Kveta how is the pain now - did the GP sort you out? I was sent home 2 days post C/S with Voltarol (Diclofenac),I have added Paracetamol with Codeine as they gave me codeine in hospital,which I use if reg Paracetamol and the Voltarol aren't enough.

Have to say,I have been taken aback at how uncomfortable I've been (esp if I sleep,I wake up stiff and the scar really hurts) the MW is coming today and will remove the stich...

Milk came in Yesterday,so last night she fed 23 30,03 30 and 06 20 which was a huge improvement on the prev night,where she fed pretty much every hour and then slept 0600 - 10 00 smile After all the feeding problems I had with DS,I am over the moon that bf is going well sore nipples aside

DS is loving his sister smile keeps asking to hold her and doesn't want her to cry smile

Kveta Fri 15-Jun-12 10:04:21

hiya, congrats to new arrivals!

ffnorm gp got me co-codamol, so am alternating that with ibuprofen. can't believe how sore and broken I feel! just utterly flattened by the whole experience. I'm also sore after 'sleep' so not getting much actual rest. DD is so sleepy at the moment, she screamed all wednesday night, pausing for snacks every half hour, but last night slept the whole night, just waking every hour or so for a feed. DH is not coping well with the sleep loss, and is in a fury today, so have packed him off to playgroup with DS so I get some peace! am a bit annoyed with his work too, as they keep calling him so he has to think about work for 15-20 minutes whilst I keep DS off his wee sister.

DS is not impressed with his sister at all, but is ok with her feeding - so long as he gets some too. so think my milk is already coming in, as I am feeding toddler and newborn!! he is getting extremely angry when she cries, so we are trying to help him cope with it by a) cuddling him a lot and b) making sure he isn't armed.

my parents have just left, was so good having my mum here, she has been so helpful. dad less so, he complained I wasn't doing enough around the house yesterday, then in the next breath was shouting that I needed to rest or I won't have enough milk for DD. sigh. my mum had big problems feeding my sister (her DC2) so they are both worried for me.

Blue you and I seem to have the heaviest babies here! DD is too big for newborn clothes already, and snug in some 0-1 month items. she was 4.5oz heavier than DS was at birth, but seems so much smaller.

is anyone else on DC2 or more shocked by nappy changes btw? we are so so used to changing DS, it is really odd to open a nappy and not be faced with a willy grin

right, must go lie down for a bit whilst baby sleeps, then need to attempt to poo. glamorous stuff. no idea how big my episiotomy is, but my notes suggest an element of bum trauma, so will have to drug myself to the eyeballs before attempting anything, am a bit scared!

TeaandHobnobs Fri 15-Jun-12 12:12:58

Latest stats:

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD 
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz

Running total: 8 boys, 9 girls grin

Just marking my place! Still struggling with breastfeeding so I'll be back to rant in depth at some point, if that's okay, to get it off my chest! He's kind of on a muddle of breast, formula and expressed milk at the moment!

MammaTo2boys Fri 15-Jun-12 15:10:33

Tea thanks for doing the stats again. You're definitely the most organised out of us all.
Kveta feel for you and bowel movements etc. I've got 2nd degree tearing, had that last time too, it doesn't get any easier does it.
Had 5 day MW check up today, DS has actually gained 3.5 oz, which is fab for a bf LO. So I'm happy the milk is getting through, now I just need my nipples to toughen.
Hope everyone is well xx

ffnorm Fri 15-Jun-12 15:28:03

Kveta sending a big hug - wouldn't peak at the bits just yet...have you got some Lactulose,if you struggle with the poo,get some!!! Have you managed to avoid sore nipples with tandem feeding? Or is the latch of a nb different to a toddler??

My suprise with the nappies,besides the lack of willy,is how unoffensive the poo is grin after toddler poo I can't even smell anything hmm

SSC come rant whenever you want smile

Agree with MammaDW (that's so I know who I'm talking about,not meaning to change your name!) you def the most organised,gives us all hope,that in a couple of weeks/months we'll be a bit more sorted.

We also had the 5 day MW today,not the most dynamic but did the job - Guthrie test done,suture removed,weight 3760kg,so only dropped 60g = 2% smile smile

smallwonder Fri 15-Jun-12 21:37:13

Hi ladies,
Belated Congratulations to everyone that's posted since I visited last grin Hope you are all well. Just managed a very quick catch up, I am so tired that I can barely think but am also trying to stay awake as DS3 is up (brothers with DH taking MIL home) and LO is wriggling in basket making frustrated alien noises cue feed and cuddles. The days seem to be rolling into each other at the mo.

Oh well, will try and post again later, DS3 is screaming baby needs milk and doing the 'shhhhh little baby' routine at basket hmm bye for now.

MammaInTheMaking Fri 15-Jun-12 21:53:35

I was scared the first poo too kveta. Have a 3rd degree tear but midwife told me not to worry. Sure enough once she left on day 2 I went and did a poop and all was well. Got sent home from hospital with a real concoction of drugs....antibiotics for the tear and where it was around my bum sad and blood thinning injections which DP has been doing for me. The midwife showed him once how to do it and he just took it in his stride and got on with it. We had the last one yesterday on day 7. Oh and the lactulose which I think is amazing! Not sure if I'll be ready to not have it once the bottle is empty. Do I go to GP for more or straight to pharmacy?

My milk has gone from yellow to creamy and volume is increasing lots. DD is loving having a full tummy after our initial problems grin

MammaInTheMaking Fri 15-Jun-12 21:58:32

Oh and I've not looked at the bits yet either! Have been told to put arnica cream on it to help with the bruising however im worried about touching it too so still not opened the tube yet...... blush

Kveta Sat 16-Jun-12 08:27:21

Curiosity got the better of me.yesterday, and wow, have never seen such spectacular bruising ever before! Mw will be checking stitches tomorrow so will find out then how I am healing.

My milk has.come in now, DS is thrilled! DD just keeps throwing up after feeds. She is so sleepy too, wonder how long that will last. I love the wee alien noises.she makes too, so cute!

Thinking of making a.complaint about post natal PALS as am still quite shocked by how bad it was.

Better go, rumblings suggest a.nappy might need.changing!

ceeej Sun 17-Jun-12 07:39:24

Charlotte just said happy father's day in style with a rather loud explosive poo that leaked all over daddy and our bed at 5am. She'd already had a wee leakage in her cot at the 2am feed so we've changed both sets of bedding overnight. Time for a brew I think.

Alligatorpie Sun 17-Jun-12 07:50:32

Ceeej - love the name (am slightly biased as it is dd's name) sounds like a fun night!. I nursed, burped and changed diapers from 1:30 to 5. Dd1 came in at 6, so I am whacked.

Kveta - I wouldn't look either i might be traumitised for life! good for you for being so brave! I did go to the toilet yesterday ( tmi?) and it was fine. Hope it's not too painful for you.

My milk came in and I am so engorged, I can't stand it. I also have four giant lumps under my arms, and they hurt too. MW caqme yesterdya and told me to put warm diapers on them to decrease the swelling, sounds a bit weird to me!

Wishing you all a restful day with longs of bonding time! mW also told me to sit down more, I tried not to laugh!

Kveta Sun 17-Jun-12 10:20:30

grin at the fathers day presents ceeej! Em had a couple of spectacular poos last night too, DH thought they were hilarious luckily grin I caught him calling her his little princess yesterday (boak!) when he thought nobody was listening, think he is quite taken with his daughter!

managed a toilet trip yesterday, and all seems unharmed. but still so sore, I guess it has been less than a week though.

my boobs are so engorged today, they don't fit in my bra. and they are leaking like mad. not comfy! I know they'll go down soon, but still!!

DS is being challenging this morning. he has been up since 5 as usual, and keeps trying to use the baby swing chair. if he breaks it I will throttle him, as it's an absolute god send!!

oh and we need to go clothes shopping as Em is already out of the newborn clothes, and is filling the 0-1 month things, and we only have a few 0-3 things for her (bad mummy!). hoping that doing a lot of washing will tide us over until I feel up to leaving the house!

happy fathers day to all the new dads today!

ffnorm Sun 17-Jun-12 10:37:54

Morning all

We definitely are slower on this thread,now that our hands are full...

Kveta one of my biggest regrets after DS's birth,was that I didn't complain about the care I got postnatally (got too caught up with newborn baby and then felt it was too late etc)

DS was so funny yesterday - am learning to feed and throw a ball at the same time grin he was very interested in the cord and how it fell off yesterday,ran around saying "sister tail fell off" and asked if the blood on my mat pad was poo - sorry for TMI!!

Mama you can definitely get Lactulose over the counter about £3ish. So don't worry grin

My discomfort is slowly subsiding - still taking regular Diclofenac but can finally sleep on my sides,so my back is less sore. The wound is still very tender when I wake up but improves quickly as I get going.

Happy Father's day to all your DP's thanks

MammaTo2boys Sun 17-Jun-12 21:34:02

Hi all

Oh yes the pooey nappies, Christian has had plenty of them, I wasn't aware he was actually eating that much.

My boobs are also engorged, and still got sore nipples. I feel so unsexy, frumpy and just feel like I'm in constant pain one way or another (sorry if TMI, but tearing and stitches not really causing much pain, but the farmer giles, well......blush).

Hope I can have the 3 hour rests between feeds again tonight, but maybe 2 nights on the bounce is asking for too much. Christian celebrates his one week birthday tonight grin.

Hope everyone is well, take care xx

Ginga66 Sun 17-Jun-12 22:28:01

Hello everyone. I am posting this from my iPad so no idea how to cut and paste stats sorry!
I had my baby boy last Saturday ninth June at ten forty two pm. Weight eight pounds two ounces. It was an eight hour delivery which, considering ds1 took twenty three hours, was pretty good going. However ds1 was ventouse, episiotomy and epidural. I had planned an epidural but went from four to seven cm dilated within an hour, the midwife said by the time it works baby might be here. It took another three hours. I actually almost pulled her over at one point, then I remember literally crawling up the bed, across the floor etc. Doctors just came in and said things hardly heard them. It was a midwife delivery and with aid of gas and air, mom and dh massaging my back. I could not believe the pain. But it was all fours which I so wanted. And I could feel everything ha. And how weird is it when you Need to push and they want you to pant. I did tear but not badly. And also delivered him in the sack which is very lucky apparently.
I have some questions but not sure if here or another forum best place? Breast feeding but he is on just about every hour and half for fifteen or so mins and falls asleep again. He is a bit jaundiced but alert enough and blood has been tested. He just isn't really gaping properly. Any hints?
And what is the definitive guide to temp and blankets? Found some conflicting information.
And what about the 'baby blues'. Have had some issues with dh and brother which got me down but even so have been feeling pretty low and bit tearful at tines. Does it pass? Don't recall with ds1.
Think I have cystitis, can I take anything.
Lastly had stopped bleeding and pain down below but it has come back. Is those normal.
Any and all advice appreciated.

ffnorm Mon 18-Jun-12 07:54:21

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
9th June:Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz

Running total: 9 boys, 9 girls grin

Welcome Ginga

blondiedollface Mon 18-Jun-12 09:31:23

Thanks Tea for updating stats, will be along to post properly later on today smile Xx

Kveta Mon 18-Jun-12 16:43:28

this really is a quiet thread!

DD keeps being spectacularly sick after feeds, something DS never did. the washing machine hasn't stopped since we got back from hospital!! she keeps having awful hiccups too, poor wee thing.

hope to see more june babies arriving soon and joining us on this thread!

Annakin31 Mon 18-Jun-12 18:01:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Warlin Mon 18-Jun-12 18:44:21

Hi All

Sorry I haven't been about much. I just find it tough to log onto laptop and write a post without being interrupted smile It's great that there are so many on the post now...yay for the Jubilee babies!

All good here. I feel much more normal now. Dh has been helping with the early night feeds (up to about 1-2pm- helped by the golf!) which means he is bringing DS to bed at about 2pm. It's such a life saver as it means I get a good start to the night and I really can't cope without my sleep.

My sister babysat for a few hours on Sat night while we went out for dinner. It was so nice just to get some time together. I am really lucky with the amount of family support I get. It's still tough though as baby warlin gets bad wind. He is def a lot more alert now than what he was and is less inclined to sleep for long periods. We went out for a casual father's day lunch and ended up leaving promptly when DS just wouldn't settle blush.

I am depressed though that I'm still wearing maternity clothes!! None of my old jeans fit over the bum and I didn't think I had put on weight there!! I clearly have so need to get back to exercising once fully healed down below. My bleeding has mostly stopped now and DH making noises about sex.....scary thought!! kveta I agree on the poo front...that was nerve wracking enough, but terrified at the idea of putting anything up there. I'm also worried I'll be really loose down below.. sad TMI I know!!!!

DS is feeding constantly. The health visitor is coming tmw again but not quite sure why. He's gaining a lot of weight and doing well so not sure what this visit is for.

Is anyone else fed up with visitors? I really would like more time to myself but seem to have endless people wanting to come and see the baby...all the talking is tiring and the house is a mess so keeping it tidy is hard. Shouldn't complain as they all mean well...have so many presents to take 6 of the same outfits from next and don't even like it!!

Oh well, time to go and feed the hungry little mite.

Congrats to all those I haven't had a chance to say that too. Small are you on your own again now? How long is DH away for? Hope you're ok as you have your hands full. People are so insenstive so try not to let them bother you.

Evening all.

Just stopping by for a few moments. DS was weighed today - birth weight was 6lb 13oz and he had dropped to 6lb 5oz on say 5, which was okay. Today (day 10) he's up to 6lb 14oz! A 9oz weight gain in 5 days explains what he's been doing with the phenominal amount of milk he's drinking - he's a bottomless pit grin

Things weren't going well with breastfeeding so yesterday morning made the decision to move to expressed breast milk only. Managed this fine, despite his appetite and felt relieved and happy for the first time since he was born - both more relaxed and feels manageable. Then, midwife visited today and said if I do this I'll probably find my milk decreases / dries up in a few weeks so I should persevere with breastfeeding sad. She's booked for the support worker to come and see me again tomorrow. I really do want to BF but just find it too stressful as he doesn't want to latch and fights so am now dreading trying again. I don't believe my milk will decrease if I exclusively feed EBM but it's sown that seed of doubt so feel I have to try again. DH not happy with midwife as I've been so much happier since I decided to only express and he doesn't want me stressed again.

To top it all off - c section wound is infected and I'm now on antibiotics and have to go to the GP surgery every few days to have it dressed sad.

Hey ho.

blondiedollface Mon 18-Jun-12 20:24:33

SSC My midwife said the exact same thing about drying up and I just smiled and nodded, at the end of the day a happier me means a happier baby, DD is getting the best of both worlds by having EBM with my goodness in and less stress and frustration from not having bf issues smile Don't listen to them, as they are only allowed to support bf, which makes what they say pretty redundant, not even giving the pros/cons of bottle feeding, especially when it's your lovely breast milk..

I am so much happier since stopping breast feeding and DD has been much more settled and a routine is perfectly forming.. If it works for you, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Xx

ffnorm Mon 18-Jun-12 20:47:52

25th April: TeaandHobnobs DS 4 lb 11.5 oz
2?th May: Fanbelt DD
27th May: Warlin DS
28th May: HorseyGirl1 DS
31st May: KatyJ26 DD
6th June: Smallwonder DS 7 lb 9 oz
7th June: Mammainthemaking DD 8 lb 2 oz
= Bumper1 DS
8th June: SeriouslyStrongCheddar DS 6 lb 13 oz
9th June:Ginga66 DS 8lb 2 oz
10th June: Ceeej DD 6 lb 12 oz
= Ffnorm DD 8 lb 7 oz
= Thedogwalker (now Mammato2boys) DS 6 lb 15.5 oz
= BlueAndRedMakePurple DS 9 lb 10 oz
12th June: Kveta DD 9 lb 4 oz
= Annakin31 DD 7 lb 7 oz
13th June: Alligatorpie DD 7 lb 6 oz
14th June: Blondiedollface DD 8 lb 7 oz
15th June:Star DS
=Rhibutterfly DD
18th Shelduck DS
=Diarynips DD
=SpecialJK ?

Hope I haven't left any one out!!!

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