Eyes rolling back in newborn - is it wind?

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kando Mon 20-Feb-06 09:43:36

Could someone put my mind at rest please? DD3's eyes roll back after feeding - is this caused by wind? (She does the smiling/crying thing as well.)

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josey Mon 20-Feb-06 11:52:26

sounds like she could be exhausted after a feed but hasnt quite worked out how to close her eye lids my dds eyes roll back when she is very sleepy - if your really stressed phone the health visitor they wont mind.

alliep30 Mon 20-Feb-06 11:53:40

dd did this with wind..was like something off of the exorcist

iris66 Mon 20-Feb-06 11:57:05

My DS (almost 5 weeks old) does this every few days and has done since birth. It freaked me out as I thought he'd had a bad reaction to something (he looked drunk)Apparently it's normal - as josey said, they forget to close their eyes when really tired. HTH

RedZuleika Mon 20-Feb-06 14:25:58

Mine - now four-ish months - occasionally still does this too, when she's really tired (but still trying to fill her tummy...)

TinyGang Mon 20-Feb-06 14:44:12

I can remember mine doing that. I'm sure it's ok, but do check with the HV if you're worried at all.

I actually used to think they looked really cute -like they were drunk on milk. They'd get this dreamy smile and then the eyes would go up and then they'd zonk out to sleep.

kando Mon 20-Feb-06 15:19:18

Thanks ladies!

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yorkshirepuddling Mon 20-Feb-06 15:21:39

I think I read somewhere that its something to do with not being able to control their eye muscles when they are tired. I remember looking this up when my dd did it. As they get older they gain more control.

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