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FEB 2010 Terrors sometimes, angels at others - yep, they're properly two now...

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InmaculadaConcepcion Thu 24-May-12 19:07:29

New thread!!

<offers freshly baked muffins and frothy coffee>

MrsHelsBels74 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:45:00

Joining a bit late, DS1 was born Feb 10 & DS2 is now 5 weeks old. DS1 has adapted really well to his younger brother & is always giving him kisses & cuddles.

I just wondered what time your toddlers go to bed? We rarely get ours in bed before 8:30, which I didn't think was a problem but my mum insists it's too late & also pointed out he will need to go to bed earlier when he's at school & making his bedtime earlier when he's older will be difficult. So what time do yours go to bed?

InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 26-Sep-12 14:49:34

Sorry, meant to say good luck with the settling in CP! It'll be good to have the extra space, but I sympathise with having to start afresh in a new area - I'm doing that too. Here's hoping we both make lots of new friends in our locality pronto!


InmaculadaConcepcion Wed 26-Sep-12 14:45:41

So much for my lunchtime siesta! DS is out for the count, but DD is whittering away upstairs and going to sleep while she's awake somehow doesn't sit well, even if she is confined to her buggy (and looking at the time, looks like I'm going to give up on her nap today - at least she's had a rest.)

Scones I got given a Little Nipper Out'n'About, which is a side-by-side buggy, but very light and can go through most doors and fit in the boot, so that's useful! I'm hoping DS will be another buggy napper as it's proved to be so convenient with DD - so far, he doesn't seem too fussed about where he sleeps. One of his naps this morning was in the bouncy chair. Interestingly, he's not a big fan of the wrap sling - I think he feels a bit too confined and doesn't like feeling hot. Sometimes he's okay in it, sometimes not. I suspect he'll get used to it once I'm using it more regularly to go out.

Despite his generally chilled nature, we are getting evening fussy time for a few hours, which is a bit wearing. At least I know it'll pass in a couple of months! And thankfully, he's not colicky, just finds it difficult to settle until gone 2200 at night at the moment (which is a bit annoying as I would rather be in bed by 21.00ish!)

Bc that is highly inconsiderate of your friend, honestly. No wonder you're cross. FX you're all resistant to the bug...

I got a mobile hairdresser in today to cut my and DD's hair - very pleasant experience and much cheaper than a salon! DD was good as gold once she was watching Charlie and Lola and eating a biscuit, thankfully!

<pootles off to set up new thread>

Bearcrumble Wed 26-Sep-12 14:15:34

Grr just lost a post. In a nutshell I think DS is more of an introvert and DD an extrovert.

Are you still moving to E London, CP?

My friend, the one that pissed me off about the chickenpox did it again with a sickness bug - wish she's have stayed at home for 48 hrs. All 4 members of her family had it. We are away this weekend - very hard won weekend away and will be furious/heartbroken if we get ill.

Climbingpenguin Wed 26-Sep-12 10:17:48

actually thinking about it, I can think of enough playgroups (even if they are children's centres) that provided DD lets me move her nap/sometime drop it, I can let DS have his two naps. I love how when you make strong statements you realise the opposite grin

new thread needed soon

NK2b1f2 Tue 25-Sep-12 21:40:36

Interesting comparisons between siblings smile. My two have been surprisingly similar as far as the baby stages were concerned. Both slept well and ate well, crawled and walked at similar ages (give or take a month or two), and both spoke early (dd1 'lost' her language skills for about 18 months due to glue ear but is making up for it big time wink). dd2 was much smaller than her sister to start with but has had a growth spurt and has nearly caught up with the height her sister was at her age. But as far as personalities are concerned they are very very different with distinct characters which I think is lovely because neither will be overshadowed by the other.

Cold are managable, thanks for asking Scones smile. Was glad to have a long weekend though for dd2 to recover a bit before she went to nursery today. dd1 is a tough cookie and loves school, so she refused to stay home yesterday (I offered). So far I seem to be getting away with it which is just as well because I am nowhere near as patient and uncomplaining as my dds when I get a cold... blush

Climbingpenguin Tue 25-Sep-12 20:30:16

DS now wants to nap at 9:30 and 1:30 but frankly tough. Some mornings I can still get him off at 9. I let him nap at 11:30 instead and hopefully he'll consolidate soon.

We have moved from a 2 bed flat to a 3 bed house. Mostly because the damp/codensation last winter was too much work combined with storage heaters. Now we're in and most places have a home it is feeling a lot better, although it still looks like carnage.

DS isn't walking and still quite far off, although he can climb stairs apparently. He takes a few steps but mostly under duress grin

ScienceRocks Tue 25-Sep-12 19:47:36

<waves and offers home baked bread as an apology for being so quiet>

SconesForTea Tue 25-Sep-12 16:10:45

Oh and I meant to say CP no advice on the pushing but sympathies, DD1 has taken to pushing DD2 over from sitting in the past couple of weeks and I can't seem to stop her doing it.

SconesForTea Tue 25-Sep-12 16:09:51

yy to having two very different DCs! DD1 is a pain in the arse high-needs, hyper, not particularly interested in food, didn't sleep through until gone 2 etc. DD2 is calm, happy, smiles, eats whatever I put in front of her, generally sleeps well. I do think though if I'd had a difficult second child I may have had a minor breakdown, I found it tough enough. <with silent apologies to CP who has a very tough time from the sounds of it>

DD2 is on 91st for weight grin DD1 is on 98th for height and 75th for weight by my own at-home measurements.

Great to hear you're feeling so well IC and the next couple of weeks will fly by! You'll be fully mobile and carting your two round and about in no time. Do you have a double buggy? My Phil and Ted is the bane of my life (so big! so unwieldy!) but I couldn't do without it.

CP have you had any help with the move? I hope so. Hope you can relax and enjoy your holiday. How is it now DS is fully mobile? Do you like your house any more now? Why did you have to move? (sorry nosy)

Survival how is DS2? Will you put his meds up again? I guess it's not good for him to be long-term on a high dose, is that why you reduced? Hope his sleeping is better too. Re your prolapses, it doesn't sound like something you should be ignoring sad Please do go and see your doc about it.

Mous sending get well vibes your way. How are you all feeling? NK how is your coldified family?

SB hope you are having a marvelous time at the wedding smile

Bc my girls get a peanut butter or marmite sandwich if we are heading out, they would be delighted with a ham sandwich hmm If I have loads of time they get a pot of cheddar pieces otherwise it's a sandwich and an apple. Handily the apple keeps DD2 happily occupied for hours sometimes.

My two are having a late nap as I took them to an early-afternoon group at naptime. I do understand why all the groups are morning or early afternoon - so as not to clash with school pick-up - but still, it is incredibly frustrating that morning groups clash with DD2's first nap (and DD1 can still sometimes be persuaded) and the early afternoon groups clash with her second.

Nice to have some child-free time even though I know I will pay for it with DD1 being incredibly grumpy when she wakes up.

Climbingpenguin Tue 25-Sep-12 13:56:32

survival It's alright I got a non angel second as well.

We have moved house, although the flat still needs a massive clean and there's loads to unpack/clean here as well. Oh and we go on holiday on Friday, we have the start of my mums cold which seems to be a bad one (so casting doubts on me hiking at the start of the holiday) and then the weekend after we get back is DS's birthday celebration.

91st is huge smile DS and DD started off weighing the same, just DS mostly has followed his line (although down one) whereas DD had a massive dip at 9 months and has now gone back up 9th. I found just that difference staggering at times. DS is going into DD's trousers that she's just come out of it (albeit due to potty training taking her back down a size). She first went into them this time last year at 18 months.

InmaculadaConcepcion Tue 25-Sep-12 11:06:39

Oh Survival that's rubbish, argh to the dismotility. I reckon you'll get angel teenagers to pay you back for these tough early days while the rest of us struggle with sullen tantrum-throwers.... smile
And I know quite a few whose second DC was the tricky one, just glad I got lucky (and I certainly didn't take it for granted after DD's high-maintenance new born personality....)

I think the infection is pretty much gone now. And as we're just about to hit four weeks, only a couple more to go and I can be more mobile again, all being well. It feels better now I'm past the half way stage! I'm keen to start making friends in the locality and get DS out and about in the fresh suburban air.
We're paying a nice young woman to come in a provide an extra pair of hands with DD and DS while I get through the recuperation - definitely needed and appreciated.

Arf at ham sammidge, Bc!!

DS was weighed yesterday - he's 5kg/11lb...!! So he's averaging a pound or 500g per week....and almost on the 91st centile. The contrast with DD is extraordinary, just goes to show how very different babies can be, even with the same genetic heritage!

Bearcrumble Sun 23-Sep-12 21:30:14

IC Boo to infection. Hope it clears up with antib-s and you are out and about soon.

SB Have a great time at your mum's.

re exercise - I am rubbish at it. Joined a gym for a short time when ttc DS to try and be as healthy as poss but never went back afterwards. I do lots of walking/pram pushing though as I don't drive.

Survival Poor DS2 and poor you. Hope he is over it now.

CP My DS hates it when DD accidentally touches him when she is doing baby hand/leg flapping and gets quite irate. Also if she is in bed with me and parts of her are covered by the duvet I don't think he realises those bits are there.

His current obsession is getting me to sing 'what shall we do with the drunken sailor' over and over.

Yes, sushi packed lunch - I am a try-hard. Ham sammidge tomorrow though.

SurvivalOfTheUnfittest Sun 23-Sep-12 20:19:38

Glad to hear from you all. IC sorry to hear about the infection. Hope you are soon on the move once more.

Er.. did I do something wrong to not get an angel baby second time round?!! Mine see's what DS1 does and tries to beat him! We've been stuck in today after a single hideous vom fest from DS2 last night. Luckily, we had a brilliant day yesterday so have been happy to stay at home and do jobs today while he recovers. Think it was us giving him sweetcorn after a drop in his meds. It's called dysmotility when he doesn't digest stuff and I had hoped he was improving. Back to the drawing board. Am sending him to nursery tomorrow as we are as sure as possible that it is not a bug and have warned them previously that this can happen. My only concern is that they'll need to give him light foods. However, as that could go on for weeks, I can't not go to work. The tricky life of being a working parent!! Moan over..

Enjoy the wedding SB.

StoneBaby Sun 23-Sep-12 14:18:05

Hi from French France

We're at my mum's for this weekend and going to BIL tomorrow for the wedding on Tuesday. DS is delighted to his his grand mother.

He still call us maman and daddy but I think nursery do call us daddy/mummy still. The good thing with maman is that there's no shorter version, so hopefully I'll be called like this for a while.


bc homemade sushi! Whao, I'm impressed

NK hoping the colds manage to stay small

IC sorry to hear about your scar infection. I had that with DS cs.

CP good luck with the sleep

NK2b1f2 Sat 22-Sep-12 18:12:14

Hilarious misunderstanding in the bath just now. Rinsed dd2's hair first and it looked very smooth. Dd1 asked her 'can I look at the back of your hair?' Dd2 tried to look behind her and said, slightly confused 'But I haven't got back hair dd1!'
grin Just as well my little monkey is not quite that hairy...

InmaculadaConcepcion Sat 22-Sep-12 16:48:15

Ooh, that would be nice NK!
<sends cold-busting vibes in your direction>
Arf at your gym allergy..! I was never into that sort of exercise, either. Running was my thing - not because I especially enjoyed it, but it was cheap and easy to fit alongside my life schedule and I loved the endorphins afterwards. Haven't been running since I had DD - walking her in the buggy was what kept me fit..! I suspect getting her and DS from pillar to post - once I'm strong enough - will help keep me trim (provided I don't end up going everywhere in the car....I'm keen to stay mainly local where possible...)
I count the nighttime awakenings from when I get my head down until 06.00 - and also bear in mind that I was pleased when DD cut down to three wake-ups per night..!! I'm still getting a heck of a lot more sleep this time round, even if it still isn't enough. One thing about having a crap sleeper first time round is I appreciate DS' nocturnal habits more than if I had always been used to a full eight hours...

Ha, yes CP Charlie and Lola and Maisy Mouse DVDs are proving to be a sanity saver with DD at the moment. While I'm stuck inside with her, I refuse to feel guilty about sticking them on, especially if DS needs a feed! Mind you, she still loves her books - we do plenty of reading with her too - and DH is good at getting her out to parks etc. And now we have a garden, she goes outside to play with her sand tray or bounce on her trampoline, so at least she gets some fresh air, even if we haven't actually been anywhere.

Survival I would definitely get that prolapse checked out. A stitch in time etc.

Science how's DH shaping up?

Scones another one with an angel second baby (most of the time..!!) compared to the first! Just as well, really. It would be a nightmare if it was the other way round!

Bc sushi in the lunch box?! Wow!

NK2b1f2 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:20:49

Bit cross about the constant colds because I want to go and visit IC and coo over her ds!! sad

NK2b1f2 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:20:01

dd2 has another shocking cold and dd1 is also starting to sound quite bunged up. Hoping I don't get something myself this time because it makes my job impossibe (part of what I do is interviewing very old people in their homes, some well into their ninteties and frail. The last thing I want to do is give them pneumonia!!!)

NK2b1f2 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:18:25

shock early morning swim? I already get up at 6 so there is no chance of that grin. Does having a long hot shower count? <hopeful> Mind you, I clock up several miles a day just running up and down the stairs because I forget what I was doing... hmm

Climbingpenguin Sat 22-Sep-12 14:01:08

erm I dunno, kids and a job? grin

early morning or lunch swim might be possible?

sorry to hear about your wound issues IC. I see the realities of two are sinking in. Don't worry about the telly, you'll wean her off it again. Then if your DH is like mine he'll wean back onto it hmm DD has a max of an hour a day and I found out he had it on all the hour he's up with them before me. We've had words and he's starting to learn to do stuff with her around and no TV. She has about 30 mins in the morning with DH and sometimes a night garden while I'm putting DS down and DH washes up. He's not quite up to letting her 'help'. He can now however push the buggy and have DD out walking so he's getting there grin

DD is a bit virial atm and very clingy during swimming. Was alright at jumping but not wanting to let go and swim to teacher/from wall. <fx> she'll get a good sleep

NK2b1f2 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:00:33

Survival Sounds like you do need attention sooner rather than later... sad. I think if this happened to me I wouldn't want to wait and see even if it means a hospital stay. Seem to remember reading that it is possible to 'fix' your uterus to something else, so it hangs higher up...

NK2b1f2 Sat 22-Sep-12 13:45:23

Did a tour of the local pools to find a swimming class for dd1. Got asked at one leisure centre (a misnomer as far as I can see) if I am interested in any gym classes. My response 'god, no!!' was met with a bit of a hmm... Just as well I managed to bite my tongue and not say 'I'm not a hamster' at the sight of people on treadmills grin.
Hats off to all of you managing to do exercise classes or gym sessions! I am so shattered at the end of each day that I can barely make it upstairs, never mind go out again to do sports. And this from someone who did gymnastics, swimming and horse riding to competition level, with the odd volleyball and athletics thrown in for good measure, not to mention cycling around two hours a day. What's happened to me? sad

NK2b1f2 Sat 22-Sep-12 13:03:48

IC Sorry to hear you've had trouble with your scar. Hope all is better now. Psychological trick that helped me with mine.. I counted how often mine needed feeding between midnight and 6 am and quite soon it was only once (around the 3 am mark). Made all the difference to know they only needed feeding once a night grin.

InmaculadaConcepcion Sat 22-Sep-12 10:34:55


Sorry I've been a bit quiet - adjusting to mum-of-two status and having to keep the computer out of DD's eyeline or she nags to watch stuff on it.

Things not too bad here. My wound got infected, but is much better now after a course of anti-biotics. But of course, I was trying to do too much (or being forced into it by circumstances related to DD's requirements...) so had to try and take a step back in the name of my recovery. This post CS period is very frustrating, can't wait until I'm back to full strength again and can go out and about without worrying about overdoing things.

DS is still remarkably chilled, although much more alert now and awake for longer periods. He has a fussy couple of hours in the evening (like most babies, I think!!) but other than that, is still very low maintenance. He usually wakes about three times a night for a feed and if I keep the light off, will usually resettle fairly quickly.

DD is being a right little madam at times and an angel at others - she's usually okay with me and reserves her worst behaviour for everyone else. So I suppose that's something I should be thankful for! I get rather ashamed when she starts shouting at friends who have come in to help me out. I've started cracking down on rudeness and insisting on a "sorry" if she steps out of line with other people. We shall see.

Sorry to hear about the crappy sleep Survival and CP - urgh. I hope things improve soon.

Likewise the strep throat Mous - ouch, I've had that, it's very painful. Hope it clears up soon.

SB are you feeling more cheerful?

NK your DD2 is priceless!

<blows a kiss to *Bc, Scones, rainbow, Science, Abs*>

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