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May Baby Mayhem!

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Bodeccia Tue 15-May-12 11:07:41

Hello fellow May mums. Let's follow on from our lovely ante-natal threads, here's the first of the post-natal ones. Join us as we work out how to handle nappies, feeding, colic, crying and all things newborn, or just to celebrate the joys of a new baby!

Wrigglebum Wed 30-May-12 13:48:50

We had a projectile poo too- shot about two feet off the changing table, missed my iPhone by a cm and landed all over my handbag grin. Quite a few wee fountains too! Certainly a lot of gas here too- Adam seems to be jet propelled, I swear he's going to take off one of these days. Still, better out than in as they say smile, DS didn't trump or burp as much but got terrible colic. Adam just looks pained for a minute, grunts and lets rip!

Cupcake- I was a fountain last too and it did calm down but I did spray a bit right up to nine months when I stopped.

Well done for expressing newtothisstuff, I find expressing so awful I'm in awe of anyone who can. I hope things work out for you Heidihole- remember even if he just gets colostrum there's so much good stuff in there.

Cydonia Wed 30-May-12 14:07:07

Can I join please? Was just wondering where to post about baby stuff! Don't know how to add myself but Max William ( DS #1 ) born 1.41am 23.05.12 I was 39 + 2. Can't believe a week has passed already! Slightly concerned about my milk, came in a couple of days ago, boobs swelled up a bit and a bit sore/hot but not as bad as I was led to believe. Now they seem to have shrunk down again and feel softer, is that normal?! I guess from what is coming out of DS that he is getting enough and he seems content, maybe I've just been lucky? My new fascination, when not gazing adoringly at my gorgeous boy, is gazing at my tiny little ankles, sure my legs are thinner now than they were before I was pg! Unless its just the contrast after they swelled up like tree trunks....

tostaky Wed 30-May-12 19:53:15

Oh it is so nice to read about other babies, after all that waiting! smile
We haven't had projectile poo yet but quite a few fountains!
I also had the displeasure of waking up with cold sweats last night and a very sore boob. Got mastitis and the Gp has put me on antibiotics... You would think that being my third I would know how to prevent it but no...blush

Yorky Wed 30-May-12 20:51:46

Hello again, found you all.
Congratulations to all the arrivals since I was last on, good luck to those still waiting
Loving the birth stories, some beautiful names and some big babies!

Trying to remember points people have made... shooting breastmilk across the room - haven't done that yet this time although let down is randomly painful, piles blush ouch yes, had them painfully after DS1 but got away with it after DC2+3, and sad again this time but got some cream on prescription and can sit down again! Sleep - some nights better than others, she seems to sleep for about 3hrs ish between feeds so I'm woken about twice a night which isn't too bad, but she seems to get very upset before filling her nappy so sometimes we're up for a while

I'm getting used to having an extra 1 to get ready before going out and her older siblings seem to love her, no jealousy yet fortunately smile
Her umbilicus has finally healed up (was leaving bloody marks on the waistband of her nappies for ages even though it didn't seem to bother her) and her cold is clearing up too

luckynumber11 Thu 31-May-12 08:21:49

Hi - quick update. Our little dd3 has finally arrived - at 3.38am this morning. At last! She just sneaked on to the May babies list, being born on 31st May at 40+10, and I narrowly avoided my booked induction by a matter of hours! So far, at 4.5 hours old, she is doing really well, feeding and sleeping, v.calm so far....! She is very sweet. Also my biggest baby by a long way - 8lbs 5oz. No name finalised as yet, will update when I know. Totally spaced out here from the gas and air and pethidine.

Bodeccia Thu 31-May-12 09:46:42

Morning ladies

It has been nearly two weeks since Adèle arrived, and now that things are kind of calming down a bit (!) I thought I'd post my birth story.

Not sure if you would remember, but I was very late with Adèle and was induced at 41+5 on the Thursday 17th. Here's what happened:

11am: progesterone went in (looked a bit like a shoelace). I was treated as an in patient, so stayed at the hospital all day. Went for a walk to just let the drug do its thing.
2pm: started getting contractions
5pm: started vomiting. I couldn't keep anything down at all. I thought it was a side effect of the progesterone, called a MW who said that it wasn't to do with the shoelace, some women vomit during labour. It turns out that I was one of those women. Brilliant.
11pm: Contractions getting stronger, still vomiting. Anything that went in (water/glucose tablet etc) came up. I was thinking that as I basically didn't have anything in my stomach since breakfast, I would have to think about what options were available to me pain relief wise. Baby's heartbeat being monitored.
12am: MW gave me an injection to stop the sickness. If it worked, she could give me paracetamol as a first pain relief.
1am: Injection didn't work, paracetamol came up. Waters broke (just a bit, wasn't a gush) Shoelace came out. MW told me to have a bath
2am: in the bath. I vomited in the bath too (God love my DH...!)
2.30am: out of the bath. Was getting seriously dehydrated. MW monitored baby's heart again. Her heart rate dropped. She checked me: 3cm dilated. She called the delivery suite, was worried about baby's heart rate.
3am: transferred to delivery suite. Got a drip to rehydrate me. I knew that having a drip meant no water birth, so I just had to rethink things a bit. Constant monitoring of baby's heart rate, could now start gas and air (thank GOD!). At this point I was thinking that I wouldn't have the energy to push this baby out and that I would have to have an epidural. The MW said that as I had nothing to eat since breakfast the previous morning I would be using my own energy stores and keytones (or something) to push baby out. Epidural would be appropriate here. They attached an antenna to baby's head to monitor heart better.
6am: I was responding well to being rehydrated, baby was responding well too. Avoided EMCS. Still 3cm. Was given epidural. Hurrah!
7.30am: Was going to be given oxytocin to speed up labour. Epidural wasn't working 100% and I was still sucking on the gas and air each contraction (I could feel massive cramps on my right hand side).
8am: started oxytocin. Still 3cm! Gas and air was great, it helped me sleep a bit too at this point.
11am: Asked to have the epidural examined, as it was really painful on my right hand side. Anaesthetist just re-did the whole thing. Was SO much better. Wow, I couldn't feel a thing.
12.30pm: Was re-examined again: was only 5cm - barely in established labour. Baby's heart rate was dropping outside of contraction times. The consultant came in, looked at the readings, and said: things aren't progressing quick enough, the baby is getting distressed. EMCS.
12.35pm: in theatre (quite glad the epidural was re-done at this point).
12.54pm: Adèle was born

I remember posting about people telling me horror stories about women who had been induced, and I suppose if you just look at the events as they unfolded, my birth could be classed as a "horror story", i.e. ending in EMCS. I've had people say to me "I'm sorry you had an EMCS", but I don't feel that way at all. I feel glad that my birth plan was: get through it. I didn't hang on to any hopes of a natural birth, a water birth or whatever. I tried to remain as open minded as possible in how I would give birth, and in all honesty, when they said EMCS I was relieved. The thing that set things on a downward spiral was me vomiting, and there's no way I could have prevented that. I didn't know that I would be one of those women, I had never even heard of women having that reaction!

Will post more on life post birth, hope everyone is doing well with their little bundles of joy smile

tostaky Thu 31-May-12 12:59:00

Congratulations lucky and bodeccia!!!
Bodeccia - I have vomited for all 3 of my labours... Not a lot but still needed to clutch a clean sick bowl at all time just in case...
Glad you don't resent your emcs, what matters is the baby not the "how" that is what I like to think.

We are making the most of having a baby and not 3 under 4, by eating out every daygrin that will change when my two toddlers come back from my parents on Sunday!
Then DP will take an extra week off to make up with the oldest two. We feel really guilty of not having them with us now, then again it allows us to rest properly and for me to heal. It is the calm before the tempest!!

karatekimmi Thu 31-May-12 13:18:03

I need to move over after Toby joined our family yesterday!! We had a waterbirth which went well, a butbhairy at the end when they decided they needed to get me out, but in getting up, he managed to get out thankfully!!

We came home yesterday, and although a bit frazzled, we're trying to relax and catch up with sleep!!

Can someone add me to the list please, as can't do it on the iPhone!
Karatekimmi #1 dd 25/5 born 30/5 Toby

ballroompink Thu 31-May-12 13:40:02

Sebastian also has jaundice - was assessed in hospital and it was below treatment level, but yesterday we went back to the hospital for a blood test as it's still hanging around a bit. He is feeding well and is very awake/alert so I don't have concerns about his health, and am hoping the tests will show up nothing of concern. He hated having the blood test and it took ages as I had to sit with him for about an hour, waiting for him to pee so I could attempt to catch it in a bottle.

Stretchmarks: didn't get any, although my linea nigra is still very present and looks darker now the skin isn't stretched out.

Feeding is still going well now I'm more confident. Had an episode earlier in the week where I had a very sore boob with shooting pains and was worried I was getting mastitis but I think it must have been a blocked duct as it righted itself in a couple of days and I had no other symptoms.

Sleeping - he's awake and very vocal nearly all day which I think helps a good deal towards him being good at night. He is generally having a feed around 11-11.30, one at 2-2.30 and one at 6-6.30, and he settles well in between. Pleased about this as I don't get much done during the day!

LittleSarah Fri 01-Jun-12 12:19:10

Hello all

Well while out with mum and the two dss yesterday had to listen to an old women in a cafe commenting on sling thus (to her friends, she probably didn't realise I could hear every word): 'Oh I don't like those, there was a girl down the road who fell over while wearing one and the baby got brain damage'.... lovely! (I mean did she ever carry her own children in arms?? Could have fallen over then perhaps?) Did have another lovely women saying how nice it was to see baby snuggled in close.

No stretchmarks thankfully, do have a couple over my belly button from ds1.

Feeding is alright but still really stinging on right side, thought it was improving but we seem to have regressed. Ds2 seems to have some mild oral thrush though so perhaps that has something to do with it? I'm going to pick up a prescription for him today.

Cydonia - Breasts getting softer sounds normal, do you feel a let down? When they get harder and fuller when milk is coming in? Mine is strongly tingly but I know some women don't feel it. The main thing is baby is feeding regularly.

Milk level - I haven't had milk shooting everywhere this time, not yet anyway, but I have had that before. Dd or ds coming of the breast during a feed and it shooting over onto a visitor's arm... thankfully an understanding visitor!

Congratulations to bodeccia, lucky and karatekimmi! Bodeccia - Glad you were able to go with the flow with your labour and don't feel disappointed, these things rarely go to plan!

tostaky - It must be lovely have a few days just the three of you, hopefully it won't be two shocking when the siblings arrive home! No, I'm sure it will be lovely in a manic way. We are managing okay here, ds1 is really a sweetheart and ds2 is very easy going too (so far), probably up three times in the night feeding which would be fine if only I could get over this difficult latch on the right!

Got a bit of a manic afternoon ahead as have to collect prescription then get back for dd finishing school, then we have to bake special biscuits for her to take to her grandma's house on the west coast this weekend. There is some kid's baking competition at a Jubilee party they are going to and there won't be time to bake when she is there. So I then have to take all three out in the car to meet dd's dad so he can take her up.... then will collect Indian takeaway for me and dh on the way home! Quiet weekend though. Just got a free Jubilee lunch at village hall on Sunday.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a lovely weekend.

luckynumber11 Sat 02-Jun-12 01:05:00

Hi again, an update from me as we have settled on a name for our dd - she is Tessa Elisabeth, born 31/5, 8lbs 5oz. I'm on my phone so can't update the stats list. If anyone else can change my details for me, thank you. If not, I will update next time I'm on a proper computer.
We have had a wonderful first 24 hours with Tessa - she is so calm and lovely, sleeping, feeding well... Very different experience from DD's 1&2 in the beginning, although I realise she may well just be in a "recovery" phase from the shock of birth at the moment!

tara0202 Sat 02-Jun-12 01:15:47

Hi everyone. Just noticed the post natal thread! My baby boy Cameron was born on 10th may.

He's very gorgeous :-)

Everything is going well, I'm finding it mainly a lot easier second time round apart from I think I'm more tired this time as already have a nearly 3 year old.

Breast feeding definitely bit easier this time although the sheer amount of it is hard work! Lansinoh is a god send!

Have had a bit of a traumatic few days as we noticed a spot on cam's neck. Showed hv who sent us to gp who sent us to children's a and e who admitted us. Turns out it was an abscess and had to be operated on under general anaesthetic yesterday :-( all ok now though and he was discharged today. Phew.

cupcakefairy Sat 02-Jun-12 13:27:59

Proper list update..hope I haven't got too much wrong, please feel free to edit! smile Back for a proper post a bit later...ds is singing for his supper, again!! grin


08.02.12 (26+6) - Gotmylittlelamb #1 GIRL Sophia Diane
21.04.12 (38+1) - Goodname #2 BOY, Finlay 7lb 12oz
22.04.12 (38+3) - LadyMaybe #2 GIRL Rosalind Eliza, 7lb 8oz
24.04.12 (39+1) - Yorky #4 GIRL Pippa (Philippa) Kate, 8lb 2oz
27.04.12 (39+2) - Mikocat #1 GIRL April, 7lb 8oz
30.04.12 (39 weeks) - Wrigglebum #2 BOY Adam Zachary, 6lb 4oz
04.05.12 (38+6) - beeboles #3 BOY Tom
05.05.12 (39+6) - oltob #2 BOY Toby, 8lb 4oz
06.05.12 (39+1) - chocolatesparkle #1 GIRL Imogen Grace
08.05.12 (40 weeks) - myweeangel #2 BOY Noah, 10lb 8oz
08.05.12 (40+6) - DialMforMummy #2 BOY
09.05.12 (39+1) - PreciousPuddleduck #1 GIRL
10.05.12 (40+4) - tara0202 #2 BOY Cameron
11.05.12 (39+2) - googietheegg #1 GIRL, 7lb 7oz
11.05.12 (39+3) - Katykuns #2 GIRL Emily Edith Harriet
12.05.12 (41+6) - Harecare #3 GIRL April Edith 9lb
12.05.12 (41+1) - saggybaps #2 BOY
12.05.12 (39+6) - bonbonpixie #1 GIRL Cameron
12.05.12 (41+2) - Mythical #1 GIRL Isabel Helen 8lb 7oz
13.05.12 (41 weeks) - purestcocoa #1 GIRL Imani 7lb 8oz
13.05.12 (39+3) - ballroompink #1 BOY Sebastian Henry James 7lbs 8oz
13.05.12 (39+6) - alwaysanauntie #1 GIRL Cora Regina
14.05.12 (39 weeks) - LittleSarah #3 BOY Finlay 5lb 14oz
15.05.12 - MrsHoarder #1 BOY
15.05.12 (39+4) - Newtothisstuff #2 GIRL Jessikah 6lb 3oz
16.05.12 (41+1) - dreamingofanallotment #1 GIRL Isla Grace 8lb
17.05.12 (39 weeks) - Cewafwb #4 GIRL Savannah Darcy Ailsa
18.05.12 (41+6) - Bodeccia #1 GIRL Adèle Johanna 8lb 11
19.05.12 (40 weeks) - Russki #1 GIRL Rose Frances 7lb 1oz
21.05.12 (39 weeks) - Catsycat #3 GIRL Zuleika Seren 9lbs 1oz
22.05.12 (40+5) - imissbrie #1 GIRL Heidi Anna 7lbs 15oz
22.05.12 (40+6) - cupcakefairy #2 BOY Sebastian John 10lbs
23.05.12 (40+4) - SirCharles #1 BOY Theodore Harold 7lbs 8oz
23.05.12 (39+6) - mixedclassbaby #2 GIRL Rosie Eris
23.05.12 (41+1) - Heidihole #1 BOY James 10lb 6oz
23.05.12 (39+2) - Cydonia #1 BOY Max William
24.05.12 (40+1) - tostaky #3 BOY Areski 9lbs 7oz
26.05.12 (39+4) - BlueCrane #1 BOY Maxwell 6lbs 9oz
30.05.12 (40+5) - Karatekimmi #1 BOY Toby
31.05.12 (40+10) - luckynumber11 #3 GIRL Tessa Elizabeth 8lbs 5oz


2nd May - MidwifeWithABump #1
4th May - Ariane5 #4 - scan = boy
8th May - SAF1610 #1?
9th May - cherrypie55 = girl
10th May - Marmite123 #1
10th May - Pickle54 #1 = boy
11th May - Cairnterrier, #2
13th May - musicalmrs, #1, surprise
13th May - Sugarx, #1, surprise
14th May - Montymum, #1
16th May - Failsafe, #1
17th May - MandaHugNKiss #4
17th May - Sunshinela, #1
21st May - Basse, #1, scan = boy
22nd May - Knittymum, #3, girl (confirmed by 2 scans)
25th May - LimeFlower #1, surprise
26th May - GingerLemonTea #1, surprise
26th May - BebeBelge
27th May - SESthebrave #2, surprise, ELCS
28th May - openerofjars #2
30th May - Langoria - surprise
30th May - Twittwoo #1
31st May - CluelessPro #1

luckynumber11 Sat 02-Jun-12 13:41:55

Thanks cupcake!

cupcakefairy Sat 02-Jun-12 16:09:44

No probs smile I'm a bit of a Monica about details grin
Btw lucky Tessa is a gorgeous name, very good choice! Glad she's been a good girl so far!

Welcome to all those who weren't on the an thread for whatever reason..look forward to getting to know you smile

littlesarah ridiculous about the sling comments! You're right it's just as dangerous carrying a baby in arms. I always got lovely comments about the close sling with ds1.. haven't put ds2 in it yet.

How are our still pregnant ladies? ses and limeflower? And all the others.. thinking of you all. Lovely jubilee weekend'll have to name them Elizabeth or Philip ;)

My little Seb is doing well..but he does seem to have a slight problem with wind. It's really hard to get him to burp after a feed..ds1 used to as soon as you lifted him but I rarely get one out of Seb then later in the evening he seems to be crying in pain sad any tips for getting those burps up?

cupcakefairy Sat 02-Jun-12 16:10:24

Also I really must write birth soon as I get more than 10 mins at the laptop I will!

Ladybee Sat 02-Jun-12 16:38:55

Hi, found the postnatal thread! For any who don't know/recognise me, I'm the ladymaybe of the list, changed back to original name now that DD is here (she's 6 weeks today). I post from NZ so times are a bit out (12 hrs ahead) - and mostly on a phone while feeding. Looking forward to catching up with everyone and the new babies grin

iowmum88 Sat 02-Jun-12 16:54:58

Hi can I join please and add me 2 the list (on phone) had theo James on 31 may 2nd DS weighed 6lb 8oz.
Haven't had a chance to read all the post yet but will try catch up!! Have had about 45 mins sleep since he was born very mucusy and full of wind poor lil guy struggles to get up!
Hope everyone well and enjoying it all! And good luck to the rest who haven't popped yet!!

tostaky Sat 02-Jun-12 18:05:58

Thanks for updating cupcake!
I'm on my phone so cannot do it...

Congratulations to all new mums and welcome to the new babies! I can't believe some are already a month old or 6 weeks old!!!
Regarding burps, a midwife showed me this with DS1 and it is great. I'll try to explain...
You sit baby on your lap, obelising second last finger under his armpit, and your thumb below the other armpit. Your palm should face his face. Then with your other hand you stroke his back. It should make baby to straighten up and burp easily. Not sure if it is very clear...
Much easier for me than burping him on my shoulder....

Ladybee Mon 04-Jun-12 06:29:20

That method works well for us too but I have a few more tips:

- don't be in too much of a hurry to sit your baby up, let them lay horizontal for a bit, I think it helps the air bubbles to 'group together' before being released. DD usually starts fidgeting a bit after lying there in a milk stupor, that's when I sit her up and start method 1 (as above), if that doesn't work...

2) try baby tummy down across lap. Not for too long - baby will make it clear when to stop this.

3) if you bring baby up to shoulder try holding a bit higher and the taps a bit firmer, my DH was better at winding than me til I figured out he was being less timid with dd than I was (obviously don't go overboard with this one!)

Ok, so you know how the midwives start talking contraception almost immediately, are any of you already thiinking about ttc the next? I think I must be loopy because I'm already broody and I have a gorgeous newborn on my chest as I type hmm. Is it possible to be broody for the pregnancy? I have to make a decision about getting an iud fitted this week at my 6 week appt, and I'm so tempted to just not, use breastfeeding for 6 months and then see about deciding then. Crazy ? Not so crazy? What are you others going to do?

iowmum88 Mon 04-Jun-12 19:00:42

Hi all hope your all enjoying your little bundles of joy. My little Theo now 4 days old and love him to bits!
Few things I was wondering really and could use a little advice.
1) breastfeeding is killing me! My nipples are so sore it has had me in tears when he latches on the 1st few sucks are excruciatingly painful that eases but is still painful. Midwife says that because I'm fair skinned and don't have much pigment in my nipples that I'm more prone to soreness. Is anyone else suffering too or found anything that helps? I have been using lansinoh so nipples aren't cracked just incredibly sore!
2) DS1 really acting up and I mean big time! Hes 2 years and 9 months. We tried to prepare him, got him a book called I'm a big brother and he loves it. We sit and play with him still 1 on 1 and pay him attention all the time, try and get him involved as he likes to help me out and he's fine with that I know it's going to take some time for him to come round but again just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if you have any advice!!
Getting us both down a little bit when it's suppose to be such a happy time!! sad

cupcakefairy Mon 04-Jun-12 19:51:30

Hi ladies,
ladybee fab tips thanks so much, been leaving ds lying down a bit before winding & then combined with tostaky's method he's burped beautifully every time today grin hopefully not so much crying tonight!

iowmum sympathies on sore boobs! I was practically in tears too esp when ds1 clambers into our bed in morning and whacks my poor boobs! I found days 3-5 really really difficult cos baby was suckling constantly to bring the milk in properly..absolute agony but now he's 2 weeks & we're just in the comfortable feeding territory now so hang in there! It is a case of grit your teeth while they latch. As long as baby is positioned right & you're not getting cracks it will pass soon! (and yes use lansinoh religiously!)
Can't help much re ds.. our older ds turns 2 tomorrow & has definitely been cheekier & more defiant since baby's arrival, I too have been feeling quite sad that I'm not 'enjoying' this happy time as much as I should be cos am stressed & tired..but massive well done on still playing with him 1 on 1 that really will make a difference. It's such early days don't beat yourself up you sound like you're doing amazingly.

Right I am meant to be icing ds1's cake but seem to have a baby attached to my boob..I fear it may be a late night!!

Wrigglebum Tue 05-Jun-12 07:47:37

Iowmum- my DS is the same age and we've had a bit of bad behaviour and some regression (potty accidents and baby talk) but mostly very good. I think part of the bad behaviour is perception- I know when I'm tired I cope less well, snap at DS and then he gets grumpy too! Also, try and get him outside to run off some energy, with a new baby you're more likely to be indoors a bit more and toddlers get cabin fever. Get him out to the park, or if it's raining we like to put on our wellies and go puddle splashing. Try and keep his routine of whatever activities you do (playgroups etc) so he still has lots of familiar things. I'm finding the sling a lifesaver as Adam is happy and sleeps well in it, and then I can play with DS at the park/playgroup and get things done in the house a bit. Half term is going to be a killer as all our groups are off and it's forecast to rain all week.

Also lots of cuddles and reassurance. Let some bad behaviour slide but not too much- you need to keep the boundaries in place. It will get better I hope smile. We're five weeks in and DS adores his baby brother, he gives him so many cuddles (even though we do have to remind him to not smother Adam).

Hopefully the sore nipples will pass, five weeks on mine survive a fair bit of assault. I found breast shells kept tight clothes off them and helped for a bit, mine got pretty sore at first due to the tongue tie but recovered well. I've managed to avoid cracks in them thankfully both times and only had to use the lansinoh for a few days each time- I'm finding it more useful for my poor chapped hands now, all that hand washing is a killer!

LittleSarah Tue 05-Jun-12 21:45:14

Iowmum - I am with you on sore nipples and sadly mine have yet to improve sad and Fin is three weeks old. Although it is mainly the right that is the problem. Funny your midwife saying that about being pale, I am pretty pale! I think with ds it hurt for a month to six weeks though so I'm hoping it will start to improve soon, often it is just time I think. Horrible though!

Ladybee - As this is number three I really I think this it for us sad. If we were to have a fourth though I would wait at least a year if not two, just personally quite happy with the three for the moment! I think I'll ask doctor for copper coil as I am really hoping to avoid hormonal contraception, I do worry about the very heavy periods it is supposed to bring but then mine have always been pretty heavy anyway.

cupcake - Icing a cake? When is ds1's birthday?? My ds1 is three tomorrow but haven't got much planned until the weekend, do have a cake in the oven now though!

Things are good here generally. Ds2 is usually good but still waking very frequently, think it was 1.20, 2.30 and 5.15 last night, then 7...? I know that is not that unusual for very wee ones but I am interested to hear how everyone else is doing? He is a right little suckler!

Mil visiting tomorrow, so can't be bothered but hopefully she might help out a little!

cupcakefairy Tue 05-Jun-12 22:21:26

sarah my ds1 turned 2 today, he was such a good boy all day & Seb was a dream too sleeping loads so I could properly join in the festivities! Happy birthday to your ds for tomorrow smile
Seb wakes about every 3 hours at night but sometimes takes over an hour to get back down..yawn. Am so looking forward to longer stretches of sleep!

ladybee forgot to respond re your contraception question.. dh & I have always used natural family planning, so charting cycles in order to avoid or achieve pregnancy.. with ds1 I didn't ovulate for 9 months while breastfeeding so hoping for same this time..though to be honest it'll prob be a while before any bedroom antics here anyway!! blush

Hope all get some good sleep tonight..

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