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May Baby Mayhem!

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Bodeccia Tue 15-May-12 11:07:41

Hello fellow May mums. Let's follow on from our lovely ante-natal threads, here's the first of the post-natal ones. Join us as we work out how to handle nappies, feeding, colic, crying and all things newborn, or just to celebrate the joys of a new baby!

TheNameisNOTZiggy Thu 03-Jan-13 13:58:04

Happy new year!
Sorry been absent but Xmas rush, family to contend with & DH suddenly getting a new contract (hurrah!) meant I have been snowed under. You know how it is!

Welcome L. My DS is also a Theodore! Amazing how I had never met one & now I hear the name all the time.

Meat - T loves food, incl meat. We let him try sausage. We decided that out of one or 2 bites he wasn't going to ingest too much salt. However that is not based on any evidence at all, let alone scientific!!! Just gut feeling....

This blw certainly has improved my diet. Im eating more fruit, more veg & more plain unprocessed meat.
I also received a slow cooker for Xmas so looking out for baby friendly recipes - please do share any tasty ones!

T did well with gifts & received some lovely non noisy toys and clothes. I got him a couple of things from ikea - a soft ball & some stacking cups for less than a fiver. Bargain!! My mum was horrified I had not got him anything big & didn't understand when I said I didn't see the point for a 7 month old!!!

Hope the year has started well. Any NY resolutions?

Trying2bMindful Sun 06-Jan-13 15:16:27

Afternoon! I have NC'd (previously was ziggy or SirC)
Currently delayed, waiting for flight home with a baby is no fun with a hangover sad

DH came home early to return to work so I'm travelling alone too. Hope people are helpful when boarding/getting off. I was delayed last time I came to NI, grrrrrrrr.

I have decided I need to lose weight & get fitter in time for my DBs wedding at the start of May. I have about 20kgs to lose but if I can even do half that would be fab. How easy is it to bf & lose weight.... Anyone know? Previous experience?

I joined the low carb bootcamp thread on here but not convinced it is the healthiest thing to do whilst bf.... Will see how I get on.

I have also decided to be more kind and to practise mindfulness more often.
Did you make any resolutions?

SESthebrave Sun 06-Jan-13 19:11:37

Hello Trying - I also want to lose weight whilst BF. I won't do the low carb thing as I really believe it's all about gradually making healthy changes to my rubbish eating / lack of exercise habits. I need to lose about 10kg and have booked on to a weekly pilates course that starts at the end of Jan. I want to improve my core and find my waist! Also things like cutting back on chocolate, cutting out the cream on my hot chocolates and trying to have smaller portion sizes.

Hope your flight home was ok in the end?

LimeFlower Sun 06-Jan-13 22:59:51

Hello,ladies smile
Just a few words as I need to do online shopping tonight and lunch for DH,DS has sleep regression or whatever it's called(sleeps like crap or doesn't sleep too well if you prefer).

I thought about joining low boot camp but hardly time for computer thanks to DS not sleeping.

Anyway,I tried "limited" low carbs-restricted very heavily bread,no pasta,rice,potatoes(oh,the pain),floury stuff,no sweets and I managed to drop nearly a stone.No difference in milk suply but basically no eating rubbish.Also no frying meat or fish (so no batter and no breadcrumbs).

I'd like to get in touch with cupcakefairy,she hasn't been here for a while but she had excellent weight loss results.

Hope to catch up with you soon,good luck dietingsmile

LimeFlower Sun 06-Jan-13 23:00:36

And sod the resolutions,they never worked for me!

Trying2bMindful Sun 06-Jan-13 23:16:36

Hello ladies, glad to see a few are still lurking.
Flight was fine in the end but the 2 hour delay was tedious. Oh well. Serves me right for painting the town red the night before.
If anyone finds cupcakefairy do ask her to share her diet secrets. I've always been crap at them unless I go into serious mad woman mode... Not becoming of a mum of one!!!
Night night.

LimeFlower Tue 08-Jan-13 22:18:22

Oh,heck Trying, i wouldn't dream about getting hammered and then look after DS,he's exhausting enough in my sober state!Well done for coping though wink

Try this low carb bootcamp,but you don't have to be strictly no carbs,just restrict them.Have a look at what are you eating,cupcake was addicted to crisps,my weakness is any icecream.Also I didn't realise that I was able to hoover a bar of chocolate at one sitting.

With crap weather here I wasn't going even for a walk with DS,whatever your body doesn't burn it goes straight into your arse.
Decreasing the portion helped as well and don't forget the old tricks-cup of water before meal and eating slowly chewing every bit.

Have a look at what you're drinking-no fruit juice,fizzy pops and tea/coffee if you use sugar.I loathe sweeteners so had to switch to water.
Eating last meal not later than 8 pm(ha,ha,thanks DS) but not earlier than 6 pm because by the time I went to bed I was hungry again.

First week that I tried that I was like on sugar detox-started to think that this is addictive the same way as fags or alcohol.
Keep going and good luck,the result is worth it.

I put some weight on again because I bought some sweets for Christmas but not a lot so hoping to shed it soonsmile

Any more tips welcome,thanks in advance

Trying2bMindful Thu 10-Jan-13 23:09:51

thanks all. have been mindful of what I have been popping in my mouth this week but have banned myself from the scales until next Monday. fingers crossed a decrease is showing! have not really been low carbing, although i am trying to avoid them in the evenings.

thanks for the tips Lime. I will start BuggyFit again next week and hope that helps too. I could do with getting much fitter - am supposed to be skiing mid March but not sure this heffer should be seen on the slopes smile (will my kit fit?!!!)

was a good day today; shared porridge with DS, shared a tuna sandwich and steamed carrots with DS and then had left over lentil salad with a sausage plus some steamed veg with DH. Followed by a fruit juice lolly as I craved something sweet and we wereI both trying desperately to avoid the biscuit tin (& succeeded!)

the water tip is a good one. has anyone else seen the MN comment on the Couch potato to 5k? I am tempted to have a go. DH has been saying for ages he would take up running.... no signs yet, perhaps I should beat him to it?! It has to be better than going to a gym. We live right by a Common so have somewhere to go running.

There is a yoga class i would like to try but need to check if DS is too old to come with me - it is a daytime class and I am hoping it is for mums & babies.... he got really bored at the last mum & baby class i went to as babies were not involved. Saying that, I am not sure if a 7 month old can do yoga..... can he?!!! (the mind boggles!!)

sorry for the long post. so much to say and so little time to be on the 'puter these days. DS is just so active now. Commando crawling, demanding to be held and MEALS - wtf. the preparation, feeding and cleaning up takes more than an hour. 3 times a day? seriously, I hope it starts to take less time soon. add onto that the fact I put him on the loo after breakfast & tea and my day is wiped out!! The loo thing started as he struggled to do a poo in his nappy. Now we do it all the time and have more poos in the loo than we do in the nappy. V odd. Never saw myself doing that (nor the "poo song" which i sing to amuse us both).

gosh, how my life has changed grin How on earth will this life fit with my old life when i return to work at Easter?!!!!

Trying2bMindful Mon 14-Jan-13 12:13:09

Well I have managed to lose 2kg since last week so that is promising. thanks
Basically avoided carbs & alcohol on weekday evenings last week.
Currently watching LO smear Brie & rice cake on the table. The chicken I lovingly cooked is being ignored....hmm
Planning to go to BuggyFit shortly... What to wear when it is chilly is my Big Question, I don't want to get too hot!!

LimeFlower Mon 14-Jan-13 22:07:14

Well done Trying for a weight loss smile
I'll try to write something this week,came back home not long ago and knackered so off to bed.

cupcakefairy Mon 14-Jan-13 22:38:07

Hi ladies.. thanks to limeflower for dragging me back here grin sorry I barely get time to MN these days but I do still lurk from time to time..
Re diet, I have lost 26lbs since September...and gained 3 back over Christmas (I'm not sorry grin) just trying to get back on the wagon to lose the final few pounds (I had 30 to lose in total) but hard to get motivated now all my clothes fit me again!!
What I did was a version of the Montignac diet, a french diet based on the GI scale, where you separate carbs and fats...but I didn't fully do it because I was still breastfeeding, so I'd have no carb lunches (usually salad with fish/cheese/egg...or a bowl of broad beans/peas/any green veg with fish or cottage cheese...or just scrambled egg microwaved if I had no time!) but normal dinners, just a slightly smaller portion.
For snacks, brown toast with a sugar-free jam, lots and lots of fruit!
The killer with this diet is you're supposed to have no sugar at ALL. So I did that Monday to Friday, no sugar, not even cereals that contain added sugar (so basically you can only have Shredded Wheat or no sugar muesli!) no biscuits with tea is sooo hard when you're shattered and being offered a biccie at playgroup! But it really does work to cut out sugar. (Fructose is allowed, for those that need sugar in tea etc!) and on weekends I would eat sugar and sandwiches and I was still losing weight.

So there you go smile it's really hard but so worth it to see those numbers creeping down on the scale. I'm winding down breastfeeding now but don't want to stop fully so I'm just cutting out the sugar at the moment and still eating carbs with lunch as I'm scared my milk will dry up.

Anyway, hope you're all doing ok... my little ds is a cheeky monkey. Crawling and pulling up to standing and cruising round the furniture already at 7.5 months, God help me shock he is just the cutest little thing though and so smiley. He can wave now too and he knows it gets a good reaction, he just waves at everyone he sees, delighting old ladies in church on a sunday morning grin

Trying2bMindful Tue 15-Jan-13 23:56:03

Ooh. Thx for the update cupcake. So good to hear a positive story of weightless whilst bf. you have inspired me to keep it up!
I shall also look into that diet... Sounds intriguing grin
Sleep well all. Am on a child care search. What a mission & omg. How much??!!shock

LimeFlower Wed 16-Jan-13 23:13:33

cupcake how nice to see you smile must drag you here a bit more often

Congrats on your weight loss-that's huuuge achievement,I still have at least 1 stone to go.Thanks for your tips about the diet-I found it soooo hard to eliminate sugar and carbs especially when I realised that most of the things I ate contained one or another.
DS doesn't feed as much as he used to-he takes more boob at night when he wakes up(just for comfort as his teething horribly)

Glad your DS is coming on fine,how's his big brother?Do they play together?Asking because will try to persuade DH another one in a couple of years... wish me luck

I could say the same about mine-"little darling" as MIL calls him,cheeky smile,hands and legs going like clappers,commando crawling here as well.Smiley face most of the time,getting more mobile every day.

Trying tell me about childcare-I had a meeting at work regarding coming back,the only one problem is that the cm i had spoken to about looking after DS has left the village.The nearest one-15 miles away.My head's bursting now how to hell I'm going to do it?Still have a couple of months to sort something out.

Don't give in to demands to be held-DS is about 18 lbs now and I don't care that he wants to be held-my back is killing me if I do.Yes,I'll pick him up but not a chance that I'm going to carry him.He screams for a while and then finds some toy on the floor and this is the end of him crying.

3 hrs for meal prep,feed and clean?shockWhat are you serving him and where?DS hoovers a bit of porridge in late morning and then on alternate days has meaty meal/veg mash with bits chucked at him to encourage the coordination of chewing/swallowing(still hasn't got a good grip at that).He puts food inside his mouth,chews and then doesn't know what to do so ends up with a gob full like a hamster.
I have a couple of microfibre cloths (poundshop) just for wiping DS hands,face and table.If he starts throwing food around I'll take it away.

Congrats on the potty training though-hope it lasts

Good luck ladies,off to hang the washing,shower and bed,keep writing please smile

Wrigglebum Thu 17-Jan-13 19:50:46

Bloody hell cupcake, that's amazing weight loss! Well done.

Still lurking, will write when I get a mo.

LimeFlower Thu 24-Jan-13 13:25:14

Hello ladies smile

I suppose most of you are busy with your little ones,gosh,the time drags during a day and flies otherwise.

Got the childcare arrangements nearly sorted out now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this time it will be ok.

DS started to crawl...backwards.Got himself wedged into the corner of the room,couldn't go any further and vented his frustration very loudly.This week I found him halfway under his cot.He can spin round and lifts up his bum but hasn't worked out that he needs to shuffle his knees forward at the same time.When he does...well,DH and I will be on a stairgate purchase mission this weekend.

He eats pretty much everything (thank goodness as DH is fussy bugger),especially enjoys natural yoghurt with mashed fruit-cherries or blueberries,going to try apricot next.He's a human dustbin,gave him 2 bits of penne pasta with pesto and he made an impression of dr.Lecter in "Silence of Lambs",pasta was gone within seconds.

I cook without salt but unfortunately things like cheese and tinned tuna all contain salt so I'm not able to eliminate that.

Still 2 teeth but gums very bumpy so expecting next ones very soon-he's got at least 4 on the go,poor things wakes up at night and cries chewing on his hands.

Also having a problem with very irritated skin on his chin and the sides-I suppose this is from drooling.Tried Aveeno and Bepanthen,didn't work,bought yesterday some sudocrem so will see how it goes.

Except that everything's fine and dandy,he's a very hapy little chap in every other aspect.

Just woken up so have to go,will keep lurking,take care smile

Trying2bMindful Tue 29-Jan-13 10:57:46

Lol lime flower at your LO getting wedged - mine has bypassed real crawling but has just started pulling himself up on the furniture & tentatively cruising. Bugger. Need eyes in the back of my head now.
Still bf so co sleep for part of the night and was woken up at 530am by him using me as mountain training - pulling himself up, standing next to me & grinning cheekily at me. V disconcerting.

Childcare is a nightmare. Have decided against nursery. However comparing childminders with nannies is like comparing chalk & cheese. One is affordable, the other expensive. One is on a council or housing association estate nearby, the other is in your own home. The price difference is £18k a year...... DH & I are trying to work out which is for us. The thing is I have not yet met a CM or a nanny I love so it is difficult to know what to do. My return to work date is end march so I need to get this sorted. Omg the pressure to get it right for our PFB, & for us as a family.... Aggghhhhhh. blush

Trying2bMindful Sun 03-Feb-13 22:08:32

Anyone still lurking here?
Happy February!!
New year resolutions broken but st valentine is nearly here to cheer us up grin

LimeFlower Mon 04-Feb-13 13:40:11

I'm still lurking Trying but haven't got a lot of time to spend at the computer and if so I try to keep up with mails to family and friends which I'm always behind with.

Sod the resolutions,who needs them anyway?If you're going to stick to something you'll do it regardless of the time of the year and what was your resolution as I'm nosey

Thanks for Valentine reminder,have to get something for DH.I can't believe the time goes so fast,a year ago I had a bump and was getting ready to get married.

Hope you managed to resolve the cm problem.Fx for you.I found someone locally to look after DS as there's no cm in my village.I won't be able to use the vouchers from work but what can I do.I can't wait to be back at work,just 2 days a week but all these adult conversations and a bit of money.

DS has 2 upper side incissors coming out and looks like a little vampire.Getting more mobile every day so DH installed stair gates last night.I love him to bits but I can't wait when he goes to sleep so I could catch my breath.Still thinking about another one,I don't know why,seems to be the craziest idea ever.

DS is a little monkey,getting more communicative with his demands which is lovely but so tiring sometimes.

Off I go to enjoy a cuppa in peace as my little monster darling is napping

Keep writing ladies if you're lurking,hope all of you are warm and cosy smile

Oh,and I managed to go down to 62 kgs with my weight (my weight was 76 at the end of pg and 72 after giving birth)so "only" about 6-7 kgs to lose yipeeeee!

Catsycat Fri 08-Feb-13 20:40:38

Haven't written for months and months (anyone remember me???), but still lurking - just no time to write!!!!! Will try to check in properly for their first birthdays smile. Hope to have good weight loss news by then too... fx.

Wrigglebum Sat 09-Feb-13 07:47:22

Another lurker here! Life is very busy with the two of them and Adam is not a good sleeper. He still wakes a lot through the night and won't go in his cot after the initial few hours in there. Oh well, it's quite nice having him cuddled up in bed. And he goes back to sleep after a quick bf and doesn't get up until about 7 each day so it could be worse. Ds1 slept through at this age but was up for the day at 5am, it was a killer!

I should do something about my weight really, I got below my pre-Adam weight but then Christmas happened and I haven't shifted the extra couple of kilos. Ideally I'd like to lose about 4-5kgs (7-8kg would be great but very unlikely these days) but I need to stop my Dr Pepper and chocolate habits! Finally got round to getting a sports bra for my larger norks so will try the occasional run and cutting down a bit. It's just so hard when you're tired.

Trying2bMindful Sat 09-Feb-13 19:38:08

Hello fellow lurkers!
So much to do and so little time. Can't believe he is nearly 9 months.
Almost got childcare sorted but am not looking forward to returning to work hmm

LimeFlower Thu 14-Feb-13 20:33:41

Lurking as well,everybody in a household has had(DS,me)/is having (DH) stomach bug so puking everywhere.Hope all of you are fine,will check in longer another time.

Trying2bMindful Tue 19-Feb-13 23:33:31

Any recommendations for:
- double buggy (nanny with own child starting shortly so need to cough up for one!)
- cot beds?

LimeFlower Wed 20-Feb-13 21:56:28

Trying I'm afraid you won't get any responses here.

Ask yourself what you can afford.DS is going to be looked after by the girl from the village-her DD is 6 months older and she wants to get a double buggy.We are both on the budget so she's looking for something 2nd hand and to fit in the boot of her hatchback car.

Have a look on Gumtree-I got a Mothercare cot from there for 20 pounds and gave it a good scrub.Saved me at least a few quids,bought a new matress for it.

Hope everybody's fine,such a shame that this thread is so inactive.

Take care,I'll keep lurking smile

Catsycat Thu 21-Feb-13 18:01:40

Trying we've got a Phil & Ted's E3 double. It's now on DC3, appears to be indestructible, and is bound to be available cheaply on eBay as it's an old model now. Also has fab accessories available (panniers for long days out with lots of stuff, UV covers etc, etc). It doesn't fold particularly small, but only takes up as much room as a double as it does as a single buggy iyswim. Several of my friends bought one having seen ours, and all were equally happy with it.

We have a Tutti Bambini Louis cotbed from eBay, which we stripped and waxed to get a natural finish. It is lovely. I would see what is in your area on eBay / gumtree, or even put a "wanted" on Freecycle and see if you get lucky!

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