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Just Mumming Along (viroids 2)

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Eskarina Mon 14-May-12 20:10:19

Tried to post on the original thread and my post got rejected as its full! Have copied and pasted below....

Congrats on the job offer ttl...hope the other one comes up trumps for you too.

Dd isn't quite crawling yet, but would very much like to. She is the queen of the Klingons at the moment, and has a meltdown the second I put her down, look in the opposite direction, or if someone else so much as looks at her. Not all the time thankfully, but definitely for part of every day.

On the bf thing, it's so personal.....I've just dropped doing the afternoon feed myself be cause dd is so distractible that she bobs on and off, which I don't like around other people, and now she finally has teeth the constant latch on/off was really hurting. I just bf once a day, our morning snuggle when she's nice and calm. I would be sad to give that one up just yet.

cookielove Mon 05-Jan-15 08:54:02

Sorry min what do you mean about the 30 minute thing?

I am on my phone but I can sort out a new thread smile

Minion Mon 05-Jan-15 08:46:28

Don't think it's colic or reflux, I honest to god think she's so greedy shes eating all she can and has sore tummy.
She pooed twice within an hour and a half this morning. Then promptly fell asleep on me and now won't bloody rise for her morning bottle.
And that's about to become unusable cause of the 30 min thing.
I've put her back in moses basket to see if she wakes up. She hasn't so far so I'm going to wipe away my tears and try and sleep too.
Doesn't look promising

JuniDD Mon 05-Jan-15 08:11:01

I bet we're all on phones! Will try to get on laptop later.

min it's VERY common for babies to be screaming horrors at particular times in the first few weeks. I used to cry at half four each day as I knew when she woke it would be screaming for up to four or five hours. It's just her way if telling you she's a bit scared - every single thing that happens each day is new and overstimulating to her and screaming discharges the build up of stress. It may also be wind - a big burp helped DD and it can take ages to get it up. I'll try and link some websites I obsessively read to get through it. She stopped at six weeks and now only carries in like that when she is over tired. You're not shit anything, it's hard, you're learning so much about parenting, baby girl, yourself...all on v little sleep after a major op. Cut yourself some slack!

Hardly any sleep here as had her in with me to promote both boobies and I got a bit cold. If she has the left next I'll be over the moon but she had it plenty overnight, almost refused the right. Babies!! grin grin

willywallace Mon 05-Jan-15 07:59:09

You guys really need a new thread btw wink .

willywallace Mon 05-Jan-15 07:58:27

Totally gatecrashing, just pretend I'm not here but do you think she's colicky/refluxy Min?

FurryScoob Mon 05-Jan-15 07:26:35

I remember you buying a sofa cookie at least you got it sorted before Eli & you didn't waste any mat leave waiting for him to arrive!
I was already on mat leave when Skyla arrived & my friend told my boss I'd had her so I'm gonna leave it. I hate the place & my boss was an evil cow while I was upduffed so I'm quite happy to have no contact till (ifgrin) I return.

Enjoy your pj days viroids, I've had a bad night with Skyla too but i have to get dressed today, fully intend be back in my pjs by early afternoon!

Nessalina Mon 05-Jan-15 06:39:23

We've all been there Min confused
You're not shit, it's just that babies are tiny little terrors who have no idea what they want and even when they get it, sometimes they're not happy!
Getting nothing done is never an issue - after the night I've had I fully intend to not get dressed today. It's my prerogative as a new mother! smile

Minion Mon 05-Jan-15 05:44:01

Attack of the infant who doesn't know what she wants..
3 clean bums
2 bottles
Countless hugs
Copious amounts of crying on both sides
And to think I wanted twins...

Feel like a shit mum. Can't even comfort my own daughter. Husband goes back to work today so will get nothing done.
Shit wife too I guess.

Nessalina Mon 05-Jan-15 00:19:04

Min - ikea??? Why o why would you do that to yourself grin
I'm having to ban poor DH from blowing his nose near J - he has a particularly loud HONK and has woken him on more than one occasion! grin

Juni - we totally did that! Ended up buying a new microwave last week confused I never knew our old one was actually freakishly small grin
Hope you took a Last Tango break - I love that show! grin I taped it coz was having a well earned nap.

Furry - I texted my line manager but more because I knew he'd be interested that because of any HR requirement. I can't imagine why they need to know particularly unless you were early - if your LO came whilst you were on holiday and not mat leave yet, I think that can change your dates? I was wondering if I need to let my life insurance know, I think J gets some cover through my policy for the first few years of life, but I don't know if he gets it if I don't tell them!

Just got J to sleep with his dummy, he's been a bit of a bugger this evening... He had a four hour nap this afternoon (on me, so I couldn't do any housework shame!!) so I'm a bit worried he'll hardly sleep tonite...

JuniDD Sun 04-Jan-15 21:04:30

I did, but only in a "here's my baby, mofos" kind of a way. I don't think it makes much difference, you just have to confirm when you're going back 28 days before the date. Might be good for staying in touch reasons though.

Have made DP hold her while I eat my dinner (she wakes up every time I put her down and I'm bloody hungry). Would be it be terrible to leave him up there for the duration of Last Tango in Halifax...? Need a break!

cookielove Sun 04-Jan-15 19:58:29

Well the Friday before my boss let me take the day off to go sofa shopping then the Saturday I went to a wedding and the Sunday got ambulanced to hospital in agony with a "urine infection" so I kept my boss updated. Monday my plug went and went to hospital at 33+6, was told I was in early labour but kept in contact with my boss was telling her that I am sure i'll be back at work next week if they can get my labour to stop hmm

Was in complete denial

Had him on the Wednesday grin

Had absolutely no maternity leave before I had him so was essential my boss knew he was born.

Minion Sun 04-Jan-15 19:41:43

I emailed mine a few days after she arrived. They need to make sure I had the right amount of time off I think.
I've got the munch lying on me, just snarfed a chocolate bear and Burped.
Poor girl shat herself

FurryScoob Sun 04-Jan-15 18:52:56

Did anyone contact their employer to let them know they'd had the baby? Is it a legal requirement to let them know? My boss asked me to let her know but I forgot until today, I've had no contact with the place since the day I left for mat leave apart from seeing a few friends who work there.

JuniDD Sun 04-Jan-15 16:38:24

Glad things are better ness

IKEA, min?? Impressive stuff!

Well, I've got DD on the bad booby for now. Spending a day in bed waiting for her to stir then feeding for hours is surprisingly knackering. I bought a microwave steriliser today that DOESN'T FIT IN OUR MICROWAVE!!! Not a good weekend.

Minion Sun 04-Jan-15 13:19:54

Oh yes, those are definitely extenuating circumstances! I shall watch out for even the slightest hint of poonami and adjust my schedule accordingly (big bang theory boxset needs to be watched).
I'm in ikea.
Is this place a creche? Every man and his offspring is here.. And me, I'm waiting for meatballs!

FurryScoob Sun 04-Jan-15 12:31:53

Go for your list min but if a poonami or screaming fit stop you you can add the activity to next week & stay in your pj's!

Tomorrow I'm seeing a friend & Tuesday in taking the christmas decs down, now it's down in writing I have to do it! must not be in pj's when friend arrives

Nessalina Sun 04-Jan-15 12:16:09

If you can hack the pace, go for it! grin

Minion Sun 04-Jan-15 11:20:12

Am I peaking too early? Shall I save one activity a week?
I do like the idea of pjs till noon!

FurryScoob Sun 04-Jan-15 09:40:54

Glad you got things sorted ness

min I'm also impressed with your planned week, I really need to do more now DP's back at work get dressed before midday

I have a snuggly baby asleep in my shoulder too, face of an angel but farting like a builder!

Minion Sun 04-Jan-15 08:24:53

This post is coming at you from my warm bed where I am currently wide awake (Grrr), laying next to a snoring man (double Grrr) with the warmest snugglemunch laying on my chest (which is lovely, but with all the noise she was making in the moses basket, I assumed she was waking for food.. Nope she promptly dropped off again)
God they're noisy arent they?

Nessalina Sun 04-Jan-15 07:40:10

Hey viroids smile

Grrr I just posted this but it's not appeared, so I'm missing a big chunk coz I forgot to copy before posting - stupid app!! angry

Me and DH made up after an uncomfortable day... This baby stuff is super stressful confused I think we're going to get some couples counselling. Essentially we've been having the same argument for ten years (I'm opinionated and like things just so, he tries to please me and resents me for it) and we need to resolve it one way or another! It can't help that we haven't had sex in six months, so that's our new year resolution - shag more!!

Min - I'm impressed by your hectic schedule!! I didn't leave the house without DH for 5 weeks and unless we had to go to the GPs, every day was a PJ day! blush I'm a bit more active now, but I don't like to plan ahead too much, it tends to be more like 'ok, he's had a feed, he seems in a good mood, let's go for a walk!'

This Tues we're going to baby cinema club which I'm really excited about! We have an Everyman cinema which is all comfy sofa seating, and for £10 you get movie, cake & coffee grin They have both the lights up and the sound down a little so it's baby friendly, and crying is expected, so no judgement, lol. Then he's got his jabs at the doctors after, so Weds there's nowt planned in case he's unsettled.
Then Thursday night mummy's going out for cocktails grinwine - oh yeeeeah! Starting at 5pm and aiming to be home for 8pm so I don't miss more than one feed, so not very rock and roll, but it's a start!

cookielove Sun 04-Jan-15 03:26:54

I miss the days when Elijah use to sleep sleep sleep, now he is awake far to much grin

min just do what you want to do, dh has been off for the last three days and it has been great but I find when he is home I never remember when I last fed him and he seems to eat alot confused

Minion Sun 04-Jan-15 01:46:27

I've just had a double whammy.
Shit into a clean nappy post Milkdrunk then a vom on the shoulder.
Good job they're cute eh!

JuniDD Sat 03-Jan-15 23:42:46

I love the milkdrunk face! And there is no reporting for meeting your child's needs. The hunger and feeding at this stage can be really intense, just go with it, you're doing great.

We just had a vomit which was nice. She's asleep on me now, let's see if all the sleep today makes for a crazy night...!

Minion Sat 03-Jan-15 22:50:18

Isn't there just! Tonight's panic is am I overfeeding my baby.
She's always hungry, and it's formula mostly so it's odd.
Husband is in the nursery now throwing yet more milk down her gizzard.
I assume if she was being overfed she'd vom for queen and country?
If this is still the growth spurt, gawd knows what size she will be when the hv comes.
They'll prob report me to child services for making her massive.
It's the only thing which calmed her tonight.
Changed nappy, still wailed.
Burped her, still wailed.
Not tired, still wailed.
Threw yet more milk at her.. Milkdrunk face.
The gorb!

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