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Just Mumming Along (viroids 2)

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Eskarina Mon 14-May-12 20:10:19

Tried to post on the original thread and my post got rejected as its full! Have copied and pasted below....

Congrats on the job offer ttl...hope the other one comes up trumps for you too.

Dd isn't quite crawling yet, but would very much like to. She is the queen of the Klingons at the moment, and has a meltdown the second I put her down, look in the opposite direction, or if someone else so much as looks at her. Not all the time thankfully, but definitely for part of every day.

On the bf thing, it's so personal.....I've just dropped doing the afternoon feed myself be cause dd is so distractible that she bobs on and off, which I don't like around other people, and now she finally has teeth the constant latch on/off was really hurting. I just bf once a day, our morning snuggle when she's nice and calm. I would be sad to give that one up just yet.

Pineapple80 Wed 03-Jul-13 00:01:23

Sounds like Amy is doing great MrsBri smile. After feeding so much you'll get a nice big poo! He he. FS has been peeing on me lately, keep forgetting to cover up his bits during nappy changes!!

Pineapple80 Wed 03-Jul-13 10:23:07

DS gained almost 8oz over the past week! smile We are really pleased. He is approx 6lb 8oz now (5lb 11oz at birth). All his measurements have increased at a good rate too. It was the first time we left the house together as a family since coming home from hospital! The maternal health nurse clinic is only a 5 minute walk from home, so it is very handy.

MrsBri Wed 03-Jul-13 19:16:20

Wow! What's your secret? :-)

Apparently lower weight babies gain faster than larger babies though, but it's all very confusing as to what's good and what isn't. I'm feeling a little stressed by it :-/

We got out and about round the block today, which is a good starting point after the CS. I can build it up gradually from now.

Pineapple80 Wed 03-Jul-13 20:19:25

Think you're right MrsBri, DS has lots of weight to gain still, being so small. So unfortunately no secret! I would say keep things up as it sounds like Amy's still gaining. Try not to worry though, you're doing great smile

Glad to hear you got out & about, I would love to get out everyday but find the days just pass me by so quickly.

MrsBri Wed 03-Jul-13 20:34:09

We were saying that today. When we got outside, DH looked at his watch and we were amazed that it was 4.10! Days just fly by and all we do is feed / do nappies / sleep. Crazy!

tiredteddy Wed 03-Jul-13 21:52:45

Sounds like you are both getting on very well To me MRSBRI and PINEAPPLE! Well done.

I've been busy assembling a high chair as fern will be 6months in just over a week so I'll be weaning her then blush its going SO fast!

Pineapple80 Thu 04-Jul-13 15:16:56

Tired, I'm always shocked when you tell us Fern is 6 months! Don't know where the time goes. You'll have to keep us posted on her weaning and how it all goes. Before in know it, it'll be our turn grin

Been reading the Save our Sleep book & though all the tips and routines make sense, I just can't see ourselves making DS follow a routine right now. Spoke to DH and he agrees we should follow our instincts for now.

tiredteddy Thu 04-Jul-13 19:01:33

Oh yes pineapple, follow your instincts. I've found with each of mine that they do fall into a pattern/routine as they get older and your DS is so tiny still. Trust yourself and it will evolve by itself. When he is a little bigger may be look at the 2,3,4 routine. I read about it on here. It's something along the lines of 1st sleep is 2 hours after waking, 2nd sleep is three hours after waking from the 1st then bedtime is 4 hours after that. Loosely relates to a morning and after lunch nap. It doesn't seem so structured as some routines.

ChildOfThe1980s Sat 06-Jul-13 09:36:55

Pineapple, my DD is sleeping quite well, but unpredictably. Last night she did 4 hours, 1 hour then 2 and is still asleep now, but she tends to feed, burp, stay unsettled for an hour each time during the night, so most days I still want an afternoon nap. Also she never falls asleep before 11pm, and cluster feeds every evening.

I won't worry about a routine for ages- I can't stand books that tell you to do this from an early age.

BF is going well and DD weighs 9 pounds 13 already (4 weeks old) smile (still on the 75th percentile). I am so much more sociable with this baby, and am getting out to baby groups and meeting with friends on most days. It helps that I am getting more sleep and my hormones are being kind to me, of course!

Well done on your DS's weight gain, Pineapple, and hope you heal up soon MrsBri. I agree that days fly by.

Pineapple80 Mon 08-Jul-13 07:38:14

Thanks Tired & Child re routines etc. in glad to hear DD is sleeping well Child. I guess it's normal for sleep to vary and be up and down sometimes so early on.

How is everyone doing? Hope you're all enjoying the nice weather, have heard about the sunshine & heat this week over there - how lovely. Have been missing the UK summer lately! We loved the summertime and parks and general vibe during this season. Not so bad with Aussie winters but still would be good to get out more instead of staying in and avoiding the cold!

DS got spoilt today with lots of lovely gifts from two of my friends! One has a 3 month old DS and my other friend has a toddler and 4 yr old so it was lovely to chat about all things babies/kids for a few hours!

Pineapple80 Tue 09-Jul-13 01:38:46

Just wondering if you would mind giving me your opinion? Next weekend is my SIL's 40th. She is having a lunch at a fancy restaurant and DH & I are in two minds as to if we will go, purely because DS is lonely going to be 4 wks old. We have notices if he gets too tired or over stimulated (like with visitors over and not sleeping) it will reply affect his sleeps and mood for the rest of he day/night. I asked some mum friends if mine yesterday and they said go for it and go out!! I'm just nervous to be honest, being a FTM and all! Anyway thanks in advance for replies smile x

Pineapple80 Tue 09-Jul-13 01:39:17

Lonely = only!! Oops grin

tiredteddy Tue 09-Jul-13 21:39:13

I'm really in the "have baby will travel" camp of parenting. It's daunting the first time but its actually easiest to be out and about when they are tiny than when they are bigger. You have to feel confident with your choice though. Considering its a lunch I would think it should be pretty easy to go. If he gets fed up of being passed around say so. Or keep with you saying you'll happily ask for volunteers to hold him when the food arrives so you can enjoy your meal wink I have always taken my children to restaurants from babies upwards and its paid off as they behave well and eat nicely. I went to a 40th when fern was 6/8 weeks old and she went in the sling and slept though the whole party, even my dancing!

Pineapple80 Tue 09-Jul-13 23:45:23

Thanks Tired! I think we would cope ok but part of me feels bad if he gets uncomfortable or upset there. I guess we will need to learn to venture out sooner or later!

That's impressive DD slept hey dancing in a sling!! I can't wait to try my carrier out. I'm trying to wait a few weeks bc of my c-section but think it is going to be super handy!!

WingDefence Fri 12-Jul-13 18:43:41

Hi all - have been in hot 'n' sunny Wales this past week and no 3G or wifi - eek! Will catch up as soon as I can but DS has come down with chicken pox so I'm anticipating a rough few days.

And have you seen all the no-longer-pg lurkers on the shagged out group? Any of them not over here yet?! grin

tiredteddy Sat 13-Jul-13 14:53:55

Toooooo Hooooooot!

Pineapple80 Sun 14-Jul-13 08:46:31

Hope you survived the heat over there!! How hot did it get in the end? Hope a nice cool change brought some relief!

We ended up going to SIL's bday lunch! And survived grin. Was really good to get out & about. DS was fine, though only slept 45 mins but he was ok smile.

StuckOnARollercoaster Sun 14-Jul-13 11:02:21

Hello have finally made it onto this version of the thread! Daisy is 4 weeks old today - I still sometimes look at her and can't quite believe she's real and is our actual daughter!
We're doing ok - a few challenges with breastfeeding, think she snacks rather than full feeds so sometimes gets tummy upsets as she doesn't get enough of the creamer calorie milk. Of to a lll meeting on Thursday which may shed some light on her latch or if she has a bit of a tie.
Stress in the house has gone as my mum went home yesterday. For various reasons my boyfriend couldn't take time off so she was supposed to be with us to help, and although she did keep the house clean, kept on top of the piles of washing and ran errands for me, it didn't really work as personalities just clashed too much. Lesson to self for the future!
Anyway glad we have another thread to frequent to talk about the fun and games we ate having with our little ones!

Pineapple80 Sun 14-Jul-13 14:14:03

Welcome Stuck! Great to see you here and happy 4 wks to Daisy smile. My DS had his 4 wks on Friday! How time flies hey?! I hope the BFing improves & the meeting helps - do keep us posted on it all.

DS us really unsettled tonight. We ended up going out for my SIL's birthday lunch and he didn't really sleep & as it usually goes with him not doing his usual thing, he's been really cranky and won't fall alseep. We're hoping he does soon, although it may be a long night ahead for us!!

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Sun 14-Jul-13 16:46:04

Found you! on a bus atm so will post properly later, just wanted to mark my place smile

tiredteddy Sun 14-Jul-13 20:43:11

Hi stuck and guinea glad you have found us. Pineapple well done for getting out and about. Sounds like you coped fine.

We went to the beach today with friends it was gorgeous and actually quite relaxing as all the children entertained themselves. Fern is having a bit less milk in this heat but drinking some water too so I'm not worried. She's trying hard to sit up but hasn't totally mastered it yet.

Pineapple80 Tue 16-Jul-13 01:51:37

Good to see you Guinea!

Tired - jealous of your beach adventures! Sounds really lovely. Hope you're still doing ok in the heat!

DS has been up every 60-90mins overnight confused! No idea why, he has been fed well, burped & nappy changed. Maybe just an off night. Just about to pop him into his cot now...

Hope everyone is well xsmile

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Wed 17-Jul-13 22:09:25

Hello all - finally managing to post. After finding the thread on Sunday its been a manic few days. Ended up in hospital overnight with Eleanor in Sunday with mystery baby problem #7534!

she just started screaming in pain and went on a 12 hour nursing strike. She also hadn't pooed for 6 days and that's not like her at all. I think its following from the rotarix vaccine she had. I took her for some cranial osteopathy today (she's been having it anyway to help with some feeding issues) and within an hour of her treatment she'd pooed - never been so relieved to see a full dirty nappy! She finally seems to have picked up and was her normal cheery self this evening smile

Anyone know which viroid is due next?!

Congrats to everyone on their beautiful babies btw, glad they all arrived safely. Will have a search for your birth stories.

ChildOfThe1980s Fri 19-Jul-13 17:10:49

Hi Guinea, glad that your DD is ok now. That must've been so scary.

We are doing well, but both suffering in the heat. BFing is especially hot, as she's a mini radiator. My DD slept very badly last night, Pineapple. Hoping that's a one-off.

Welcome Stuck - the weeks just fly by, don't they?

Pineapple80 Fri 19-Jul-13 17:38:09

Hi Guinea, gosh that does sound pretty scary. Glad to hear DD is ok & managed a poo too, hooray smile.

Hi Child, sorry to hear about your DD's bad night of sleep. Yes hopefully it's a once off, got everything crossed for you! My DS has had good and bad days latelyHe still feeds every three hrs and is sleeping on average 1.5-2hrs at a time (5 wks old now). DH is wondering when he will go sleep longer stretches? I thought it was quite normal to be sleeping only approx 2hrs at a time at this stage but I guess it depends on the baby. Been having trouble getting him to sleep today, often wide awake after a feed and when we put him into his cot he will cry and whinge hmm. Then sometimes a feed will send him off to sleep otherwise he fusses a lot. Would love to be able to leave him in cot to self settle but it's just not happening at the moment!

Hope there is some relief from the heat for all of you soon! It is wet and windy in Melbourne. I don't often venture out and can't wait for summer to arrive here!

Have a great Friday and weekend all!

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