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Just Mumming Along (viroids 2)

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Eskarina Mon 14-May-12 20:10:19

Tried to post on the original thread and my post got rejected as its full! Have copied and pasted below....

Congrats on the job offer ttl...hope the other one comes up trumps for you too.

Dd isn't quite crawling yet, but would very much like to. She is the queen of the Klingons at the moment, and has a meltdown the second I put her down, look in the opposite direction, or if someone else so much as looks at her. Not all the time thankfully, but definitely for part of every day.

On the bf thing, it's so personal.....I've just dropped doing the afternoon feed myself be cause dd is so distractible that she bobs on and off, which I don't like around other people, and now she finally has teeth the constant latch on/off was really hurting. I just bf once a day, our morning snuggle when she's nice and calm. I would be sad to give that one up just yet.

CuriosityCola Wed 20-Jun-12 20:35:41

Oooh, more posts to read.

Sleep deprived mum here too. I have a real hankering for a strong cocktail and some yummy food. Reality is tea and toast. Then hopefully bed (to sleep!) by 9pm.

<kicks dusty shag cape into corner and puts on big pjs>

Eskarina Wed 20-Jun-12 22:24:51

Shag cape? Think mine has crumbled to dust grin

Big sympathies to you both on the lack of sleep. It's such a long grind when they're not sleeping through. Dd has finally got it (it took til she was 8 months though!) but often wakes between 5&5.30. We treat it like a night waking - no way we're falling into the trap of getting up earlier and earlier, but as DH has to get up at 6.30 then he often doesn't get back to sleep afterwards.

Dd got her first shoes today! Cruisers. She was soooooo incredibly pleased with herself that she was "walking" around the park (on my fingers) chasing her friend who kindly ran over and gave her kisses. So lovely!

FeijoaVodkaPlease Thu 21-Jun-12 10:26:07

Baby shoes are ADORABLE.

CuriosityCola Thu 21-Jun-12 22:36:34

We just got some new cruisers too smile. Ds walks around the furniture, but won't walk holding onto me. He either gets excited and bounces or just slumps down and then crawls off. Too independent already grin

Sorry to hear about your problems Esk. I have only heard of it once before as my auntie had to get it fixed. Does it cause you pain?

takethatlady Fri 22-Jun-12 13:30:27

Awww love the update idea.

Before I do mine, congrats on all the cruisers and the sleeping babies! And val, everyone will say it, but going back to work will be fine. The first couple of weeks of nursery are horrible (and everyone I know says the same) but after that Ted will absolutely love it and get loads out of it. Sounds like you will have a good balance, too - 3 full days with him. I am doing the same as you from September, - 3 days working in London, one day at home, with Thursdays off. Am FT so will catch up my missing day on Sunday when DH is at home (already do this anyway). If you feel you have a balance that's half the battle - I truly feel that Isobel gets the best of both worlds - lots of time with me (I do 3 days at the moment and catch up the rest on weekends/when she's in bed) and loads of fun at nursery. I'm sure it will b the same for you.

We also co-sleep. Isobel was waking anything between 3 and 10 times a night until the last month or so, so she invariably ended up in with us. Since she has been weaning from BFing and onto more food and formula (this last month) she has started sleeping (fingers crossed) and doing an 8 hour stretch, then waking at about 5am and wanting just to get up. So we bring her in with us and she sits on our heads, pokes us, slaps us, rolls dangerously close to the floor, licks my bellybutton, etc etc, until one or other of us summons up the energy to wake up and take her downstairs to watch The Hoobs. But we're still bloody grateful that she's sleeping a decent stretch now. Wahoo!

1) Isobel will be 1 on 3rd July! Can NOT believe it and though I LOVE the age she is and all the things she can do, I wonder where my tiny, snuggly little baby went and instantly want 25 more.
2) She started trying to crawl at 6 months but only got the hang of it at 8 months. Since then she's been scurrying about all over the place and is into EVERYTHING! Her keyworkers at nursery tell me she is ridiculously active for her age - barely naps, climbs the stairs, has been cruising since 9 months. This past week she has been standing on her own but I don't think she'll walk for a month or so yet - not enough confidence. She points for England - when she wants something, at any and all clocks in the vicinity, as a game, and at strangers she wants to have fun with. She does not understand when people don't respond to her with unbridled enthusiasm. She copies sounds - 'mamama' 'babababa' 'dadadada', 'lalalala', 'nananana' (and on and on) and last week I thought she was saying 'no' and 'hello' but now I'm not so sure. She has been waving at everybody from 7 months and shows no signs of stopping. She is really sociable but can sometimes be a bit shy and clingy in really large groups.
3) Went back to work at 28 weeks. Regret it, though we're already in financial meltdown and it would have been worse if I hadn't. Next time I will try for 9 months - I was still BFing and running back and forth to the nursery to feed her for the first 2 months. Plus I have a long commute. BUT, as I said above, feel I am managing a good work/life balance and get to spend loads of time with her. The bond between us is still really strong and she gets lots out of nursery. They have also really helped with weaning/sleeping. Am starting new job in London in September, and moving to Godmanchester, 5 mins from DH's work in St Ives (near Huntingdon). Am nervous about leaving her behind, but she'll be at nursery really close to DH and her home and it'll beat the 80 minute commute (each way) she currently has with me!
4) to js again or not js plans? I can't WAIT to JS again. I would love heaps of children. I can't believe how I feel being a mum, or how much I love her, or how amazing it is to walk around being so deeply in love with one little person all the time. Have to wait until December ttc, just to give myself time to settle into the new job (would like to be there a year before sodding off on leave).
5) Isobel doesn't really care about food. Did a mix of BLW and puree. She vastly prefers BLW. Tries to use a spoon herself too, now, with varying results. Until recently she hasn't eaten much and wanted just to BF all day and all night long until 10 months. Then she randomly took a bottle, and since last Thursday (sob sob) hasn't BFed at all. This has coincided with eating more food and sleeping. She always ate okay at nursery. Her faves are ham, spag bol, cheese, petit filous, clementines, and strawberries with chocolate on (I discovered this yesterday).

takethatlady Fri 22-Jun-12 13:32:39

Wow val, I beat you in the 'look-at-me-I-can-talk-about-my-baby' game!

CuriosityCola Fri 22-Jun-12 20:58:42

Award for largest post goes to ttl grin

FeijoaVodkaPlease Sat 23-Jun-12 11:06:51

I feel like I should have made my post longer now. I was being restrained! Never mind. It's so lovely to see so many happy in love with their little ones Mummys.

I want to go to the supermarket so I can buy a new icing bag for the practive run of DD's birthday cupcakes, and so I can sneakily pay for someone else to feed the DCs lunch, but DD is asleep in her cot. sad I'll just have to sit here MNing and watching Justins House while my ears bleed

FeijoaVodkaPlease Mon 25-Jun-12 18:52:09

Anyone else seen this? Sounds like Nickel is having a tough time at the moment.

Frakiosaurus Mon 25-Jun-12 19:07:56

1) 14 months
2) He walks! He talks! He also tantrums, won't sleep on his own and is obsessed with boob. I also so thankful we have always talked about milk. He wanders round saying milka milka milka mama milka.
3) I've been back at work since last September! But about to lose my job because we're moving - see 6)
4) back on the JSing thread but moving and the conspicuous absence of DH are barriers. The nanny just doesn't fulfill the same functions wink No, we haven't divorced, he's been deployed here there and everywhere
5) eating everything and has been for a while. Obsessed with sweetcorn (kaaaahn kaaaaahn, I swear he's part raven) and boob. Any hopes of gradually reducing the amount of boob so I can get ERTD back seem forlorn.
6) We are moving back to Europe! Hurray hurray callo calais! Or not quite but very near grin the packets come tomorrow so I should really get back to boxing stuff up.

Bisous all round!

vallinnapod Mon 25-Jun-12 21:49:23

Damn you TTL wink

All you cruising chicks! DS LOVES to stand. He no longer sits anywhere just wants to stand. No sign of moving and thankfully he can now lower himself (ish!) to the ground rather than relying on the padding of his nappy to break the fall! He also hits his head on everything confused

I also have massive separation anxiety blush - DS doesn't but is starting to get a bit clingy and do that shy shoulder burrowing. I am very conscious I am perpetuating it....

FeijoaVodkaPlease Tue 26-Jun-12 10:34:51

Vallinna, they start to do that around 9 months regardless of how you are feeling (the head burrowing thing, not standing). It's one of those developmental stages they like to throw at us just when we think we have them figured out grin

Hope the move goes well Frak

BTW, I have a spare ERTD you can have (well not right now, I'm just about at the crucial mid cycle stage). It came back a couple of months ago despite still ebf and I really don't want it.

CuriosityCola Tue 26-Jun-12 13:33:21

Val, I have the separation anxiety too. I just want him to be happy and he is normally happiest with me. Though it melts dh's heart when ds goes all shy and then wants to hide in his daddies arms.

Nickel, I hope you are ok. Come and give us an update when you can. There is lots of support here for you.

frak, good luck with your move. Glad you are going somewhere you are happy with.

nickelbarapasaurus Tue 26-Jun-12 17:47:26

found ya! aha!

my update?
DD is lovely, she really is.
i love being a mum.
i do not seem to love the day-to-day juggling and working at the same time.
as you might have guessed from my HV aibu yesterday.

nickelbarapasaurus Tue 26-Jun-12 17:54:02

your qs

1) age of dc
she is now 28 weeks (i think)

2) how advanced they are wink (crawling etc)
she's starting to pretend crawl, so nur! she can shuffle along - moving rather like a worm, but only by about a foot. and she's got the covetted go-go-gadget-arms! grin
she can roll from front to back, but has only done it a couple of times because she can't work out her arms.
she constantly goe "nnng nnnggg nnng" which drives me mental hmm

3) back to work, how is it/ plans to remain sahm
i might want to become a sahm

4) to js again or not js plans? grin
chance would be a fine thing. haven't managed anything more than a cuddle/kiss! (and she's sleeping with us and can't sleep without a boob in her mouth)
5) weaning highs and lows
still ebf, looks like, but we're blw, and that basically means she chews on a bit of veg before going "hang on! where's my foooooood?!"
6) any other business

Eskarina Wed 27-Jun-12 08:33:03

Nickel, I saw your other thread. Big hug. Look after yourself xxx

Frak, good luck with the move. I don't envy you moving half way across the world with a tot in tow!

Ttl love the mega-post!

Dd was 10 months yesterday and looking more like a toddler every day. Still virtually bald though so still a bit baby like. She finally worked out how to clap yesterday and has been clapping everything ever since. Not been too clingy or shy of late, although yesterday morning she had to be on me or she screamed. I'd forgotten how wearing that was....especially now she's such a chubba! I've sold most of her 9-12m clothes on as I had lots of pretty summer bits that she's not worn due to the lovely weather we've had this year that she's now grown out of. She's in a funny gap now as most 12-18m things have ridiculously long legs (she's got a really long body, but short limbs and a chubby build)

DH and I actually discussed dc2 at the weekend. <gulp> will probably start ttc after Christmas as I'm starting a new job in sept (tho with same employer) and feel I ought to do at least one school year before buggering off again!

nickelbarapasaurus Wed 27-Jun-12 14:51:30

nothing has ever fitted DD!
she's very tall, in limbs and body, but not wide, so the right width is too short and the right length hangs off her!

thanks smile
I felt a bit sad today, because a group of women with babies came to the baby musical bumps. there's very little chance that they were friends before having babies (cos they were all the same age!), so it made me feel sad that i don't know any other mums socially. and it was worse because all the babies were about the same as as DD. if they've been different, i wouldn't have noticed.

CuriosityCola Wed 27-Jun-12 17:00:13

Is baby musical bumps something that you hold at the book store or a group you have just started attending?

I feel for you because I really depend on my 'mum' friends. There are a couple that don't like being stuck in the house either and aren't too routined, so I can normally convince them to go for coffee. It has been hard moving to a new city though as they often see their real/pre baby friends too, iyswim. Whereas they are it for me blush

nickelbarapasaurus Thu 28-Jun-12 14:03:34

Musical Bumps is a lady who holds singing classes (group for toddlers and babies, rather than lessons ) in one of my upstairs rooms.

I'm in a new town, too - i've been here 10 years, but most of that I worked outside of the town, and so the only people i know are from church and WI

FeijoaVodkaPlease Thu 28-Jun-12 16:50:20

To be honest Nickel, after 3 years here, I still know hardly anyone. I've haven't worked since before we moved here and all the people I know are through DS. Because of the where we live and the timing of his playgroup I've only taken DD to the baby and toddlers group half a dozen times and there have only been other babies there twice (which is sad because when I was taking DS, there were lots), so I have no friends with DC the same age as DD. Beside which DS is moving to a different to most of his friends so that he is in his school catchment for next year. So I feel your pain. The difference is of course that I'm not tied to the house all day in the same way you are tied to the shop, so even if we aren't off doing baby/social stuff, we are at least getting a change of scenery.

CuriosityCola Thu 28-Jun-12 19:08:49

Nickel, I don't know if this is possible for you. I find the best groups are the ones where people are encouraged to let the little ones have a play afterwards while the mums help themselves to biscuits and tea/coffee. Friendship through bribery?! Probably not my best suggestion blush

FeijoaVodkaPlease Thu 28-Jun-12 22:48:47

Beside which DS is moving to a different nursery to most of his(my) friends

Don't know what the point of my post earlier was really. Not after sympathy etc, just wanting to let you know I can empathise with your situation to a degree.

nickelbarapasaurus Fri 29-Jun-12 10:52:55

it's alright feij I wasn't offering sympathy wink

CC grin but i don't have time/contacts to organise one!

Frakiosaurus Fri 29-Jun-12 11:27:17

Why not just have tea/coffe/biscuits and a baby corner as people come in/out of the classes upstairs? Then you can mention it as they come by and get the lady upstairs to plug it smile

nickelbarapasaurus Fri 29-Jun-12 13:32:38

no room down here.
it's the same size as my living room!

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