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Just Mumming Along (viroids 2)

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Eskarina Mon 14-May-12 20:10:19

Tried to post on the original thread and my post got rejected as its full! Have copied and pasted below....

Congrats on the job offer ttl...hope the other one comes up trumps for you too.

Dd isn't quite crawling yet, but would very much like to. She is the queen of the Klingons at the moment, and has a meltdown the second I put her down, look in the opposite direction, or if someone else so much as looks at her. Not all the time thankfully, but definitely for part of every day.

On the bf thing, it's so personal.....I've just dropped doing the afternoon feed myself be cause dd is so distractible that she bobs on and off, which I don't like around other people, and now she finally has teeth the constant latch on/off was really hurting. I just bf once a day, our morning snuggle when she's nice and calm. I would be sad to give that one up just yet.

CuriosityCola Mon 14-May-12 20:19:48

Marking my place...will find a moment to do a proper post ASAP smile

Eskarina Mon 14-May-12 20:24:22


Fraktal Mon 14-May-12 20:27:34

Found you all again!

I'm so crap at MNing...

I hope everyone is well.

vallinnapod Mon 14-May-12 22:47:36

DS is a party baby...! We have just been out for a quick Pizza Express for my birthday and he was entertaining all around us with grins and general gorgeousness!

CuriosityCola Wed 16-May-12 19:30:38

Quick update...ds is crawling and climbing all over the place. Thus the lack of mning! Still waking numerous times during the night, so co-sleeping the second part of the night to survive. Been told off by the health visitor. It might be ok now but just wait until he is a toddler <eyebrows of doom and catsbum mouth when I giggled>.

Food weaning going very well. Agree with whoever said that paper is the new best food group! grin Ds is very generous as he often offers me his food or I-phone (whichever he is munching).

How is everyone else?

cowboylover Fri 18-May-12 21:06:31

Found you smile

Congratulations on the job TTL! That's great news.

DD started shuffling about 10 days ago and now is getting around at surprising speed and wants I be on her feet for the first time and us doing a crazy goose step walk when I hold her hands but when she starts getting it she gets way to excited and musts bounces around!

Still breastfeeding a few times ago but she is starting to enjoy cows milk in her beaker. Never got her to take a bottle but been back at wok since she was 8 months and she was happy with just food in the day until I got home. I don't know about stopping as one part of me thinks it's easier to and the other is thinking the older she gets the harder it is going to be to stop her? hmm

Little party for her 1st birthday next Saturday so trying to hope for sunshine or I'm going to have to rethink the BBQ

CuriosityCola Sat 26-May-12 09:14:59

Happy first birthday to your little one cowboy. Hope you have this lovely sunshine for her first birthday party! smile

FeijoaVodkaPlease Mon 28-May-12 14:12:30

I have the old thread on my watch list and have been thinking, it's gone all quiet. Finally got round to posting today and Opps, thread is full and you're all over here.

FeijoaVodkaPlease Mon 04-Jun-12 14:45:58

Oh I killed the thread sad

CuriosityCola Tue 05-Jun-12 21:22:41

No you never. smile I'm still managing to lurk occasionally. Ds wants to eat my phone every time he sees it...not good for Mumsnetting!grin

CuriosityCola Sun 10-Jun-12 09:13:48

I thought it might be nice if everyone did a little update?

1) age of dc
2) how advanced they are wink (crawling etc)
3) back to work, how is it/ plans to remain sahm
4) to js again or not js plans? grin
5) weaning highs and lows
6) any other business

1) ds is just over 9 months
2) he is crawling and pulling himself up on furniture. Keeps getting stuck and grumpy under the kitchen chairs.
3) telling everyone I want to remain a sahm as its such a precious time. Mostly just terrified of job hunting and interviews!
4) Jsing again.
5) Blw still going very well an back on track slightsidetrack--with--Ella's--pouches--at--one--point. Only problem is that I end up eating ds's left overs. Still mostly bf and thus co-sleeping.
6) any advice on getting my pfb to sleep? What to other co-sleepers do first thing in the evening?

I'm sure I could have made this funnier or more interesting, but been up since 4.30am... Ds has a nasty cold. Time for pancakes to make out day better smile

FeijoaVodkaPlease Sun 10-Jun-12 15:41:43

1) DD turns the big 1 in exactly 3 weeks shock!
2) She's now walking more than cruising and looking at her today I'd say she'll be full time walking by the end of the week. She is also talking! She learnt bear today. As in teddy bear. Turns out she also knows teddy.
3) Will be SAHM for the forseeable future. Which is fine by me.
4) JSing. Literally JUST shagging. With no other intentions. I have a coil.
5) despite my secret on going wibbles and worries, we've managed BLW all the way. DD just will not be spoon fed now anyway. I now try to give her milk post meal, as she eats so little some days, but then the napular evidence shows that something is going in wink. We are still bfing, and I don't know when I'm going to stop. Never is DD has her way!
6) I still feed her to sleep, and she still spends half the night in our bed. DS was a breeze, self settling and he NEVER slept in our bed. Sorry.
Compared to how chaotic my life was this time last year, these days the FeijoaVodka household is doing much much better. grin

Oh and DS and I made a chocolate cake today. Please help yourselves to a wedge slice.

vallinnapod Sun 10-Jun-12 20:29:50

Man - I had the wrong thread on my watch list...idiot!

Love your update idea - ours is below smile

I am sure we have a few more birthdays around this time?

All good! Poor DS survived his muscle biopsy like a star but then spent two weeks trying to fight off a (unrelated) fever/virus which culminated in a trip to A&E with a temp of 41 degrees sad Scary as hell. Most stressful time of my life. I feel bloody exhausted by it all. Still, pretty sure it is all over.

1) 9 months and 10 days - I cannot believe he has been out for as long as he was in!

2) DS is clearly a child prodigy. He has never uttered the word Dadadada but says Mamamamama all the time. To everything. Just not me.

He is crawling and can pull himself to standing. He loves pointing - not like 'look at that' but like prodding. It is now his stock reaction to everything new...before whatever it is gets shoved in his mouth.

He grabs EVERYTHING. Especially large chunks of my face and neck. When he occasionally by which I mean every night ends up in bed with us I am woken b him pulling my mouth confused. When in bed with us he also sleep horizontally between DH and myself during which time he constantly kicks me and thumps DH. Good job we love him grin

There is also no questioning his paternity as he can remove bottles of wine from our wine rack with alarming ease, showing particular dexterity with the champagne.

3) Plan to go back at the end of September. Mat leave officially over 27 August but with bank hols and annual leave my first day back is likely to be 27 September. I am sort of looking forward to it and dreading it in equal measures. Pretty sure work have agreed to my request for 4 days a week with one of those from home which it brilliant. It also looks likely I will go back to the role I left which is a plus. However, the team I was in has had a complete change and my new boss is based in Germany. TBH I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted someone local to do me role. Still, we will see.

We don't have a confirmed nursery place yet either which isn't great, especially as DS has been waiting since November hmm

DH has said if I was made redundant I wouldn't have to go back. The idea does appeal but then DS is pretty hardcore. He is just none stop. Work will be a bit of a break! I think he will also thrive beginning around other kids. I do worry a bit though. 4 longs days is an awful lot for such a small bub. In an ideal world he would go several mornings/afternoons a week but hey ho! I also worry, as DS is a really self-sufficiently little boy. By which I mean give him some toys and people to watch and he will entertain himself for hours. In a nursery setting I worry that more clingy/boisterous children will get all the attention and not him <stupid Mama worries>

I have 2 KIT days in a couple of weeks that I am looking forward to!

4) We haven't bothered with contraception since DS's birth - DS proves quite sufficient as we have only had sex twice hmm I realise I need to address this as I am really keen on another (as is DH)

Still no ERTD for me so getting frustrated as really don't want to go down the assisted route for #2. I feel so lucky it worked the first time I am down on it before we have even begun!

5) We've done a combination of puree and BLW.

I have a love/hate relationship with weaning (thankfully DS had a love relationship with it the majority of the time!) I massively miss BF and the spontaneity and portability it afforded us for the first 5 ish months. I feel like I am on a monotonous hamster wheel of making food/bottles, feeding, washing up/cleaning baby/cleaning most of kitchen, which some days gets me down a bit.

DS is a gannet which is fabulous. He loves prodding blueberries. He can delicately pick them up to eat. Which he does for the first several. Then he realises that grabbing a handful and flinging them at his face is easier <so proud>

He is more baby led these days. Loves a good sandwich, raspberries, sweet potato wedges, pancakes...well food in general! Haven't yet found anything he won't eat. I realise I am very lucky!

6) We have started swimming lessons, which he loves - bath time is he favourite part of the day!

He now has enough hair to mohawk in the bath and the give him bed head in the morning ;) We have 4 teeth which he sharpens regularly on my collar bone confused. He can also grind them which makes me physically sick!

He is a big thumb sucker which I still find incredibly cute. Loves his jumperoo, electrical cables and any toy that plays a tune to send adults insane! He thinks bubbles are amazing and you can still make him laugh with a game of peekaboo.

So....from this exercise I have learnt I really am one of those mother's who can talk for England about their child blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush blush Sorry blush

vallinnapod Sun 10-Jun-12 20:40:54

As I emerge form my self-absorbed bubble I will comment on other posts wink

CC - As I eluded to, despite having stopped BF at 7.5 months, DS still ends up in with us every night. Well, I think probably one night in 10-14 he may stay in his cot. We are lucky as DS has always gone down first thing at night. I say lucky...for the first 4 months we went down brilliantly but would always wake after 45 mins and then be a complete nightmare to settle. At the moment if he wakes up before we go to bed we can tend to get him back down again. These days he gets upset as he wakes up, sits up and then can't work out how to lie down again! Some times he needs a pick up and a short, no real advice. Sorry. We did do controlled crying at about 5 months which did solve the waking up after 45 mins. I just have no resolve to do it in the middle of the night.

Love the image of you DS getting stuck under chairs! They are so aware yet so blind still!!

FVP I am so pleased you are having a more 'relaxing' time of it. I love that your DD is talking grin. Ds seems a million miles off it!

I am feeling like a reminisce. Am off to read our old thread where we gave birth grin

CuriosityCola Sun 10-Jun-12 21:25:27

Yay to mammoth posts grin

<munches chocolate cake>

I should have done a teeth update too, but ds doesn't have any yet sad All flaws are attributed to teething thoughsmile

vallinnapod Sun 10-Jun-12 22:22:51

grin CC same here! Things is DS is always drooling and shoving things in his mouth so I can never tell. When his top two came through I had had a horrible drive over to my Mum's with him crying all the way. Got there and was changing him (best angle for tooth inspection i have found wink) and realised they were nearly through. Up until then I hadn't noticed!

Another one for the list is stairgates! Grrrrrrrrrr. We have one flight of stairs and a gate at the top and bottom. DS maybe safe but DH and I may not survive! He hasn't shown any interest in climbing the stairs but the top one is essential as he loves exploring upstairs. Not done any other baby proofing blush. For ages it was really cute as DS didn't realise you could move through doorways. The change between carpet/wood/tiles flummoxed him! Not any longer though!

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys. You are as important to me (and DS) as any physical mum and baby things we do. Before this I used to laugh a little at people who forged online relationships and couldn't comprehend that they could be as fulfilling as physically meeting people but you guys rock xxxxx

CuriosityCola Mon 11-Jun-12 19:50:47

grin I was just describing the invisible rug, door way barriers to a friend yesterday. I miss thinking, 'I can nip to the loo as he is on the rug and there isn't anything he can hurt himself with'. Today ds realised that the if he holds the cupboard door handles and falls back the doors come with him. No concern for his poor head. Its all about getting in them. Emptying the kitchen drawer is a favourite too. Baby proofing stage two needs to commence.

Agreed about building relationships on-line. You guys are fab. We are getting a bit net mums on here. Soon it will be all sparkles and group hugs! smile

CuriosityCola Mon 11-Jun-12 19:51:33

Just realised that makes my kitchen sound like all the doors are hanging off their hinges blush.

vallinnapod Mon 11-Jun-12 22:26:53

We bought DS a cage (playpen). I was quite anti it but now can't see why grin I learnt I could no longer leave DS on the bed whilst I showered when I heard a massive bump blush

I miss being able to leave him anywhere for just those few moments you need to lock up the house etc.

FeijoaVodkaPlease Tue 12-Jun-12 10:48:30

Sparkles? Nah, bubbles. Lots of champagne-type bubbles. After which there probably will be hugs, but they'll be drunken MN type hugs grin You guys have been a massive support to me the last couple of years.

I can't baby proof my house enough as it's a rental. We've done what we can (stair gates, fire guard..) but DD can still get into most of the kitchen cupboards and down the side of the house to the front (which is the biggest ! for me, as she could potentially get on the road that way). At least I have figured out I can have a shower in the morning by putting her and DS in their bedroom to play for 10 minutes.

CuriosityCola Tue 12-Jun-12 19:42:54

Ah, the shower conundrum. Today ds sat in the bathroom in his high chair eating strawberries, while I showered and tried to do the hokey cokey at the same time.

Which reminds me...does anyone know what age children realise their parents can't sing and have no rhythm? I will one day miss my only music fan. grin

Eskarina Tue 12-Jun-12 22:26:09

Ooh thread! Sorry I'm do crappy at keeping up with this now. Catch up survey is a good idea...

1) age of dc - dd is just over 9 months
2) how advanced they are - crawling, babbling, pulling herself up on things. She walked a few steps with her trolley of bricks this morning, was so pleased with herself! Also does a very good line in tantrums if she doesnt get her own way. Sigh!
3) back to work? - original plan had been to return to teaching 2 days a week starting tomorrow <wibble> but got a new job which will start in sept do decided to take the whole year off. New job is half days, teaching 9-12 (so prob working 8-1). I did do a training day as a KIT day today which was really quite refreshing! Dd is going to a lovely childminder near my new school.
4) to js again or not js plans? hah! Haven't managed any kind of js, with intent or otherwise, since dd was born. DH is very patient. I have a prolapse, saw the consultant yesterday. I could have an operation to correct it but it is preferable if I wait until I have had all planed dc's first. Ideal age gap is 2-3 years anyway.
5) weaning highs and lows. - Started with purees then moved towards BLW, have been happy with the combined method. Dd is VERY strong willed though and now will only accept something in her mouth if she has put it there. Se feeds herself very well, though DH has a breakdown every time he sees the mess she gets into!
6) any other business. Sleep has got so much better. We got tough on dd at around 7 months and she's been sleeping through since just before 8 months. Tis bliss. I'm still bf once a day, the morning feed. Sadly it means that dd will not come into our bed just for a cuddle, which I miss, it always signals milk to her. Plan on keeping it going til her birthday then I'll be back at work so long snugly mornings will have to go.

And yes, will add to soppy group hug love in! You guys are fab xxxxxx

Eskarina Tue 19-Jun-12 22:26:03

Oh no! I killed it sad

FeijoaVodkaPlease Wed 20-Jun-12 15:36:41

Sorry still hung over from all the bubbles ;)

Oh I wish. DD is being a bit of a nightmare at night and I'm just tired. Other than that it is DS's last day at playgroup tomorrow and I think know I'm going to cry. He's been there for a year and a half. After the summer holidays he's at nursery for his preschool year. GULP!

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