October 2011: Crawling, teething and (we hope) sleeping through

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Penelope1980 Mon 30-Apr-12 00:03:42

Sorry guys - posted the 1000th message without realising blush, so hopefully you can all find this thread!

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MrsHende Mon 30-Apr-12 05:56:27

Marking my place, thanks for the new thread Pene.

BB3 Mon 30-Apr-12 06:22:53

Marking my place too!

LittlePebble Mon 30-Apr-12 07:37:25

Marking my place (thanks Pene)

FuzzzyDuck Mon 30-Apr-12 07:48:43

Marking my place, thanks pen smile

Engelsmeisje Mon 30-Apr-12 08:12:22

thanks pen.

Bank holiday here so out for a family day in sunny Limburg. Have a great day everyone smile

EdwardorEricCantDecide Mon 30-Apr-12 08:19:35

Thanks pene
mrsH he managed to stay sober yesterday smile

I was out shopping today and met a woman from work who filled me in on all that's changed at work, I felt physically sick at the thought of going back!
Who would I speak to, to find out about funding for uni?

Jnice Mon 30-Apr-12 08:45:00

Thanks Pene!

I posted a huge post twice and lost it. To sum up it was saying that you should be able to continue to BF for some feeds of you go back to work. Supply will adjust (hence not feeling hugely full anymore at missed feed time), but on home/weekend days if you feed at those times supply will increase. You can either completely replace those feeds or just feed up again (will be a bit of clusterfeeding). Plenty of mums mixfeed with no trouble. At this stage supply is well established and robust.

I am back from a lovely holiday for 10th wedding anniversary. Now I have a milk blister and blocked ducts sad tried hit compress and lots of feeding but still bad. Even took some tweezers to it earlier but no good sad

FuzzzyDuck Mon 30-Apr-12 08:56:05

ed the only thing is its prob to late in the year to get into uni this year (aug). You could look at going through the clearing but it's not always guaranteed to get a place. Of not, then look at doing an open uni 30 point course in relevant subject. Will boost your app. I'm working towards a degree with the open uni and I was completely funded (under the income cut off) so worth a look. Think you can even phone the uni of choice and ask about funding. Everyone in Scotland is funded to do 1 degree, so if you haven't done one already, I can't see it being a problem!

PenguinArmy Mon 30-Apr-12 09:00:13


FuzzzyDuck Mon 30-Apr-12 09:00:55

Holy moly, my girl is 7 months old today!!!!

stop getting older S

elgoldenflower Mon 30-Apr-12 09:16:11

Just marking my place too, thanks for the combined feeding advice jnice your holiday sounds wonderful, hope you can get your boobs sorted out!

L and I have tummy bug, he's just sicked up all his breakfast and is now lying sedately in my arms sad

strawberrypenguin Mon 30-Apr-12 09:31:30

pene shock at A being able to take trousers off by himself. Clever boy smile

fuzzzy happy 7 months to S

el hope you both feel better soon

Penelope1980 Mon 30-Apr-12 10:50:12

Jnice thanks for that advice - so can I bf in the weekends without using bottles then have him ff in the week, or will that make things too hard? At this stage am just hoping not to leak when I go to work on Mon!

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Penelope1980 Mon 30-Apr-12 10:53:00

strawberry I think him taking off his own trousers is one trick I could do without! smile

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PenguinArmy Mon 30-Apr-12 12:51:47

we have two teeth as discovered by DH

Jnice Mon 30-Apr-12 14:15:39

Pene if you are working 5 days you might find it a struggle to then get your supply back up in 2 - itight be easier to just drop those feeds altogether. No harm in bfing those times but might need to top up. Also, if you want to avoid leaking then dropping those feeds makes sense. But there is no reason you couldn't continue with the other feeds.

Fuzzy - happy 7 months!smile

El get well soon to you and L x

penguin congrats on the teeth grin

ipswichwitch Mon 30-Apr-12 20:27:10

engels, have pm'ed you

mama totally agree with you, just gonna take some time. we're so-sleeping too, definitely helps keep us sane as N still waking every 2 hrs through night for feed. we've just taken the side off his cot, fixed it to the side of our bed so i can slide him over for feeds, then back again when he's done. had to do that as he was taking up far too much room in the bed! for such a little man he dont half like his space, especially since he likes to "starfish" when he sleeps smile

penguin i'm going back to work ft in 7 weeks, and plan to carry on bf and expressing so any advice you can give will be gratefully received!! particularly since everyone here (except DP bless him) thinks i'm mental for even considering it. yaay for the teeth also!

PenguinArmy Mon 30-Apr-12 21:14:14

Ive just brought 6-9 stuff <wipes little tear away>

ipswitch will pop back later, my keyboard has lost the a, s, d, f and j keys so will steal DHs laptop later

ps I never gave my condolences before so consider them parted

PenguinArmy Mon 30-Apr-12 21:38:12

aha, here sooner than expected.

I think there were three reasons why I didnt find it too bad

(i) going back at four months meant i wasnt happy to give formula just yet. I also did a lot of work part time before this, although had the advantage of working when i was wanted.

(ii) we had an incredibly fussy eating stage with DD which started with a nursing strike at 9 weeks and continued to about 5 month, tapering off after 4. I was on the cusp of switching to fully expressing as that was easier than feeding her. I had hired a hospital grade double pump, which I then kept for work as i loved it. Was 30quid a month but well worth it.

(iii) just because she was happy to glug down loads of milk didnt mean I had to provide it. Babies often overeat at the bottle. The average intake of a bf baby is just over 1oz/hr. So that was what she offered. DH would offer 3oz bottles and offer addtional ozs if she still seemed hungry. After the first two weeks she adjusted fine. At 7 months we took her down to one bottle at lunchtime, at 11 months she was off daytime milk (started that bit at 10 months) and I let catch up evenings, mornings and weekends. She was never going to sleep through early so night feeds i werent bothered about giving and anyway was by far the easiest way of getting back to sleep.

Babies are 6 months now, bottle refusers can do without milk in the day so the milk got from one express at work will do them. For me as I didnt want to give dairy full stop there had to be a good reason to give formula and I never reached the point where i thought it was difficult enough to warrant it. Thats related to our veganism/intolerance worries not anti formula

tips, if you decide to express (and DS might be old enough to do without or have ebm for only a couple of months) then remember you dont need to sterilise everything each time. use it, whack in fridge in cool or ziploc bag and take home with a couple of ice-blocks. milk freshly pumped in fine for 8 hours so there is a lot more leeway than you might think. If in doubt just use the sniff test, gone off milk smells as bad as cows milk. I think it is easy to over worry feeding (heck I do it with DS and should know better), especially when doing something do but honestly it is always a lot better and easier than the first initial panic makes you think.

<end essay>

<goes to eat donuts>

PenguinArmy Mon 30-Apr-12 21:39:10

re point (ii) I meant to say having that fussy eating as a frame of reference meant work pumping didnt seem that bad

MamaMaiasaura Mon 30-Apr-12 22:40:19

pene thanks for thread smile

fuzzy happy 7 months!! grin

ipswich lol at starfish. Ds2 is starfish, dh escapes and sleeps elsewhere on sofa

J still not pooing well, very hard and lots of tears and small amount. Got to go she's crying again sad

Engelsmeisje Tue 01-May-12 07:15:10

M had that the other day mama. We couldn't work out what caused it, though DH "remembered" as we were going to bed that he'd forgotten t give M one of his bottles (while I was out at work) which may have contributed (but more likely somethin he's eaten that didn't agree with him).

Am thinking of using duct tape to stick M in place in his bed. this morning 4am, donk, donk, donk!

Got woken by black skies, thunder, lightening and pouring rain. was hoping to head into town on the bus. I may just brave it anyway!

Had a great day yesterday in the sunshine. M got spoiled by his GPs and I got to read a book in peace. Bliss...

FuzzzyDuck Tue 01-May-12 09:37:53

Morning all! Calmed down after my huge post deleted the other night angry. Anyway..
All going well here. Can't believe S is now 7 months old! Means I'm back to work in around 5 weeks sad. It's went by sooooo fast. I was helping out a friend at the baby show fri - sun (where I also bumped into the lovely ed) so my parents had S the 3 full days. I seen her for 2 hours in the morning and just over an hr in the evening before she went to bed sad. Made me really sad. I think I'm going to struggle with full time. Haven't heard back from the job I applied for yet so I've been looking at other part time things.

How is everyone in the south coping with the rain? Scotland so far has managed to escape it. Looks pretty bad though! Just ironic that there is a hosepipe ban in place hmm

Well I'm having my hair done this morning then home to pack and tidy house. Off on our holiday in 3 days, yippee!!! grin

CheshireDing Tue 01-May-12 10:04:12

Ipswich I cannot really think of anything to say after reading your post about baby Adam. I cannot even begin to imagine what you and your DH went through, I only hope Nate brings you immense joy (which of course I am sure he will) smile

Mama have you tried broccoli for J? I am finding that works very well for a poopy nappy grin. If you can tolerate the smell!

Engels I guess it's quite heavy the helmet if he is trying to turn over in the night. Good that you can see an improvement already, maybe he will not have to wear it for as long and therefore less donking grin

Exciting about your trip to Canada Fuzzzy. Can you pack me in your case please? grin. Happy 7 months S. It does seem ridiculous as I still remember when we were all waiting for them to turn up like it was yesterday.

P slept for 6hr40mins last night!!!!!! THEN had a quick 10 minute feed and went back to sleep. Unfortunately I did not really feel the benefit as kept waking with the wind and had to get her up to walk the dog anyway. sad

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