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March 2011 mums, entering our 2nd year with our 'Babies'!!

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Purplefan Sat 21-Apr-12 09:11:52

Hi all,
Thought I'd take the plunge and set up a new thread for us...never done it before so hope it works.

Will be back later to update properly, have busy day as DH is off on a track day on his motorbike and DD1 has already been driving me insane, it has only just gone 9am!!! xx

eversomuch Tue 06-Nov-12 15:12:59

Hi everyone,

Baby Spencer arrived on Friday, 2nd November at 15:33, weighing 3540g and absolutely beautiful.

We are now home after an extended stay in hospital. S is fine but I lost nearly 2l of blood during the surgery, so received a transfusion right afterwards and then stayed through the weekend to recover. Taking it very easy right now.

JoJoB77 Wed 07-Nov-12 08:09:36

Congratulations everso! Lovely news to hear about your new son Spencer smile

Glad to hear he is doing well and you are back home now. Hope you are being well looked after smile

Lozario Sat 24-Nov-12 19:54:04

Quiet at the mo - everyone busy Xmas shopping? What are you getting the LOs? Mine are getting bikes because we got two free from emigrating neighbours

We're all ill with various colds and viruses, it's just that time of year isn't it. Might invest in flu jab!!

Have I told you all that DS's preschool are going to be in a documentary?? Only for a few mons but they let mums and tiny ones go too so La might be in it too! Is on in December on channel 4, will let you know exactly when once I know!

me23 Sat 24-Nov-12 20:01:11

Hi lozario, hope you are all feeling better soon. I Took Ethan to emergency dr tonight as has been coughing for a few days. He has a chest infection sad has been given antibiotics and an inhaler with a spacer, had to hold him to get him to keep it on.

So what is everyone getting their lo for Xmas? Ethan is getting an ikea kitchen, a little people train set and a vtech bus. Not sure what else maybe a few books. We cat afford much though as have his sister to buy for too.

Lozario Sat 24-Nov-12 20:40:46

me DS has an inhaler too - he is ok taking it now and he gave it to him to play with (the spacer anyway, not the actual puffer!) so when he did need to use it for wheezing he was familiar with it. It's so awful when you have to hold them down for it isn't it sad

pettyprudence Tue 04-Dec-12 19:24:18

Hi All!

Busy christmas shopping and making stuff here so been a bit quite. Arthur is good, if a little troublesome grin

He is having a remote control car and a road mat/rug for christmas, plus a few books, pjs, small items.

Along, with Kate, my bff has just told me she is pg with dc2 (her dc1 is 3 months younger than Arthur). She also has HG (had it with her first too) and thinks Kate is copying her (I reckon they are going to be due the same time). I knew i'd be well envy when she told me (as well as happy obvs!) but i've just been and ordered a load of opk sticks.... Me and DH were sort of planning to start trying in feb/march anyway....

Lozario Thu 06-Dec-12 22:20:07

petty that's exciting re: the TTC! We are waiting to see WTF happens with DS's primary school application and if we are relatively happy and not paying for education then we might from April. Thought of a newborn doesn't scare me but morning sickness does! Oh and the possibility of twins...

Christmas kicking off in a big way here. Handmade Xmas cards done, tree going up on Saturday, presents getting wrapped this weekend. Bosh, back of the net etc.

haloflo Wed 12-Dec-12 14:44:09

lozario Planning a third?! Wow. You sound very together and organised though. I don't even have much to do but still haven't managed it.

Petty How exciting about TTC grin)

me Those presents sound lovey. H is getting a cosy coupe car from us and a starter train set. She a play kitchen from elc from family and no doubt loads more!

30 weeks now, I have had enough of work and just want to hibenate until Spring. This afternoon H and I will rock the blanket on the sofa look reading books and watching tv I think!

JoJoB77 Thu 13-Dec-12 07:48:59

Hi ladies

R is getting a aquadoodle as she loves painting/drawing but i'm not so keen on the mess grin shes also getting a quad shock from her gp's and a playkitchen from her other gp's.

I'm 39+3 today, due on monday. Feel very ready to meet the new baby now and am really hoping i dont go over blush

pettyprudence Thu 13-Dec-12 14:47:14

fingers crossed for you jojo that baby arrives promptly grin

JoJoB77 Thu 13-Dec-12 16:23:19

Thanks Petty smile

eversomuch Fri 14-Dec-12 14:45:19

Wow! Good luck, Jo.

Exciting news about TTC, Petty and (possibly) Lozario. I have been completely consumed by trying to find a rhythm managing Sabine and Spencer (6wk old today) and really can't imagine adding a third one into the mix. So much respect for those of you juggling, or planning for, three +. smile (I think Sabine was about 4 wks old when I knew I wanted another. This time, I think I def feel finished. Too old for any more anyway.)

Halo Hope all is going smoothly with your pg. Hibernating through winter is a wonderful idea. Better yet would be moving to a warm climate (I fantasize about this every year), but DH and I haven't identified any serious options where both the weather and economy are good. Australia is too far. Chile might work, although neither of us speak very much Spanish... smile

Sabine will be 21mo next week. Her vocabulary has been increasing at a phenomenal rate over the past month; it's so great to hear her saying new words and communicating more. She loves her little brother and so far hasn't shown any signs of jealousy. She seems huge to me now, though, compared to the baby.

I don't think Xmas cards are happening this year and hopefully everyone will understand. I do hope to bake some cookies, though. And thank goodness for online shopping -- just have to find time to wrap pressies now and put the tree up.

Happy Xmas to everyone.

highlandbird Sun 23-Dec-12 21:30:08

Huge congratulations to you everso sounds like its all going well for you, and any news yet JoJo ??

I'm 24 wks now, and keep forgetting I'm pregnant!!! Just don't have time to pander to myself in the same way I did with my first pregnancy, Angus is quite a handful and has so much energy, he finally started walking at almost 18 months and now there's no stopping him! Not much talking though, some animal noises, daddy and bee (which is his word for ball hmm ) so he gets quite frustrated by not being able to communicate efficiently sometimes, but he'll get there in his own time I'm sure!
I'm slightly anxious about how I'm going to cope with a newborn as he is quite jealous and clingy, vey much a mummy's boy and he still likes to be picked up and carried about a lot (my back is completely knacked!) and don't even get me started on sleep......there have been lots of ear infections and tonsilitis and last teeth coming through recently so lots of disturbed sleep and coming into my bed at night....need to get that one sorted quite soon I think!
Anyone been brave enough to do the move from cot to bed yet? I'm dreading the night time wanderings, think I'll leave it for a while yet!
Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello, I have been lurking but haven't posted in ages sorry, so nice to see so many of you still on here! Happy Christmas to everyone, hop you all have a lovely time!

highlandbird Sun 23-Dec-12 21:35:00

just realised how negative my post sounded blush I'll just add that he's also vey loving and cuddly as well, loves the outdoors and chasing the hens round the yard and is really really sociable! Absolutely love seeing his little personality coming through now, they're proper little people with minds and (strong) opinions of their own at this age!
(feels like I painted him as a whigy clingy child that never sleeps, he's not that bad really)

me23 Sun 23-Dec-12 21:49:13

Hello everyone,
Hi highland glad pregnancy is going well. I was going to ask about cots too as Ethan had finally started sleeping through the night about 6 weeks ago. However the past two nights he has screamed and become hysterical when putting him into his cot. I tried ignoring him for 10 mins then telling him "it's time for sleep" and leaving again but he became more hysterical and vomitted. He eventually fell asleep on our bed by tonight when my OH tried to put him to bed he said no and pointed to his sisters bed do we're thinking he may want a big boy bed and that is why he doesn't want to go to his bed?

JoJoB77 Mon 24-Dec-12 10:33:35

Baby Emilia born at 01:25 this morning. All ok and very quick in the end blush

The best birthday present ive ever had grin

me23 Mon 24-Dec-12 15:57:21

Oh wow many congratulations! And happy birthday!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas x

ckny1 Wed 26-Dec-12 01:51:44

Congratulations/happy birthday, Jo !!!

Petty, exciting news! Have fun! ;)

And Highland, Angus will be a perfect gentlemanly (?) older bro! smile I'm honestly a bit envious of your LO's (or soon to be) having such a lovely "backyard" to play in!

Lozario,...brave. And definitely more motivated than I, who bought cards 2 months ago and still haven't sent any! sad

Had a peaceful Christmas at home, just the 3 of us. Franz woke up this morning and stared very confusedly at his presents under the tree and finally started carefully tearing the paper, handing each torn piece to daddy. I was disappointed that he didn't go crazy ripping everything apart! God I hope I'm not raising an OCD child. But he's had a very fun past few days and is "apeeeeee".

Happy Christmas, everyone!

pettyprudence Wed 26-Dec-12 16:56:32

congratulations jojo grin I have been lurking on here waiting for news grin

Arthur not arsed about opening Xmas presents esp after he got his tractor from grandpa. I think they are just a but too young to get into the frenzy yet - thankfully!

I'm going to delay a big boy bed for as long as humanly possible. maybe once he's climbed/fallen out of the cot 3 times?

Lozario Sun 13-Jan-13 23:39:44

No posts since boxing day! shock

Congrats Jo!! The other next babies will not be far behind now! Amazing so many 2nds coming thick and fast. Still undecided about number 3 here.

Everyone prepared for snow tmoz? Am wondering if DS's preschool will be open -everything grinds to a halt with a little bit of snow!

I saw Les Mis today with my mum. LOVED IT. Russell Crowe a bit hit and miss but High Jackman is amazing and fit. wink

Lozario Sun 13-Jan-13 23:41:35

Oh and meant to say - DS was in a cot until he turned 3. He never worked out how to climb out though. Lara will be staying in cot as long as poss too I'd put a lid on it if I could!

pettyprudence Mon 14-Jan-13 09:55:28

ttc on hold here until dh's bosses get round to confirming his job angry its looking unlikely they will do it this month as they said they would (it has to go through a large chain of people for approval as it will be a new role and the top boss wasnt even aware of it til dh met him this week and gave him a nudge). need to know by next month though so he can start looking elsewhere if needs be. grrr.

i have also been questioning a bit if i only want another dc in order to postpone making life decisions? i still dont know what i want to be when i "grow up" and in my mind there is no point dealing with this until we have had our dc. if we dont have another one then i feel i need to decide on a career (am currently a freelance pa) and i dont have a sodding clue! well i do a bit but dont have the motivation/guts to do it. <sigh> maybe thats how the family up north ended up with 16 kids grin wonder if i can convince dh we should just keep reproducing until i make my mind up work wise wink

anyone heard the comedian louis ck tslking about kids? it really resonates with me grin

did you all see 16 kids and counting? that family were amazing but i kept thinking why is the mum ironing tshirts and joggers????

Lozario Mon 14-Jan-13 22:30:44

petty if you could do anything for a career what would it be? I'd love to be a writer. I have no idea how writers with families and clean homes do it though!!

pettyprudence Tue 15-Jan-13 14:22:26

Loz I started a little business called madebyanny - i sew and crochet "stuff" and I would really like to get that going but its a complete bloody nightmare trying to get anything done with Arthur around! I need to do some market research, find out how to market and promote a business etc... oh and find time to make the stuff. In my mind it will be easier to do once I'm done having dc's and they are in school (not sure if it will be though lol). I don't expect to make millions but enough to tick over. Already thinking I need to branch out but it all seems a bit daunting and overwhelming!

Kagey Tue 15-Jan-13 17:44:31

Congrats Jo!!!

Elise is a poorly little girl at the moment, although she is playing camping and making tents with her big sister hmm. The gp thinks she has chicken pox , which is going around her nursery, but it has got infected on her face so she's on anti-b's and cream. She hates all medicines so we are becoming increasingly cunning with how we hide it in food and milk smile.

Also I'm starting to panic about schools, the deadline for primary applications is today for us and I only put down 2 options, as we should get our 1st choice. Roll on April.

Anyway hope you are all well smile.

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