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March 2011 mums, entering our 2nd year with our 'Babies'!!

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Purplefan Sat 21-Apr-12 09:11:52

Hi all,
Thought I'd take the plunge and set up a new thread for us...never done it before so hope it works.

Will be back later to update properly, have busy day as DH is off on a track day on his motorbike and DD1 has already been driving me insane, it has only just gone 9am!!! xx

pettyprudence Fri 04-May-12 20:24:58

Congratualtions Purple!

I think I read somewhere (probably penelope leach - love her) that girls don't "play" with each other until their about 3, and boys are even older at 5. They might play along side each other or with the same toy but the play is independent iyswim. Don't know if there is some wierdy coincidence but this is also the same time that their knee caps become fully developed confused. Arthur is fascinated though watching bigger children. He just looses all interest in whatever he is doing and just stands and STARES HARD at anyone older than him (that would be most of the world then....).

I'm having my first night away from Arthur tomorrow, and I can't wait blush. He is staying home with DH while me and my bff (who is leaving her 10m) go off to a friends birthday party back in our home town. Then we go on holiday on Monday, and once back from that I'm going to book a night away for me and DH and we can both have a lie in grin

Off to finish my frock for party now. Its taken me about 10x more hours to make than I will ever wear it for..... bugger.

Lozario Sat 05-May-12 19:14:18

Hello everyone!

Been an unusually long time for me to post but it's been a bit hectic for one reason or another! Plus Lara has been taking ages to settle in the evenings this week - lots of crying sad I think I've cracked it now though by putting her to bed half an hour earlier, at 6.30 - 7 was a bit too late for her now she's mostly down to one nap a day. Plus DS (nearly 3) is starting to drop his daytime nap too, didn't have one today, so at 7pm this eve I have a lovely quiet house apart from DH watching the bloody football!

Still stressing about schools for DS but pleased to report that he has got a place at our local nice little pre-school, so that's ages 3-4 sorted at least. It's not attached to a primary though so I think we're going to apply to a private school too and if we only end up getting offered the other gang land primary school near us and not the one we want, we'll have to cough up for the private. Oh well, who likes holidays anyway! I'm also considering Home Ed but DH says this means I have gone mad. hmm

purple Bethan's progress is just amazing. What a fabulous lovely little girl you have, they must be so pleased with her at the hossie too to not have another heart check for 4 years!!! Huzzah!!!! wine

rockchick good to see you here again! Stay stay!

haloflo yes Lara is really into any sort of messy play, crayons etc but she has been around stuff like this a lot more because of her big brother, so I think she's probably got used to the point of it all earlier. As for playing with other babies, she points at them in the eyeball and shouts BABA and that's about it! Otherwise she has eyes only for DS. Ooooh go on have another baby, the interaction between 2 is so cute! (most of the time)

petty we need a picture of you in this frock you're making on the FB page please! Enjoy your first night away - I remember mine from DS when he was about 11 months, it was for a hen do. I still bloody woke up at bloody 6.30am!!! Haven't had one from little Lala yet though. DH and I thinking of it for our anniversary in September, if I can get my head around leaving both with my mum. Bedtime with 2 can be tricky, esp in the same room!!!

Have good bank holidays all xxxx

StealthToddler Wed 09-May-12 15:45:11

hello everyonne - long time since I have posted and I lost the thread but have happily found the new one!

Feeling very sad today as yesterday Ollie refused his morning BF, and has done so again today so I guess that is the end of BF with him! I know I know they are all about 14 months and getting to be little toddlers and no longer babies, but i LOVED those snuggles in bed for half an hour whilst he had a sleepy BF. the last 2 mornings it has been up by 6 and no snuggling at all! guess I am feeling quite emotional about it - and I know it is ridiculous!

I can't remember all teh previous posts - but I think someone asked about shoes? We got Ollie some little "pre-walkers" i.e the ones that have softer bendy soles as he now walks everywhere, and his next pair will be proper shoes.

Incisors coming through, much worse than his molars were, and we have had a few bad nights, combined with a tummy bug, so he has been quite miserable.

Got my first business trip on the 21st - at last am going somewhere nice (Paris) and I no longer have to worry about Ollie missing his BF, but I have never had a night away from him!

Congrats everso and jo on your pg - we are still TTC. maybe it will happen now that have finally finished BF!

on vaccines - Ollie had his MMR and was fine except his legs ballooned and were really sore!

Am feeling very proud right now as he has learnt to clap, wave, blow kisses, and can point to his head, foot and tummy when asked! I should only have been like this for PFB but have felt the same with all 3 - just as proud!

anyhow - at work - so guess I should go do some and stop procrastinating on MN!

StealthToddler Wed 09-May-12 15:47:24

oh and petty my older 2 boys definitely play WITH each other and they are only 4 and 3. They play lots of make believe games revolving around fireman sam and pretending to put fires out and using the bunk bed ladder as a fireman's pole...also lots of "shops", driving pretend cars, playing brio train track etc.....I think the playing together starts before they are 3, but it does help if you encourage them in creative play.

sam26oscar Thu 10-May-12 21:44:19

Hi all just chevking in as havent been on for ages!! all well here cassie really walkkng well and looks so cute in her shoes!! She has just started to nod for yes whichbis hilariius as she really concentrates as she nods!! she has aldo jusr learnt to spin atound and around hence lots of falling down!! still slow on the teething side now got 4 top and 2 bottom!!

Congrats on preliminary cvs results!

Hope all doing well, short and sweet as on phone with as you will notice i still haven't come to terms with....loads of typos sorry thats what happens when you havr trotters as fingers!!!!

sam26oscar Thu 10-May-12 21:46:24

Really should check before i post....i look like an illterate moron with all those typos!! note to self dlow down and double check....this has been mantra all week for ds sats!!!

Kagey Fri 11-May-12 06:49:26

Lots of lovely news to catch up on!

Sorry I have not been on for ages, although I'm slightly better at updating fb.

Dd2 is still s happy little soul and follows dd1 everywhere. Usually they play nicely but dd1 does try to run with dd2 who can't walk particularly fast and is still prone to falling down alot.

Separation anxiety has firmly set in now, which nicely coincides with more teething. Leaving her with my mum and mil is always fun with her wailing echoing sad.

Take care all and I'll try to check in more regularly!

pettyprudence Sun 13-May-12 21:30:24

Hola, back from sunny spain now and I can see you lot have been busy!

Spain was fab and Arthur really loved being on holiday - esp paddling naked in the sea and running around non-stop! Despite the inlaws doing most of the running round after him I only got through 15% of one book... I used to get through 7-10 books in one holiday in the pre-baby days <sigh>

Stealth lovely to hear that your boys play TOGETHER. Arthur does seem to tag team with one of his friends to gang up on me (and his friends mum) so not sure if thats good or not..... Its definitely a combined effort! Will cling to the 5 years old thing though in case he turns out to be a freaky little wierdo lol grin

I've only been back 2 days but off to google flights for another holiday now grin

eversomuch Mon 14-May-12 10:41:52

petty Very jealous of your warm, sunny holiday! Where are you off to next? We're heading up to Scotland at the end of June for a long weekend -- no idea how optimistic we can be in our hopes for sun, but previous summer trips up there have been good, so fingers crossed!

Good news: my CVS results came back this morning. Everything was normal and we're having a boy! It's funny -- last time I was sure we'd have a boy bc DH's side is almost all boys, then we had a girl. This time, I was sure it would be another girl and had gotten quite used to the idea, so now must make the mental shift again. Still muttering, "Omg, we're having a boy!", LOL. Really delighted, though. But, my goodness, boys' names are hard, aren't they?!

StealthToddler Mon 14-May-12 21:28:37

Everso - great news in your test results! So glad you can relax and enjoy it! And a boy!

ckny1 Mon 14-May-12 23:49:51

Wonderful news, everso, and congrats on the boy! The names are harder!

Petty, am sooooo envious that you got 15% through a book! ;)

Franz is essentially doing everything that I don't want him to do these days, though he's starting to really enjoy the outdoors. Spent the weekend in my dad's garden, and he loved it! He has his first black (more red) eye today from tumbling over one of his toys in high speed. Okay, he's whinging again so gotta go.

Lozario Tue 15-May-12 14:24:42

Hiya loves. Just a quickie to say great news everso about results. If I had another boy I love George, Jonah and Noah so those are my suggestions for you!

We're in Center Parcs! grin already frazzled emoticon Got here yesterday, kids are having a great time, apart from the older one hates swimming. Lara loves it so might start a course of lessons when we get back. Outlaws have come to see us today so DH has taken them for a walk so I can MN look after the kids whilst they nap.

Hope everyone is having a good week grin

Medee Wed 16-May-12 13:05:14

hurrah for a boy, everso!

Jupiter118 Wed 16-May-12 22:51:36

Gosh sorry I have been MIA - work, life, i am reading but failing to post [hangs head in shame]

Everso phew re results.

petty envy at holiday and book reading

Loz centreparcs again envy

purple great news re:bethan

CK E also doing things I don't want her to - and always bumping herself as too much climbing and trying to run when walking is still very drunken in appearance.

Apart from work meaning my life flys by at lightspeed all good here.

DH is going to be v upset with me though as have ordered a lightweight baby jogger pushchair (quinny way too heavy now). Oh well...

will be back soon - promise


highlandbird Sun 20-May-12 14:43:25

hello! sorry been ages since I last posted, we've been constantly ill with one thing or another and a bit miserable really but finally on the mend now I think, A on antibiotics for his chest infection and me almost finished mine!!

Everso huge congratulations, and a boy, how excitng!! we're planning on ttc from July onwards, can't wait!!

Purple just fab news on B's progess, so so happy for you!!

Petty glad you had a good holiday, ours seems like years ago now!

not much news from here, A still not walking but I got impatient and bought him some 'cruising' shoes anyway! Really wanted him to walk by the wedding as he will be wearing a kilt which will be really hard to crawl in!!
Getting married in 4 weeks time, eek, thought I was really organised but all last minute things seem to be creeping up on me.....can't wait though, will be so great to see all our friends and family!
Had first night away last weekend for my hen do....was supposed to be doing an 18 mile walk to a peninsula on the west coast but I had tonsilitis so ended up getting the boat in instead and having a brilliant night at the pub! I also woke up stupidly early but really enjoyed letting my hair down, and DP enjoyed having some time with A so was good all round smile

A not had his mmr yet as he's been ill, dreading it sad but at least its all out the way for a while then isnt it. He's covered in bruises from falling over all the time and loves nothing more than crawling through dirt in the polytunnel, playing with mud, rocks etc and tries to get the dog to play with his toys!!!! such a boy!! and he definately interacts with other children, he adores them, which is part of the reason we are really keen to have another asap!

Right, best go do something useful before he wakes up!

sam26oscar Mon 21-May-12 21:25:22

Hi all just to say we are still lurking!! have been enjoying the sunshine today , cassie got naked in the back garden.....honestly that girl pee's like a racehorse!! she did 5 wees in the space of half hour!!
Looking forward to our meet on thursday petty and purple {grin}

Well have to go cassie crying out just cutting her 7th tooth at the bottom, really sore bottom too sad

Lozario Fri 25-May-12 09:13:29

How lovely is this weather! This week has gone so quickly with the paddling pool out and the sandpit, and the kids have been having lovely long naps - bliss!!! I hope it lasts but I bet it doesn't

Big news here - Lara has taken some solo steps this week! grin

Jupiter118 Fri 25-May-12 13:55:38

Yay for the weather! Am sitting in the garden while E naps ;-) should b tidying as house looks akin to having been ransacked but sod it I've done some washing and hung it out so that will have to do.

Hurrah for first steps lozario!

Back to dozing in the sun until she wakes.

eversomuch Sun 27-May-12 21:07:37

Gorgeous weather is just gorgeous, isn't it? Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We took Sabine to a children's fair in a local park. She's much too little for any of the rides, of course, but she loved just looking at everything and seeing lots of "bow-wow-wows".

Lozario Congrats on Lara's first steps. How exciting!!! Still not walking independently yet here, but S is getting braver every day and is now standing for several seconds on her own. Guessing we might take those first steps within the next month.

Also hoping for more teeth by then, too. She's still only got four. Anyone else have such a slow teether? I've started wondering if I've done something to stunt her dental development. O_o

Big milestone ahead for us this week: I've arranged for someone to look after S for a few hours once or twice a week. It's a friend who works as a nanny; she has a little girl a few weeks older than S. We see them fairly regularly, but I'm afraid S will still freak out being left alone with them, even at our own house. I'm wondering if I should just hang around home the first day or take the plunge and head out into town for a few hours. Any advice? How have the rest of you handled getting your LOs used to childcare?

Jupiter118 Mon 28-May-12 11:34:44

everso we have slow teething. E only has 4 but lots look like they are quite near the surface in the gums so perhaps a whole lot might come through quickly - who knows??

Re: childcare I would take the plunge and go out, but maybe don't go too far from home. Definitely take advantage of the time for you!

Loving the weather still, but must do some tidying as E is asleep. And clearly shouldn't be typing here...

spaceal Mon 28-May-12 13:35:31

Hello. I just posted on the shoe chat on FB and thought I'd show my face here again. It's been ages since I posted - so sorry blush - but I have been really enjoying keeping up with how all your LOs are getting on as I've lurked.

L is almost 15 months now. She was a late crawler (11.5 months) and has only started cruising in the last couple of weeks, but seems to be taking to it well and confidently. I wonder if her tiny little feet (2!) make a difference.

We've just had weeks of sleeping hell as her molars came through but that seems to be settling a bit now, though she's never been a great sleeper hmm

Was really pleased to see your test results everso - we had a 1 in 19 risk for L so I understand how worried you must have been. It's one of the things I'm going to have to really get my head around if we decide to TTC no. 2.

Anyway, back to work - looking forward to being off tomorrow in this weather, and hoping it continues to the long weekend...

I'll try to post occasionally now I've reappeared grin

pettyprudence Mon 28-May-12 21:00:25

Hello all, I see it's been a bit quite on here - hope everyone has been out enjoying the sun?

Not much going on with Arthur at the moment. He LOVES being outside and gets really cross when you make him come in (he get's really cross when you make him do anything hmm). Took him to an outdoor paddling pool today which he mostly loved but again got cross when I tried to hold his hand or put reins on him and walking in water made it slow to get back on the slide so more crossness <sigh>. I tried explaining to him reasonably that he can't just dive head first into the water and wave his legs round all over the place but he wasn't paying any attention grin.

On the subject of shoes, think we need another pair just 4/5 weeks in to this shoe business. His feet have grown a bit but mostly he dunked the shoes (attached to his feet) into a huge bucket of rain water and then managed to pour wood stain all over them sad <another sigh>

Teeth: Arthur has 11 and some molars seem to be coming through, but he has 2 friends who are early and mid march who don't have any at all so I think anything is normal at this stage.

Childcare: Arthur is starting with a childminder next week after never being left with anyone other than DH. We've been to play for an hour or so twice and this week I will leave A on his own for an hour or 2. The childminder seemed to think he will be fine and leaving him is more for my benefit but she did say not to sneak out when he wasn't looking. Better to tell them you are leaving and that you will be back otherwise they get a bit surprised and frightened when they look up and your gone!

Right I'm off to watch Game of Thrones now smile

Lozario Sun 03-Jun-12 20:00:17

M'loves! Quiet on here. Hope the rain drives everyone back, although we've had a fair bit of FB chat too which is cool.

So Lara has started taking a few steps on her own but it's been a week now and she's still only doing 2 or 3 steps - I thought she'd be motoring around by this point! Hopefully she will be walking within a month. How long did it take the other walkers to properly get going from just a few steps?

We had DS1 puking at 4am this morning as he ate too much sausage and cake at his party yesterday for his 3rd birthday with his NCT chums. Amazingly he didn't wake his sister up who was sleeping in the same room! As a result though we're all a bit knackered - kids were asleep by 630 today.

Having a street party next Saturday for some reason rather than this weekend - anyone else doing anything? X

Jupiter118 Sun 03-Jun-12 23:01:34

[brushes through the tumbleweed] Tis v quiet come back all!

God the weather has been foul!

We went to a 'big lunch' in the village church which was quite fun in a funny kind of way - quite a lot of people from DS' school. Coronation chicken is quite unpleasant though and nearly had a fit of the giggles at the vicar pulling some rather odd faces in a weird singing bit of the service prior to lunch. Apparently we do actually live near the centre of a big city but on occasions it feels like we have (in kind of a nice way) feels like we have strayed into Dibley. Anyway much wine was consumed, friends came back to drink more wine and watch the boats. Looked bloody cold IMHO.

What to do tomorrow and for the rest of half term if it keeps raining??

Re: walking it took E a couple of weeks to get going and she now moves at pace but still looks v unsteady.

Right bed is beckoning

Muser Tue 05-Jun-12 11:59:11

Hello, catching up here.

pettyprudence my girl went to the childminder having never been left with anyone but DH before and she was absolutely fine. Not a tear shed (by her anyway!). She absolutely adores it. Hope Arthur is the same.

Loz I think proper walking was quite quick here but she had been cruising for so long so I think she was just waiting until she could do it properly before letting go. Lara will be running off before you know it and then the fun starts!

Jupiter if you come up with ideas of what to do in this weather let me know! We can't do anything due to chicken pox. We did go to the park yesterday but not to the playground bit. My poor girl spent most of the day bringing us our shoes with a hopeful expression on her face. She wants to be out playing!

Pox is proving not too bad, thank god. She has a whole heap of spots but they don't seem to be itching as I haven't seen her scratch. Not needed to break out the Calamine lotion but have been doing Piriton before bed just in case. Glad it happened when we both had a week off work but GOD it's frustrating being stuck in our tiny flat. Still, we are in the process of buying a house so hopefully before the end of summer we'll have a bit more space.

Right, I can hear stirrings from naptime so better wrap up quickly. Sorry to anyone I missed! Last thing was teeth, had a few molars appear and I think canines too. It's hard to keep track. She was really miserable with it beginning of last week but that might have been the pox starting to kick off as think they get miserable a bit before the spots appear.

Yep, full on wake up. Must go!

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