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March 2011 mums, entering our 2nd year with our 'Babies'!!

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Purplefan Sat 21-Apr-12 09:11:52

Hi all,
Thought I'd take the plunge and set up a new thread for us...never done it before so hope it works.

Will be back later to update properly, have busy day as DH is off on a track day on his motorbike and DD1 has already been driving me insane, it has only just gone 9am!!! xx

pettyprudence Sat 06-Apr-13 21:28:26

Yes jojo - at the CM's he calls out for the cm and her gd and she feels bad leaving him in the cot. Its too much fun and he knows he is the only one in bed grin It sometimes takes him an hour to go to sleep at home (usually 20mins or so) and he shouts for me a couple of times and then chats to his bears. But he can throw himself out of the cot now so not sure what will happen next time he objects.....

sam26oscar Mon 08-Apr-13 06:24:18

blergh!! The alarm woke me at 6am as back to work and school sad On the brught side cassie has slept thru last 2 nights grin Think shes realised mummy is not getting up and Daddy onky pats her back so not worth waking up!! Was a little worried as Daddy went back to Scotland last night and thought she might wake but it will probably be tonight when she realises hes not here and then works out i HAVE to go in !!!! Well must wake them as they have to be at the cm at 7am!!! Hope all have good daya...hope baby is thinking if making its move soon Highlandgrin

highlandbird Mon 08-Apr-13 20:48:53

Hmmm, A isn't the only one that fights sleep then?!
Hooray to Cassie sleeping through again, do you get that anxiety feeling at night though when your sure you're going to get woken at some point (I do, and never sleep the same for it!) fingers crossed that's her back to her routine now!
No sign of baby yet but only 5 days till due date so won't be long grin

sam26oscar Mon 08-Apr-13 21:21:25

oh yes indeed Highland my jaws are so clenched my ears are 4cm higher than they used to be grin grin tonight will be the test as she knows daddy's not here so it csn only be mummy to go in.....need a jaw clenching smilie!!!

Lozario Tue 09-Apr-13 22:05:10

highland you must be ready to pop now!! Hope everything goes well for you. Don't worry, number 2 is much easier than number 1 until they learn to talk grin

petty I was wondering how your ttc was going. Hopefully you'll catch soon. 2 months is no time at all! I think I'll be joining you now - we've pretty much decided to go for number 3 (and final!!!( baby. About to get started converting our attic space to give us 2 extra rooms so we have the space. Eeek....

sam how's that naughty young lady of yours with her sleep now? Hope she's not being a pickle any more!!

jojo 15 weeks??? How did that happen?!

Lozario Tue 09-Apr-13 22:07:11

Oh I forgot to add about naps - Lara still has one most days, from 1-2.30/3 in her cot. She's starting to take ages to settle in nighttime now though so I'm beginning to cut it back. She can easily go without the nap if required and then she conks out for 12 blissful hours!!!

eversomuch Wed 10-Apr-13 11:23:29

Wow, we're very chatty again. How nice.

highland Good luck to you as the big day nears. Second time does go faster (can't believe Spencer is already 5mo), but it is a lot of work juggling the two little ones. We don't have family or very close friends nearby to help out, but if you do, use them and get them to cook for you as much as possible! BTW, I also tried joining another antenatal group, but it just wasn't the same.

Petty and Loz Good luck ttc. How exciting. Loz, did schools work out for you?

Re: naps, Sabine usually sleeps for about two hours, either 11-1ish or 2-4ish. She def still needs it -- and so do I!

highlandbird Wed 10-Apr-13 21:29:21

Ooh how exciting petty, 2 months is nothing fingers crossed you get a bfp very very soon! and gives me hope that two can't be that much work if you're trying for dc3!! Good luck both of you.
Everso, wish we had family nearby to help, they're all hours away unfortunately or I would be taking advantage of them. Our neighbours are all a few miles away as well so I will have to make a huge effort to get out in the earlyish days so I don't go stir crazy at home all day, hoping for a nice (dry will do) summer so that we can spend time in the garden and pottering around, A hates being in the house all day, he has a stupid amount of energy!
Sam how has cassie's sleep been?? Hope all back to normal at yours so that you can unclench your jaw and get some peace wink

sam26oscar Sun 14-Apr-13 21:03:35

hi ladies i think people are downloading the mumsnet app...much easier and quicker to accesssmile highland hope baby here nowwink and good to hear people ttc...not here thoughsad too old now!! we have been to see the infamous...Mr Tumble at Cardiff today Cassie was beside herself when he came on stagegrin ...Petty went past sign for Splott is that near your new house??? Well ladies Cassie has slept thru every night til last night when i went in stroked her head ..didnt get her out of bed..first time ever always used to pick her up and cuddle her and she went back off easily til 7.45am grin grin Am glad those who tried to join other ante natals have stayed here...we are all virtual friends!!! Bed for me up for work at 5.45am sad xx

sam26oscar Sun 14-Apr-13 21:05:54

oh yes forgot naps cassie sleeps 1-3pm but can go without if needs be...but obviously i try not to let that happen!!!

Lozario Mon 15-Apr-13 21:16:59

Am pleased that everyone is back on here - I always check in as I browse mumsnet pretty much every day now that I have the app!!

Well poor Lara has the chicken pox now (DS had it 2 weeks ago) and she's really suffering with it, wasn't too bad at first but this is day 3 and she has a lot of spots now, some really massive ones on her body, and she's had a really high temperature so slept in with me last night as she couldn't sleep sad Can't wait until we are rid of the pox, it's overtaken our entire Easter hol!! I loaded her up with calpol and piriton so hopefully she will sleep better tonight.

everso thanks for remembering my schools angst - DH won't let me go on about it at home any more!!! We find out provisionally at the end of this week but I think it will be a waiting list game for us. Hopefully we'll get a decent school by September. I have made a decision not to panic ha

petty are you in Splott! I know Splott.

sam Cassie and Lara sound dangerously similar. Can't imagine the carnage if they ever became partners in crime!

highland are you still hanging in there??!!

highlandbird Tue 16-Apr-13 13:33:29

Sigh, that's me three days over now and feels like the calm before the storm ha ha! Although A has tonsillitis again (on the mend though) he saw a consultant a month ago and is on the list to get them whipped out in next couple of months as we have to go through this every few weeks in the winter sad
Poor Lara with the chicken pox that sounds miserable for all of you, hope she gets better soon, and at least you won't have to go through it when she's older.
Glad to hear Cassie sleeping better, although ouch to getting up at 5.30 for work shockam slightly envious of those of you who's DCs nap really well, it's a bit of a pain not being able to get some rest myself in the day but he generally still goes to bed at 7 so can't complain!
Hopefully will be back in next couple of days with some exciting news....and yes I have a shiny new iPad and mn app so am able to check in a lot easier these days grin

pettyprudence Tue 16-Apr-13 14:37:39

Fingers crossed highland that baby makes an appearance sooner rather than later. Poor A with his tonsills!

Sam & Loz yes I am moving to Splott! Have you ever heard of a dafter sounding place? grin

I am always on MN (currently stalking the diy boards) - Arthur is very neglected blush

sam26oscar Wed 17-Apr-13 12:51:41

poor A tonsilitis is nastysad have you tried clary sage highland?? few drops in a warm bath has worked on myself and friendsgrin petty i didnt realise Splott was quite so close...thought Cardiff was 2 hrs from meangry shame on my geography!!
Thankfully Cassie seems to have turned the corner and is back ti sleeping 12-13hrs ..phew! She was quite close to being sold on ebaywink
For those not on F.B we are currently in the process of signing a football contract with Bristol City ....v.v.proud mummy!!! ( well done petty on promotion to premiershipwink )
must go and collect cass from c/m now!!

sam26oscar Wed 17-Apr-13 12:53:59

p.s poor baby Lozariosad sad hope she feels better soon...i'm sure between chocolate and cbeebies she..sorry you will make it thrugrin

pettyprudence Wed 17-Apr-13 17:26:39

sam it takes me about 40mins to get to our meet ups! also, i think i can see Weston from my current bedroom window (no sea view in the new house though sad ). i will wave at 7pm - tell me if you can see me grin

sam26oscar Wed 17-Apr-13 19:50:36

petty i think i saw you lol grin

Lozario Wed 17-Apr-13 20:59:46

Just a quick update - we got 3rd choice school for DS today smile Happy with that - 2nd and 3rd choice were about the same and we still have a chance for 1st choice on waiting list. Phew! Have had a few glasses of wine this eve!!!

highlandbird Thu 18-Apr-13 12:19:32

Wow Sam, is that contract for your DS?? Very exciting news no wonder you're a proud mummy!!

Lozario, congrats on school news, bet that's a huge weight off your mind, hope L is better too and spots all scabbed over so you can get out and about grin oh and if you're cracking open the wine have a glass for me too please, seriously missing it right now!

Trying most things to get this baby out....feels like its moved further in if anything, probably been hearing Angus' tantrums and decided it would be nicer to stay in my tummy! Mind you I had him on the fifth day after due date so today could be the day??
Starting to get slightly anxious about the thought of having 2 children and the practicalities as well (bit late to worry I know!) ....anyone have any last minute words of wisdom for me?? Have already bought a present for A from baby but I'm not convinced he's going to let me get away with it that easily!!

Lozario Thu 18-Apr-13 22:08:26

highland you will be fine - and the good thing about going overdue is that you'll just be so glad not to be pregnant any more!!

When DC2 (Lara) came I used sling a lot for the baby so I could concentrate on DC1. As long as DC2 was fed and dry, I mainly concentrated on DC1 so as not to interrupt his routine. Having said that, Lara was pretty good and by 5 weeks was going down at 7ish like DC1!

I probably relied on telly a bit more to entertain DC1 but he bloody loves telly so he thought that was great.

JoJoB77 Mon 29-Apr-13 15:40:10

Hi ladies

Do we have a March 2011 facebook page? Im back on fb and thought about joining our group if anyone can help??

Lozario Mon 29-Apr-13 18:06:19

Yes we do but I can't for the life of me remember how we add people?! Anyone remember?

sam26oscar Mon 29-Apr-13 20:44:14

Jojo i think if you add one of us as friends on fb we can add you into the fb mumsnet group ...unless anyone else knows Petty?? Purple?? hmm

Lozario Mon 29-Apr-13 21:14:17

Jojo I've just sent you a private message about friend requesting smile

sam26oscar Mon 29-Apr-13 22:04:56

yes jojo we're all waiting for you there grin grin

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