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September 2011 babies, making more noise, more mess, but growing more amazing by the day.

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100years Wed 18-Apr-12 21:56:00

Old thread

Hey, here we are again, moving on to the next round of exciting things our little babies are getting up to. smile I hope no-one minded my title, but there hadn't been a big decision and given we were so close to the end I thought I'd just go for it.

I shall update stuff from me tomorrow.

tiddleypompom Fri 27-Apr-12 12:37:19

Oh jeans poor you - I remember the engorged boobs, they feel bruised don't they? Good luck with the second part of the interview...

ssmile another here for a lively end of the day battle to get DS dressed for bed. The vest is Very Unpopular too - we have to try and surprise him with it, so he doesn't have time to realise what's happening! Again, once sleeping back is zipped up, all is calm for story and milk before bed. And breathe...grin

Can I ask when the babes have to go in front-facing car seats? I laughed to hear of the raisins etc in the crevices! Oh our poor car - my DH is a bit of a Sunday car-washer and polishes out smudges, oh dear!

I shall have my running shoes on tomorrow for our NCT nearly new sale. Am after a stair gate - fingers crossed!

Righty-ho, better go and see why DS is still awake in his cot, when he should be napping away. Could it be that he is dropping another nap?? <shudder>

p.s. sebs thanks for the sleep dust. I read your post last night before bed and it was nice to hear that we are all going through the same rituals and hitting the pillow hoping for some proper sleep smile

sebs71 Fri 27-Apr-12 14:10:59

Yes good luck Jeans for second interview

TP I think it's around 9 months they go in forward facing seats but really based on weight rather than age and the next stage seats are 9 kg upwards. So mine should be in hers in couple weeks and she'll be 8 calendar months!

Well she didn't settle and went to crying and more crying etc so picked her up in end. When dh2b came home about 9.30 she was wide wake and wanting to play with him!! But as soon as we got into bed and her in the middle of us she was away... But very restless most of the night. She's teething a lot... Dont know if that's not helping or not.

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Fri 27-Apr-12 14:22:22

OH MY GOD ds only woke once last night shock

tiddleypompom Fri 27-Apr-12 15:04:34

Thanks sebs - I really should have known blush , especially as DS is already 19lb so almost too heavy (7 months on Sunday). I had noticed he was getting quite snug in there!

I have a maxi cosi at the moment and really like it - so will follow ssmiles advice and take a look at the next one up. Who said babies don't cost anything?!

Nice one jeans - that was the sleepdust sent by sebs, who didn't keep any for herself (very generous).

We have the top teeth on their way at the moment, and these (as well as dropping the dreamfeed) have disturbed the sleeping routine we'd got into damnit. No night waking since bottom teeth came through, but early mornings, starting at 5ish.

DS has rolled under the sofa - better rescue him from balls of dust and general debris impossible to get at with hoover

sebs the sleep dust is all yours...

feralgirl Fri 27-Apr-12 20:14:45

OMG I can't believe we're already talking about big car seats; where has all that time gone?! We've got Britax Princes in each car which I like because you can use them rear facing as well so they can stay in them facing backwards for a bit longer which is safer apparently. And they were the only ones that fitted DH's rubbish old car's seatbelts without buckle crunch. DS is in them atm but we'll move him into the next ones up once DD needs them.

Had a totally rubbish couple of nights. We moved DD into her own room last night but DH spent the whole night on the futon with her and she grizzled until gone midnight and then woke up at 5.45. I had an interview for a job today which I didn't get <feels rubbish but shrugs and pretends to be philosophical> and I am blaming my failure on my absurd sleep deprivation after two weeks of working my arse off and bugger all sleep.

Well done Jeans, that's great news on the sleep front. And fingers Xed for the job smile

Gah to the early mornings TP, DS was a bugger for that too. You know something's wrong when you start thinking that 6am is a lie-in!

100years Fri 27-Apr-12 20:56:40

Well I must admit I had a fab fab night last night smile it was great to be out. LO was really good going to bed, woke briefly for winding while I was out, but went back off again, and didn't have a massively unsettled night, so it was good. She's currently however having a meltdown with daddy and I feel I ought to go and rescue him. I'll try again in a bit.

100years Fri 27-Apr-12 21:16:04

Ok I'm back.

Sebs, yay for seeing new babies. We have a friend who was due yesterday, so very soon I get to have a squidge with a newborn again smile

Pah all you lot talking about forward facing car seats. At the rate we are going we will be in an infant carrier till she's 3 wink she's still small and no where near the end of the seat. I don't even think she is 16lb yet.

Jeans well done on the next stage, fingers crossed for you.

Glad some are getting slightly better sleep, even if some of us still aren't. And I know a mum who is ff and their LO wakes through the night, so bottles don't necessarily = a full night.

Re going to bed, does anyone else's baby have a sensor that mean they wake just at that point when you fall asleep? Lol

ssmile Sat 28-Apr-12 16:14:42

Has anyone heard from QueenRunningGeekMum ? She has been missing in action for 4-5weeks now, Ru ok? Hope the ankle has mended now.

Hope your ok too minkyj and sarahseager

We all nursing yet more bugs ere grrr Lo on her 5 or 6th snotty nose&cough, she was 8months old on Thursday! But still sleeping ok I'm extremely lucky to be getting a 7-9hr stretch of sleep most nights from 10-7 all BF no formula as she won't take it. For those still BF have you dropped any feeds yet? I'm a little concerned I'm still feeding as frequently as before but maybe not as long, I would have thought she might have dropped a couple of daytime feeds by now. Ooh she just woken up from nap so must go

jimmijam Sat 28-Apr-12 21:00:05

100 went from many feeds in the night, prob one every couple of hours plus the odd sip in between. to none. hv said they dont need night feeds anymore (which id already read in baby books- from 6months or/and a certain weight they dont need night feeds, he hit that weight well before 6months mind). i didnt wean him off them, just went for it in one go, as the hv suggested.
lo now has a feed when he gets up in the morning-6-7am ish, one early afternoon which he falls asleep doing and 1 before bed in the evening- 6-7pm ish.
tp yummy, the letter p, my favourite smile our lo made it under the sofa today too, i may have to stop leaving the recliner foot bit up. luckily i vacuumed under there yesterday in prep for fil coming to stay on wed for a week. got cute pics of him poking out from under there (lo that is, not FIL!)

ssmile and fera did i read something about older ones not being dry at night? our eldest boy got up one morning, a year or so ago, and just said 'i want pants', that was it, he was dry in the day & had chosen when he was ready. he's 4 1/2now, very occasionally he'll choose to wear pants at night and is dry when he does, but mostly wears a nappy- which sometimes he fills up resulting in lots of bedsheet washing (and a mattress protector). we'd love hjim to be dry at night, but as he chose himself to go without a nappy during the day we're hoping he'll do the same for nights. we just give him the choice every night of what he'd like to wear, hopefuly one day soonish he'll ditch the nappies altogether as they dont fir him so well anymore.

hatebeing good luck with all your interviews smile how many bottles had you tried? we have a cupboard full of failed ones. can sometimes get him to take sips from a particular sippy cup of b'current squash but not formula. tho he will take formula mixed with porridge. back at work in 2weeks, 1st shift being a late 1 so he'll miss his afternoon and bedtime feeds off me. may send dh crazy, lo will soon have to learn tho i suppose

fishfingers. gave these to 2 eldest dc's after taking the breadcru,bs off. only done this for ds2 once though as i cant stand the smell of fish

100years Sat 28-Apr-12 21:57:54

Aw, happy 8 months babyssmile. Re dropping feeds, I think I may have dropped one, but I don't know where from, sometimes I feed more in the morning, sometimes it's afternoon, I've never been a routine feeder. So it's still just on demand, but she still demands it! In fact she's taken to doing a head banging/bobbing thing on me when she wants feeding, like she's searching for my boobs!

Jimmi, is LO on 3 proper meals a day now. My LO isn't so although I think that babies could do without when she only picks at food I still feel like she needs the milk. But she's also a small one. I do try and settle her without feeds but she just won't have it at times. But it's good to know it can be done, I'll try it at some point when she's picked up more food I think.

ssmile Sun 29-Apr-12 08:33:58

Yes we still feeding on demand which is why the pattern is a bit hit n miss I've still got 4mths before back at work to get her better at cup and hopefully can go straight onto cows milk as she really doesn't seem to like formula much.

Id go with your instincts too on the night feeds, my Lo in the space of a week suddenly started wolfing down 3good meals a day (is 8.4kg) and was noticeably less hungry on night feeds hence my gentle sleep training we honestly had no real tears from her. Now she wakes for one quick feed around 10pm and sleeps until 6-7am no fuss and is still in our room. I still wholeheartedly believe a babies ability to do this is 85% personality / temperament &weight , 10% parental training &5% luck! Our two DDs are SO different already in temperament! But we have from 8wks old consistently put her down for daytime naps awake in her cot if we are home which I think really helps.

sebs71 Sun 29-Apr-12 10:23:52

TP - thanks for the sleepdust... think it must have been blown somewhere else though!!! LO is still going to midnight (fusses for the first hour of putting her down) and then coming to ours... we MUST tackle it, but I'm guessing it kind of works for us so don't feel the great urgency too (except that rod on my back is getting heavier and heavier). She hasn't needed feeding in the night for ages now, so it's nothing to do with that. She just thrashes a lot and wakes herself up lots. She's just a poor sleeper - just like her mum...

Got that "OMG, this is sooo relentless" feeling at the moment. It'll pass, but just feeling overwhelmed. Think it doesn't help as DH2B keeps coming back saying "Got to go to Algeria again, bank holiday Sunday/Monday". He's had lots of trips away, although yes they are work related. You just get kind of jealous (at least I do). I did go out for lunch yesterday afternoon, which was lovely, but I feel so grateful and lucky for my 3 hours out, when DH2B gets 3 hours out in the morning, to take his son to play footy, which is the norm. I also get jealous when I hear friends with babies saying they had a night out with OH as their Mum/MIL or whatever had the baby overnight.

Sorry sorry sorry, shouldn't moan, it'll pass. Think it's all to do with turning... OMG... 41 tomorrow... ARGGGHHHH.... think it feels worse than 40, which didn't seem to bother me! I'm 40 something!!! Yikes!!!

Anyway, [shakes her hands, shaking off the moany feeling] woke up this morning, opened blinds too... SNOW!!!! THankfully it was wet snow, not sticking, and is now rain. But come on, end of April and snow???? Where's Spring gone? We want sunshine and warmth please, Mother Nature.

So hope everyone has a good Sunday, and dodges the rain and wind. And, yes, hoping Sarahseager and Queenrunninggeekmum is ok...???

sebs71 Sun 29-Apr-12 10:25:24

Oh yes and Minkyj too

sebs71 Sun 29-Apr-12 10:26:43

Ooh, and if I'm not on here again today... sleepdust to you all again, as it seems to work for some of you grin !!!

sarahseager Sun 29-Apr-12 15:39:21

Hi di hi! Sorry for my slackness in posting, I have been keeping up to date with all your posts but just haven't found time to post myself!

It's been quite a manic week, we're just on our way back from staying over in Cambridge celebrating my mum's 60th, we had a lovely time. I've also done 2 days at work this week and lo had had her first full day at nursery and one with my mum! Getting ready now for a proper working week of 3 days starting tomorrow!

Lo has been a gem mostly and is doing really well in getting used to nursery and was an angel for my mum! Her sleeping is still hit and miss but the good nights make up for the bad and I'm pleased she has her appetite back in the day now! We dropped all night feeds about a month ago now and she has 1 feed from me in the morn, 1 from me before bed and a bottle before her lunch, which she is never that interested in.

I've tried a tiny bit of blw with some strawberries, corn snacks and rice cakes and it was lovely to see, especially the strawberries grin and she seemed to love it too!

Hope you're all ok, sorry not to reply to all individually. Happy 8 month birthdays to those lo's that it's coming up for, just don't know where the time is going!


candr Sun 29-Apr-12 16:46:05

Well done to those of you with sleepers. Had bloody awful night last night so only got 2 hours of broken sleep. Am letting him play and cry in cot to self settle but giving a cuddle if it gets too bad. Asked DH to do it at 3.30 as I had no sleep by then. He gave it 10min then tried to bring baby into bed so he could sleep. I refused as have worked really hard and had this battle every day and night for last 3 days to get him sleeping in cot that thought it would send mixed messages so DH got grumpy with me. Am really upset as is only 2nd time in 7m I have asked him to do a night waking (please don't tell me to 'leave the bastard')
He eats 3 good meals but doesn't want milk during day and now bites me really hard. Still wants cuddles and milk at night though. Sebs please send me any spare sleepy dust smile
He loves front facing car seat and is lovely to be able to see him playing and watching things.

jimmijam Sun 29-Apr-12 19:48:12

candr no leaving him msgs from me, as mine has never got up to our lo in the night, and was almost as bad with our eldest 2 aswell. im off work tho and enjoying it really so dont mind this time around (must be the sea air, should have moved here sooner!) not sure if it helps but heres what our hv told me....
1/ when you decide to leave lo in cot and not keep night feeding stick to it, dont do it half heartedly (which you alerady are doing)
2/ put lo down awake
3/ put hand on lo's cheek or hold hand and quietly say 'time for sleep now' or something similar- leave room (dark)-
4/if lo cries return when you cant take it anymore (tugs heart strings), eg after 15 mins or 30mins. when returning repeat step 3/- dont pick lo up or make eye contact though
5/ each time you return (if needed) dont make the gap any shorter, eg if you returned after 15 mins, leave it at least 15 mins before returning again, longer if possible.

she warned it would take 2 nights, maximum 3 nights and that they may be long nights so to have a partner around if possible to encourage you not to return too soon and to give emotional support if u need it.

for us it worked instantly, amazingly, but everyones different and i wasnt expecting it to work that fast.

hope that helps

i could never have had the heart to try this method with our 2 eldest, not sure what changed this time around.

sebs SNOW???!!!!! ru up north? we've just had loads of rain, floods everywhere apparently (south west). water butts in garden all full smile

candr amongst others, we have a size 1, 2, 3 car seat, when lo faces forward in it all 3 kids will fit in the back of the car, but we're not brave enough to change him to forward facing yet due to risk of wiplash breaking his spine. dont think we were so aware of the dangers with our 2 eldest as they quickly went forward facing. or perhaps we're just getting old. though clambering into the back middle seat and having dd in front seat isnt so much fun (front seat much more comfy smile )

back at work in 2 weeks and really not looking forward to it, my heart belongs at home right now, going to be unbelievably hard :'( love my routines with the 3kids. hey ho, must work (whilst dreaming of winning big on the lottery)

100years Sun 29-Apr-12 21:01:47

Ssmile, well I think my LO is only about 7kg or thereabouts, been a while since I had her weighed. But she still feeds with gusto from me. But like you I have a while before returning to work, so no worries at the moment.

Sebs, happy birthday for tomorrow smile and it feels ambit relentless here too.

Sarah, strawberries are a huge hit here. Glad LO is settling in ok at nursery.

Candr, sorry for your rubbish night. I've had a couple of occasions where my OH has struggled with me waking him up, it's hard when you are really on your last bit of energy and you know you need the rest, but you can't think straight enough to explain how you need the help. And I know what you mean about mixed messages, however I still take LO into bed with me after 7 in the morning if I've had a bad night with her!

Jimmi, I don't like the idea of forward facing seats at the moment either, but it's not a worrynjustbyet for me, however I don't think you can buy rear facing stage 1 seats in uk in very many places sad

feralgirl Mon 30-Apr-12 19:51:28

Hi all, hurrah for the good sleeps! They seem to be steadily increasing in number which is good and I can feel DD getting slowly but surely better here too. I'm going to give her another month before we cut the night feeds so that I can do it in the half term holiday.

My DH is total pish in the night too. We had a massive barny at 4.30 this morning because he got up to DD to optimistically try her with some formula - which she wolfs down during the day but won't touch at night - and she was howling because she wanted me but he'd left her bedroom door open and woke DS up. And this is after I've said to him every night for the last two weeks to make sure he closes her door so DS doesn't get disturbed hmm

100, I looked at rear facing stage 1 car seats too but they are mostly about £300 and we need two! However I thought it was the Britax Prince that we've got for DS but it's not, it's the First Class Plus which can be rear facing from birth to 13kg. DS didn't sit forward facing in them until he was 10+ months and his legs were too long. They're much more reasonable at about £90. Agree it is nice to be able to see them when they're forward facing though smile but DD is on the front seat of my old, airbag-less car anyway which is spectacularly distracting but lots of fun grin

Good for nursery Sarah, sounds like you're well set for going back to work. Hope it's going OK smile

Jimmi, I do the lottery dream too grin If we win, shall we all go on a cruise together with the DCs? I quite fancy hiring a great big boat and doing a tour of the Mediterranean. I'd rather do a boat as I have this fanciful notion that DD would sleep really well being rocked, like Iggle Piggle!

sad for rubbish sleep Candr, I really hope it gets better soon.

grin for excellent sleeps Ssmile Is the 10pm feed a dream feed or does DD wake for it? I have put off doing a dreamfeed but I might have to start so as to get a decent stretch and not get woken at 11.30.

shock at Sebs's snow! Just torrential rain and flooded roads here but, really, it is insane!

sebs71 Thu 03-May-12 16:16:06

Where's everyone gone?? Just a quick one, to see where you all are! Had a nice birthday, lunch at a friend's, but otherwise a pretty normal day (as it was a Monday). Seemed to have had a busy old week otherwise. Got my make up and hair extensions (!!) for the wedding sorted on Tuesday! Don't panic, I'm having my hair put up, and although it's shoulder length it'll need a few extensions to "pad it out"! Going to sort flowers next week, and buy the rings this weekend... so really getting there now.

Hope you all ok...

feralgirl Thu 03-May-12 17:19:08

Woooooo sebs, that's so exciting.

Dunno where everyone's gone; either washed away by the rain or enjoying the sunshine we've had for the last day or two (or was the sun just here in Cornwall?)

sarahseager Thu 03-May-12 19:51:53

I'm here! Just completed my first week of 3 days at work and it's been ok, really missed lo at times tho.

Very exciting wedding plans sebs! grin

Does anyone else feel like their lo is toddler-esque now?! Just in the last couple of weeks she seems so grown up!

Hope you're all ok x

candr Thu 03-May-12 20:19:08

Sebs, sounds like you have been busy, always nice having a different hairdo.
Feral, glad sleeps are improving, am so pleased I don't have a second LO to worry bout with DS being so loud at night.
Sarah, well done with work. I bet you felt knackered after day 3 and must be hard being away from LO. DS does seem a bit bigger and stronger am sure he wil start crawling forwards soon.
On the sleep front we were making progress with 'pick up put down' then he got ill and had awful temperature so had 2 nights in bed with me so back to routine in last couple of days. He has screamed for 1.5 hours (was not left alone the whole time)he then slept for longer. DH did 10pm bottle as I was out and LO slept till 2.30. I bf but he battled going back in cot (quiet cry rather than screams) and slept till 6.30, came into bed with me and slept till 8.15. This is the best so far. Had 45 min battle at lunch but again had a long sleep in cot then slept on me while bf which he has not done for ages (little bugger tends to bite when feeding during the day so has 'very' short feeds)
The battles are hard but the lseep is getting there. Have been keping notes so I can see the progress. Fingers crossed for tonight grin

ssmile Thu 03-May-12 20:49:53

candr sounds like you making some progress on sleep front, hope it continues.
sebs glad your wedding plans are coming along, it all sounds Fab I hope you have a lovely time.
sarah hope work is going ok and not too scary, and missing Lo too much. I remember crying everyday on the way to work my first week back after DD1 but after a while I enjoyed having half hour to myself listening to my music singing along smile
feralgirl hope your doing ok. Sorry to hear you didn't get the job. I don't do a dream feed, just when she wakes sometime normally between 9-10pm but was 12.30pm last night.

Rough week, was in bed all day Tuesday funny tum bug again, DH is shattered stressed and had a cold for a month, DD1 has yet another green snotty nose, and baby isn't right very waxy ears&runny nose and very grissly clingy on calpol Hohum hope the weekend is better.

feralgirl Fri 04-May-12 20:09:27

Well done for the good return to work Sarah. I find I don't really have time to miss the DCs and, tbh, I don't really think that much about them during the days! blush And like Ssmile says, it's great to be able to turn the volume up in the car really, really loud grin

sad Candr for poorly babe, that's rough but good that the sleeps are improving a bit.

Weirdly, Ssmile, DD has started having the same routine as your DD2; she has just started waking at 9.30 every night which is a pita - but better than being woken at midnight - and then kipping for 6 or 7 hours and then waking for a feed at 4.30ish. She will not sleep in our bed anymore though; that's just playtime as far as she's concerned! Hope that you're all feeling better soon. smile

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