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September 2011 babies, making more noise, more mess, but growing more amazing by the day.

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100years Wed 18-Apr-12 21:56:00

Old thread

Hey, here we are again, moving on to the next round of exciting things our little babies are getting up to. smile I hope no-one minded my title, but there hadn't been a big decision and given we were so close to the end I thought I'd just go for it.

I shall update stuff from me tomorrow.

candr Tue 02-Apr-13 20:51:27

Feral, am very impressed with potty use. DS sits on potty or loo each day before bath no probs but has yet to wee while doing it and will only sometimes tell us if he has done a poo though he will now lie on mat for you rather than screaming and fighting.
Look, sounds like your boys are doing well, so sweet to have first smiles but must have been rough with them both being ill, hope they are all better now.
Ssmile, we have lots of temper tantrums here at the moment especially at 5am when DS is not alowed to come into our bed anymore. He is also really strong willed and would rather be out of buggy but is a bugger to try and get him to walk nicely even with reins as he fights and wants to go own way.
DS was really sick for a few days with D&V and was vomiting every hour during the night for 3 nights so had to be in bed with me. He ate nothing for 4 days and was close to being put on drip which was scary and bloody hard work - now I have him back in routine he is really having tantrums and banging head on things when not getting own way - I too keep hoping it is a phase.
Am slightly dreading how I will manage with 2 but am only 10w so have a good long while to let DS grow up. Have bought big boy furniture for new room and will move him during the summer before DC2 arrives but he is so crap at sleep I am so scared we will be back at square one when he moves and again when DC2 arrives.
Hope everyone is doing ok and any sick bugs have buggered off - here's to some sun grin

ssmile Thu 04-Apr-13 12:46:17

Sorry I meant to say misty good luck in your new home not candr...Doh!

If its any consolation candr our first DD was a handful between 18mths-2yrs but seemed to calm down a bit by the time we entered the so called "terrible twos" much to my relief. I am hoping DD2 is following a similar pattern! So you may be luckly by the time no2 arrives smile

Got DD1 at home after throwing up at 2am very spectacularly all over the bathroom, mega splatter effect on all walls, towels, mats etc sorry TMI grin whilst standing next to the toilet. Still I am not going to moan of all the places for her to do it that was the best place as its laminate flooring. She was already sleeping in the bed with me as hadn't felt well since 6pm so I was just waiting for it... She got a weird rash all around her face now bit measles like but no other symptoms except tired and lack of appetite with bit tummy ache. Very much like DD2 had last week but she had bright red cheeks with it and runny bum. I also woke up full of cold and thought bugger, I was supposed to be going in for an operation Friday and really do not want it canceled. Then whilst I was debating whether to call the ward and tell them I had a call from them to cancel it grrr, cut a few phones calls out and I am now going in on standby fingers crossed they can do and I am out on Saturday as on Sunday DD1 is 6 I really need to be well enough to do a mini celebration with her. I've been waiting 6 months for the op really wanted it sorted sooner rather than later.

Hope everyone else is bug free now. It has really seemed like so many bugs around this winter in all the cold weather which I thought was supposed to kill them all off!!

ssmile Mon 08-Apr-13 21:19:02

My DH is starting to appreciate me a whole lot more now grin he has had main parental responsibility for both girls since Friday morning and also has a cold and has had to solider on not just hid in bed like he might have done before even though I never get to hide in bed if I am ill. I did have my operation late on Friday so stayed in hospital and to be honest I was rather tempted to stay in Saturday night too as I would get looked after better smile but I came home so we could celebrate DD1 6th birthday on Sunday. DD2 is being a bit of a normal terror but DH has just had to learn how to handle her. It is quite amusing to hear her shouting NO! when he trys to get her coat on or shoes on. Yet when I went into the kitchen and laid her coat on the floor she laid on top and I calmly put her arms into it and she got up with a big grin on her face. She has been pushing all his buttons with her antics!

She did scare the beheevers out of me earlier though as she managed to pull her changing unit chest of drawers over shock luckily it hit the end of our bed and stopped it crushing her. I was in tears as I couldn't more fast enough out of bed to stop it happening and really thought she was going to be seriously hurt. She just kept saying "socks" she couldn't reach them so opened all the drawers and hung off the top drawer pulling it over.shock She is an unbelievable monkey its such hard work all the time keeping her safe!!! I hope all your Los are staying safe out there.

feralgirl Wed 10-Apr-13 19:32:14

Glad the op went OK Ssmile. That is just so scary about the drawers, poor poor you sad but thank goodness DD2 was OK. She sounds crazy, and I thought my DD was trouble! My Dad and DH were all hmm when I insisted that they bracket absolutely everything to the walls in our house; I think DD is prob still too small (she's wee compared to other kids the same age) to pull anything over but DS is a human tank and a bookcase falling on him is one of my fave paranoias!

Candr that bug sounds really scary too, we've all had D&V but nowhere near as bad as that. Glad DS is OK again now.

Both DS and DD have been complete horrors over the Easter hols; refusing to share toys or our attention and DS is going through a really competitive and quite violent phase which is dreadful. Obvs he's having a bit of a testosterone surge as he is really pushing the boundaries and then hits whoever won't let him have his own way, resulting in lots of naughty step sessions.

The worst of it is that DD has started hitting too when she doesn't get what she wants, presumably copying him, and sometimes she has been known to bite even though he has never been a biter. She gets mini-time-outs where she gets put on the floor and then we ignore her for a minute which makes her really angry! DS is soooo ready to go to school I reckon, he really needs some new challenges; roll on September!

candr Wed 10-Apr-13 20:37:05

Ssmile, glad op went well and hope you are on the mend. My friend's DS had that rash on his 1st birthday poor thing which ment trip to A&E and they said they had never seen it but all her guests thought it was c.pox. They isolated him then sent him home and it seems to be fading, he had also had the D&V bug that my DS had so maybe a link there.
Would love to leave DH in charge of DS as we had a barney with him saying that he would be SAHD when I have DC2 and would not keep asking for me to do jobs like I do with him. Got really upset about it as the longest he has had him is 4 hours and I hardly ask him to do anything as he works long hours. I know he would not be able to do it and would spend loads more time indoors watching TV and being on his laptop as he does that alot on days off as can not be bothered to go to park etc.
Scary with the furniture tipping, same as Feral we have most things attatched to wall as DS is such a climber and far too strong for own good. Anything not nailed down he moves round house and uses it to climb on.
His behaviour has calmed down now thank goodness and have had some good improvements with him walking nicly holding buggy, just need to do more practice and get some road saftey into him.
Had mw app and have 12w scan in a couple of weeks, am very nervous as most symptoms seem to have gone and were nowehere as bad as with DS to start with so just really want reassurance that there is a baby and a healthy one there.
Bought DS a baby doll but he keeps feeding it his food and trying to pull its head off though he has given kisses and made me put a nappy on it????

ssmile Sun 14-Apr-13 17:53:26

Gd luck with your scan candr I hope all goes well with the little bean. It truly is nerve wracking those early weeks. I hope the second week of the easter hols went better feral with the behavior. Our eldest is normally really good but because the youngest has been getting alot of attention she has started to get a bit whiny and act up too. My DH is great with them but he has definitely been favoring the youngest at the moment which doesn't help. I did speak to him about it and he says he is trying but our eldest daughter just winds him up! She is like me and the youngest is like him smile

Well we had a horrid week youngest got the tummy bug and manged over 4 days to vomit in every room in the house and all over both me and my DH, and when we thought she was on the mend sat morning all over the duvet and bed. So a trip to the laundrette to get the duvet washed and dried. Our washing machine hasn't stopped this week, we ran out of towels at one point. Poor little mite literally laid still, no talking on the bed for 36hrs she was wacked out with fever. Fingers very firmly crossed that at the moment neither I not DH have succumbed to it confused but there was a 5 days lag between DD1 getting it and DD2 being ill so we are not complacent sad DH has had to take the brunt of the sleepless nights and caring for youngest as I am supposed to do no lifting for 2 weeks so there was no way I could lift her in and out of the bath or cot. She has mastered the art of climbing into her own high chair (its just a chair that sits higher at the table now as we have taken off the tray part & she could get out the straps months ago) Poor DH has had a sinus infection from a heavy cold (very rare for him) but he definitely earn't his honorary "mummy" badge by Thursday. We did have to reschedule eldest 6th birthday party from today to next weekend as i didn't want to risk making 7 little girls ill too! DD1 was really good about it once I explained that she would have a happier party next week when we all felt better.

On a side note at risk of outing myself I am really proud of my american friend in RL who won the Marathan Des Sables at the weekend. Amazing feat, she has been training for it all year. I cannot even comprehend running 6 marathons over 6 days in 50c heat in the desert carrying all your food for the week. Absolutely superhuman!! It inspired me to sign up for our local hospicare walk in May, no where near as challenging but its a start grin

Hope your doing ok with the twins and little E look

candr Sun 14-Apr-13 20:14:28

Oh dear Ssmile, it was bad enough having 1 poorly toddler let alone another child,DH and you being on restricted action. Really hope eeveryone is improving now and your DD has a lovely party.
Fab about your friend, toughest marathon on earth - what an amazing feat. How are her blisters?
Have been doing walking practice witth DS and he is getting better at holing and or buggy. Had a lovely family walk in woods today and he walked for nearly 2 hours and still had a play in park on way home. Have been knackering him out to stop 5am wakes an sseems to be doing the job but am exhausted myself
Got scan dates through but also got another letter about app at hosp to discuss concerns I may have with MW and nurse???? Have no idea what that is about as don not remember that from last time and it can't be that anything is wrong as have not even had one scan yet.
Hope everyone enjoying milder weather and hope the sun appears soon.

Misty9 Tue 23-Apr-13 23:04:15

Hello all! Sorry, this slipped down my watched threads list and I assumed no one had been posting...

I don't know about elsewhere but the sun has certainly come out here in east Anglia smile so I hope the rest of you are getting nice and warm too. Hope all those bugs have sodded off too. Sounds horrendous, especially the copious vomiting ssmile shock we've been lucky with ds so far and he's only properly vomited a couple of times, both in his cot (oh the smell!). Lots to look forward to I feel...!

Guessing you may have had the scan by now candr ? Hope all is well with bean no.2. I think we'll get back on the ttc from May, though ds is at such a lovely age now I almost don't want to rock the boat. Takes a while to cook another one though.

Loving this better weather. I can finally say I'm really enjoying (most of the time) being a sahm recently. It's definitely taken me a while to adjust to motherhood, but now that ds can give a bit back by hugs and general interaction, it makes it all feel easier. I have applied for my first job since qualifying though...and it's ft too so dh is getting prematurely excited by the prospect of being a sahd! Not heard anything yet..

candr Wed 24-Apr-13 20:30:17

Oooh good luck with job Misty. Know what you mean about rocking the boat. We are in a good routine etc and the thought of it all getting harder for a year or so is scary. Had scan today actually. Am 14 weeks though so hard to do downs test. Had to jump around then go for a meal as baby was hiding but to be honest I was just so relieved to see there was a baby as have had repeated nightmares that they would tell me I was just eating too much and not really pg. I am under consultant care so will be having lots of scans though so will have to call in lots of friends to look after DS.
Hate to say it but my DH would be crap SAHD, he hates the thought of going to groups, doesn't like busy places and is addicted to his laptop whereas DS loves being around people and being outside getting mucky a lot. DH also finds it hard to not get grumpy with DS when he mis behaves and is a bit of a grudge holder (it is like I have 2 DS sometimes)
Love the idea your DH is excited by the idea though, there are so many more SAHD since the recession and some of my parents at school had their own 'boys outings' with the kids etc which was lovely. Hope everyone else is ok smile

ssmile Thu 25-Apr-13 08:08:07

Hi misty good luck with the job, part of me would secretly like to be a SAHM or at least try t for a bit but I just have such a good job I would be crazy to give it up. I wish I could to take off 2-3yrs until DD2 starts school and really enjoy this time. I have been of "sick" for 2.5wks now since the op and will be going back to work next week. Its been so nice to just relax and enjoy the sunshine and have walks every day to build my strength back up ;)
candr glad all is ok with the baby scan. Hope you can relax abit more now and enjoy the pregnancy and feeling relatively energized. My SIL is having no3 mad woman. She is currently working 3d as a teacher and secretly I think she got preg so she can give up work as she doesn't enjoy it that much anymore. Its sad that having two kids isn't considered enough anymore to "give up work" but 3 is. I find it really hard juggling 2 kids and 2 working parents. I am enjoying my girls SO much more the last 2 weeks because I am not exhausted from working and not seeing each evening as a countdown battle to get them into bed each night until I can sit down and go Arrrhhhh.
DD2 has been such fun the last 2weeks I think mainly because for the first time since xmas she hasn't been ill or teething (but has now woken up with big green snooty nose againsad Her communication skills have exploded and she is so much happier and a lot less tantrums because we can understand her needs more. Her play has suddenly got a lot more role play orientated, she loves pushing her "baby" around in the buggy, playing Drs, getting her big sister dressed, and attempting to dress herself. After a really tricky 6mths with her I am finally enjoying her company again as every meal time is not a battle and we can negotiate with her more. We actually got the potty out of the loft at the weekend and tried putting her on it before the bath and she did a bloomin Wee grin DD1 and I were gobsmacked did lots of clapping....this is like a whole year earlier than DD1 ever did, so we are going to just leave it in the bathroom and do the before bath wee thing until she is interested. She is regularly telling me she has poohed or about to poo. But Im not ready to potty train her yet, she has such a strong will I still think it wil be a battle of wills, I d rather wait until she can understand the whole sticker chart thing smile we are trying stickers when she lets us brush her teeth which is slowly working.

How are the twins and little E look I hope you have all been healthy and having fun and sleep smile.

ssmile Mon 27-May-13 20:54:22

Did I scare everyone off? :-(

Misty9 Sat 01-Jun-13 11:03:55

Aww, ssmile , I've only just seen your message. I think the thread just slips down the list especially if they waste as much time on mn as me

How are you feeling now? All recovered?

So...I got the job! After much wrestling with the idea, I turned down full time and negotiated four days part time. It will still be a real wrench to leave ds after so long, but he'll be with dh two days (they took so long to come back to me re interview, that dh took on another contract and can't do full time sahd) and I've found what I hope is a great nursery for the other two days. Grandad has offered to do a day too, but I'm worried it'll be too much chopping and changing for ds?? I need to buy a shed load of work clothes after being sahm or pregnant for the last two years!

candr how's the pregnancy going? How many weeks are you now? Our ttc was scuppered last month by dh getting ill.. Now with me working for the next 6 months, I think we'll put that on hold for a while.

How's everyone doing? Shame summer seemed to last two weeks in April and now it's autumn! Supposed to be going to 2nd birthday party picnic today but I've come down with d&v and feel well rough sad. Luckily dh has taken the rugrat to 'me and dad' at sure start smile

Praying4Beatrice Wed 19-Jun-13 20:22:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

H007 Mon 22-Jul-13 09:39:55

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Misty9 Mon 22-Jul-13 22:24:44

I think I may have killed the thread, so not sure how much uptake you'll get here grin but I'll try to remember to do it!

feralgirl Tue 23-Jul-13 14:19:12

Hi, how are you all? It's been a while; I've been so stupendously busy at work this term that I really don't know where the weeks have gone. I've had a bit of a promotion at work which really doesn't start until September but somehow has resulted in me doing an awful lot more work now while the person whose mat leave I'll be covering seems to have done sweet FA!

So congrats on the job Misty and I'm dying to know how you're getting on Candr. Obviously you're very busy Look but I'd love to know how you're getting on with 3.

Ssmile, that's great with the potty; DD is a bit hit and miss and sometimes will have a massive tantrum when you suggest the potty (and throw it at me) and sometimes will sit and wee or poo perfectly happily. She prefers the loo and DS's Cars loo seat but she's a long way from potty-trained for sure, it's generally just down to luck and my good timing if she manages a wee in the loo.

Talking of tantrums, OMG she is going for it at the moment. Absolutely impossible. Hitting, biting, hair-pulling. 2 hours of screaming when she's put to bed for naps or at night. I put her into bed for a nap about half an hour ago and I'd just closed the door and then there was a big THUMP and the screams reached a new pitch; I turned around to discover that she had climbed out of her cot! And she pretty much refuses to eat anything except gherkins and pickled onions or what she can steal off my plate. Hard work.

Fortunately DS is being absolutely delightful and very grown up. I'm really looking forward to spending the summer holidays with him, not so much with DD!

ssmile Sat 17-Aug-13 20:11:23

hi been awol as my newish phone doesnt let me type on mumsnet any more so I rarely go on the laptop to access MN just read it.

Hope you are all well. I cant believe my LO will be two at the end of the month. She snuck in early on the 26th smile she is a right bundle of mischief but lovely with it mostly. Both my DDs are very different and lovely but put them together and it becomes a scream fest which drives me up the wall!! Youngest is such a screamer its horrid. I never wanted "screaming kids" and the first just never did it. Mostly we try to ignore lo and she soon forgets what she was having a tantrum about and joins in again grin so I really hope she grows out the screaming very soon! We abandoned the highchair about 4 mths ago as she just never sat in it and went straight for big normal chair at the dinning table and we still battle to get her to sit there for a meal but she is happier now she is not restrained in any way. She is talking so well its scary she is way more advanced than first DD was in the language department and wants to do everything big sis does even the drop slide at the local soft play arrghhhh I had to keep scrabbling to the top of the SP to stop her grin we are getting her a balance bike fore her birthday but I had to stipulate that it must have a brake as she is a demon on her scooter and has worn away way to many shoes and a toe nail shock already "stopping" at high speed! she even try's to go up the ramps at the skate park with her big sis friends who are all 6.

Happy summer holidays and birthdays soon to come smile

Misty9 Sat 17-Aug-13 23:10:31

Hi all

Wow this summer is going fast! Also can't believe ds will be two soon. What happened to my baby?! He's in a big boy bed now too (cot bed) although we have to sit with him until he's asleep... hmm
ssmile your dd sounds like a proper daredevil! Ds is very cautious, but getting braver and will go down slides now grin. He'll be getting a train set for his birthday.

So, news....I'm pg again! Early days yet, 6 weeks, but feeling like shite and my god it's harder when you've already got one to look after! Sort of planned, but I've told dh he has got to stop this once in months and bingo result blush - either that or get the snip if this one sticks grin

How's things going candr? You must be pretty far along now? Any tips?!

We're off on holiday in a couple of weeks and can't wait, although a little worried that the heat won't help my nausea... Being back at work is surprisingly normal, but the job itself has been very slow to start and quite frustrating. The transition has been hard though and ds is being quite angry and rejecting when I get home in the evenings sad only 5 months to go!

Hope all are doing well smile

ssmile Sun 18-Aug-13 21:07:19

Many congrats misty I hope the sickness passes soon and you can relax on holiday smile and gain some more energy.

ssmile Sun 18-Aug-13 21:09:35

forgot to say my dd2 will mostly not say hello or come to me when I get to the childminders after work, she makes me wait at least 5 mins before she will say hello and Ive earnt my cuddle smile and daddy regularly gets the cold shoulder in the evening if he gets home in time for story time.

candr Wed 28-Aug-13 17:48:18

Hi all. Congrats Feral on promotion and Misty on being pg -very exciting. I hope everyone else is doing well and being constantly amazed at their nearly 2 years olds developement. DS is doing well and talks non stop. He is obsessed with Mr Tumble and will often sign when talking which really impresses me. Am 32 weeks now and hating the heat. Ds also has soooo much energy it is really hard tiring him out when I can not move fast. He is in an adult single bed now and FINALLY sleeping through most nights - only took 23 months!
Have complications with this pregnancy as placenta not working properly so may have to deliver any time from now. Also baby's femurs are very short and may have Downes. These are all potential problems but it may all be ok. Am very pissed off with casual way this is being handled and looking for second opinion as this is exactly what happened with DS1 but a different problem that made them think Downses. Has put lots of extra stress on me and takes shine of pregnancy.
Have had scans every other week so am very lucky to have close group of mum friends i met when our DC were a few weeks old as they help look after DS so I don't have him at hospitle for 2-3 hours each time. Just want baby out but know is better if he stays put and grows as is expected small anyway (DS was 5.3lb).
Anyway will let you know result but DS quite excited about baby and loves playing on baby's bed. Look forward to my two boys playing together.

LoveBeingInTheSun Wed 13-Aug-14 05:33:45

Hello anyone there ??

ssmile Sun 07-Sep-14 15:24:40

Hello smile
My lo was 3 last week and started preschool! Where have 3yrs gone..... and everyone on here grin

Stuckinastorm Sun 28-Sep-14 21:53:27

Just found this thread again smile
How is everyone?
Anyone had any more babies since our 2011 bunch?

Misty9 Fri 24-Oct-14 10:32:05

Hello! My second is six months old now and ds just turned three. Scary how quickly it's gone. I can't say I'm coping terribly well with two kids, but hopehopefully that light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter!

How is everyone?

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