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September 2011 babies, making more noise, more mess, but growing more amazing by the day.

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100years Wed 18-Apr-12 21:56:00

Old thread

Hey, here we are again, moving on to the next round of exciting things our little babies are getting up to. smile I hope no-one minded my title, but there hadn't been a big decision and given we were so close to the end I thought I'd just go for it.

I shall update stuff from me tomorrow.

jimmijam Sun 22-Apr-12 20:26:15

just wrote a long thread and it deleted grrr

jimmijam Sun 22-Apr-12 20:34:32

in short
wheres the 8months gone?!!!
back to work in 3 weeks, boooo!!!! :'(

blw did this with ds1 and it worked perfectly for him. with dd and ds2 havent done blw and has also worked well for us. depends on the child and how parents feel i suppose.

sleep (in short this time)...hv suggested put in own room, touch hand or cheek and say 2its time for sleep now" or something similar. leave room. if baby still crying repeat after leaving for as long as you can take- DONT pick baby up OR offer ANY feeds (ds was in bed with us, feeding many times through the night). with dd and ds1 i could never have had the heart to try this, but for some reason this time around was quite excited about it.

1st night- put to bed, after 15 mins i returned, hand on cheek "time for sleep". left. 15 mins later did the same again. 15mins later he fell asleep at 7.45pm. woke once in the night for about 10mins. woke at about 8am next morning.
2nd night- same again. but fell asleep after about 5mins. 7.05pm woke once for 5mins. slept until about 7.30am.

now he usually sleeps right through!!!! smile

has worked ever since, apart from when we went away, 5of us sleeping in one travelodge room, he ended up in bed with us 1st night because i went to a concert and dh didnt really know 3dcs bedtime routine. 2nd night i put him in with us when he woke in the early hours so not to disturb other guests. ok again now home.

im now human again smile

jimmijam Sun 22-Apr-12 20:44:38

sebs weeeee to the wedding dress smile whats mango spray????

ssmile sorry to hear about funeral in the family. never nice. woah to looking after 4 lo's!!!!! luckily so far we've been allowed to take lo's in, even tho my uncle didnt want them at my grandads funeral and dh did take them out half way through, i still wanted them all there. can completely unserstand ppl not wanting lo's theree tho. all young ones you had to look after too!
haha spaghetti, not tried that one with him yet smile he'd love it! thanks for the idea smile
heehee to getting drunk on 2- must have felt like being a teenager again?

went to a STEPS concert minday, was amazing!!!! was gutted when they split up days after i'd last seen them in concert. was suprised this time to be surrounded by oap's though. my friend and I were the only 2 in our block stood up dancing :/ will be watching out for myself on the tv this series- bournemouth (mae a holiday out of it), pink fluffy cowgirl hat surrounded by grannies- easy to spot me thinks smile and it was my 1st night out since finding out i was pregnant with ds2. fab!

feralgirl Sun 22-Apr-12 21:21:01

grin at you having a retro night out with Steps jimmi sounds like great fun.

Yay for the dress Sebs, it sounds just beautiful. I also bought the first dress I tried; isn't that funny. Maybe it's just a subconscious thing to make sure we have time to get tiddly at lunch!

Jimmi, that's great that you've got DS sleeping through. I'm being a bit wimpy about letting DD cry in the night; I leave her to settle herself in the evening (she goes ten mins max and then she goes to sleep) but I just get all wussy at 3am. Plus DD does seem to still be having proper feeds in the night so maybe I'll wait another month or so before getting tough.

We have also got to move her out of our room but I am waiting for DH to get his act together and sell the computer and set up a freeview box in our bedroom. I need somewhere to watch Eastenders and 'prentice as DH will move his stupid Xbox into the living room and take over the TV downstairs. Boo.

Ssmile we do fish fingers too blush And sausages blush But I do also make my own fish fingers and I bought DH a mincer and sausage maker for his birthday which is very exciting. I can't wait to get a production line going!

100years Sun 22-Apr-12 21:29:09

Well I've had 2 better nights, only going through twice. Definitely not counting my chickens at all at the moment, but it was nice. I do feel that it could change back to 5 trips at any time.

Jimmi, did you go from lots of feeds to no feeds just like that? How much were you feeding before? Glad you had a good time at steps smile Boo to returning to work soon.

Sebs, glad you got the dress sorted smile that's fab, sounds like a lovely day for you. Not long now. smile

Yep feral my LO rubs food all over her face too! Hope the new sleeping sides works for you.

Candr we've got a few poo issues, some days it's a teeny poo, other days it's a proper poo. I've been offering prunes everyday, and cooled boiled water, sips of apple juice. Apparently melon is supposed to help. Lol to the smurf baby.

Ssmile. Yep, we have the same issue here if LO is tired, she just doesn't seem interested so we just leave it. Some days I only have her in her highchair once, it all depends, she's feeding lots off me still. So I'm not worried.

Had a friend over this afternoon and for tea, and LO was brilliant while friend was here. Gobbled up loads of food, did lots of standing, climbing, pterodactyl noises, lots of dadada noises. Was lovely. smile

I made a lentil thing for LO for tea and she wolfed it down. Along with some low sugar and low salt beans and then 3 1/2 strawberries, some blueberries, raspberries and a teeny bit from my apple crumble!

100years Mon 23-Apr-12 04:30:19

Ha how wrong was I to actually mention my two better nights. I've been in to her 4 times. Just got back into bed after spending 90mins trying to get her to fall back to sleep. I fear for the safety of everyone tomorrow.

Omfg whilst typing this message she's started whinging. sadsadsad grrrrrrrr what can you do?

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Mon 23-Apr-12 05:01:27

Found you!

So much to read on my poor little iPhone smile

Yay wedding dress, BLW and sleeping.

Boo funeral, not sleeping and more not sleeping.

Fish fingers? Now we now tge truth grin. Btw ds loves bakes beans.

I do a mix of spoon, spoon loading and BLW, depends what we are having and how bothered I am. So food is good, tge bad is tge same as everyone else - sleep! He has also started doing a huge dirty nappy in the early hours tgat then means he is totally awake a takes ages to get back off. Still at 3 wakes in tge night 4 with a yucky nappy sad dd got me up 3 times tonight as well.

Any way I have job interview coming up, have just applied for another job wich would be one morning and all weekend. Would be tough going but can't really not try seeing as tgat would mean zero childcare costs as mum could have them for tge half day. Keep your fingers crossed, am hoping this job is way I didn't get tge other one I was waiting to hear from (#everything happens for a reason)

Sending sleep vibes to you all

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Mon 23-Apr-12 05:02:19

Btw this is my Easter name change and haven't gone back, I do like to change my name and just haven't though of my next one yet

tiddleypompom Mon 23-Apr-12 08:06:37

Typing whilst DS sits next to me, happily chewing on some large sponge letters (they are the inserts to a floor mat he has, and he shows preference for the letter 'P' over any other, a little odd).

Sorry to hear about tough nights with little sleep sad I guess every week they get older, the more likely they are to be capable of longer stretches? It WILL pass!

We're also really enjoying mealtimes (predominantly spoon feeding, though progressing to adding finger foods). DS has a good appetite and makes fabulous noises and facial expressions as he processes the new tastes and textures - oh and the raspberries towards the end of the meal are also standard grin Lunch and supper are the biggest in terms of sheer amount - breakfast he runs out of steam faster and I just wonder if it is time to stop the dream feed altogether.

Starting baby yoga tomorrow - a class a short walk around the corner, which I had spotted a few months back but have just got round to enquiring about. Were on the cusp of putting our house on the market for a big move to rural Shropshire & I nee to make the most of amenities before we go!

Good luck with the job jeans!

I also bought the first dress I tried on and got tiddley afterwards grin

sebs71 Mon 23-Apr-12 13:44:11

Jimmi - well done on the sleep front... Mango spray was being sprayed by mango by LO during her breakfast!! She loves to blow raspberries, particularly when eating coloured food! So, I'm now covered in red and green bits - sweet potato, spinach and cheese sauce for lunch!

Feral - grin at a picture of your kitchen and everyone in a production line making sausages!!!

100 - hope your night got better???

Jeans - good luck with interview, and loving the new name!

TP - ooh, enjoy the baby yoga, you'll have to say how you got on, and what's involved. What part of Shropshire are you moving too?

Slightly better last night - went till midnight in her own cot, and didn't need any getting back to sleep after being put to bed. Only needed one dummy visit. But, at midnight, she just wouldn't settle, so ended up back in our bed, but slept reasonably well afterwards.

Just made it back in time...just been for our daily walk, and it's now chucking it down. So timed that well smile LO still napping in the pram cot so think I'll get dinner prepped whilst I have the chance!!

tiddleypompom Tue 24-Apr-12 12:32:18

Just back from baby yoga having put a very tired little boy to bed. I've just raided the cupboards and found 3 ryvita and a teeny bit of cheese for lunch. Hmm, how will I last until Ocado at 9pm?!

<rummages in freezer chipping ice from undisclosed remains of suppers gone by>

So - yoga was great, really enjoyed it. Lots of stretches, massage and songs with babies and v nice mums. Definitely a winner for us both, and only just round the corner, so double bonus.

Actually am on a high today anyway, as DS slept through without a dreamfeed, so 7pm - 6am, for the first ever time! He babbled happily till I rescued him at around 6.45am and wasn't starving for his breakfast, though ate it well when he had it. DH very pleased, as he was the dreamfeeder since the early days. Sorry for brag, I know that this is unusual and we are v lucky on the sleep front - am actually feeling like DH's dream of another baby next year isn't so out of the question smile

sebs we are looking at Ludlow and the villages/towns nearby. We'd like to be pretty rural and have a smallholding with outbuildings (one of which we will convert for my parents - eek). We had hoped to do this in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire but have found we can't afford what we want on the commuter-belt. Do you know the area? We are swamped in maps...

Also wanted to thank suggestion of disguising fish in cheese sauce - sorted grin Perhaps fishfingers are next!

DS did a face plant at yoga, which wasn't so great. He is still not a great sitter-upper, though his neck & head are strong, he seems to fold in the middle and end up on his nose! I definitely don't have the most agile baby at the moment, though he is constantly rolling onto his front now, and kicking his legs behind him (fruitlessly).

Right, ryvita haven't touched the sides, off for a dig into the back of the cupboards - what horrors will I unearth...

ssmile Tue 24-Apr-12 14:23:38

tp yoga sounds good and the moving plans hope it goes well. It's tough finding a small holding for not mega £s my MIL ended up in Wales as it was only way they could afford one a few years back, but she just moved now to a more manageable bungalow &paddock/stable now she on her own again. We need to move but neither of us has the energy at the moment. I've got a list of jobs pinned up in kitchen that need doing before we put house on the market. I did do one yesterday which was seal gap on window with cork now it needs to dry so I can sand &paint over but its SO flipping hard now babe on the move, to find the time. I've also felt knackered this week despite getting amazing sleep. I think my adrenaline has turned off or something as I'm very lucky to be getting 7-8hrs straight I hardly move in the bed but wake up feeling like an overdrugged zombie drunk on sleep. Vweird hopefully will pass if the good sleep continues.

Have been playing dodge the heavy showers in vain attempt to get some washing dry on the line today, been in / out so many times started singing hookey pookey grin

Are you still moving house feralgirl? How's it going?

candr Tue 24-Apr-12 18:29:22

TP, glad you enjoyed yoga. Am starting swimming this week and hope it will help DS sleep better.
Feral, I gave in at 3.30 this morning and DS ended up in my bed but the little bugger still wouldn't sleep just kept trying to feed and suck/bite by arm, neck etc. DH has said he will help tonight as I am so tired I ws in tears at baby goup hearing others say 'have you tried.....' all I could think was I have tried EVERYTHING except letting soemone else come round and have a go though one friend has offered feel she doesn't really know what she would be letting herself in for as her baby is a great sleeper.
Ssmile - friends have said that it took a while to adjust when they started sleeping, it is almost like your body shuts down after months of running on empty. The sun actually came out this afternoon - have missed it!

100years Tue 24-Apr-12 20:59:55

Hey Jeans. Good luck with the interview. Sometimes it's what is needed for you and family, I know mine won't be a great set up in terms of working every weekend, but it's better than the alternative.

Tp, Ludlow is lovely smile great stuff about the yoga and the rolling over now. Did you last till the Ocado arrived? Great sleeping smile

Sebs, thanks, she was up early so I ended up taking her into my bed at 7 and we both slept till nearly 10!!!! FFS sleep in the night child, not most of the morning.

Ssmile, I find it hard to get a lot done too with LO on the move here too.

Candr, some unMN hugs from me, I feel the same listening to some people saying the have you tried stuff.

Well I'm supposed to be going out with some other mums on Thursday night from a local baby group. shock first time LO will be left with OH after she's gone to bed, so we've tried offering a bottle of EBM this evening. I only managed to express a small amount, but it was enough to find out if she would take it. She did! Thank goodness because it was a faff, I had to scald the milk after expressing it as I discovered I have that lipase thing that makes milk taste soapy. Anyway, I'll feed her before I go out, put her to bed, and then if she wakes and is hungry at least there will be a little some milk for her here. Got OH to help with putting her to bed this week, and he will do it again Thursday. Seems like a big operation just to go out for one evening.

feralgirl Tue 24-Apr-12 21:01:25

sad Candr Sometimes other people offering help/ advice/ sympathy does just make it worse doesn't it? I think that it can be really isolating as you can't help but think that everyone else has got it sorted because their babies sleep better, earlier on than yours does and, because you're exhausted, you think that it must be because of something that you're doing and you get all irrational about it. And of course DHs just don't really get it because they're sleeping fine because we're martyring ourselves a little bit so that they can be OK for work. And even though you know that it's just a phase and these things will pass, you really really need it to get better now!

ssmile Tue 24-Apr-12 21:34:49

Hugs for all the crap sleepers. candr ditto feralgirl it is a phase, and IT will pass but could take some time they do all mostly sleep eventually......

On separate note but similar vein our DD1 is 5 now and shows no sign what so ever of being dry at night yet despite being daytime potty trained at 2.5yrs. Yet again a sort of smug ish friend/more work colleague who never ever understood the horrendous sleep problems we had with her, today commented again "what not dry yet! "Er no I say, I'm not that bothered yet, as I know my daughter (sort of) she will get there in her own time and proberly vquickly once she clicks it, but in the meantime the advice I've read is until their 7dont worry too much, don't make it an issue, it can be hormonal etc (my brother was 9when he got dry). The flipping HV were useless over the dreadful sleep issues we had with her so there is no way I'm raising this as an issue with the school nurse etc yet. But comments from smug people whose kids just click with each of these types of milestones can really get to you sometimes, there will no doubt be many more over the years to come....... smile

sebs71 Wed 25-Apr-12 15:20:54

TP - Ludlow area is lovely. Not that familiar with that area, wondered if you were going closer to Shrewsbury way. Glad yoga went well, sounds good, and yes, hope you managed the day on your ryvita smile

Candr - yes, the "Have you tried..." questions are exhausting in themselves. Of course we've tried everything... I'm guessing we have to accept that some babies are just not good sleepers! Roll on them crawling and using up some pent up energy!!

100 - hope you have a lovely night tomorrow night. I'm sure all the effort will be worth it once you're out.

Ssmile - arrrhhhh to the milestones comments!! How is that we accept that all adults are totally different and unique individuals, and yet, think all babies/toddlers/kids should do everything the same, and at the same time etc etc!!!

Well, slightly better night last night - she stayed in her bed till midnight, then fussed/thrashed so much, that she came into ours again. Mind, she thrashed a lot in ours too sad

But, nice news this week - friend of the family had a baby girl yesterday and my best friend from Uni has become the proud father of a baby boy today!! grin Finally, a boy - as everyone I know (apart from on here!) in the last six months has had girls... They're down in London but are coming up for the wedding so I'll get to meet the new arrival early June!!

Well, April has certainly lived up to its name this year..!

ssmile Wed 25-Apr-12 16:25:06

sad its done nothing but rain, and I've done nothing but eat today Grrrr baby slept loads so scrapped our plans to go swimming and watched two episodes of desperate housewives instead Hohum back on the diet/healthy eating tom I need to lose one more lb to have lost 2stone but I've been at same weight for two weeks now definitely plateaued abit.

Hope u all having sunnier days

candr Wed 25-Apr-12 18:56:50

Thanks all for sympathy. Was better last night. He still woke up a lot but settled much quicker, came into our bed at 5.45, had a feed then slept till 7.45. Have realsised that bit of extra sleep in the morning makes a huge difference. Am taking him swimming tommorow so he will prob be exhausted grin
Ssmile, am sick of the bloody rain and am very close to having tadpoles in the lawn as pond is soooo full.
Sebs - yeah to friends babies, is fun to be excited on their behalf without all the worry etc of it being you.
Jeans - let us know how interview goes, am keeping fingers crossed.
100 - it is very strange first time you leave them. Well done with LO taking bottle though as that takes some of the stress away. Hope you have a relaxing night out, am also going out with mum's this week but find I look forward to coming home to see DS even if he is asleep (yeah right!)

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Wed 25-Apr-12 19:05:12

Quick check in. Managed to get ds to take a bottle today shock it's this obe can't believe it he drank 3oz so did another 2 and then had to do 2 more yay. Look out birthday night out next month here I come.

Also had a telephone interview yesterday and for a different job an interview next month.

Sleepy wishes for you all x

feralgirl Wed 25-Apr-12 20:38:56

Hi all, I had meant to do a longer post yesterday and talk properly but the phone rang an I got sidetracked!

Boo to the rain, it is utterly crap here too but a bit of a grin at tadpoley lawn Candr!

Ssmile, why is it that some people don't understand that night dryness is totally different to day dryness and it's a hormonal thing? (angry on your behalf) Until your body produces enough of the hormone then you just physically can't stop weeing in your sleep fgs. And I was talking to someone the other day whose DS still wasn't dry at night when he was 7. Bizarrely though, my DS has been dry at night for months, I just wish he could be bothered to stop what he's doing during the day to wee and poo in the right place confused

But yay for losing so much weight! You have well overtaken me as I was totally crap over Easter and put on loads which I am now sprinting off in the gym after work every evening. And we're so skint that I am living off potatoes and chickpeas so that should help too...!

Fingers Xed for the jobs Jeans, I'm applying for a couple of promotions atm as well. Not looking forward to the interviews sad Great news on the bottle front too, it is a massive achievement when you realise that you can get a bit of independence!

DD has slept all night in her own bed two nights running now, with two feeds through the night. Although I am so knackered that both nights I have gone to sleep sitting up whilst feeding her and woken up with horrendous neck ache.

candr Wed 25-Apr-12 21:12:30

We are on night 4 Feral and boo to neckache, have done same thing as deliberatly made sure chair was not very comfortable - to stop me falling asleep grin
Only fed twice but had to get up and re settle about 5 times. Realised I was walking round house with eyes shut last night as knocked picture of wall which 'woke' me up.
Good luck tonight smile

ssmile Thu 26-Apr-12 19:21:55

Does anyone else feel like they have a kick boxing wrestling match at bedtime trying to get baby in PJs and nappy! Lo just goes bonkers like a final fling of energy before giving in once I get the zip of the sleeping bag done up grin my arms are getting kicked endlessly. She also really finding her personality more growling and eerrrrrrrrr ING when she wants something we have and she wants!
We got the forward facing carseat out of the loft today ughhh I took cover off to find numerous cheerios &raisans lurking in all the nooks &crannies. If you hear cursing tomorrow its me trying to get cover back on again! It's a maxi tobi brilliant carseat as it reclines really easily our eldest loved the carseat even on long journeys worth every penny. We also had a cheaper brixtax one but it had virtually no padding in the seat she wasn't anywhere near as comfy but it did as a spare.

How's everyone doing in the rain?

sebs71 Thu 26-Apr-12 20:35:10

That made me laugh, Ssmile, as I was just thinking the same about an hour ago when getting LO in her vest and sleepsuit after her bath - she goes crazy and I get pummelled!! And yes, the zipping up of the sleeping bag is a lovely thing as it means the ordeal process is over!!

Just put her down and straight off to sleep, but she woke up... but not crying so I've left her there with some melodies on... she's gone quiet again so hoping she's asleep. OH is out with a work's meal, so it's me getting all kids to bed tonight... got one in the bath and one coughing away in the other room (hoping he doesn't wake LO if she has fallen asleep!) She's still managing till about midnight, but then coming to our bed sad

We've gone for the Maxi Cosi Axiss - it's quite expensive (although cheaper on Amazon where we got one) but I'm hoping worth it - it's the only swivel seat out, which means it turns 90 degrees to face you and you can put LO in, strap her in, then turn it 90 degrees back and it clicks into place. This one also reclines lots too. It'll be so much better for my back (which is pretty bad at the moment) so hopefully worth every penny. She's currently 8.68kg (weighed on Tuesday) so only a little way to go before the magical 9kg and she can get into the car seat! She's just over the 75th percentile... loves her food, just like mum grin

Oh, she hasn't settled yet, but tempted to leave her as she's being quiet!

Yes, this rain is awful... and they're turning our electricity off again tomorrow (they did it a few weeks back) - think they're working on the poles. Which means I'll decamp to my Dad's for the day as can't defrost/put kettle on for LO's feeds/milk.

Sleep dust to all...

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Thu 26-Apr-12 23:14:25

I had tgat twirly dear for dd, it is AMAZING! What with that and my isofix I don't know how peopke cope with using the seat belt [confised]

Well folks I've done it, no daytime feeds today and my boobs are killing me. He also missed out a 5am feed this morning and so far hasn't woken for his 10pm one. My god this is tge worst my boobs have felt tge whole time sad

Got through to tge next stage of my interview, it's an online test so doing tgat tomorrow.

Hope everyone is ok.

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