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September 2011 babies, making more noise, more mess, but growing more amazing by the day.

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100years Wed 18-Apr-12 21:56:00

Old thread

Hey, here we are again, moving on to the next round of exciting things our little babies are getting up to. smile I hope no-one minded my title, but there hadn't been a big decision and given we were so close to the end I thought I'd just go for it.

I shall update stuff from me tomorrow.

LookAtHerGo Sat 05-Jan-13 20:01:00

Oh and yes, ssmile, thanks for asking, we actually went to the walk in centre of Boxing Day with E, 'just a virus' but after a 3 days of a high temp and her not really eating I wanted her checked. She is totally better now and eating well again smile

feralgirl Sun 06-Jan-13 20:47:12

Look shock grin at DD's vocab; that's amazing! My DD does our names, "dat", "dis", "cat" and a kind of "an ooo" (thank you). I really wish she'd differentiate better between yes and no though as she just says "na" for both and you have to hope that she's got the head-nodding or shaking right to accompany it!

And yes to avoiding swearing now too. Although DS did shout "fuck's sake" when a car pulled out in front of me today and then told me, "I say fuck's sake like Daddy does!" shockangry

The hip pain sounds really grim Look, I really hope you're able to take it easy for the next three weeks with DP off now. Glad that the DTs are OK though, I bet you really can't wait to meet them now!

ssmile Mon 07-Jan-13 20:05:28

Arhh your Lo sounds great lookatherGo her vocab sounds fab! Sorry to hear you had to get her checked out on Boxing Day gosh you have enough on your plate with out having poorly toddler too. Thats funny our Lo also had a week running up to xmas eating very little and was very out of sorts, then both my DH and I had the awful sore throat cold thing over xmas so we just assumed she had that poor LOs. I'm glad you DH can help out more now on day today stuff, and you can relax abit and just keep cooking those babies. Its going to seem like a very long 3 weeks good luck with your birth plans. My cousin had her first by C-sec and then 3yrs later her twin boys by natural birth, they turned 18 two weeks ago!

feral hope you've had some more sleep. We have lots of Nooonooonooo too regardless of whether its yes or no but normally the tone tells us which she means! She is very good at saying Mooorre More and holding out her plate or cup. Her favourite thing at the moment is sitting at the table with big sisters pencil case taking out all the pens one by one and taking off the caps and "drawing" on a piece of paper keeps her quite for half hr at a time, normally while I'm cooking dinner smile she is obsessed with cap removal...luckly I switched out all big sisters good pens and put in all the washable ones so no matter how much gets all over her it wipes off grin

Back to work and school tomorrow sad I cant moan too much as I've had nearly 3 weeks off but I'm SO not looking forward to it all, all the bag packing and organisation and stress with logistics of children etc I'm always scared one thing goes wrong and it all falls down like a pack of cards...

LookAtHerGo Thu 10-Jan-13 06:13:26


2 boys, born at 35+1 weeks. 5lb 13 or 14 and 5lb 15. Both doing well. Vaginal delivery, both head down and both with too too much fluid!

All doing well, born last night at between 9 and half past.

Will update more later as phone battery low so I'm keepin it brief.

Hope everyone else is well.

ssmile Thu 10-Jan-13 19:35:55

Oh wow lookatherGo the fab wow well done you on two natural births hats awersome. Hope babies are both doing and the extra fluid hasnt caused too many problems. Good luck for geting your feeding established which ever method you choose smile smile arh you bought a smile to my evening im sitting here with a needle n thread sewing DD1 first swiming badge onto her tracksuit grin so she can take it into show n tell tom at school

feralgirl Thu 10-Jan-13 21:21:19

WOOOOOOOOHHHH Well done Look. Huge huge hugs and congrats to all five of you smile smile smile

Oh, well done you, you clever thing. You've made my day grin Are you going to give tandem feeding a try? I am fascinated by it grin

Can't wait to hear the story and how DD reacts to her two new baby bros.

Congratulations again xxx

LovesBeingAtHomeForChristmas Fri 11-Jan-13 05:52:35

Congratulations you clever thing x x x

Am very jealous of babies to snuggle with, especially 2 you greedy girl grin

LovesBeingAtHomeForChristmas Fri 11-Jan-13 05:52:57

Ps hi everyone

sarahseager Fri 11-Jan-13 19:38:42

Wow congrats look grin

You are amazing! Hope you're all settling into the swing of things nicely.

Big hugs xxx

thenewMrsL Fri 11-Jan-13 20:40:31

Huge congratulations lookathergo grin grin "Look at her go" indeed with 2 natural deliveries!! Good weights too.

Big hugs for your now just about doubled in size family. Hope your enjoying your gorgeous little boys, and little sister is loving them too.

Wooooohhhh, how exciting, well done you!!!! Hope all's well and your settling well!

A belated Happy New Year to everyone too grin ... sorry haven't posted for ages - so much going on at the moment (some good, some not so)... hope you all well!

candr Sun 13-Jan-13 20:11:01

Yaaaay, congratulations to the Look family. Hope you are settling in back at home now and being waited on by everyone. Fantastic news. Let us know how you get on grin
Hope everyone else is doing ok, getting lots of words with DS (Feral your DS made me laugh) but also started getting full on tantrums when I try to bring him in from playing outside, or making him share toys. Has hit terrible 2's early but at least they don't last long and he does try to let you know why he is cross and what he wants now (cuddle, juice etc)
Have started ttc now so am keeping fingers crossed but scared about doing it all again with a wilful toddler although excited about seeing him playing with a sibling at some point in the future.
Am kind of wanting snow as will be cute to have DS play in it this year but hate the thought of being house bound with no playgroups.
We are now down to 1 bottle of milk before bed and none during the day as I started putting nap time milk in beaker and he didn't want it. Think it might be a while before we can get rid of dummy at sleep times though. Hope you all had a good weekend smile

ssmile Mon 14-Jan-13 12:39:09

Gd luck with the ttc candr and yes yes yes to tantrums...oh boy lo sure has got the whole ridgid body thing going on when we try to put her back into th buggy after walking somewhere! Plus very loud NO if we take something away. She has started to nod more now, and not just shake head no but some real yes nods at last smile

Hope things are going ok look.

Anyone have snow yet? We had tiny flutter at 10pm but mought this morning sad

Misty9 Tue 15-Jan-13 23:04:51

Congrats lookathergo ! Hope you're getting some rest and being looked after.

We've most definitely got snow! In Norwich and one of only areas hit today, and in a big way too. Haven't managed to get food shop in this week yet either... Looks like we'll be snowed in tomorrow at least and its -8 tonight shock

So...joining you on the TTC front candr smile well, ntnp anyway. Can't quite imagine having two, but hey ho, I'm not getting any younger and there's no jobs about so may as well get another one in grin

There's no stopping ds now he's walking, and he's started copying sounds too so we think the first word may be around the corner. Hopefully that will help with his frustration tantrums, though he'd probably say getting what he wants would help most!

Hope everyone is keeping warm x

ssmile Fri 18-Jan-13 19:14:16

Are we the only ones to NOT get any snow sad my DDs v.disappointed and me smile we could see some on the very distant hills but just heavy rain ere.

candr Fri 18-Jan-13 21:16:55

Oh dear ssmile, maybe tommorrow. DS loved playing in it and did a few face plants but as we have about 5" was no problem. Was cross about being made to come in againn though. Look, hope you are all doing well smile

ssmile Sat 19-Jan-13 14:18:21

Its the downside of living so close to the coast and eldest expects it now as she had lots snow here when she was 3&4yrs but that had been the first time in about 10yrs

lo seems to have developed the last two weeks the extremely crap habit of waking at 4.30am to start the day. I can cope with the early start by going to bedt 8.30pm but she also been peeping at 111-12-2am...3am grrrr hope its just teething and will atstop soon. So we all abit tired as its waking up DD1 too sad

Yes hope all is well and you getting some sleep look and you have been able to bring the babies home.

LookAtHerGo Sun 20-Jan-13 20:57:00

I'll catch up on everything else soon i hope.

We came home from hospital yesterday smile am sat here breast feeding both boys at the same time smile

My boys are Ernie (officially Ernest) George and Hector Stanley. Ernie was 5lb 13 1/2 and Hector was 5lb 15 1/2. Both are back to within 1oz of their birth weights grin and are doing really well.

We had a long stay in hospital due to jaundice which impacted on their feeding, but they've done really well smile

E says their names quite well, especially Ernie and had a huge smile this morning when she saw us as we came home after she was in bed last night.

ssmile Mon 21-Jan-13 16:24:49

Fab names look really hope the feeding goes well juggling it with little E. Hope you can now start setyltle into life at home with your wonderful family now you all home.

ssmile Mon 21-Jan-13 16:25:40

Fab names look really hope the feeding goes well juggling it with little E. Hope you can now start setyltle into life at home with your wonderful family now you all home.

LookAtHerGo Thu 24-Jan-13 08:59:55

Thanks ssmile, it's going we'll so far, E is very gentle with them, but she's crying a lot at the moment, especially during feeding times, we've had proper bawling from her, but I'm hoping this wont last too long, for my sanity more than anything! I don't like seeing her cry, but I only have one pair of hands and I've usually got 2 babies in them feeding when she's bawling! I'm feeling quite unwell, thought I had mastitis but my boob isn't that bad and responded well to a long massage in the bath, so not sure if I've got endometritis again (had it after E) she's in nursery today so I'm going to spend the day mostly lying in bed tying to feel better.

candr Thu 24-Jan-13 20:36:58

Ahhh Look, what cute names. Glad to hear you are home and starting to find your feet. Hope you feel a bit better soon, must be tough being poorly with 3 LO especially so soon after birth. Am sure E will be fine soon - it is a lot to get used to with one new sibling let alone 2 but how amazing will it be in a fw months to see them all playing together grin.
Ssmile, we are back in bad sleep again (when were we ever out of it!) so am doing some sleep training of go up after a few tears, replace dummy, wipe away snot, lie down and leave room. Seems to be having some affect thank goodness as was up several times a night again. Have a really bad back now so something had to change.
Have been trying to find a site to tell me how to work out how many days my cycle is as all sites presume you know - can anyone help?

ssmile Sat 26-Jan-13 14:46:44

Hope you have some support look its flippin hard work the early weeks with a new baby &siblings let alone two new babies. My dh took DD1 out alot in the first coupdspof weeks just to give me "rest" time with the baby as bigger kids can be SO noisy when your head is utterly exhausted. Hope you stronger soon.

Im having a long week DH is away overseas for work for 8n back tues, eldest was of school sick on fri so we all went bit stir crazy at home all day. But last night i had a nice chunk of uninterupted sleep so feel more equiped to deal with the world today grin

candr i assumed my cycle was 28days as i was always regular but i didnt get pregnant for nearly two years, lots of regulary sex every 2-3days is best we were advised. Not easy when you have other little people in the house. In the end i stopped "trying" in my head and hot a flippin promotion at work when i got pregnant!!! Good luck.

ssmile Sat 26-Jan-13 14:47:53

Grr my new phone will not let me go back and correct spelling mistakes ..sorry

ssmile Sat 26-Jan-13 20:42:10

My lo is 17mths old today and ive just had to treat her for hair nits sad id treat edlest who keeps bringing them home from school and myself and was sitting with Lo on my lap when i sqw one in her hair too grrrr she hardly got any flipping hair and had the biggest nits. Uggh poor little thing very sleepy for bed and sat as good as gold on my lap. I just stuck the Full Marks stuff on her with out thinking as i was SO shocked then read the bottle to say not under twos opps but glad i did as wet combing just doesnt work well once they have hatched little buggers. I dont rember having them as a kid but DD1 i have to comb her hair weekly now she is at school sad

candr Sun 27-Jan-13 19:31:09

Oh dear ssmile, always makes me itch to hear about headlice. I remember having them as a child (had hair down to my bum) and you had to put Kerosine on them which burnt your scalp and stank. So glad things have modernised a bit. I don't seem to get them now despite always working with kids so think it may be due to the frequent dying of my hair!! Well def not pg this month so will keep trying. Have not been on pill since before ds and quite irregular now so hard to work out best days and often so tired that motivation is lacking - (sighs) will just get on with it! grin
Doing sleep training with DS which was going ok till last night when he woke at 1 and cried till 5.30 (I did not leave him to cry all that time) so will see what wonders tonight brings.

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