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September 2011 babies, making more noise, more mess, but growing more amazing by the day.

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100years Wed 18-Apr-12 21:56:00

Old thread

Hey, here we are again, moving on to the next round of exciting things our little babies are getting up to. smile I hope no-one minded my title, but there hadn't been a big decision and given we were so close to the end I thought I'd just go for it.

I shall update stuff from me tomorrow.

candr Fri 26-Oct-12 21:36:39

Have been reading but no time to post roperly, hope you and your LO's are in good health (mine quite poorly) wishing sleep on you all smile

ssmile Fri 26-Oct-12 21:44:15

I gave in and took Lo back to Dr again she now on antibiotics and after 3doses her little giggle came back, oh how I'd missed that these last few weeks. she a perforated ear drum and infection to go with the cough of last 4-5wks so even I relented and said maybe she does need some help this time to.fight of the infection. I'm not a big fan of antibiotics in young children as my sister had too many when young and is now allergic and got messed up stomach.

hope all those with poorly babies can get some rest if sleep isn't great x

feralgirl Sat 27-Oct-12 21:20:09

Aww, sad for baby Ssmile. DD had a perforated eardrum a few months ago which was grim. I'm sure the anti-bs will sort her right out.

Good effort for BabyL doing the walking! I haven't taken DD back to see if her feet are big enough for shoes yet, she seems pretty happy in her soft soles and padded bootees atm so I'm not that fussed (plus we're totally brassic!) She's making my life loads easier by walking to and from the car now and she walked all round the supermarket this afternoon too (which took for ever while she inspected all the fruit & veg and tins on the shelves grin).

candr Tue 30-Oct-12 20:26:13

Ssmile, mine ended up in hospitle with ear and throat infection which seems to be doing the rounds here as half the kids we play with have it. Hope antibiotics are working as he has been off food for days now (so don't understand how is does so many poos a day!)
He is getting more confident in walking and will now walk from object to object ratehr than just from me to DH and back. Have started to walk holding one hand rather than two so he gets better balance but now hates going in buggy.
JHope everyone elses LO are doing well or getting over bugs smile

ssmile Mon 05-Nov-12 16:26:47

Hope ur Lo is better candr and you had gd half term break feralgirl.

I took Lo back to Dr her 3rd visit in 4wks she had bright green-yellow snot pouring out both eyes over the weekend and constant ear tugging. Her ear drum still mucky but on the mend just needs time Dr said so back to nursery tom.

Has anyone else had a letter about the 4-flu jab trial for children? We had letter today inviting us to take part, I'm really torn as it may help her as it has chicken pox&flu jab, but equally she been constantly ill since starting nursery the thought of giving her something else is not nice. I still haven't managed to get her MMR jab in yet due to illness.

Hope everyone else is surviving ok. We thinking about finding the reins this weekend as baby is EVERYWHERE and getting fast on her feet now, she shot down the driveway at full pelt when gate was left open on sat ooh er....could have been very dangerous need my eyes constantly on her.

LookAtHerGo Thu 08-Nov-12 20:54:14

Hey everyone, sorry I've been AWOL, I've been knackered and growing A LOT

feral how are things for your DD now? Is it all resolved? Sorry to hear about the job.

Ssmile, gosh your LO has had her run of it with illness sad Not had the letter about flu jab trial here. We have reins, it's hard at first with them, I'm trying to gradually increase the amount of time she is walking wearing them, she's not very keen on them I don't think, but she would happily walk for ages, so I'm trying to get her to walk more on reins - so when the babies arrive she might walk a bit!

LOL MrsL, I like my ILs (although they technically aren't ILs yet) how was the weekend with them?

Well, we have a massive increase in vocabulary here. DD is chattering away, it's very cute, and when she sees someone on the phone she shouts "hey-oh" and sometimes it actually has an l sound in it smile She also says hello dada, and I think she actually said dada ni-ni tonight - daddy night night, as I always say to her say night night to daddy, well I gave her her milk and took her to the door, and she said dada ni-ni. I think we have about 15 or 16 words now, some of them are very clear, some of them like hello need work, but she is getting there. smile

My belly is massive, I ought to put a pic up for you to see, but I don't know where to upload it to, I'm 26 + 2 now and am the same size as I was full term with DD. But everything seems to be going well. Last scan was 2 weeks ago and they are the right size smile Moving is a struggle sometimes, but it'll all be worth it.

ssmile Thu 08-Nov-12 21:25:32

Glad your doing okish LookAtHerGo it must be a real struggle I hope the olde body is coping and your hips not giving you too much pain. My eldest never liked reins but we did get her to wear a little lite backpack ladybird which had a handle and rein attachment. I used to wear my backpack and we made big "show" of her being like mummy with her bag grin it worked a treat for few months! I'm going to dig it out this weekend see if this Lo likes it. The talking sounds great. We've had a lot more communication going on, like pointing and making mmmaamma noise at her sippy cup when she wants milk. And yes a very cute na nait for night night smile It's lovely but I remeber my wise brother in law saying you spend the first two years encouraging them to talk and all arrh isn't it cute, then the following years wishing they Bloomin shut up! grin as its endless verbal diarrohea which makes your head explode after 10hrs+ of non-stop noise!

Bought some first Xmas presents last week oooh its that time of year again, just don't know how gonna cope with it all this year, I'm finding back at work very draining. Hows everyone else doing??

sarahseager Thu 08-Nov-12 23:30:50

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop in to say a quick hello!

Wow look can't believe you're 26 weeks already, is going so fast! smile

Also mainly wanted to agree with you ssmile I am too finding work VERY draining! I just don't want to be there anymore and I'm definitely trying to think of ways to not have to be there but unfortunately it's not an option! sad Am constantly trawling websites for other part time jobs or thinking of starting own business but for now we need the stability of my income. Oh well, would just love more time with lo and to be at home as housewife and mummy! is everyone? Is lo all better now feral?

Hope you're all ok, lots of nasty bugs about so hope all is well x

feralgirl Sat 10-Nov-12 22:31:49

Hi all, yes thanks, DD's head is all fine again now fortunately. We've got an out-patients appt this week but I might cancel it coz it'll cost loads in petrol and parking and be a complete waste of a morning going over to be told she's fine.

Her head may be OK but her sleeping certainly isn't! She's up at least twice a night absolutely howling. I think it's partly down to teeth but it's also habit too I reckon. Because my job is so much more demanding than DH's, he has been going to her in the night but he's so rubbish at waking up properly he invariably goes to sleep in the chair in her room and she spends half the night asleep on him which now means that she won't sleep for me and she won't self-settle at all. When I put her to bed she just screams and screams for half an hour. I've just gone to her because she woke and given her a cuddle then put her back to bed and watched her trying to settle herself and she just can't cope any more with being put into her cot still awake.

I know it's hard at night but I am a bit irritated with DH as I know that he's very quick to bung calpol down her and then just go to sleep for two hours with her on him. Grr.

Anyway, enough about me, Look, glad to hear that you're bearing up. I really don't know how you do it tbh.

We have reins too, I find they're great for catching DD before she face-plants although she has had a few dangly moments which are quite funny! DS was so late walking that he hardly ever fell over and walked really confidently for long distances straight away but DD got out of the backpack in the really muddy woods when we went for a walk today, walked for a couple of minutes and then lay down, on her back in a puddle, laughing coz she'd had enough!

Did anyone else do fireworks? DD loved the (small-ish) displays that we went to. We had a brilliant weekend last weekend smile

candr Sun 11-Nov-12 19:15:09

Hi all.
Look, glad you are doing well. We also have lots of words, same as babylook some are clear and others only we understand but is so cute hearing them. He has just learnt 'no' accompanied by vigerous head shaking. Can't believe we went over a year till he learnt that one.
Ssmile, have just started using reins here to. He hasn't twigged that if he lifts feet of ground he can spin in the air. When I worked in a nursery we had 3 sets of reins on each arm and they were a nightmare with some sitting, some trying to run and others dangling with legs tucked up - 1 seems a breeze.
Sarah, hope you come up with an amazing idea that lets you be at home. I am having to come up with something too as cash is tight now (bloody tax bill!)
Feral, glad LO is back to normal now. Having same sleep problem (surprise surprise) DS has started waking again at 9, 11 where I can get him back to sleep but 1 or 2am is much harder and then I get so tired I end up bringing him into bed. He has had some better nights when I have made him walk lots and tonight crashed out and hour and a half earlier than normal so am keeping fingers crossed for some kip tonight. Think it is top canines causing jip here.
LO is nearly better now. Poor bubba ended up with ear and throat infection, vomiting bug and bronchiolitus. He hasn't eaten or slept properly for 3 weeks and had meds but seems to be getting there now.
Hope everyone else is doing ok and babies progressing nicely.

thenewMrsL Tue 13-Nov-12 20:41:49

Look - wow, 26 weeks! That went fast. Sounds like you're coping, and hope the hips are ok. The weekend with the ILs went ok thanks! A few comments on "dealing with LO" made, but I let them pass! She's an ex-Headmistress and DH says she's a headmistress to the world - and everyone is her pupil in her mind!!
Haven't got reins but thinking of getting some. We had her feet measured but she's 2.5 in left and 3.5 in right so couldn't get any walking shoes. Got some soft shoes and she's only just taken her first outdoor walk today! She hates shoes so it was with some relief they stayed on for a bit, and I think she quite enjoyed wearing them in the end... just prepping her for when she gets her first proper shoes!
Feral - glad LO better. Any consolation my LO STILL doesn't sleep well, and we've resigned ourselves to that fact. Last night she was awake from 12.15 till 3.00, so wasn't a good night. DH is away all week too, which doesn't help. She comes into our bed everynight, which I know isn't brilliant, but we just think needs must...It's not her teeth - she's literally got a full set now! Well, about 16!!

She's babbling away too - says "good girl" all the time, and a form of "there she is" but it sounds like one word, so more "theresheizzzzzz". She's got a toy phone too, and it's hilarious when she picks it up, puts it to her ear (but it goes round the back of her head) and then shouts a form of hello and really shouts at the phone - think it must be PPI Insurance people on the phone to her!! But her first words were "Oh God"... which isn't good and she got that from me...oops! Now I just say that she's saying "Oh goch" and she's speaking Welsh!!!

Hope you all coping with the run up to Christmas - haven't even begun to think about it myself...

Sprinking sleepy dust everywhere...

feralgirl Tue 13-Nov-12 21:28:07

grin at BabyL and oh god! That is too funny. We have just realised that we need to stop swearing in front of DD now as she is picking up so much. Everything is "look" or when she wants something "that". The other day I gave her a scone to eat and I swear she looked askance at me and asked "what is that?" We have night night and bye bye and the yelling down the phone too.

I usually hand the PPI people to DS when they phone (so that he can tell them all about Pingu or Thomas the Tank Engine) but it's good that DD is now able to hold a phone conversation too as she can have a chat to them next time grin

She has spent all evening groaning - not actually crying and I don't think she's even properly awake - just loud enough down the monitor for it to be really bloody irritating while I'm trying to watch Eastenders!

Yes yes to the sleepy dust. We'll have some of that in this house please!

Misty9 Thu 15-Nov-12 21:04:29

Hello everyone (typing ever so slightly nervously...)

You probably don't remember me but I was a regular on the antenatal thread up until the birth...then kind of fell off. Thought I'd look this one up the other day and loved hearing how you're all doing smile

Can I join in again...? Pretty please?

Ds is now 14 months and getting more mischievous by the day. Not walking yet but has just discovered the delights of holding onto our fingers and being walked where he wants to go! Favourite activity: climbing and descending the stairs... He's not talking either, but def need to start watching the swearing too. Don't want his first word to be a bad one! I'm a sahm for now but sort of started looking for work given I only qualified just before ds was born and haven't actually worked as a qualified yet...and this will have implications for registration etc if I leave it too long.

Anyway. Hope you don't mind me joining you all grin

Misty9 Thu 15-Nov-12 21:06:32

Oh, and sleep is up the spout here too - almost none last night as he wouldn't settle and ended up in with us. Teeth? Who knows. Hoping for better one tonight though, and hope all others have good sleeps. Really ought to go to bed I suppose...

thenewMrsL Fri 16-Nov-12 09:46:45

Feral - that's a good idea, I'll start handing over the annoying phone calls to DD so she can shout gobbledeegook to them!

Misty - Yay! Welcome back! I remember you from those dear antenatal days (I was sebs71 back then, must change my name again, as "new" is not really applying now!) It's a little quieter on here now, but then we all have 14 / 15 month olds hanging around us (and various other age children, jobs, demands etc etc...!) But it is still lovely to catch up with everyone and see how their little ones are getting on! (And their Mums of course!) Good luck with your job search!

ssmile Fri 16-Nov-12 10:44:20

Hi misty welcome back, hope you are all ok and you get some sleep soon.

I laughed at passing PPI calls to DD, actually if I gave them to DD1 she would proberly talk non stop at themgrin I've been amazed how much Lo is communicating now, its really good but she is very stubborn too! If I say go get shoes off she trots to the backdoor gets her shoes sits down and tries to shove them on smile she passed everything from the laundry basket to me to hang on the airer which was Fab until 5mins later she then took everything off the airer and carefully passed it back to me one item at a time. She was very annoyed when I asked her to put it back again and instead tried to hid the washin under the table grin I have that very rare flexi day off work and five whole hours of no children as one at school &lo at nursery but I'm feelin very guilty so expect I will end up collectioning baby at 2pm! Im not feelin about eating a bacon n egg sarnie in peace &now working my way through a big Xmas tube of smarties smile

ssmile Fri 16-Nov-12 10:47:29

Meant to say I'm not feeling guilty at eating yum food. I have just earnt it though by doing about 45mins of cycling in the drissle smile

feralgirl Thu 22-Nov-12 20:06:17

Welcome back Misty, how's your sleep been? Ours has been a bit better this week - actually had two or three uninterrupted nights grin - but DD was back on 1am shouty form this morning and DH spent about half an hour in with her. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it confused

Her latest bit of brilliance is getting undressed, with a little bit of help, and putting all her clothes in the laundry basket and her nappy in the nappy bucket! This is very definitely a habit that I am encouraging. DS is also very good about it, now I've just got to train DH...

I cannot get over how much she is eating at the moment too, and she will pretty much eat whatever is put in front of her except that she's not that fond of sweet things (maybe I bought the wrong baby home from hospital?) She particularly likes curry and I have to wrestle my coffee away from her in the mornings, and I drink it strong and black shock

What are you guys feeding the babes at the moment? She does eat mostly the same as us but I am feeling a bit uninspired in the kitchen at the minute. I really need some cheap meals for the DCS where I can make a good low fat version for DH and me too, other than the bog-standard shepherd's pie, spag bol, stew etc.

sarahseager Thu 22-Nov-12 22:41:03

feral your lo sounds such a character grin how cool that she can get undressed!

We tend to have a lot of minced based dishes for meals too wink but I've also found that any sort of risotto, fish pie, potato bake, pasta bake or cous cous with veg have all been successful too! x

ssmile Fri 23-Nov-12 13:08:29

Grrrr Ive tried over the last 3 days to post in the evening but each time my phone has crashed why do they do that its 2 weeks away from coming out of its two year contract and now its going wrong left right and centre grrr.

Anyway feralgirl we had beef stew n dumplings last night out of the slow cooker. I was in Lidls and spotted the suet and thought ooohh I love dumplings we will have that! Needless to say the baby decided she would rather throw it on the floor and the eldest had tin spaghetti on toast as it was swimming night and she had had school dinner. DH did have his eventually at 9pm after he got in late from work. So much for my lovely family enjoying my yummie home cooked meal.

Anyway I didn't take it too personally as baby has been off most of her food the last few days. We had a nightmare Sunday morning as she bashed her head on the radiator after a high speed walk towards my back to give me a cuddle missed and hit the main vein on the front of her head shock, cue big egg appeared, lots of tears hers and mine, and I'm normally the calm one. I scrambled into some clothes as we were still in PJs and de-iced the car which took 5mins plus and went off to the local hospital which is luckly just up the road. Were seen quickly and as it had started to go down lots and she had already had calpol half hr before for her cold, we got sent home with the head injury advice sheet. She had a new childminder on Mon & Tues who is lovely but was worried as she wouldnt eat anything, and wanted to sleep alot, Wednesday was hellish as I abandoned going to work due to the main roads out of our town being impassable in the floods, so at 7am I turned around and went home. My DH of course didn't believe me and also tried to go to work and came home 45mins later having got no where. He ended up cycling in heavy wind and rain to work took him 1.5hrs, I ended up waking to the nursery so I could get some work done at home. But they called me back her temp had gone up again & she as sleepy. Thursday I was back at the DRs as we didn't know if it was head injury or bug, he said a bug so cue more time off work for me. DH took 2hrs to drive a 30min journey to work as the main route impassable by flooding again on thrusday. Luckly today its calm and no rain, and baby seems happier and I have my non-working day off work :-) unfortunately more rain is forecast so I hope where ever you are you are safe and dry!

Xmas shopping for eldest is done!! grin but Im feeling guilty as the baby only has one book so far.... I need to look in the loft for old toys which we can re-wrap as theres loads up there. But I do like the look of the micro mini scooter with seat I think Lo would love that but its a bit pricer, but Im sure she will get lots of xmas £s so maybe we will see. She too is obsessed with clothes at the moment. The two girls had great fun dancing around the house with daddies underpants on their heads, Lo had pulled them off the clothes airer and eldest had to join in too grin lucky daddy was not home at the time smile

feralgirl Fri 23-Nov-12 21:28:37

Ssmile, we've got DD the seat for the micro mini scooter for xmas. DS has outgrown the three-wheeler scooter so he's getting a two-wheeler for his birthday. However she actually started scooting on DS's micro mini for real the other day which was pretty cool so I'm not sure she's going to need the seat for long! I have got her a very cute pink helmet as well though grin

What is it about pants? DD will go to the dirty laundry basket and dig through it until she finds a pair of DS's dirty pants and then wander round with them either on her head or in her mouth <boak> She spent the whole morning wearing a pair of my (clean) pants around her neck like a necklace the other day hmm

LookAtHerGo Sun 25-Nov-12 20:28:45

Hi again everyone. Busy as hell here! couple of weekends away, couple of illnesses, lots of growing - in terms of bump, few trips to sort things out (ERF car seat - which DD is still too small for!) another scan, have polyhydramnios with one twin and borderline with the other and so another scan in 2 weeks time, nothing to be too concerned about at the moment, next scan will tell us more. Can't believe it's nearly December. I'll be having my babies in Jan (so long as they stay put long enough smile

ssmile, my LO says mee when she wants milk! It is cute. I've not managed to get her on the reins very much though, just been too busy and tired to try, I really ought to. Sorry to hear about the little accident. How is she now?

Hey sarah, well I'm nearly 29 weeks now smile Yay. Bump is massive, uncomfortable and getting in the way, but it's wriggly and lovely to have a bump.

feral, glad all things looking well now for your DD. Well done to the getting undressed, My LO has managed to get her arm out of a top, but that's it so far, oh and pull open the nappy after I've put it on, but nothing more than that. She does like to try and put her feet in shoes though if they are about, anyone's shoes, she isn't fussed. Hers are more of a challenge though! LOL at the pants thing!

candr, my LO knows what she can and can't touch, and still walks up to things she's not supposed to touch and says no no no before doing it! cheeky minx.

MrsL, yep time is flying by here. I love the little words they come out with too. My LO says Oh duh (oh dear) and has just this week started saying Oh no!

Welcome back Misty smile always good to see an old antenatal poster again smile

DD is about 17lbs! still a teeny tiny, it's funny as people look at her and think she is too small to walk!

We are putting her into nursery for one day a week, so when the boys come I get some time with just them, and in the mean time I get a day of 'rest' but I think it will do her good, she is very sociable and confident and I think mixing with others will be a really good thing for her.

LookAtHerGo Sun 25-Nov-12 20:50:07

Oh yes, I've remembered, I've taught DD baby, I point to my belly ask her what is there and she says baby smile She sees pics of babies and says baby smile

ssmile Thu 06-Dec-12 21:17:21

Hope all went well with your scan LookAtHerGo

Hope everyone else doing ok too.

We went ahead and got the micromini scooter with seat for Lo main Xmas present in the end. Think she will really like it. She is mega mobile now, climbing lots too. smile we hope to put up our Xmas tree this weekend but need to think where or she be climbing that too grin

candr Sun 09-Dec-12 20:26:23

Hi all, seems everyone has been busy. Ssmile, hope your LO is ok - head bumps can be a worry sometimes. Sounds like you had awful weather - I only have to drive through one small flood here so far.
Look, can't believe you are due in Jan, I bet the time has flown with already having an LO this time around, am very excited for you.
Feral, sounds like your LO is developing quite the sense of humor too.
We have lots of words now which sound so cute. Am trying to teach him Grandma etc as they will love it at Christmas if he can say their names. We have got a trike for his main gift which should be good as he has been able to go forwards n=on his ride on for some time.
We have put a small tree on a table at home and after breaking some ornaments he has left it alone but I won't go as far as putting gifts undder it as may be too tempting and most of the gifts will go to my mum's house as that is where we will be for main event.
We go for lots of walks now and it feels liberating to not have the buggy as if you take it and let him walk he won't get back in and is hard to steer with a toddler dangling on reins in your other hand.
Hope everyone is doing ok and looking forward to visiting santa and having hyper little mad things over Christmas.

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