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September 2011 babies, making more noise, more mess, but growing more amazing by the day.

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100years Wed 18-Apr-12 21:56:00

Old thread

Hey, here we are again, moving on to the next round of exciting things our little babies are getting up to. smile I hope no-one minded my title, but there hadn't been a big decision and given we were so close to the end I thought I'd just go for it.

I shall update stuff from me tomorrow.

tiddleypompom Thu 19-Apr-12 07:37:53

<spluttering through pawpaw/yogurt spray>

Marking place, morning all!

sebs71 Thu 19-Apr-12 08:19:24

Well done, 100, great title!!

Pulling up my chair, settling down, and about to be spluttered by cereal/mango spray grin

ps - Candr and TP thanks for the comments... there must be something about Sept babes and sleep!! And, yes, could be teeth - she's got a couple of smalls stumps with bright red cheeks so perhaps that's the cause of the thrashing (also not wanting to put it down to the fact she's just a bad sleeper!)

sarahseager Thu 19-Apr-12 11:12:19

Hi all,

Just marking my place, have been reading through but not posted in a while.

Have had a busy time with lo having her nursery trial sessions and then was getting ready to go back to work on Tuesday when I managed to get a hideous sickness bug! sad
Can't remember having one since I was at school! Dp has now had it too and i have even managed to pass it on to my mum and dad! Lo has been relatively untouched by it so far fingers crossed but has been off her food.

I've now got an awful cold and although I'm managing to eat again my tummy still feels very delicate. I also think my milk is drying up too as I've been so dehydrated and as I only give lo 2 bf's a day now there just doesn't seem to be much there, not sure if that is normal but i don't feel the let down anymore either.

Anyway this has most certainly been a week to forget!

Have been keeping up with all of your posts with interest. Well done feral for getting back to work, I am planning to go back next week after my false start this week smile

Hugs to those of you struggling with sleep, we had 2 nights when we were really poorly that lo slept right through possibly because she was feeling poorly too but now she is back to normal waking and coming into our bed and thrashing around for aaaages!

Sorry to not post individually to you all but hope you all having lovely days and managing to do stuff with this crazy weather! xx

100years Thu 19-Apr-12 12:26:05

Ssmile, great on the backwards crawling. smile she's moving. Dumbwit emoticon, what is CTU? Re the birthday parties, surely the early sept won't be able to have parties because there is no way of making sure enough parents can bring their children wink or is that just child cruelty?

Feral, part of the reason LO is not coming back in our room is because of her being able to escape her cot, and stand in it, when it's bedside the mattress has to be one higher and I'm not happy with that and her standing. Although after the last few nights I'd be very tempted to put her back through and just not leave her alone in there.

Candr, I wish I had the magic sleep solution, I don't, and am therefore in a searching for it situation too.

Sebs, hope you get a nice dress and you have fun shopping.

Tp, hope you had fun with newly pg friend yesterday. I too kept it quiet around friends when we were trying, I didn't want to have too many questions about it, so just played the ooh lovely babies, yes yes one day card.

Sarah, have some in MN hugs. Sounds rough so far the past few days/week. GWS.

Well I reckon it was a massive co-incidence that I had a couple of good nights after supper. Last night was 4 feeds, the 4th being only an hour after the 3rd, I tried to not feed her, put her down asleep, she pinged wide awake and the. Proceeded to try to eat my face. The night before it was 5 wakings. Although one of those I did manage to not feed her! But I've gone back to properly BLW style of giving her porridge, as she just does it that way, grabs the spoon and if she wants it she eats it, if not she bangs the spoon or chucks it over the side of the highchair, and I'm not wanting to force it on her, and I feel happier with doing it BLW style, so she is in control. But I know others might not agree, it's what works for us.

I think tbh, if she wants to sleep well she will, if she doesn't she won't and there might not be anything I can do about it at the moment. I will keep trying with supper, in fact I gave her the bowl last night and she kind of slurped it out of the bowl, no spoon required! But I might just have to accept I'm going to be getting up a few times a night. I might feel better about it then instead of hoping she sleeps, if that makes sense.

Been a bit grumpy recently, probably tiredness, but I've a feeling it might be a touch of PMT, I blinking don't want AF I want a BFP, not AF!!!

ssmile Thu 19-Apr-12 13:47:29

Hello thanks for new thread 100 marking my place smile

I can not believe my Lo is 8mths old next week gulp! I had to put my left elbow on her hip yest in an effort to change her nappy with my right hand and her not flip off the mat she has seriously accelerated on the old movement front. It's amazing really as she hated being on her tummy was constantly sick until she was 7mths then she realised she could move it has been like a light bulb gone off "i can move!" Stand back light touch paper....took photo of her yest airplane style flying on carpet arms and legs off the floor pulling open the dvd draw to see what was in stop the kitchen cupboards then the fun will really begin grin We have had six nights in a row now not feeding at 3am, she didn't wake at all last night slept 12.30-7am (sorry) but I'm SO grin I can't believe it, I'm going to try sat night to resettle her one of the other feds now but can't decide whether to try the 9pm or 12am one. I suspect I'll have more luck at the 9pm one as she still seems hungry at 12am.

Big hugs for those having crap sleep but I felt a lot calmer with DD1 when like 100 I just excepted I would be getting up lots and found ways to survive and it did eventually get easier but will still have problems now (she 5) you just find different strategies at different ages to deal with it. We spent months sleeping on her floor!

sarah hope you on the mend now and your first week back at work goes ok, tum bugs are truly horrid.

feralgirl hope your week keeps going ok, and the sleep improves. Italy sounds Fab!

100 hope the BLW continues to go well and you get some soon too.

Ooh babe awake better go....

candr Thu 19-Apr-12 15:49:33

Ssmile, well done with the sleeps grin bet you feel like a new person with the extra sleep.
Sarah, hope you are better. Have had colds here too then felt bad as passed it to my elderly grandad but my LO is getting over it and seems to like his snot bubbles.
Had babe weighed today and is 17.14oz at 7m so def has his dad's broad build. His crawling is coming on well just backwards so need to start putting some cupboard locks in place methinks.

feralgirl Thu 19-Apr-12 19:51:48

Sarah, sorry about the sickness sad You might not be drying up; I found that when I cut back when I went back to work with DS that I just lost the let-down tingle after a while. Even if you're supply's a bit low because of being ill then you should be able to get it back again just by letting LO suckle a bit. Good luck on going back to work smile

100 CTU is the Counter Terrorism Unit in 24. Ssmile's uber-mum efforts last week were worthy of Kiefer Sutherland, hence her being a kind of real life super hero!

Ssmile Yay for the sleep and the moving. I am v envy as DD has been a total terror since I went back to work. Clearly she has decided that if she's not going to see me in the day then she'll make damn sure that she'll see me all night angry

Candr grin at the backwards crawling. That always makes me laugh as they just look so surprised by it. We got the stair gates down out of the loft yesterday as DD managed to get up onto the second step before DS rescued her!

this is my home-made vid of the DCs for anyone who would like to see it smile

candr Thu 19-Apr-12 20:03:59

Feral, that is so sweet - seems really strange to see what one of you Sep11 mum's really looks like. Your LO's are so cute. Would love DS hair to be like your sons (Cornish surfer look grin)

100years Thu 19-Apr-12 20:21:03

Ssmile, 8months. No it's too soon. Too soon. I have to do some manouvering to get LO to stay on the changing table too, and when I change her on the floor I have to be consistent and say no to turning, otherwise she'd be at it more on the table.

Aw to LO being 17lb14 smile we're still in the 15s I think, but she is a teeny girl thing.

To be fair as feral said I don't think I get the tingle all the time either and I'm still feeding loads.

Thanks feral, I did wonder if it was that, but I've never seen 24. Cute vid, love the bit where LO in the bouncer and laughing, my LO laughs like that too.

Well my LO has just polished off the biggest supper known to baby kind. I started off with some porridge, loaded spoons, let her play with the bowl she even 'drank' some out of the bowl. Then she wanted more stuff so I gave her the biggest strawberry ever, which she demolished, so I gave her another one, demolished that one. Gave her a prune, another strawberry, some rice from my tea and some blueberries, then she had a bit of a chomp on a rice cake! Scoff scoff scoff she did. Wow. It was only supposed to be a bit of supper, looks like she was telling me she wanted more food. BLW rocks at times. smile but there is one hell of a lot of rice on the floor from where she dropped a load, it's not the easiest thing in the world for a baby to eat. Lol

feralgirl Thu 19-Apr-12 20:45:20

Ooh, 100, you're missing a treat with 24. Next time you're ill, get some box set action going on!

Candr, we've actually had DS's hair all chopped hair off as it was just getting too dready and I'm petrified of nits! I hope he'll choose to grow it back again when he gets older though. Me and my mum had to do it without telling DH as he'd have totally vetoed it!

ssmile Thu 19-Apr-12 21:30:58

Tried spaghetti with Lo tonight was very funny. She sat staring at her big sister sucking it up being silly, then she looked at me eating it, then looked at hers in her hands then played with it and eventually put some in her mouth grin its got to be the first thing that hasn't gone straight in her gob in ages she seemed genuinely puzzled by it! She loved raspberries though but oh boy her clothes are covered so I'm not sure my washing machine is gonna love them.

Will check out the vid later feralgirl

sarah forgot to say I lost my milk for about 3-4days after nasty tum bug but it did come back (with first babe) if you want to keep BF then let her suck but I used it as an opportunity to stop as I'd had enough but I did get a bit engorged. I think I took sage tablets was supposed to help dry up milk, I was at 2feeds a day then to. Gd luck with what ever you chose.

100years Fri 20-Apr-12 09:19:37

Well at 5am I didn't feed LO when she woke. She'd only had a feed 2 hours before and she didn't seem to be rooting(routing?) for it. I just held her till she was almost asleep and put her back down. It was 90mins before she woke again. smile so fed at 8:30 for bed. 11:45. 3:15 (and nappy change) 7 and now feeding again at 9. Sleep still evades me and I'm in desperate need of a decent rest.

candr Fri 20-Apr-12 10:08:06

Well DS went down well but from 12 onwards cried everytime I put him down and refused to settle unless feeding. He is so bunged up he has to stop to breath and sounds like Darth Vader, what with that and DH snoring I got about 2 hr sleep Grrrrrrr. Am sending DH to spare room tonight as think he contributed to LO being awake!
Sarah - my milk is realy dropping off as DS only snacks during day and not sure I have enough to sustain him at 1am / 5am feed even if I don't feed him from 3pm onwards. Am encouraging him to drink more but not really interested. Really don't want to have to stop feeding but think I may have to give more than 2 bottles of formula now. Hopefully if it is because you were poorly not LO giving up your milk will make a speedy return.

sarahseager Fri 20-Apr-12 13:58:01

Thanks all for your comments, feeling much better now and my milk seems to be ok too! I have been letting lo suckle longer as you suggested feral and ssmile and I think that has helped. Hoping to just stick to a couple of feeds a day, maybe cut down to just the bedtime feed as I don't think she needs the morning one anymore. Will see how we go.

Love your video feral very cute! Great idea! Nice to see what you look like too! Would love to see what we all look like, I'm a nosey old thing! smile

Glad your lo had a wonderful feast for supper 100 but sorry that you're still not getting much sleep. How do you find the mess with blw? Do you put her in a coverall bib? I've learnt that I'm a total control freak when it comes to weaning and I'd love not to be smile I'm so paranoid that she'll choke if I let her feed herself too! blush Does your lo manage the blueberries well?

grin at snot bubbles candr that made me laugh! Hope you are doing ok today after your rubbish night and hope lo's cold is gone soon even though he likes the snot bubbles!

Can't believe your lo is almost 8 months ssmile, time is just flying! Loving the visions of airplane baby oh the carpet! My lo has just turned 7 months and seems to be getting the idea that she wants to move about a lot now, lots of lunging and desperately trying to crawl and get that bum in the air!

Well we had quite a good night, lo slept through till 4.30 so I brought her into bed then and was sure she'd go right off, how wrong was I! She gradually worked herself more and more awake until she got quite cross that she was expected to lay in bed and sleep so dp took her down to play about 6am. She was then so tired she fell asleep in her high chair at breakfast ha ha! She's never done that before! So I popped her back in her cot but she pinged wide awake after 30 mins as normal! Grr!

She's been a bit out of sorts today, maybe because it's been such a strange week and maybe cos of all the bugs although she seems to have avoided them touch wood! She's so desperate to play and crawl and be on her legs but the trouble is she wants to do it all at once! Chill baby! It's ok though as she's all snuggled up asleep on my chest for the first time in ages just like a snuggly newborn! Will make the most of it as I'll be craving this when I'm at work next week!

I'm off on a floristry course tomorrow, my Christmas pressie from dp, so that should be lovely! Hopefully a better end to our grotty week!


ssmile Fri 20-Apr-12 20:31:00

Hope you enjoy the flowers tomorrow sarah sounds a nice break for the day.

Had long day five hrs of driving to a family funeral (DHs), lots of people, but I spent first 2hrs not at the service but at hotel bar looking after 4girls aged 7mth, 14mth, 4& 5. Was challenging but it meant the kids didn't go to the service as my SIL &DH wished. The little 14mth I've only met twice but she was great but her big sister bit of a handful little madam! I did go armed with sticker books, colouring books and picnic. Once the wake got under way the girls were very good and the widow was very pleased they were there which was nice. But These things are never easy are they.

Whispering Lo was a star last night went 10.30-7 no feeds, no resettling.....gosh I'm quietly hoping we are turning the sleep corner. I didn't sleep that well as was half waiting for her to wake up and worrying a lot about today. Fingers crossed for good sleeps for all tonight.

feralgirl Fri 20-Apr-12 21:00:08

grin at all these funny babies. Sarah, honestly BLW is great and it's lovely watching them feed themselves. You just have to force yourself to chill about it and remember that there is a difference between gagging and choking; if they're making a noise then air is getting through and they're just gagging, it's when they go quiet that you have to worry! They learn very quickly how to avoid gagging, it took DD a couple of weeks to learn not to jam food so far down her throat that it made her sick but DS never used to do that at all.

It does make a shocking mess though. We tend to just change DD's clothes a lot but the good thing is that you can give fairly unmessy food (e.g. bread sticks, plain pasta) if you want to avoid a filth-fest! As soon as it's a bit warmer then DD will just eat in a nappy to cut down on laundry.

100 is DD's pincer grip good enough for blueberries then? That's awesome. I haven't tried DD with anything that small yet but she does pick up quite tiny bits of food so she might be able to manage them. I nabbed your idea and tried her with some supper tonight, just some rusk and milk, but it doesn't seem to have done much as she's very grizzly still.

grin Ssmile at the spaghetti, BLW with noodles is one of the most fun things I ever did with DS at about this age grin

candr sorry about the rubbish sleeps and not being sure about your milk; in theory though the more you give the better your supply'll hold up so you could try feeding all afternoon as well and see if that has a knock on effect for the night feeds too iyswim. I don't feed all day as I'm at work but my let down kicks in pretty much when I walk in through the door at the moment!

Well DD must be feeding much less as I've only gone and got my stupid period sad I'm not planning to stop BFing any time soon though; DS was 18mo before we stopped and I loved that feed before bed so much that I was really sad when he gave up.

100years Fri 20-Apr-12 22:03:41

Candr I hope you have a better night with DH not being in the same room as you.

Sarah, I read a lot about choking v gagging and she gagged a little at first on a couple of things, and if I give her something like lettuce, but gagging is a good thing, it's helping them learn not to put too much in, how to move it round their mouths, how to chew and all that, you make sure they are sat upright, so not leant back, leave them in control of what goes in their mouth and never leave them alone with food. Make sure stuff like carrots are cooked well and don't give whole grapes etc. As far as I understand BLW doesn't make choking more likely, in fact the opposite may be true, but I'll stop now, it's a tiny bit of an issue I have with someone close to me, and I don't want to sound defensive or like BLW is the only way, I know it's not and it wouldn't suit everyone, you have to do what is right for you grin re the mess, well it would happen at some point when you start offering finger foods, I only out her in a coverall when she is having yoghurt because otherwise the straps stink of yog for days, I cover her and the straps with it, and I'm happy with mess smile

Ssmile, no, funerals aren't nice, good of you to be the one to look after them all. Fingers crossed for you tonight too. smile

Feral I've had my periods since 17 weeks and LO was ebf to 6 months! Having said that I had stopped expressing so maybe the drop in that kick started mine. Yeah, she kind of grabs them in a skewiffy way, but can pick them up. smile she's not quite got the pincer grip sorted, but it's coming on a treat. She has started doing that moving food from one hand to the other and holding food in a bit when eating. She's got a little bit of a way to go yet, but it's coming on well smile I'm very happy with it at the moment.

Blueberry disclaimer, I don't give them whole, I kind of break them in half but leave the two bits attached together as I'm not sure how a whole blueberry would be if she didn't chew it at all.

Been busy all day today, lots of housework done. Visiting family tomorrow and I've made a cake as it was Mum's birthday last week but I couldn't see her then.

feralgirl Sat 21-Apr-12 15:58:00

Aw sorry Ssmile, I missed your post about the funeral sad How good of you to look after all the kids.

grin at you 100; I did a lot of justifying BLW to people with DS (in particular a friend whose baby obsession was with choking and was really hmm about me just lobbing chunks of apple at him). DD has actually managed to give herself a gammy eye as she keeps smearing food all over her face on its journey into her mouth hmm Daft baby.

Last night was a bit better; DD slept until 2.30, had a feed and then DH managed to settle her cot. She woke at 5ish and slept until 7.30 in bed with us but it's a massive improvement that she just settled in the cot instead of howling to be in our bed. DH and I have switched sides so he's next to the cot and he's taking responsibility for settling her; she refuses to sleep at all for me as she just wants milk, the terror.

It's taken her a few days but she is eating like a little horse atm to make up for no BF during the day, and - tmi alert - her poos are very nearly proper solid ones now too!

candr Sat 21-Apr-12 18:38:10

Feral I can't believe how similar our LO are. DS only woke up at 2.30 (had bottle and bf) then 5.45 then slept till 7. He also went in crib each time with no fuss (think DH tossing and turning is the problem) but has seemed really hungry a meal times so think it is growth spurt. Keeping fingers crossed for tonight. Have also started having cramps so think I may get period soon. Is strange to feel twinges in tummy and NOT panic that there is something wrong with baby but reaslied it has been 16m since last one smile
100, we love doing BLW and I feel a sense of satisfaction at a food covered baby. He loves squishing food in his hands and doing the one handed clap thing when they are sticky. It has helped lots of my friend overcome their food fears when they see how well he copes and that he will eat anything - must try blueberries!
Sarah - DS did retch a lot to start with but it just moves food from throat back to mouth, he then chews or pushes it out with toungue. Didn't realise how horrid it is for non baby people though as a friend of ours was completley put off his meal and kept dry heaving when DS gagged ( I didn't giggle at all grin)
DS is still constipated though. He does a few 'rabbit droppings' through the day but only a big poo every 3-4 days. I have avoided or increased the foods you are told too and he drinks loads of water and some apple juice so not sure what is wrong. Seems fine but does cry when doing big poo.

sarahseager Sat 21-Apr-12 18:54:08

I definitely need to get involved with this blw lark! grin Think I'll give some bits a try tomorrow!

ssmile Sat 21-Apr-12 19:52:23

I do a mix of BLW and spoon Feding, it depends on how hungry or what mood she is in smile if she really hungry she was getting very frustrated not getting her food quick enough so I shovel some more mashed food in, after starting with finger food, eat my dinner whilst spoon feeding some then end with help herself stuff (whilst I wash up!). Tried peas today out of interest and she picked one up perfectly popped it in her mouth with her left hand! Then right hand she picked it up but tried to then fist it and got frustrated when she dropped it. She had some of DD1s fish finger (is this bad mummy processed food blush) but she liked it. Disclaimer I do normally cook fresh everyday but Friday DD1 loves having oven chips, fishfingers &peas as her weekly treat but we missed it Fri as we were out so she most insistent on having it today (babe loved an oven chip more blush )

Whisper had another excellent night babe asleep 6.45pm, fed 10.30pm slept till 7.30am but did stir at 9pm but resettled herself no tears just mumbling, same again at 5-6am woke me but didn't really fully wake herself up. Fingers crossed it continues...

sebs71 Sun 22-Apr-12 15:24:18

Wow, so much to catch up on... sorry can't respond to everyone. But, well done all on the BLW, does sound fun, but I've gone down the spoon fed / pureed front, and she's really happy with it, as am I. Starting to give her finger foods too. Although the blowing raspberries at me whilst feeding is becoming a real pain.

He He... Ssmile - our Friday's are always "casual" on the food front! I think one day out the week is no problem!!

GOT A WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grin grin Yeah!!! In fact, we got to Liverpool at about 9.30, and by 10am, I'd tried THE dress on!! I still had to go and try loads of others to make sure. Have gone for something so different to what I was aiming for. I was thinking I'd end up in something fifties style, but in fact, (and I can tell you all, but you have to keep it a secret wink) I've gone for a white fitted dress, with a frill down one side and a little gathering around the waist. It's sooo flattering, in a sort of Gok Wan way - not the sort of dress I'd ever try but OMG, it's great, even for my size 16 figure! Of course, I also bought a bodysuit thing that sucks everything in, and smoothes everything over (again, very Gok Wan)! But, after trying on a few long more traditional (well Monsoon traditional) type wedding dresses, this one just felt more "I'm a 41 year old getting married, with a baby, step mum to a 10 year old and a 13 year old, and with only 32 people to her wedding" type dress!!!! No one will suspect it, particularly my DH2B, who I think will love it. If I turned up in anything more traditional I think he'd run a mile!

I was so dreading the day, in that we might not have gotten anything, but in fact, by 12 noon, we'd got dress, underwear, belt and jewellery, so we could have a celebratory lunch, instead of a quick sandwich! I had 2 coronas and was slightly drunk - so what will I be like on the Hen weekend??? But then managed to get some shoes too, so all in all, a great day.

Going to have a trying on session with 3 friends in a couple of weeks, one of whom is a hairdresser and will be doing my hair on the day - probalby going to wear it up.

Sorry to drone on, just got very excited, and now really looking forward to everything!! We're going to the venue later on to discuss the details etc too. Cake's ordered too, although I'm convinced we'll forget to buy the rings!

On a downside, the rods we're forging for mine and DH2B's backs are currently the size of giant oak trees!! She's lost the plot with sleeping, we're back to rocking in arms, and sleeping in our bed all night. She will go to sleep in her room - but for 30 mins max, then wakes up crying, and then is wide awake. So we spend ages getting her back to sleep - it was 11.20pm by the time she finally went off last night (in our bed of course). Got to tackle it again, and start the whole letting her cry thing, but I'm knackered, and with DH2B away last week, we've not managed it. But, MUST do it again, as can't keep this up... DH2B keeps saying "she'll surprise us one day, and will sleep in her own room again" ... and I'm thinking "yeah, when she's 18".. grin

sebs71 Sun 22-Apr-12 15:25:21

ps dress is just below the knee

candr Sun 22-Apr-12 18:47:11

Ssmile, glad your good nights are continuing.
Sebs, sounds like a successful day, your dress sounds lovely. I ended up buying first dress I tried on too - is often the way. DS was in my bed all night too with DH in the spare room. Tonight he is in nursery and have dismantled crib (my side of the room looks huge now) so am not tempted to bring him back in but may end up sleeping on his floor. Am dreading it!
Sarah - did you do any BLW today, did LO enjoy it?
Did painting with DS today but forgot to shake the paint so it was thick and didn't even come off in bath - have a baby smurf now as he was OTT with the blue grin
Have been making a scrap book with his congrats and xmas cards, art work etc as was not sure what to do with the ones that haven't gone in the proper album.

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