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December 2011 babiesnet!

(160 Posts)
babyseven Sat 14-Apr-12 18:01:03

Me and mummy liked the idea of babiesnet!

So today I went to nanny and grandad's house, where I kept being sick on mummy and nanny. I screamed loudly for aaages to stop grandad being able to hear the football, then I had a bottle and used mummy as a pillow for an hour and a half.

I just made mummy my milk fetcher and sick mopper think I wanted a bottle, then made sure I was asleep by the time it arrived, result!

Aethelfleda Tue 22-Jan-13 22:00:58

I must say, life is more interesting now I have greater mobility. My plans for creating a thermonuclear device from leftover weetabix, sequins and dribble are starting to come to fruition, especially as I can now influence Mother by waving my hands and giving her toothy grins of enthusiasm when I approve of what she's doing. Like making the milk-warm-box go ping, this means my bottle is imminent. Sometimes I bring her the bottle as a hint. If any of you would like to join my master plan, just indicate your interest using the standard channels. Muah hah hah.

OiMissus Thu 10-Jan-13 10:42:00

BOi registering for active duty. Provide your best hints n tips.
I didn't get a lot of sleep last night (muwha-ha-ha-ha!), so I'll have a couple of hours now. Grandma can catch up on her ironing. This is OK, just as long as mummy never catches up. She needs to learn that precious time with me, her pfb, at evenings and weekends should be spent playing and not tidying and ironing.
oh - convince your ma's n pa's that you are a genius, by picking up one of those flat round things off the coffee table, put it in the floor, then place your sippy cup in the middle of it. Then you shall get much clapping and kisses.
And, when they shout at you for hitting the tv, just kiss IgglePiggle instead, then they stop shouting and go soft.

MissRee Thu 14-Jun-12 21:47:19

Today I went in the roller chair and had great fun whizzing around the living room in it! There was another baby in the room but she copied all my best moves... Mummy and Daddy thought it was funny I was playing with my 'flection hmm

MissRee Mon 28-May-12 23:33:24

I am loving this hot weather - mummy got me some special pee pads so I can wiggle on the floor all nekked and stuff! I like being free of my nappy!

Daddy is home as well. He can't hold me very much because he's a bit ouchy but he still talks to me lots and pulls funny faces. Daddy is my favourite grin

OiMissus Mon 28-May-12 23:01:08

I went to grandma and grandpa's today. They bought me more stuff! I now have a Thomas Tank paddling pool with loads of balls in it! I impressed them with my ball handling ability. (they are so easy!)
I've not pooped today. Might wait til tomorrow when mum's ready to leave for Germany. I will register my protest in the best way I know!

KateM77 Mon 28-May-12 20:16:33

Today I went somewhere called a beach. There was lots of sand to play with, and it felt lovely between my fingers and toes. It doesn't taste very nice though, and it's not so much fun when it goes up your nose or inside your nappy.

MissRee Fri 25-May-12 22:01:58

Mum and dad deserted me today but it's ok cos I had fun with my Great Aunty Sheena (she's a bit batty!) and then with Nanny and Grandad! Grandad was in bed all day (he's worse than me for sleeps but nanny said he's poorly) and Lola kept licking my foot. She gets sad when I cry though and climbs up the sofa.

aethelfleda Fri 25-May-12 20:19:31

Arg, I saw this paddling pool thing today. Mother dunked my feet in. It was FREEZING! So I told her about it in no uncertain terms and have submitted a planning application for a permanent pool at the regulation 39 degrees with rubber duckies and little boats. Amateurs.

KateM77 Fri 25-May-12 19:03:09

Today I went in a kind of bath in the garden, called a paddling pool. There were lots of balls in there for me to try and grab, and I did lots of big splashes. It was such fun grin

OiMissus Thu 24-May-12 08:52:17

Grandpa said I could have a swimming pool at my new house. Mummy laughed and said something about a lottery. If I get a swimming pool, you can all come and play in it. If I don't, I'm ringing childline.
1. still no sunhat
2. not allowed to have my own i-phone (to chew)
3. not allowed the remote control
4. no pool
5. when I tried to share mum's orange juice yesterday, she let me have a drip off her finger. It is jus from heaven, all sugary and lovely. But then she wouldn't let me have any more. It made me cry.
6. She keeps wiping and swiping and picking at my nose.
The list is growing.
... and I think they want to cut my hair. Mummy's having hers done on Saturday. Grandma thinks I should get mine done too. Mummy was a bit sad about this. but it does get in my eyes a bit, and it's hot.

KateM77 Wed 23-May-12 19:23:03

After several days of Mummy not taking me out anywhere whilst she laid about complaining about being 'poorly', she took me out this afternoon, took almost all my clothes off and took me into a big pool of water grin. I was so grateful I decided not to complain at all, even when she dunked me underneath

MissRee Tue 22-May-12 21:56:02

Mummy sings about creamy on my lala when doing my nappy hmm I laugh just to humour the madwoman.

OiMissus Tue 22-May-12 08:47:03

Mummy keeps picking my nose. One day I shall remind her about this...
She also says, "Top trump" and "Good burp" a lot.
Today I am at nursery with some other snotty kids, but they all have sun hats. I don't have a sun hat. Am I a neglected child?
On the plus side, mummy is very excited about moving to our new house and getting out of "this shit tip" (anyone, any ideas? she whispers the last bit and she thinks I can't hear her), and says that I have my very own garden and bedroom. Plus I'm going to grandma's tomorrow. I bet she'll get me a sunhat.

Kitty5824 Mon 21-May-12 17:47:46

Why did everyone shriek with laughter yesterday whien I tried to put my Daddys big toe in my mouth?

OiMissus Mon 21-May-12 07:46:59

Why can't I eat the remote control?
Why can't I put the phone in my mouth?

scatocrat Sat 19-May-12 21:52:19

I'm soooo jealous, aethelspawn! Mummy made me make do today with some books I wasn't allowed to put in my mouth. I could just murder a crinkly toy! sad

When I do have nice toys, she makes me lie on my back for ages, with them just out of reach... angry

aethelfleda Sat 19-May-12 18:01:33

Guys, I've been in baby heaven. Seriously. Mother took me to something called an NCT sale and wow, there were, like PILES of toys. All colours, all sizes. She was mean and only bought me this really cool shaky giraffe thing with ruffles....oooh, it, it's got reeealy crinkly feeet...ooooo.....
<salivates and falls over from sitting>

OiMissus Wed 16-May-12 09:39:50

Foofies? Mummy and daddy call them pixies. Apparently "there's a pixie in the kitchen" is not as barf-inducing as "Don't go in the kitchen, I've just farted --and it stinks--".

OiMissus Wed 16-May-12 09:37:07

Daddy took me to nursery yesterday. It was really cool as I got to ride up front in his van. I chatted to him all the way there, and then showed my appreciation via poosplosion. Apparently he's not so sensitive to these things as mummy. And so even though it was all over my vest and legs, and had seeped through my trousers onto the car seat, he didn't notice and just handed me over to Jenny. And they didn't seem to notice for a while either.
In the future, I have to sit in the back and ride in Mummy's car. sad

MissRee Tue 15-May-12 20:39:16

I did a wicked trick on Mummy earlier... big foofies just as she got me out of the bath so she thought I poopied in the towel grin shoulda seen the look on her face! Priceless.

hawthers Tue 15-May-12 20:13:59

My cunning plan of wrong footing my ma continues. I'm liking to mix it up with moving from poos every four days to daily ones and I slipped in a really long sleep last night to make sure it really hurts tonight when I pull an up every two hours job. Give them a taste of what might be then it makes it all the sweeter when I bury them with millions of feeds. Hee hee hee

KateM77 Tue 15-May-12 19:08:07

Ha ha! I also sent Mummy a message this evening about squeezing me into size 3 nappies still, just because she bought too many when they were on sale. I did such an explosive poo it shot right up the front as well as the back of the nappy, all through my vest and jeans grin

OiMissus Tue 15-May-12 13:52:13

Nice one babyKate!
I too favour the use of poop for messaging. At weekend mummy and daddy were peeking at a house, so I filled my trousers and socks right up to show them that I too thought it was nice.
Mummy got it, daddy was slow to catch on. but I think that's coz mummy likes shopping and spontaneous purchasing, daddy is slow and considered and likes to think about Ev-er-y-thing first.
The downside of poop messaging is that then you have to view new houses without any trousers or socks on.
Mummy's going to have a proper look at the house tomorrow, but she said something about not taking me. Bare faced cheek! (hmmm that gives me an idea, I shall show her what I think about that!) >--<

scatocrat Tue 15-May-12 12:20:55

Very good effort, Baby Kate!

Quick weaning question: does anyone know when they can give us coffee? Mummy has hers very milky, so surely that will be all right. I've heard her talking about "express-o", too: could that be a kind of pre-weaning food?

(Re the name: I didn't like pootocrap - too vulgar - and pootocrat also a bit infra dig. However, I like dignifying my digestive issuances as "scat"; it makes me feel all scientificky!)

KateM77 Tue 15-May-12 11:15:59

Last night Mummy put me in a pink sleeping bag that used to belong to my sister. The cheek of it shock. I showed her what I thought of that idea though, and did a huge poo right through it this morning grin

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