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December 2011 babiesnet!

(160 Posts)
babyseven Sat 14-Apr-12 18:01:03

Me and mummy liked the idea of babiesnet!

So today I went to nanny and grandad's house, where I kept being sick on mummy and nanny. I screamed loudly for aaages to stop grandad being able to hear the football, then I had a bottle and used mummy as a pillow for an hour and a half.

I just made mummy my milk fetcher and sick mopper think I wanted a bottle, then made sure I was asleep by the time it arrived, result!

NorthernChinchilla Sat 14-Apr-12 18:39:38

I don't know what the two feeding units were up to this afternoon. They put me in the carrier on the bigger one, then walked me round outside in the freezing wind.

At least it's nearly bedtime, so I'll get my draught milk and sleep somewhere warm! I will have to suffer the indignity of the larger feeding unit changing me and putting cream on my bum, but I'll have to put up with it <sigh>.

Tomorrow we go to see Grandpa and Oma, and my Aunt and Uncle, so obviously I'm going to spend some time plotting evil deeds to ensure the two feeding units look like incompetent parents.
[evil cackle emoticon]

neverenoughsleeportea Sat 14-Apr-12 18:55:43

farley chops checking in

mad aunt bouncing me way too much. got my revenge by yacking all down her very random ensemble of patched trousers and seventies cardie.

happy days

msbuggywinkle Sat 14-Apr-12 19:09:26

BabyBuggy posting while bfing!

Today the big milk thing and the one with the spikey face took me out. I cried whenever the Nana held me. The Nana was cross about this so I projectile vomited over her floor, shoes and table. Twice.

KateM77 Sat 14-Apr-12 19:19:54

Hello everyone, it's Desperate Dan here. I'm starting to think I would quite like a cow pie for tea, but I guess I'll settle for milk for now. At least my big sister is in bed now so I'll have a nice long feed in a bit of peace and quiet before going to bed. Mummy would like me to sleep until at least 3 tonight, but I like to keep her on her toes grin

LittleMissFlustered Sat 14-Apr-12 20:59:19

<high fives the yakking crew>

Today was another adventure in exposing the milk victim my mother's breasts on public transport. I found that grabbing her vest top and jumper then going utterly rigid a rather effective technique. I may use that one again.

I've been awake a lot today, but I'm not entirely sure I'm going to balance it out with a lot if sleep. My milk vampirism needs to be fed somehow...

neverenoughsleeportea Sat 14-Apr-12 22:40:43

i've pulled a good one - i've fed for short times and had long gaps in between. should guarantee i'll get my ma to myself all night...

Rashkakeller Sat 14-Apr-12 22:59:20

Yo babas!

Felt a bit poorly today but not as bad as that guy called 'daddy' who went for a lie down this afternoon wuss

Decided to give my milk provider a hard time because that's the way I roll!

The people I own are weird, they keep trying to shove breastmilk flavoured mush in my mouth and also this pink sticky stuff that makes me gargle... What's all that about?

Kitty5824 Sun 15-Apr-12 00:12:15

The Sebalater here!

I've had a REALLY weird few weeks. The One Who Provides Milk and The One Who Jiggles Me spent weeks putting all our stuff in boxes, then this week taking it all out again. But in a different location.

I feel very unsettled, but have made them pay by refusing to sleep.

OiMissus Sun 15-Apr-12 00:59:33

BOi here, checking in. Good work with the vomiting my friends. If they continue to wear such embarrassing parent fashion (they think they are still young, but they are soooooo old!) then they deserve it.
They are so embarrassing. Mummy wore some snakeskin patterned stuff with feathers (quad the f@@@?) on her head, and then danced. A lot. To some 90's dance music. Mum-dancing. Arghhh! I just closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.
And the next one to mention my hair or cheeks gets the projectile vomit.
Oh bob, get this, I had to wear BEIGE. With a tie. So very not impressed. (so I dribbled all over it. And vommed down the tie but mum cleaned it and I still had to wear it. Gah!)
Must say though, the others were really envious of my wheels. Proper pram-envy. Well cool!
Good day, all in all. G'Night fellow feedsters. You know the drill, keep them in their toes. The more tired they are tomorrow, the less they can embarrass us.

neverenoughsleeportea Sun 15-Apr-12 04:32:18

Chops' big bro here dropping in from kidsnet. Top tip for all you who've got front runners, tag team my friends. Make sure you let those food providers just drop off then take it in turns to raise merry hell. They'll be putty in your hands come daylight.

aethelfleda Sun 15-Apr-12 05:16:23

AethelSpawn here. It's very odd at my place: there's a lot of noise most of the time, but luckily the one called Mummy is usually on hand with milk and then a chap can get some sleep. Oh, and it is SO much fun having a built in waterpistol: all you boys, make sure you get in some target practice. Tem points if you hit your mummy or daddy's trousers......

BJR Sun 15-Apr-12 08:17:12

I have played fun games with Mummy tonight. Her and Daddy get to sleep in a lovely big bed but for some reason insist that I sleep in a small barred box next to them, this is of course very unfair. I thought maybe crying lots in the night might help me get into the big bed but Mummy kept putting me back in the cot after my cuddles. I pondered this for a while, just long enough for Mummy to fall back asleep but them decided that crying again was the best course of action. We played this a few times over before I won and got to sleep in the big bed for a few hours with Mummy.

I have not yet worked out how to wake up Daddy, however much noise I make he seems to keep sleeping. I will keep trying and report back.

aethelfleda Sun 15-Apr-12 10:23:49


Oh, I'm sorry, were you asleep there?

OiMissus Sun 15-Apr-12 10:41:21

Hey AethelSpawn, how many points for the face?
BJRBaby what is it with these barred boxes? I'm not into it at all. I faked some grizzly breathing last night and turned down the radiator, result: blue groegg, and me in the big bed. Right on the edge though near mummy. Daddy was pissed and not trustworthy and smelt like the floor in the gents.
Very funny. Mummy was in the kitchen, daddy drinking lucozade and popping ibuprofen. I did a poosplosion all up my back and daddy had to deal with it. He was GREEN! Ha ha! Mummy had to get clean clothes and dress me as daddy had to go and lie down. Ha!

LittleMissFlustered Sun 15-Apr-12 11:00:54

Excellent effort BOi Your dedication to the cause is commendable. Have a soggy half chewed pompom...

Kitty5824 Sun 15-Apr-12 11:01:43

Good one Boi!

I peed all over The One Who Provides Milks "jeggings" (what the bob?) and someone elses carpet yesterday. Do you get points for other people's house?

The One That Jiggles Me is still missing this morning. The One Who Provides Milk appears to be preparing a big list of chores for him to do when he gets here. She thinks they can actually PLAN to do things. With me in the BACKGROUND. As if that is going to happen.......

msbuggywinkle Sun 15-Apr-12 11:26:06

Points are awarded for distance covered in pee and level of parental embarrassment Sebalator.

BabyBuggy is too cute a name for me. I insist on being referred to as Stormageddon.

Big Milk Thing has spent all morning on the computer, occasionally teaching me interesting words. I have objected to this flagrant neglect by demanding milk while I have a really smelly poo.

LittleMissFlustered Sun 15-Apr-12 11:31:19

Other people's houses are worth a free 'screech for no reason'. Bank it and use it when needed/the tall ones get too cockywink

My personal entertainers are missing today, they're out with the male unit. I'm letting the milk victim have a coffee right now, but as soon as she tries to get anything done she was muttering about needing to buy wellies I'll wake up and remind her I'm in charge.


seven77 Sun 15-Apr-12 11:49:49

Hey babies.

Talking of embarrassing, mummy keeps calling me pudding, and the one with the prickly face calls me a dumpling, not impressed.

I've discovered a great game of turning my head to the side when mummy gives me a bottle then smiling so the milk runs out. She said I was being awkward so I was sick on her. Me and my BB (big brother) are doing well at stopping her getting the housework done, I object to being put down and he keeps insisting on playing some odd game with cards called snap.

aethelfleda Sun 15-Apr-12 14:11:44

Ten points for the legs/trousers, twenty for the upper body, and fifty for the face. Deduct five points if you pee on yourself during the process.

Rats, I think I may be teething. Fortunately Mother is at my beck and call. It's a good job she doesn't have anything else to do.

The bigger ones are watching some abysmal monstrosity they call Total Celebrity Wipeout. It's noisy and pointless, though the lights are pretty. Feed me, Mother!

OiMissus Sun 15-Apr-12 15:26:23

"Pudding" is awful.
I get "Treacle toffee" occasionally, but "Snuggle pumpkin" is the norm around here, I'm afraid.
(Mum's posted some pics on Facebook of my beigeness.)

OiMissus Sun 15-Apr-12 15:27:55

BTW I meant, "Pudding" is a terrible thing to be called, you have my sympathies, but I believe that Snuggle pumpkin is worse.

aethelfleda Sun 15-Apr-12 16:50:06

I get called "Coming, gorgeous baby" quite a lot. Usually when Mother is slow to respond to my obvious priority. She says she needs to "do things" but frankly she's quite unconvincing. I'm thinking of having a call-bell installed to speed up her response time.

LittleMissFlustered Sun 15-Apr-12 19:08:00

I have been outclassed by a belligerent cat today! He's managed to pee up the laundry basket! I need to get into practice mode if I'm to get that good, although the milk victim might not be quite as appreciative of my efforts as you guys...

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