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Sept 2010 - Another 6 months past, it's going too fast!

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comixminx Wed 11-Apr-12 21:32:47

Our lovely new thread for the September 2010 babies. Dive in folks!

cinnamongreyhound Sun 14-Apr-13 08:46:43

No!! Lucky I'm having no more I love huggies!

For me not a lot! Cot, pushchair, bouncy chair and blanket that stayed with it, sling (not sure if Luke wanted to be carried because he was in a sling when I worked and go used to it or jut was a baby that liked I be carried!), nappies, wipes, muslins, breast pads (for months). Things I used that I know lots of people didn't was a nappy wrapper (loved not going out to the bin and not having a pile of nappies by the front door), baby bath so I didn't have to break my back in the big one and baby towels with the hood in the corner. I used huggies nappies and wipes and sudocrem as my nappy cream but waitrose bottom butter is good too. My goodness it seems like a long time ago!!!!

Going to see my friend on Tuesday to have baby cuddles, her little man can go home as soon as he's got the hang of feeding as he's well in every other way. Must be so weird to go home from hospital and your baby have to stay there. She literally lives 5 min drive from the hospital so she's very lucky and is there lots.

lumpylumps Sun 14-Apr-13 18:42:18

No, it wasn't a one off!! He needed to go last night but wouldn't do I put him in the bath. He was only in a minute and started crying cos he need to go. I lifted him out and say him on the toilet and he went. That happened twice cos he stopped himself after the 1st bit. He was so upset bless him, I had to cuddle him while he went.
Then at bedtime he went for a wee and just did a poo!!! He went this morning too. I'm so pleased it only lasted a week!!!

beady I wouldn't have been without a sling. I still use it on the odd occasion now! Life saver!!!

Dixiebell Mon 15-Apr-13 06:55:03

My must-haves are video monitor, and buggy board. Arlo doesn't use a buggy ever now.

lumpylumps Mon 15-Apr-13 08:22:44

Ooh, yeah, buggy board!!!

SilverBirdie Tue 16-Apr-13 21:38:21

Right.... I'm beginning to get there:
Buggy board - tick
Pram - tick
Clothes - tick
Sling - I need recommendations please. Fancy a fabric one but am aware it will be the middle of summer so need a linen one I think??
cinnamon I loved our nappy wrapper too but not sure if we gave ours away or not so will try searching for it or a new one
Am being given a swinging chair, Bumbo so now the only thing I think I really need/want is a new play gym... More girls than the ancient green one we had last time grin

Day three two of cotton pants and no spills yet so am pretty sure the spell of using pull ups kind of conquered that grin though am sure we'll have some messy occasions to come.

Did any of you swaddle?
I need to track back and read all our first posts to remind me what we're in for smile

lumpypumps posted this afternoon first class xx

Dixiebell Tue 16-Apr-13 22:11:15

SilverB, I never swaddled, blankets for first few weeks then grobags once big enough. I know some people swear by it, but I think current advice is not to, to avoid overheating? Also some on my Nov 12 thread are now having trouble weaning their LOs off the swaddles as tgey near 6 months.. But others might have different views!

As for what to expect...the sleep deprivation especially in the first couple of weeks shocked me. I didn't remember the being up literally all night feeding! But of course it doesn't last. Although Teddy does seem to still be waking 2-3 times a night now..! And be prepared to do a lot of things like making Jack's lunch, doing laundry, racing cars and wiping bums whilst holding or feeding a newborn! It's great though grin

cinnamongreyhound Tue 16-Apr-13 22:34:13

I had this one and this lady is fab. Would buy one of her smith-firm slings if I were to have another baby.

I don't like swaddling personally but it seems very popular amoung the Americans I babysit for, such a faff but that babies seem to sleep well when I've done it smile

SilverBirdie Tue 16-Apr-13 22:35:47

Thanks Dixie
I am horrific without sleep so am hoping that now DH is self employed, he can help out as much as poss [wishful thinking]
I go to a Sure Start centre on Mondays and there are lots of mums there doing things like 'row,row, row your boat' with a toddler in one hand and feeding a baby in the other. They all give me hope and look like they love it. Honestly though..... Not one of them ever looks tired confused

I really, really want one of these
Saw a lady with one clipped to her pram, with a toddler on a board too and it look amazing. It has concealed fastenings that pop out so you can hang it off the pram handle sideways. I also love using a rucksack type bag over a shoulder bag.
Not exactly cheap though Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tell Teddy that your MN friends say "Mummy needs some rest" smile

cinnamongreyhound Tue 16-Apr-13 22:36:52

Oh and had lovely cuddles with baby Barney this evening, he's so tiny! 4lb 7 at birth, lost 5oz but is slowly putting them back. Hopefully home this weekend, mummy very emotional about being divided between her boys sad

cinnamongreyhound Tue 16-Apr-13 22:38:47

Nice bag! Nice price too!!! You're worth it though x

lumpylumps Wed 17-Apr-13 10:26:20

beady I'm not good with links off my kindle but if you put victoria slinglady into Facebook she makes some fab slings. She'll also advise on the best one too suit you. She's a friend of a friend and is lovely.

Go Jack with the pants and thanks for the speedy service, sorry to be such a pita. I do have something lined up as a thanks tho!!!

Well, it's a work day, the boys are at school/nursery and I'm soaking in the bath!! I was poorly sick last night so am off. I feel loads better but am wondering whether to make the most of it and stick too the no return till 48 hrs after your last episode rule and have tomorrow off too!!!

Where's sassy and patito these days???

cinnamongreyhound Wed 17-Apr-13 13:48:49

Victoria slinglady is the lady I linked to lumpylumps grin. Definitely take tomorrow, nice to have unexpected time and think how annoyed your collegues would be if you gave them something!

lumpylumps Wed 17-Apr-13 14:21:38

Ha ha, sorry cinnamon so you did!!!

sassy34264 Thu 18-Apr-13 09:00:03

<waves> i'm here.

I'm not sure what the twins height is. I did measure them not to long ago, but i've forgot! blush

Jacob is in 7's, probably needs to go up to 7 1/2 on next pair. Isobel is on 5's. Eva is 4 1/2. Last time i weighed them, jacob was just over 2 and 1/2 stone (about 39lbs) and isobel was 2 stone 4lb and eva 2 stone.

Big difference in height in eva and isobel, but almost in the same size clothes. shock

Not started potty training yet. Waiting to move, which will be in about 2/3 weeks time hopefully Said to my mum yesterday- maybe i should be packing!!!!!

It doesn't seem real yet. I think i need a date to head for.

The advice i've read on the multiples board is not to potty tra\in them at the same time, but i think i'm going to try. I am a very laid back person anyway, so i don't think i will get stressed out with all the accidents. Christ, i've had 10 years of c having them! i'm bloody use to it now.

The idea is to open the back door every morning and throw them out in the garden all day- then it won't matter how many accidents they have. grin

beady i loved my baby gym's and bouncy chairs. I'm not really a keep them on me the whole time kind of person. But in truthfulness, i have a really crappy back.

Dp has been away now for 5 weeks in a row and the gym has gone down the toilet and it's really showing with my back. I struggle to bend a lot to pick up toys and i almost can't straighten up after sweeping the floors.

I've had major talks about it. This wasn't why he supposedly left the navy for. angry sad

He is looking at the possibility of a new job. He reckons it is just a 1st year blip. (all the machines need services yearly) and then it will go back to his regular routine of being home. (he's been to ireland twice and isle of man in the last 5 weeks) grrr. The thing is though, he regularly gets day's off or has half days, cos he finishes quicker than the time he's been given, so it's a good job in that sense. I'm just struggling to keep this up. It doesn't help that he is at the rental house every weekend too. hopefully that will be ended before summer. fx

Sorry turned into a moan.

sassy34264 Thu 18-Apr-13 09:07:38

Congrats to your friend * cinnamon* My friend has a barney too. Her little girl is called luna!

I swaddled all mine. I think it does help with making them settled. I was always lead to believe that you shouldn't do it after 1 month old though. I figured it was a trade off between making them secure at 1st, but then not restricting their motor abilities. (not sure that is how i want to say it, but brain mush. I mean, learning how to control their arms, hands, fingers.hand to eye co ordination) I think it's motor development (?)

God i'm thick these days. I need to dumb up!!!!

cinnamongreyhound Fri 19-Apr-13 21:38:41

Yay for your move sassy34264 and sorry to hear your dp is away lots and your back is bad. Have you heard of Mackenzie stretches? Dh does them for his back you can google I'm sure but he has a treat your own back book.

My friend came home today, yay! And she's coming to ds1's party next weekend hopefully, which will be nice. Can't believe my baby is almost 6 sad and he's lost 3 teeth now. I'm looking forward to his birthday but also feel really sad about it, he's so grown up now.

SilverBirdie Sun 21-Apr-13 21:46:34

sassy a poorly back, four children and moving house.... Please say you're kidding when you hint at a possible fifth?! I need some of your strength I think grin

All is much better on the health front here. Antibiotics worked a treat for both J and I although I think J is still weary from his illness. Either that or a bit of a lazy stage? We had to get out of swimming early on Friday which has never happened and he's favouring cuddly sofa time over his new sandpit in the garden confused
Feel like we're in a full on awkward phase too. Dh was away for the weekend and boy was the little man difficult! Hmphhhhhhhh think he plays up for me but I'm more strict than anyone with him sad
He's not exactly naughty but gets cross really quickly and everything is 'no'. It's all verbal rather than throwing and hitting out etc iykwim

Bump is huge already. Getting mistaken for an 8/9 month one by most people already sad though I don't think I'm as big as I was with Jack.
Still thinking hard with names. Dh's favourite is still Edith nn Edie which I do love too but am afraid of giving a child a marmite name.
Others are: Sylvie, Elsa, Beth and Cara though the last two are just maybes really. Not sure if I think they're both a bit 'meh'

Think we're going to The Deep on Tuesday so the potty will be coming in the car too smile
And Centre Parcs for five days in May. Cannot wait grin

cinnamon marathon for you next year?? You could borrow lumpypumps nun costume grin

cinnamongreyhound Sun 21-Apr-13 21:56:14

I loved Beth as a name and still do really but dh's ex is Beth so it will always be tainted for me! Glad to hear you're feeling better, you don't need to tell me about awkward boys I have the king of stroppy/stubborn/awkward who's favourite word is no.

Nooooooooo, I will not be running a marathon! Perhaps a half but my life is way too busy for marathon training.

SilverBirdie Sun 21-Apr-13 22:03:32

How do you deal with it cinnamon?

cinnamongreyhound Mon 22-Apr-13 07:12:53

A combination of stopping him and getting him to look/listen to me, threatening time outs, using time outs, threatening to take things away, taking things away and some good old distraction! On occasions where he's really dead set or tired I have had him scream/shout/kick in an area on his own for upto 25mins until he calmed down enough for me to talk to him. The worst was when I undid his seat belt for him instead of letting him do it and then because he was in a paddy he wouldn't take his shoes off so I did it and that made it 10x worse!!!

sassy34264 Mon 22-Apr-13 08:35:01

beady No, not hinted at a 5th. Dp has had the snip. Just get brrody sometimes, and we do joke about having a reversal already but i can catergorically state- There will be NO more!

Is cara the same pronunciation as Kara? I really like Kara. I ran it past dp when i was pregnant with eva, but it was a no.

I did the naughty step for the 1st time with jacob yesterday. He is a little rip with regards to Eva. He proper terrorises her.It's like low level tormenting, rather than hits and kicks. He'll run around her in a circle but jump over her every few seconds, or he'll just tap tap tap with his feet or his hand, etc. I think he must be jealous. I try to say things and incorporate in that eva is your sister. but he says no, isobel is my sister. Grrr.

I made dp take him upstairs yesterday and put him in his room, he had pulled off the big sofa seat cushion and put it on top of isobel (not just eva he gets at!) and then promptly sat on her so she couldn't get out. I was upstairs but i could hear this muffled cry, and i knew he had someone smothered. Went flying downstairs.

I'm hoping it's just a phrase. He's not what i would call a naughty child though. I think of boys at nursery, who shove, hit, take away toys, ignore their mums etc, and he doesn't do any of that. Just seems to like tormenting his sister(s) hmm

sassy34264 Mon 22-Apr-13 08:35:38

no, not hinting at a 5th i mean

cinnamongreyhound Mon 22-Apr-13 14:56:42

That's the thing with Luke he is lovely a lot of the time and usually just hits out at other children to defend himself but he doesn't like being told he can't do something and wants to do everything his own way. I am worried about what he'll be like at preschool, never had to worry about ds1 not behaving himself!

cinnamongreyhound Fri 26-Apr-13 14:20:56

Where is everyone?

Ds1 is 6 tomorrow! Feeling very emotional, I'm such a wally! Made cupcakes for his class and some more for his party and then his birthday cake so busy few days. Got my 3 plus 7 others tomorrow for a couple of hours, hope my house survives!!!!

sassy34264 Fri 26-Apr-13 14:27:18

Awh cinnamon It is horrible when they grow up, when they are little. And then when they hit 11, you can't bloody wait for them to grow up becasue the intervening years are HELL grin

I've given in today and bought jeans in that size.

The one i have been avoiding since eva was born

And i had to lie down on the bed to get them zipped up. <wails>

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