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Sept 2010 - Another 6 months past, it's going too fast!

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comixminx Wed 11-Apr-12 21:32:47

Our lovely new thread for the September 2010 babies. Dive in folks!

BeanstalkandBump Thu 21-Feb-13 21:56:18

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HORRAY
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Oh but hang on a minute!! You can't! You'll be that terribly annoying Mum of three who stays a size 8 all her life angry

cinnamongreyhound Fri 22-Feb-13 17:44:52

Sorry to hear about your dh's family lumpychristmaspud. I didn't mean if he felt he was going to lose his job for the same reason just that the bosses could be putting pressure on him with an underlying threat if he doesn't comply. Hopefully a weekend away will give you time to chat and set some ground rules, plus have some lovely time together too! Sounds positive on the baby front too smile

Beanstalkandbump you will have to see how it goes with the baby and your business. You will find a balance that suits you I'm sure! I went back to work when Luke was 3 weeks old and it was the hardest 6 months of my life looking back but then I was working because I had to not because I loved what I was doing. We can cope with a lot more than we think when it's put in front of us.

All this talk of babies is very hard for me! I've had really sore boobs and period was 5 days late (I have a coil) and I even bought a pregnancy test but it arrived yesterday so just one of those things. I was totally panicked as we really can't afford it but I'm soooooo sad as I really would love to be pregnant. It's so frustrating to be in this situation but I honestly don't know how we'd cope if my income went down. And to top it off James lost his first tooth today which made me cry and he's sleeping at nanny's so we don't get to put it under his pillow together sad

cinnamongreyhound Mon 25-Feb-13 13:33:03

Hope everyone's just had a busy weekend and I haven't killed the thread with my misery!! Feeling better about it all now. Luke has been a little sod all weekend but seems better today. He's eating for England at the moment which is lovely just a bit surprising! And he's even eating meat shock

Oh well, 4 sleeping children and a pile of ironing means I better go while I can smile

BeanstalkandBump Mon 25-Feb-13 18:53:22

Had our 20 week scan today. All looks good but unsurprisingly measurements are above average. sad I had a little blub but then Jack stank the place out so changed the mood pretty quickly grin
First time I've felt excited about it as having Jack already just makes this pregnancy fly by and I've hardly thought about it!

lumpychristmaspud Mon 25-Feb-13 19:19:56

Yey beady so excited for you!!! Did you find out and are keeping it secret?? We did that with ds1. I loved keeping it to ourselves and planning his life while everyone kept guessing!!! I'm notoriously bad at keeping secrets so no one even suspected we knew!!! Does Jack understand???

Not at all cinnamon I'm not sure we'd be able to afford another one but I believe these kinds of decisions shouldn't be based on practical things, they should be made by the heart (Insert cheese smiley!!). There's never a right time and if you think about any decision enough you can always talk yourself out of it!!!

3 days till Bruges and dh still has no idea. Well as far as I know he hasn't. I've not slipped up. Yet!!!

cinnamongreyhound Mon 25-Feb-13 20:17:30

Congratulations BeanstalkandBump!! I loved both my 20 week scans, was lovely to share second one with ds1 and my mum too smile

I agree that you decide based on your heart but we also have to be realistic, if my income goes down we can't pay the bills and having another baby before Luke goes to school could potentially decrease my income by £600 a month. I'm sure it must be my turn to win the lottery, been playing it since it started!! I'm babysitting tonight (which gives us spending money) but couldn't do that with a baby for a while either.

I went to an endurance workshop Saturday and we ended with a lesson from a physio in Pilates. Cannot believe how much my stomach hurts! Definitely does something useful but not sure I will find the time to do it 3 times a week!

BeanstalkandBump Mon 25-Feb-13 21:03:41

I loved the scan cinnamon and Jack was really excited at first... then he hid to do his poo grin
we did find out but im still deciding whether or not to tell smile
I do feel so lucky to be able to be taking time out to devote the same time to dc2 as I have done to Jack but I know my sanity will be stretched.
We'd love a bigger house but then we have friends who'd love more DCs but can't afford it..... Yet they live in huge houses confused
I think deep down everyone makes the decisions they are happiest with but what other people have may always seem greener.
Anyone know of any people making handmade baby things like pram liners and bibs etc? I used to see some on Facebook but cannot remember who they are!?

cinnamongreyhound Mon 25-Feb-13 21:30:41

I got some bits from Geleibeans, you should be able to find her in my likes.

The frustrating thing is with house prices going down so much we couldn't really reduce our outgoings by buying a smaller house. Our 3 bed house is probably worth £150,000 (paid £165,000) so by the time we paid fees out mortgage may go down £100 to move to a smaller 3 bed. I agree a lot of what you can afford is more what you choose to spend your money on.

Glad you're feeling happy about scan and dc2, Luke tests my sanity often but he's so worth it!! I know there are many downsides to a third/fourth for dh but I just love my children so much they make all the struggles worthwhile. So anyone want to buy me a bigger car? wink

cinnamongreyhound Tue 26-Feb-13 14:43:12

Oh my goodness, I totally embarrassed myself at toddlers today. One of the ladies bought her one week old little girl and I actually cried! Not just teared up but full on cry, what a fool sad

patito Tue 26-Feb-13 14:59:05

Ouch sassy just seen your Fb photo! Hope your feeling better.

beanstalk congrats on scan, 2nd pregnancy does fly by but still amazing. Love jacks contribution to scan day grin.

Maia seems too have gone backwards with her wee´s, basically doing all of them in her pants. She´s been without her nappy now since last summer so don´t know whats going on there. Will last it out a little longer but might take her down to GPs to check for infection if continues.

sassy34264 Thu 28-Feb-13 11:01:13

cinnamon awh. That's so cute and sad at the same time. I hope you do get another baby. It's funny you should say that about people's priorities etc, cos i always think you look like you have more of a life than i do- days out with the kids -and it's probably what we've had to sacrifice to have this many children. iyswim?

patio sorry Maia is regressing, if it is an infection, it's probably the most easiest to sort out. Yes the leg is healing- it's gone black now, just the yellow phrase left- nice!

We have had our offer on the new house accepted!!! I'm so happy. I can't wait to get in a house with space and a garden, but more importantly- STORAGE

I'm just surrounding by crap in this house.

sassy34264 Thu 28-Feb-13 11:02:07


cinnamongreyhound Thu 28-Feb-13 13:29:35

That's why I babysit in the evenings to earn some money to take them out but we do lots with Tesco vouchers too. We are lucky that we are 10 mins walk from the local country park so do that a lot too. I don't feel like we have a lot of days out and I'm always moaning to dh so perhaps I'm better off than I think! I'm noticing it more now as places want to charge for Luke so haven't 3 kids means a family plus one, grrrrr! Family tickets are ridiculous, shame everyone doesn't have a perfect little family of mum, dad, boy and girl. It used to annoy me when we had dss only at the cinema a family ticket was 20p less than 2 adults and 1 child but we couldn't buy it as we weren't a family!

Glad the leg is better and you are hopefully going to move soon, sounds like you need it smile

lumpychristmaspud Thu 28-Feb-13 21:22:52

patito even if she doesn't have a urine infection, she could just be a bit tired/run down, or have a bit of a viral infection somewhere.

I agree with beady other people's lives do oftens look more attractive. I always think I'd love to be at home everyday but then think back to my year off and I was tearing my hair out. I want another baby, but do I??? I want a girl but do I???? My boys are so close, they're so good. Would another baby unbalance things? And would a girl totally wreck it??? Would it be healthy, would I be ok???? Is it worth the risk? Damon, now I'm talking myself out of it!!!

sassy ouch!! Get the bubble wrap out!

Bruges tomorrow! So excited. Gonna miss my babies but I can't wait. I've never left olly for 2 nights before!!!!!

cinnamongreyhound Thu 28-Feb-13 21:33:12

I think that about a third baby, my two are best buddies! Luke is always talking about 'my James' and when I do a pick up from Nursery at 11.40 he always wants to get ds1 too! BUT having said that when dss comes they all get on great too so three isn't always a crowd. I would like a girl but my experience of girls are that they are so much harder and I know I want a baby because I want another child not because I'd be trying for a girl. Other than sickness I've had two great pregnancies, I also wonder if I could be so lucky again! It's so hard, I feel I should be happy with two beautiful, happy, healthy boys. Poxy hormones!!

Have a wonderful time smile

lumpychristmaspud Thu 28-Feb-13 22:15:37

I know what you mean!!! "Are you going to have another???"
"don't you want to try for a girl???"

If I try for another it's because I want another baby. Boy, or girl would be perfect!! (Girl would be nice) but I would n
be doing it because I want another boy because that's what we make!!!! My db does the girls!!!! Had my sils I have 7 nieces and 1 nephew!!!!!!!

cinnamongreyhound Thu 28-Feb-13 23:24:10

Funnily enough dh told me he only made boys when I met him. Having had one I thought yeah whatever, now after 3 maybe he's right wink

cinnamongreyhound Thu 28-Feb-13 23:35:02

Although I'm not sure I can take another person who vaguely aims a penis at the toilet when peeing and hopefully gets most of it inside! 4 males is already a lot to cope with!

Going to £1 kids film Saturday morning and choices are hotel Transylvania, rise of the guardians or tinkerbell, do you think we're going anywhere near tinkerbelle?!? I'm not the girlies of girls but I like a good smooshy, feel good, lovey dovey, girly film and no one to share it with sad

SilverBirdie Fri 01-Mar-13 18:13:32

I really can never understand people's comments like "don't you want a girl"
Having known lots of couples struggle and have now choice to stop at one or none after Ivf I feel anyone with a healthy child should be thankful. There's no such thing as 'a perfect family' except in our own eyes, it's the one we know and grow old with.
We had our scan and have had a lot of comments that have surprised us..... Mostly from those that now know the sex. My only concern during it was that everything was healthy and its not going to break all records with percentile measurements.
I feel incredibly lucky to spend most of my days with Jack but its to the detriment of mine and dh's relationship. We are happy but have to cope with never seeing one another. We never, ever watch tv in the evening as always working and often so engrossed in our own that we can't really chat until we crash into bed at around midnight.
Without me working though we wouldn't have been able to just buy our first second family car and probably couldn't afford Jack's swimming lessons in a swanky hotel pool so I think, for the time being its all worth while. Things will certainly change when dc2 arrives and I'll have to watch my money bags sister buy all the baby things under the sun for her baby due 3months after ours.

cinnamon wouldn't the boys enjoy Tinkerbelle?? I think I'd kid them that everything else had finished and it's the only thing on. Bet they'd like it! Well, maybe not Dh and dss grin

Happy, happy hols lumps name change on your return Mrs!! grin
Very jealous!

SilverBirdie Fri 01-Mar-13 18:14:20

Oh..... I name changed briefly for another thread and forgot to change back! Tis I..... Beadybum

cinnamongreyhound Fri 01-Mar-13 20:07:02

Dh has actually suggested I take Luke to tinkerbelle and he'll take ds1 and dss to hotel Transylvania. Ds1 wouldn't care what it was, he's glued to Saturday kitchen if I get to watch it at the weekend!!

Soooooo.... do we get to know what you're having?

Not only does your work pay for stuff like cars and swimming lessons but it makes lots of other people happy grin

SilverBirdie Fri 01-Mar-13 20:48:04

beadithere will name change back when I get a min.
Yeah...... Do it cinnamon grin

Mmmmmmmmm not sure. Dh did say that if we found out there'd be no point keeping it a secret, just our name choices.
I'm gonna be mean and say you ALL have to guess!!!!! Raaaahahahahahahahaha
Thanks so much....... Don't often hear lovely things from customers as usually sent via the person giving a pressie. smile thanks

Dixiebell Sat 02-Mar-13 14:00:50

I'm guessing boy grin. Maybe so you can join the MOBs club.

Teddy is 3 months old now. Doing well. At that lovely gurgling cooing stage where it seems like they're trying to have a conversation. I we haven't decided about a third yet. I think I'm leaning towards yes because as I'm putting away the things Teddy's grown out of, like the Moses basket I feel like they should get one more use. Actually I think I feel like it's a bit unsure whether they'll be used again - I don't want to say goodbye in case they are iyswim..? I'm sure after a third I'd know that was it and it would feel more final. But at the same time, it is really hard managing two and part of me thinks I'd be crazy to go through all the hard bits again - the last stages of pregnancy with other kids around, labour, and the early weeks of sleep deprivation! I don't know. It feels different from the first time as I knew there'd be another, but this time feels so unsure!

Talking of sleep deprivation, Teddy was doing quite well but was up at 12.30, 2.30 and 5.15 last night. Urgh. Once I can cope with but 3, too much!

sassy34264 Sun 03-Mar-13 12:21:51

I already guessed girl on the fb scan, but i think your comment about people's reactions makes me think it's a boy. But i'll stick with girl. grin

dixiebell I've had hell with mine through illness these last 2/3 months. Definately puts me off having a newborn again. Although 'it will pass' wink

sassy34264 Sun 03-Mar-13 12:58:49

I have a question, to those with more than one child and who have had experience in moving them out of a shared bedroom (or perhaps to those who had a sibling and can remember being moved into their own room) or anyone who has an opinion on the matter.

When we move house, there will be an extra bedroom for jacob. He currently shares with Isobel and eva.

I have said to dp that i think we should put him in with the girls at 1st to get him settled and then think about moving him. But i have also thought, that it might be less traumatic (can't think of a slightly less dramatic word) if we put him straight into his room, so he is not facing 2 changes instead of 1, iyswim?

Also, they are currently in cots, as there is not much space for big beds, but i was thinking of not taking the cots and getting the twins beds for the new house. Do you think it would be better to just take the cots for the 1st few weeks? so again it's not massive change, or, get beds now and let them get used to them here?

Any thoughts welcome.

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