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Sept 2010 - Another 6 months past, it's going too fast!

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comixminx Wed 11-Apr-12 21:32:47

Our lovely new thread for the September 2010 babies. Dive in folks!

sassy34264 Sat 24-Nov-12 09:20:30

carrying eva and isobel in an arm each this morning and could barely tell a difference. Put them on the scales and eva weighs 20lbs and isobel is 24lbs. No wonder there nearly in the same size.

sassy34264 Sat 24-Nov-12 09:31:50

* they're


Beaditsback Sat 24-Nov-12 21:14:03

i know must say I had bite my tongue so hard! I think Jack looked very cute in his trendy head wear but it is completely alien to some people that you'd even go ahead with it in the first place!

Wow sassy what is the age gap again??

My gorgeous cousin had a little girl at 2am today. Baby Elena, sister to Fraser. Not sure if it's El-a-na or El-ay-na. I'll wait til my Mum finds out to save peeing the new parents off by mis pronouncing. Lovely either way though if a little too close to me name for any future dd smile

sassy34264 Sat 24-Nov-12 22:08:54

beadit 15 months between them.

right, so, we have been visited by the norovirus. eva, jacob and chloe all puking. ive cleaned up 6 lots so far.

turns out the daintest of them all- isobel- is internally made out of steel. not in the slightest bit affected. hope i havent jinxed myself.

Debs75 Sat 24-Nov-12 23:14:55

Lucy still has boob off me most days. She misses out on Monday and Tuesday due to me being at college and now she isn't even asking for it much when I get back homesad She tends to make up on Weds or weekends but she is going so long without it I have given in and brought some nice new bras. I reckon I won't need the feeding ones much after Christmas, by then it will be almost 4 and a half years non-stop breastfeeding.

We've managed to miss the sickness bug so far but they have had little touches of diarrhea which hasn't been pleasant. Thankfully it always clears up that day but we have no idea what it is as it doesn't get thema ll at the same time so we don't think it is being spread. I would take loose and runny over constipated for Lucy anyday. She was in such pain last month when she got impacted it was heartbreaking.

Beadit Why not let Jack see his helmet pics when he is older? He may like that he was different as a baby

newmum001 Sun 25-Nov-12 15:27:10

The way i look at it, jacks helmet is as much a part of him growing up as his first tooth or first steps were. It would never have occured to me to not show him the puctures. It's not even a big deal. If he ever does ask what it was just tell him he needed it to fix his head. Why the need for it to be a secret? Some people are so odd!

Grace still has bottles at morning and bedtime and one at nap time. She has juice out of a regular cup now not a sippy cup and i dont really want her drinking warm milk out of one incase it gets spilt.

cinnamongreyhound Tue 27-Nov-12 12:55:59

I agree its an odd thing to suggest beaditsback! Maybe they meant its best not to show him he had a flaw? I don't get it myself but its no ones business anyway, you will do what you feel is best. My two love looking at old photos smile

cinnamongreyhound Tue 27-Nov-12 12:57:15

Luke is 31lbs now he's put on lots of weight recently although he doesn't look any bigger!

lumpypumpkinpie Tue 27-Nov-12 19:55:28

olly was weighed yesterday! he's 24lb 3oz. at the same age toby was 24lb 4oz!!! he's dropped a centile.

having a nightmare time here at the minute. my grandma is very very poorly in hospital and ricks gran has fallen and broken her arm.

newmum001 Wed 28-Nov-12 10:58:12

Grace weighs about the same as luke but she's really skinny. She is very tall though. My friends little boy is 9 months old and weighs 24lb he's a little chunk!

Having trouble with pooing on the potty. She's weeing on it all the time now with no accidents, wearing knickers all day with no accidents and a pull up at nap time and bedtime but sge's needed a poo for about an hour now and won't go on the potty. Ive given in and put a pulk up on cause i don't want her to get bunged up but i don't want her thinking she has to have one on to do a poo. Helllp!

Lumpy sorry to hear about your grans, hope they get better soon x

cinnamongreyhound Wed 28-Nov-12 14:08:11

That's quite common newmum001, one of minded children's older brothers wouldn't poo on the toilet until he was 8. I know quite a few people who've put pull ups/nappies on little ones to poo for quite a while after they were potty trained. Have you tried her on the toilet with a seat? ds1 wouldn't sit on the potty he said it hurt. He had pooing accidents a lot but was happy to go on the toilet.

What is the longest you have left her when she needs to go? I think trying to stay relaxed and not making a big deal out of it. Why is it she won't go on the potty? I think it's hard for them to relax when sitting on a potty and that really doesn't help.

Luke has his 2 year check on Wednesday next week so I will get his official weight and height then smile

lumpypumpkinpie Wed 28-Nov-12 16:30:23

My grandma died last night! About an hour after I posted that! She was 92 and had been in hospital for a week. As much as its a relief because she's not suffering anymore. It's still really hard to get my head round!

cinnamongreyhound Wed 28-Nov-12 16:50:28

So sorry to hear that lumpypumpkinpie sad it's never easy for those left behind no matter how much of a relief it is for the person who's gone. Lots of hugs for you xxx

Beaditsback Thu 29-Nov-12 21:09:57

So sorry lumps <<<hugs>>>
Your Gran was lucky to be in her house for so long and to have you guys so close would have been hugely heartening for her.
Have a feeling my dear Gran wont be long in leaving us either. sad xx

cinnamon Jack couldn't be weighed or properly measured at his check. Since his pneumonia infection he totally panics at the sight of any health professional sad
I think he weighs around 27lbs though.

Going to have to spill the beans about bump on Saturday as I'm not drinking and that NEVER happens when we have family get togethers and am sleeping over night. They'll also know just by looking at me insanely bloated tummy sad

newmum001 Fri 30-Nov-12 08:37:07

Beadit how big is your tummy? Is it too early to start speculating about twins???! Omg i hope you're having twins! I used to break out in a cold sweat whenever anyone said i could end up with twins cause i am one but id secretly love them!

Eurgh how long does potty training take? Im finding the whole thing very confusing. She's definitely ready but the novelty has worn off for her i think so there have been a few accidents. Her bedtime nappy was nearly dry and she took it off first thing to wee on her potty so we're getting there but im finding the whole process very tedious! Also she's only pooing every other day instead of everyday but im not forcing the potty issue for poos and put a pullup on her if she needs one. This is my least favourite mummy job so far!

newmum001 Fri 30-Nov-12 08:39:43

Happy birthday cinnamon, hope you have a fab day.

If i wanted to order bodyshop stuff off u would i be able to? I know i live ages away from you but i'd pay postage if that was an option. Was looking at the coconut offer u put on fb, it's an absolute bargain. If i can order will u msg me on fb with any other offers pls. If i can't don't worry about it smile x

cinnamongreyhound Fri 30-Nov-12 09:36:27

Personally from my experience of James and 5 minded children if it's hard work it's too early, wait a bit and try again. The trouble is if she want to go I don't think it's a good thing to say no do it in your nappy so it may be too late to go back. I started with James and stopped, second time around he was dry with pretty much no wee accidents a few poo ones in a week. One of my minded girl was left too late in my opinion, she was ready a long time before but having said that when her mum decided to start her she had not one single accident with me and a very few with her mum (some deliberate to get out of time out!).

Yes you can absolutely order from me!! I will pm you on fb but just need card details and address. I have one other order for that one and I've got a party on Saturday so I'll order them then smile And thanks for the birthday wishes!

Beaditsback Fri 30-Nov-12 13:32:28

newmum I love the idea of twins and would feel quite blessed to bring up children with that unique relationship but oh god it terrifies my just as much!!
I'm sure that even with multiples you wouldn't be showing this early so I'm putting it down to bloating and total lack of any stomach muscles after emcs.

Can't wait to roll forward a few weeks and get a scan. Stumped for girls names except one and I have a fave boys name already grin

We have been playing with the potty for weeks but he's not ready yet. Poos just come without any warning still so until he starts communicating a little more, I think we'll wait.

cinnamon are there any offers on sets of the Almond hand treatments??

cinnamongreyhound Fri 30-Nov-12 14:42:03

There are 3 for 2 on winter essentials from tomorrow, which include these almond bits:

You just missed 50% off the 100ml cream but if I have any that don't get collected I'll let you know.

I love the idea of twins later on but as newborns I think you would find me rocking quietly in the corner of a room somewhere!!

sassy34264 Fri 30-Nov-12 15:19:38

The idea of twins is wonderful. The reality is not quite so much! grin

Sorry about your gran lumpy

Beaditsback Fri 30-Nov-12 18:12:58

Trying to work out if that is better than the 40% off everything they have at the mo. ??? And 50% off when you spend over £40... How can they afford to do that? I will do some maths and get back to you but if just a few £s out I'll definitely come through you smile

I can just imagine sassy the pregnancy bit would terrify me too given the size I was with just one. Realistically/financially we'd be better suited to one but time will tell

cinnamongreyhound Fri 30-Nov-12 21:57:41

That's what I always think, when I sell stuff I get 25%, my manager gets something (not sure what) and then if a party reaches £230 the host gets £25 free and £100 at 70% off. Plus paying the people to pack it for each party as well as raw product, manufacture, packaging they must pay so little for the product and manufacture itself!

cinnamongreyhound Sat 01-Dec-12 23:35:23

Congratulations Dixiebell, Mr Dixiebell and Arlo on their new arrival smile

Dixiebell Sun 02-Dec-12 01:43:00

Thanks cinnamon, Ted Victor was born on 30/11/12 weighing 8lb11oz. I am currently reacquainting myself with no sleep!! Teddy is lovely. Arlo has been a bit funny about it, burst into tears when Teddy cried in the hospital, and when we got home tonight he demanded that I 'put baby in carseat' and gave him his bath. confused But he'll just have to get used to it I guess. Teddy was back to back and born upside down. It was frankly horrible! But he's here safely, that's what matters. Congrats to you beadit !! Now, how do I get this little man to sleep in his basket rather than on me.......

cinnamongreyhound Sun 02-Dec-12 09:46:04

By upside down do you mean breech or facing up? Ds1 was born 'stargazing' as they called it which sounds lovely but really wasn't!! Hope you are ok, look after yourself. Sorry Arlo isn't too impressed with his brother it will take some time to get used to. Ds1 just ignored Luke mostly so don't have any tips, now they are best buddies it's very cute. Congratulations again smile

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